December 1st

“Mercury Forecast  Calgary 2 degrees  Edmonton -4 degrees Mesa 19 degrees”

I got so busy watching Jackie decorate the tree I forgot it was December and needed a new page. I had to move from Nov to here. LOL

I bought a special golf pass for myself and Jackie for this summer with Jeff & Wendy that hopefully will work out good. I have two years free golf at Oasis yet and I have my Turner Valley membership on retainer which I will use for Thursday’s men’s league I love and the odd other time. Turner from Oasis is over an hour drive so doesn’t make much sense for gas and time while we are out there and I plan to spend a lot more time out there this year.

Jackie was Christmas decorating mad today. She is pretty good at finding just the right spot. I am one of those that refuses to accept no decorations or tree for Christmas no matter cost or short time span. This year the decorations will be from December 1st to January 2nd so that is very good.

Jackie starting the tree decorating

Tree done

Made me think how much fun it was having kids help with the tree. It was always a fun time.


Four neat Christmas memories that come up.

  1. Going out to my Grandma’s farm every year as a kid. Granddad would have cut down a spruce tree waiting for us on Christmas eve. He would nail it to large piece of wood to stand it up and we would decorate it. Alfred, Darlene and I with Mom & Dad would have a blast. There were some old style decorations but it all would end up looking wonderful. Christmas morning we wouldn’t be allowed out of bed until Grandad had started the wood stove to heat the house. He along with Grandma would be up at 6am or earlier depending on the bird size as it was a wood/coal stove and it took lot of hours to cook a huge turkey. I bet we had 50 people there some years.
  2. Most likely the second year Jackie was my girl friend I headed out to Edson to my Grandparents new home in town with my present from her. I opened it in the morning and it was a pillow. I was convinced she had wrapped the wrong present for myself. Some time later I discover a lump in the case. She had put my new Canon SLR camera in the pillow to keep it from getting damaged. My family though it was hilarious that I was fooled. I did not. LOL  A wonderful camera that I bought many lenses for including a 12in long 500mm zoom lens with a 2x multi lens. I could see a pimple on a person a mile away but the camera was especially good for close up pictures with my 65mm Macro lens.  I still have that camera today in perfect shape but getting film for it might be an issue as that was before digital.
  3.  Another year out at my Grandma’s farm I wore my leather visor that Jackie had bought me. Along with my long hair my relatives really didn’t like it. If anyone knows me that didn’t really matter. I was hand churning butter when Grandma went to remove my visor and my instinctive reaction was to throw up my arm. It hit her arm and she smashed her hand into her eye giving herself a very black eye. I felt so bad as she had this black eye the entire Christmas.
  4. It was 1983 and we just moved into a house we couldn’t afford in St Albert and we had no money for a lot of stuff so had to sacrifice on everything including food.  I went out to get our first Christmas tree in St Albert and the girls first Christmas tree. I ended up bringing home a trimmed to perfection real Scotch Pine tree that was $75 that we didn’t really have any money for. Jackie was a little upset. After decorating it with what we had it looked magnificent. FIRST TREE come on !! She has never let me live that down.  

Watched a bit of TV had a good supper and enjoyed the evening. That is most likely the best part of being married is the fact you have someone to talk to and discuss. I also like the fact that Jackie has her own opinions on things that don’t align with mine but we are both ok with that.

Thought of the Day 

If you don’t have the facts and are going by hearsay or media you really don’t have a valid informed opinion.

December 2nd

“Mercury Forecast”  Calgary 6 degrees, Edmonton 1 degrees Mesa 22 degrees

Nothing other than Audrey’s move coming up this week. I may make my irrigation manifold for the girls system this week.

I went out and renewed my registration. That is getting expensive. Today was a $582 bill for the four vehicles with each being a two year term and one being a one year term. The office wanted a 4% charge to use visa/m/c so I used my debit and forfeited my rewards. That is over $23 more to use your card. Not right.

I also phoned and paid my Viewpoint bill for the month. Hit the girl on the perfect day as she says you know you could hold off on that until next month with no charges. I said NO I will pay now. They were probably trying to save their visa rate charge. These card companies need to be controlled a bit. I was happy  a company like Costco actually kicked out Visa from their stores.

Hard to but I will not comment as I see the news and protesting from a small group of unionists.  Only comment I will make is a quote from Ralph Klein. “If I don’t see a protest I wonder what I have done” . As a province we are finally getting on track after a couple of extremely poor PC leaders and the worst Premier of our lives in Notley.

Just one thought : KISS  ( keep it simple stupid) Kenny ONLY cut 3 cents out of every dollar spent. It is the unions pretending they have to cut jobs to get public support instead of looking at their budgets. Try getting rid of the mid and top level admin people first . Won’t happen.

Cyper Monday and we don’t need anything. Darn !  How can that be.?

I sure do miss the activity of being down south. Having said though I lost the 5 pounds that beer added when in Mesa.

Thought of the Day 

Due to budget cuts the light at the end of tunnel has been turned off. 

December 3rd -4th

“Mercury Forecast”  Calgary  0 degrees snow  Edmonton -1 degrees snow  Mesa 22 degrees 

Jackie ordered a few presents online for Christmas which with our Prime membership will arrive in a couple of days.

Decorations for this year are all done.

2019 Christmas decorating all done

I was surprised at what a natural athlete I am. I went down to the gym today without exerting myself for about two weeks and ran 2 miles without a problem. Today though my Achilles heel hurts a bit but after another run today it will stretch out. Lifted a few weights and again today the odd muscle is sore. One needs to do this consistently.

I picked up Jackson and we headed to the rink for hockey practice. Today he was practicing as a goalie for his game on Saturday. He did very well. He doesn’t flinch when a puck is sent directly at him at all. With a little more practice he could be good but I would prefer him to be a forward. Lots more fun to score than being scored on. Putting on all of that equipment was fun trying to figure out where each buckle goes and the order  of dressing. We did awesome and I installed only one stretch cord at the bottom in the wrong place. Another guy showed me where it was supposed to wrap around the toe of the skate. Overall the system is quite good. It was a fun practice to watch.

Great job Jack

I talked to Jackie on my cell and said we should meet up for supper as she was out shopping with her Mom for a washer & dryer. Then my phone when dead so no way of getting a hold of her. She said later she texted right after and when I looked at it was 3 min to0 late of dead. So I whipped to Leon’s as they had just started the paperwork and it was no more than 10 mins away from the rink but they had left before we got there. Turns out Leon’s was out of stock on the model they wanted.

So I took Jackson to my favorite place. HARVEY’s for a burger and my poutine. Kids are funny with their food choices. He doesn’t like anything on his burger. At the line though he did add lettuce. Everyone is different but condiments make the food. I have mustard, mayo, ketchup, relish, tomato, pickle, onions, and peppers. Mustard on ham, burger, hot dog, is a MUST.

Corey was working late and Tor had her Soul class to go to so I stayed and watched Jackson. We watched this movie called HOT ROD which was great. A fun movie for kids and adults.

Got home later and watched a bit of TV with Jackie. Another great day.

I saw this thing on a show about a guy attempting to make his days better where he wrote each day something that was awesome and then wrote a book on his awesomeness. I won’t write a book but I like the positive thinking.


It was a very fun evening watching Jackson play hockey and spending the time with him at home.

A prelude to my Thought Of The Day – If you hang around with people that swear continuously you may think this is the norm and find yourself doing the same. If you hang around with drunks or druggies you will again start to think this is the norm and do more damage to your brain that you would like. Hang with thieves and you could end up with a criminal record. CHOOSE YOUR FREINDS WELL and choose who you want to be.

Thought of the Day 

Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself. We all choose to become who we are. Others can influence us bad or good but we CHOOSE.  Next time when you are sad choose not to be. Surround yourself with happy things and thoughts. Next time when angry ask yourself why ?  Does it accomplish anything other than to hurt yourself as you may think it affects others, and it may, but really in the long haul it will only hurt you.

December 5th

“Mercury Forecast ”  Mesa  21 degrees, Calgary -3 degrees, Edmonton -4 degrees

Another wonderful day in winter paradise. Looking at the mountains in the morning with the snow on them they are very beautiful. They do add to the overall “greatness” of Calgary. Very few large cities have such a majestic background.

First thing was to deliver our paper work for our cruise to our agent. Signed everything and all set to go. Dalhousie Station is a ways away. Loads of construction on 14th with the new LRT lines and loads of construction on Crowchild. We have always lived in the south part of Calgary put I can tell you the north part is a disaster for roadways. They built new communities without the infrastructure to accommodate the traffic and now have snarls everywhere with the Crowchild in my mind being the worst road in Calgary.  I love the south of Calgary for access, for ease of amenities and it some how just has a friendlier feeling. But that is just me.

I like December Christmas spirit.

I talked to Telus with their new pure fiber they are offering. All said and done I get a way faster internet and on our cell, TV and internet billing I am getting a 25% reduction from what I am currently paying. Win !

I talked to Primmum our insurance company. I was able to deal with manager as they were short staffed today. After all of our discussion on insurance as they had raised my rate due to the fires and floods in Alberta I am now paying $500 less a year. This is on all combined motorhome, Dakota, Enclave, Wrangler, boat & motor plus Condo and possessions. It all adds up and I am a happy camper. Win !

I talked to Princess today for at least one hour. I actually talked to 4 different agents in the process but finally got the access done. As we have cruised often enough with Princess we belong to the Captain’s Circle Ruby level so I didn’t want to re-register and lose our history. I am hoping now everything will be right.  Ended up with a very friendly young girl agent.

Some days things just go right. Honey is always more effective than piss and vinegar. A good day.

I drove by Audrey’s new home which we are moving her into tomorrow and the construction will not be an issue what so ever. Hopefully all goes well.

I reminded our management company of my need for a new door fob and she says she will phone me asap. Hopefully as running around and opening it from the inside is a pain.


Isn’t it nice that there are so many helpful people wanting to do a good job for you if you are  reasonable and compromising. Today I saved a lot of money due to people’s willingness to help.


5 Reasons to retire as soon as possible.

You work hard for your money throughout your career. In retirement, your money needs to work just as hard for you as you’ve worked for it, to cover your costs once you’re no longer collecting a paycheck. It’s a challenge to get to that point, but once you do, the freedom that comes from financial independence can be quite the game changer for the rest of your life.
That freedom puts you in control of your life in a way you’ve never before had, and the earlier you reach it, the longer you can keep it. With that in mind, here are five reasons to retire as early as you can.
No. 1: You have only so long to live well
The average life expectancy at birth in Canada is somewhere between 78 and 82 years old. Hopefully, you’ll be among those who bring the average up, but even if you are, the reality is that we tend to slow down as we age, with health concerns and costs tending to rise the older we get. So the younger you’re able to retire, the larger the portion of your life — and your healthy life — that you’ll be able to spend enjoying your retirement.
No. 2: Someone is going to spend your money — it might as well be you
As the old saying goes, “you can’t take it with you.” Even then, it’s not entirely clear that you can successfully leave it behind for your loved ones, either. Unfortunately, if your goal is to establish a legacy that allows your family to live comfortably for the foreseeable future, chances are that future won’t play out the way you hoped. The vast majority of inherited money is lost by the second generation — and by the third generation, around 90% of family fortunes are gone.
The reality is that money is easy to spend, and large amounts of it can be quite tempting. That’s particularly true for people who never had to sacrifice to earn it. As Warren Buffett has famously said, the perfect amount to leave for your kids is “enough money so that they would feel they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.″ So join the legions of people with the “We’re spending our kids’ inheritance” bumper stickers and enjoy the money you’ve spent your career earning.                                                                                                          No. 3: That famous deathbed regret
One of the most common regrets people mention on their deathbeds is that they wish they hadn’t worked so hard throughout their lives. All the money in the world won’t buy you much more time at the end of your life, but quitting work once you’ve reached “enough” can get you more time at the earlier end of your retirement. It’s during that early part of your retirement that you can build the antidote to that deathbed regret and experience the time with your loved ones that really matters.
No. 4: Even if you don’t quit, the fact that you can matters
Buffett is well into his 80s, is one of the richest people on Earth, and has indicated that he has no plans to retire in the immediate future. No matter what you may think of that decision, the reality is that he has found a way to get paid to do what he loves, and that allows him to enjoy his time in what otherwise would be his golden years.
If you had enough money to cover your needs, what would you do with your time? If the answer involves providing some sort of service for others, then there’s a chance you might be able to get paid at least a token amount to do that work once you retire. There’s no crime in working for pay once you’ve reached financial freedom, but you should take advantage of the fact that you can stop working for pay to find a job you truly enjoy. If that plan is good enough for Buffett, it’s good enough for you.
No. 5: To make the memories that will last well beyond your lifetime
Once you’re gone, your kids and grandkids will remember you for the time you spent with them and the experiences you shared together. That’s true even if those experiences were as low cost and simple as tossing a ball around the yard, or going for a walk together, or exploring a nearby park.
Still, for them to have those memories to cherish once you’ve passed, you need to be there with them to build those memories. That legacy — a legacy of love, time, guidance, and direction — is one that has the chance of lasting for generations and truly changing the course of your family tree for the better in a way that mere cash alone cannot.



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