NOVEMBER 29th   Atticus enters the world. Our third Grandkid.

Jackie ( Grammy ) & Atticus

Atticus & Margy

Now that is a head of hair !!

Jessica with baby Atticus

Penny with Atticus

Penny, Atticus and Margy

Jess with Atticus

Atticus enjoying the world

Atticus & Jackie

Atticus and August look just like twins

Eyes wide open Dec 2017

Jan 2018 Looking Good!

Feb 2018

I think he is going to be a model just like his older brother

He is growing up fast . Already has the Blue Jay wear on. March 2018

April 2018


One cute kid May 2018

atticus sept 2018

Atticus Oct 2018

One cute kid. Oct 2018

Happy Birthday Number 1

Happy Number One

Elvis is that you ?

Sing me a song


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