November 2022

October 31st Nov 1st

Here are a few additional pictures of our adventures in Raymond. As I said before it is a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween with the tailgate Halloween concept. Juts out of town on a small farm there also is a self-funded haunted house in the barn. I give it a 10 out of 10 and worthwhile for anyone to see it. They should have a entrance fee as it is professionally done work of art. It is one of the local school teachers and she had her 4 kids and friends become actors for the event. EXCEPTIONAL. We gave a tip to help out as it is wonderful place for the kids.

Little Atti lasted until the second room before getting to scared. He was so funny as in the car after he says he is angry at himself for getting scared. August was as cool as a cucumber and had a blast even “joking” with the scary actors.

It is a must see.

On the road Calgary, Raymond, Idaho Falls, Washington, is the plan

Up earlier than we normally do, said our goodbyes and headed out. I took the shortcut to Hwy 4 for the first time and itb was excellent.

At the border ot was lined up a fair ways back but i didnt think it would take that long. Ended up being over an hour. It was funny with the guard as she hassled Jackie about pillows. Jackie had brought them along to sit on etc but the guard thought for sure Jackie was bringing to Mesa and leaving them there. We get thru the gate then wouldn’t you know it. We get pulled over for another check. The were in training for a full car xrax. We had to drive thru it 5 mph. I misser the target hitting 10mph but the pics turned out anyways. Pretty neat machine and we both only have a slight glow now.

On the highway i would say we saw at least 14 huge wind turbine blades. Each convoy has three pilot cars. Make work project, I guess.

Speaking of work, when i was talking to the border agent the reason it took over an hour is a labour shortage. Where dud all of the workers go? I think they liked working from home now are refusing to accept jobs. The work from home thing has swung to far.

BEAUTIFUL drive. I set the speed at 140 kmph and away we went. There is the odd corner where you need to steer the car a bit as it is quite a bend. My issue is if I move the car to much Jackie will wake up so I try to maintain speed but not jerk much on a tight one. The Flex is an exceptionally well handling car with it;s wide tires and low center of gravity

Daisy had lots of talks with her friends in the fields. Lol She loves cows and horses.

Gas was only $3.85 a gallon so not bad at all. The Flex does have a small gas tank though as we need to stop often then the Buick. We get about 300 miles to tank. You don’t get the best gas mileage either at 90-miles per hour. Good for Jackie and Daisy though for walk and pee breaks

These pictures tell the story of Daisy’s car ride adventure.

Daisy has been an excellent traveller. Loves looking at the cows as we past. Sleeps, eats and watches is her trip.

My 12-volt cooler worked perfectly again for us as we had Jackies food and my drinks right on hand. Nice and cold.

Not one bad driver or driver error this trip which is amazing considering the old farts on the road and with Sask, BC drivers on the road.

Sorry, one dumb Montana girl trying to merge incorrectly and actually honked at me as she was forced to merge behind me. SMILE. Hint to all mergers. Gas pedal !

Wonderful hotel tonight. We walked over and did a take out supper which was perfect except Jackie is expereincing some stomache issues.

Only 8 hours tomorrow so a bit of slow start and relaxing day ahead.

Jackie has beat me 4 days in a row at Wordle. The words are just strange. Her mind goes there. Lol

I am doing this from my phone so will add to and pics when we get to Mesa. Internet is actually working except at 7 to 9pm when the old farts are all watching Netflix.

Gas seems to be between $3.85 and $4.45 everywhere we stopped.

I have been to Sedona and never found my Vortex. I have been to Spirit Island near Jasper and never found my inner spirit or self. YET, here on HWY Interstate 15 I find myself. There right, in front of me is WILLARD. I FOUND MYSELF. If you see the GPS it is listing the city location. Yes finally .

Also notice the outside temperature. COLD for this far south.

Today was an adventure. We had every season of weather except for summer. At 9am we had a temp of 0 degrees and at 4pm still zero. Plus 7 the high and and minus 2 the low. We had rain, drizzle, slush, snow and heavy fog. Blizzard like conditions thru Salt Lake. The road is very cupped so slush and sitting water pulled you dangerously. No idiots all day which was nice. Slower than I wanted with the conditions and the amount of cars. We had prebooked our rooms as Jackie found a dog friendly airmiles hotel for $29 which is a new Holiday Inn in Washington. We could have gone another 2 hrs but nice to stop early to eat and rest the eyes. Snow, fog and rain is hard on the eyes. Still can’t believe snow from Idaho Falls to almost Mesquite. When I got out of car it was 7. Felt like zero with the rain and wind.

This was the road moist wet conditions to Beaver

The traffic is always heavy thru Salt Lake and especially when there is an accident but using the HOV lane for us was awesome. We flew past everyone and didn’t even have to stop. Nice thing about Salt Lake is no one can enter the HOV lane except for special slots so you can drive confidently that no one should jump out.

I had a Blimpie Sub tonight. Now not near as good as our employees made but still a way better than Subway. I got a trainee tonight who had to stare at the ingredient chart for everything. Funny as when I got back to the hotel to eat it, he put white cheese which is supposed to be Provolone and I received Swiss in error. He will learn hopefully.

The same hotel as when we travelled down with Tors family a few years back. This was the sunset from our room tonight in Washington.

A longer day tomorrow as we have a lot of construction. I expect to leave at 9am and arrive at our home around 6pm.

Jackie has won Wordle 4 nights in a row but tonight I got lucky getting it in 3 . Yahoo !

I have been extremely lucky at betting on the Flames and Oilers over the years. This year again I was very successful as the Elk bombed big time and I bet on the Flames when I am confident. I knew I should have a lot of beer and dollars coming. Fred lost all season betting on the ELK. I walk into my house, and this is what I see. It is a wonderful surprise I will remember. Here is a man that pays his debts. I love it !! Ps is there a plural to ELK. LOL They all do not fit into my garage.

Thought of the Day

A surprise is one of greatest gifts in your life ! Even if just a boo

Nov 4-5th

“Mercury Forecasts Edmonton -2 degrees, Calgary -8 degrees Mesa 21 degrees”

Two wonderful days of “getting” back to normal life. It takes a little of work, but it is warm outside and enjoyable. Having said that though we have not acclimated yet so find it still a little on the cool side.

Jackie & I worked on the inside today. We got a lot done. I whipped to Safeway for a quick shop so we would have something and will get the balance tomorrow. Jackie did her thing with washing sheets, covers, opening blinds, and organizing the stuff we brought. I put away my clothes and got the closet and dressers all fixed up. I whipped to the office to get my welcome package and sticker for the car. This is funny. We are a gated community of about 3000 homes and the park doesn’t have the stickers ready. She said they lost them. About 75% of this park are from Canada and need an entrance sticker and the park had from April to Nov to get them. Seems pretty dumb to me. They could have ordered in April and held them. That is taking lean practices to the extreme.

We worked on the outside today. Jackie washed the windows inside and out and helped me place all of the patio furniture in the back patio, deck and outdoor kitchen. We pressure washed the entire house and patio including the outdoor carpet. We got a lot done. And still more to do.

I washed the car, glossed the tires and vacuumed it out. Looks pretty !

I whipped to Safeway and picked up our first big order. I like this as I get to pick up a few things I like. Lots of BBQ ahead.

Tonight, for supper I cooked marinated mango chicken kabobs on the BBQ which were awesome along with Texas toast.

99% all done as there is never a completion. I will say my sleeps in the cool evenings, in a dark room and no get up time or bedtime limits sure have been great. It does make me wish we would have bought a king size bed as the hotel beds coming down were nice with no dog or hot body squished up together. The a/c here is dead quiet but the air is still very dry.

My entry and Jackon’s finally got loaded into the website. As of today, Mary, Keith and Jackson are all ahead of me. Darn. I will catch them, hopefully. A loss like the Oiler suffered does me good.

On our park walk we stopped at a few for sale units. Wow has the price gone up. A unit that cost 60K a couple of years ago is now $150K. The new ones which were just under 90K are now over 200K. The increase has been dramatic in the last two years. What will happen is a downturn and they will drop a bit but will use this new marker price to grow from in the future. Two things happen. One the pricing, prices some people out of the market and second, people who left and then come will shocked at the return pricing. As I have previously said we never once thought of this as an investment while nice it increased with our unit 3 times what we paid 15 years ago we bought solely and 100% on the lifestyle. We love the friends, the golf, dances, concerts, potlucks etc and we have thoroughly enjoyed every year here. We have been coming for the full winter since 2014. Prior only two or three a year when we worked.

Internet is working good so far this year. That is nice.

Daisy was our watch dog all day while we worked. She has her fun every morning in the dog run when Jackie goes for morning walks. She has met about 5 old furry friends already from prior years.

I am going to need to get some mothers wax for the Flex. I did the tires today which look great. Rims took a long time. Next cool day I will shine and polish.

Thought of the Day

A man who fights with his wife all day will get no piece at night. 

Nov 6th -7th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton -14 degrees SNOW, Calgary -16 SNOW, Mesa 26 degrees”

I have to say I love Mesa. It has been one of our most rewarding adventures ever. To be able to come to a warm, friendly, fun filled location every winter is truly amazing. As I previously said we bought in 2007 when the pricing was lower and the Canadian dollar was over par. With pricing today, we could 4 x the price we bought at. But having said that we never once considered this an investment in the financial sense but an investment in our own pleasure and reward. It had been everything and more for that. Having great friends down her to work with, play with and socialize with is amazing. We have met many many new awesome people. We love the socialization, we love the golfing, but mostly we love the warmth.

It is unfortuneate that our friends Ralph & Tracy have decided to leave and sold thier place. I like their place better than ours with the double master suites and bathrooms. It is well designed, and they have done a fabulous decorating job. Ever couple has to make up their minds what kind of lifestyle do you want. Do want to travel to a foreign country and with that the risks for a long stay, do you want to go camping with the pleasure that brings, do you want to spend your retirement enjoying the warmth, golf and stability of a place in the US. They plan to travel which is one choice. But trust me when I say I can stay here for 6 months cheaper than someone can travel Europe for a month or so. While we love new adventures, sights and culture we prefer the low key less expensive option of maintaining a home in Mesa and getting all of the luxury of golf, companionship, cheap beer, and in a safer location. Everyone has to make a choice what is right for them. It is not a bad plan to travel for 10 years then settle down but beware that you may be priced out of the market when you want to reenter. Since 2007 the pricing for a cottage home has gone from 40k to 150K. Who knows in 10 years.

We have so lucky though as good friends Fred & Terry think like us so we get to have special friends in a perfect location.

The picture below is Penny in Raymond. I sure hope she has a large sweep and shovel for the driveway. Ouch that is a lot of snow and cold hitting Alberta.

I do have to say that shed sure looks good in this wintery wonderland Raymond Alberta. Rudy doesn’t know what to think but I am positive he loves snow to play in. The boys will have a blast

I hate to do this but today was our first 80 degree day. 2:30 but it must be 5 oclock somewhere so Fred broke open the beer and we got relax in the shade. 80 degrees is warm.

This is an oddity. Now memories are always inaccurate, but I cannot seriously remember being ill for at least 10 years. I can’t say that this is accurate, but I believe it is.

Everyone we know down here is somewhat ill. I had a sore throat coming down sleeping in the hotels and blamed it on the dryness. Then a running nose happened. After a couple of days, we tested to make sure, and we are both positively negative. That is good as we don’t want to be stuck indoors or away from people. The sore throat went away after a couple days replaced with a runny nose and stuffed up head and a cough at night. Ralph and Tracy were sick just before we got here, and Terry is sick with the exact same issues. Fred is more advanced and only has the cough left. So stuffed up, no sleep, coughing it is no fun. Jackie other than headache (she will say me) appears to be fine. NightQuil , and nose spray I am doing fine but the cough and stuffed head is a pain. Hopefully only two more days and i will be prefect once again. Think of not ill and desease and thou shall defeat the foe within.

Makes working at doing things a little harder.

Wordle Larry has a 3-day win streak that was halted tonight with Jackie in 3 and Larry in 5. Darn.

Thought of the Day

A man who wants a pretty nurse, must be patient.

November 8th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -12 degrees, Calgary -14 degrees, Mesa 27 degrees ”

Another beautiful day and as it was going to be a 80 degrees day Fred & I started my Christmas Street project early at 9am to beat the heat.

It ended up being a full 7 hours of cutting wood. We had 2 x 4, 2 x2 and sheets of plywood to rip up. We ended up cutting it all and let me tell that is a lot of cuts. As we only had a bit assembly to do prior to painting we moved over to his patio to work in the shade.

One short break for lunch and a good lunch it was with Terry making us baked spaghetti. Amazingly good with the garlic toast.

I used No More Nail for some of the construction which I have used before but never again. It sucks. Dries too fast and even removing pressure it spurts out of the caulk gun.

Lesson learned.

Here is what we now have. We have 30 sheets of plywood cut to 13-inch x 48″. We have 2 x 4’s cut to 13″ all 60 of them. We have plywood strips 120 of them cut to 1.5 x 13 inches. We glused and screwed the bases now we need paint before the final assemble

All I can say is that is a lot of cutting. All done with the cutting just paint and assemble.


I am sure we could have created at least 3 sheets of chip board with the amount of sawdust we had.

An easy light nice supper and home a rest of the eyes and body on the couch and the end to another great day.

Thought of the Day

Funny thing at 80 degrees it is hot enough to make people complain it is too hot. !!!!

Nov 9th11th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -13 degrees, Calgary -14 degrees Mesa 21 degrees, rain “

A cooler day with it starting out wonderful than a cold front from the north most likely from Alberta hitting us with cooler temps and rain. The desert loves rain. After a long day working a relax day is a nice thing.

Funny after a 30 degrees day how cold a 20 degree feels.

I had to include this link as it is so truthful and should be an eye opener for everyone to consider yet the socialist mentality takes over with green wishes and won’t consider it.

We could be such a rich nation if we had leaders with common sense. It is amazing to me who got elected in the USA again this midterm then I look at Notley and Trudeau and I say I guess we are no better. Sad

Other news that I found disappointing was that Premier Ford caved. He took a stance then backed off and potentially compromising. How many of you remember Ronald Reagan? The UNION of the traffic controllers went on strike. Essential workers. He fired EVERYONE of them, and they were banned for life from working for a federal business. I thought Ford was going this route which would have been the correct thing to do.

We need someone with guts today to control the unions which is the NDP’s life blood for votes. Asking for a 11% increase is asinine. Yes, inflation maybe 8% but it will not be that for long and they don’t think this huge increase won’t increase inflation even more. Every other union will use this as the precedent for their negotiations and the inflation snowball will continue to grow.

Not happy with the success of Daniel Smith in Med Hat. The ugly orange is rearing its head again. UCP has been far from good but still are so much better for Alberta. Notley Destroys Province policies are still hurting us today. Our coal plants gone, helmets on ATV (ask a hunter how easy it is to shoot with a helmet on) the carbon tax plan, environmental regulations, long delays in approving new projects and increased business and personal taxes have scared away tens of billions of dollars in investment (as well as the small businesses and new jobs that go with all that money).

We need to have a strong leader that fights of Alberta. If you read my article on the LNG perhaps you can see our strength that is being robbed.

Wow am I glad I am in Mesa. The winter like the Almanac states is predicted to be one the coldest and more snow than most. I hate winter and in fact today with our rain I felt it was cool. Very fortunate to be here. Now what SPF should I put on tomorrow. LOL

Still having tee time trouble as the course is just overbooked. With the huge demand of homes in Viewpoint and the new section complete too many people for the two courses. It will ease up bit when we switch to shotguns.

We have everything organized for our Christmas decor. I installed my set of lights as a test site and they look great. It is going to take me a long time to do 30 houses. I am hoping two or three good younger guys will with this. We have a fair amount of older poeple that will need it done for them.

Trips to Home Depot for painting equipment and to Harbour Freight are always fun. Today as the Black Friday stuff is out Fred & I split a Rigid impact/driver c/w a charger and 2 batteries for $99. We went for batteries only as one of ours after 15 years is on it’s last legs. A full set like this should have been $400. I am sure they priced it in error as per the ad, but good for us.

I am using special hooks that will make my job of installing lights easier I hope.

Viewpoint as usual had a wonderful celebration for the veterans. A parade and a ceremony in the large hall that is always very well done. Our neighbors right across from us got special notice during the ceremony. Dwight and Gini are very nice poeple. Dwight has many stories that are interesting to listen to. Neat to see them get this special treatment.

I would love to know the different meanings behind each medal

I also got a chance to relax today in the sun on the back deck. It was wonderful.

Great turn out ceremony

A great BBQ meal one night and reheated chili leftovers the other make for great suppers.
Nice walks for Daisy in the morning with Jackie and shorter but fun walks in the evening each night.

This is a picture of my Dad Jesse Willard in his uniform. He would be 101 today if still alive. When you think about the sacrifice these young adults did it is amazing and should never be forgotten. And we should never let this happen again, yet we let Russia kill people every day. Not right!


Dad had one brother killed in Holland and one brother that was highly rewarded in the war.

All set for a big paint day getting everything ready tomorrow. !

Thought of the Day

It doesn’t take hero to order men to war.

November 12th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 1 degrees, Calgary 1 degrees, Mesa 22 degrees”

Not a cloud in the sky and the first time I have burned myself for years and years.

Outside at 9am to start painting for our Christmas Decorations. We had Randy, Donna, Bob, Jackie and I which is all we could really fit with the equipment and spacing we had. We have 30 units to make and paint. I was happy with our progress today with two coats on all 30 sheets of plywood and all of the 120 red cross bars and 15 of bases. 15 bases to do tomorrow. 9 am to 4 pm with no breaks.

Jackie watching PAINT DRY

Painting is my least favorite thing about renovation, but it worked out well today.

Paint party for 30-unit of decorations

Daisy HAD to be petted by every visitor that stopped by to see what we were doing as we plugged the street a bit.

I burned my head being out for the 7 hours in the sun.

Wordle in 5 for me Jackie in 4 today. Darn

Election chaos still happening which isn’t good. Amazing to me that they can’t get better at this having one basically every two years.

Thought of the Day

It was so dry & warm today the trees were trying to bribe the dogs as they walked by.

November 13th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 1 degree, Calgary 1 degrees, Mesa 21 degrees”

I had to put Aloe on my head as showering this am the sun burn hurt a bit. A slower start today as it is Sunday after all.

We got started on Day 2 of painting around 10 am and Jackie worked full time for about 5 hours, and I worked part time between driving to get more paint ad intervals of watching the CFL semifinals.

We got all of the painting done and we will start nailing and gluing tomorrow. It will be a full day or more to complete that.

My one lady crew today doing the final boards

One of our neighbors picked up the 240 letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them all over the summer. Donna is so particular she brought all of the letters in her truck with wax paper in between each one to prevent scratching. That is amazing. Lucky us to have her to this.

240 letters all painted and protected.

The football was great. Both semi’s were action packed and good ball. I guess I have to cheer for Winnipeg to threepeat which would be awesome. Fred is having a Grey Cup party including the square betting. Perhaps a few bucks I can bring home.

Watching the CFL semi’s outside on the patio cannot be beat. My waitress was amiss though as I had to reach all of the way to fridge myself.

A good walk with Daisy around the park as it is starting to fill fast now. It is nice when it is busy except for the golf course. That I don’t like!

A very hard Wordle today, well for one person. Jackie in 4 and myself in 6. A dumb word. An inane word really. No really!

Thought of the Day

At a job interview always say you will give 110% unless you are applying for a statistician.

November 14th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 2 degrees, Calgary 4 degrees, Mesa 21 degrees”

This time of the year is odd in Mesa as the mornings and evenings are cool and midday it gets warm. No complaints whatsoever just an observation.

Fred & I started at 9:30 and worked until 3:30 on our decor for Christmas. I don’t think anyone really realizes the extent of work required. A lot of work.

We started the assemble and got into a pattern and it started to get going quite fast.

We had touch ups to a few as they stuck together but I have to say I LOVE THEM and think they will good all lite up at night. The girls just need to get the garland, holly or tinsel for them, and they will be distributed out.

Job well done and much thanks to Fred !

In the #@&**$ Christmas Spirit now !!

A good day and a great job if I have to say myself. It will be interesting to see the critic of the recipient of this work. With the amount of work that could be an issue. LOL

After our work we whipped to a home in the park that Fred’s brother is looking at buying. It is a park model made into a Adobe style that looks fantastic. Inside could use an updating but some brand-new furniture included and a golf cart so in my mind a sweat heart of a deal that will go fast as it is a for sale by owner.

Another day in paradise done.

Thought of the Day

A little progress each day adds up to big results!

November 15th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 4 degrees, Calgary 7 degrees, Mesa 23 degrees”

First golf game in Arizona today. First time playing since October 13th so a month off. We were playing today at Western Sky as Viewpoint was booked. Funny thing is Western is $25 cheaper and just as nice as we can get a good time. The negative is the after social part isn’t the same as going back to someone’s home via cart and not having to drive back on a freeway etc.

Today I was playing with Ron, Ken and Bruce. All Saskatchewan guys. A used car salesman turned dealer owner, a sports guy turned pharmacist with his own stores, a teacher turned a teaching teacher and a building material guy. All walks of life and fun guys to play with.

I was happy not having golfed in 4 weeks to finish low net and low gross.

For some reason today the course played LONG. The ball just doesn’t go as far. Elevation, warmth, soft fairways always hurt.

Lots of steps today as it was cart path only

We had a lot of fun playing today. Life is good and the cold beer 20 oz Lite Bud in a frosted glass is wonderful on the deck in the sun.

I drove Ron’s Caddy today. An extended Escalade which is a nice vehicle. I love the heads-up display on the windshield to see the speed you are going.

Warmth, ok golf, cold beer, exercise and friends all make for a great day

Thought of the Day

A lot of decision making going on in golf. What club? How hard? Where to hit etc. Good for the mind.

November 16th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -1 degrees, Calgary 0 degrees, Mesa 23 degrees

Today was the first day of my Saskatoon run golf group. We play a TRAIDS game, and the organizer Bill Lewis is amazing how organized he is.

I love the game within the game and how we are playing as a team. Today I was playing with Bill Lewis, Scott and Sandy all low digit single handicappers. I played pretty decent today.

I tied for low gross score the first nine and I was the low net of the group overall. A bunch of fun guys and the first time I have played with Sandy for a long time which was nice. He drove us again which is appreciated.

Another wonderful course cheaper than Viewpoint. Starting to make me think about Viewpoint differently.

Workday all day tomorrow hanging lights.

Thought of the Day

Did you know every man has three knees?

His left knee. His right knee. And his wee-nie.

November 17th to 19th

Funny it has been so busy I been having trouble keeping up. So, the last couple of days will be short formed.

Thursday was a hard day. I started with help from 3 to 4 guys to put up Christmas lights on our block. No house had clips, so it meant climbing ladders and installing hooks on every peak of each house. Our block had just recently bought a new ladder and I used Freds & mine. We had the ladies and some guys to untangle the lights and stretch them out. I had ladder holders and tool givers on the ground which helps. Unfortunately, our block as mostly elderly people that either can’t climb ladders or do not like to so it meant Bob and I at every house installing. Working around trees with huge thorns doesn’t help. I do have to say it tired me out quicker than I thought. We did get 50% of them done and will finish the balance on Saturday afternoon. My broken bicep is starting to “piss” me off as stretching to full length and trying to push in a self-tapping screw is hard. Bob and I worked out a pretty good system as we went along. We had ladies bringing chairs to rest and water which was nice but to complete the whole block was too much. I had pain I didn’t I ever had. Our good neighbors across the street gave us some cool pads with high dose of pain killer to apply to your back.

So, we worked until midafternoon installing lights then I stapled on the decor item to each NOEL sign and distributed them. Randy and Denis helped carry them to each place.

A full day and tiring.

I had golf with guys and was surprised I didn’t hurt that much until the last nine holes as the game went on my muscles kept getting tighter and tighter so with a 3 over score for the front nine it didn’t go as well on the back nine. LOL But still fun getting out and having everyone over to our house after for drinks. Jackie did a great job helping out organizing this for me so i all worked out great.

Jackie is out at the garage sale today and I am catching up on this and waiting until 1pm to start the other side of the block with Christmas lights. I know it will be another hard day but my Christmas decor will be ending until take down.

If I could ask for anything it would be to have a good back. Since about 16 years old I have gone to a chiropractor and a DMS specialist. No cure just relief but it would be nice to have no issue whatso ever. Wishful thinking. Nothing though that a few pills, Volteran and the mind can’t work through.

It ended up being 4 guys and Jackie for the lights today. It is funny as today was a way easier than yesterday for what ever reason. I had to climb on a couple of roofs as people have let thier trees get out of hand. I worked on my knees upside down to install the clips. Now I have road rash from the asphalt shingles that hurts.

We are waiting until the 26th to LIGHT up the street. I hope it looks great and people like it. A lot of work. ! I am glad it is done though. Lol

Miss Daisy is such a sweet dog. Today with it being the community garage sale golf carts and people galore kept her entertained all day. No rest today for her but she is hardly “speaking” anymore which is awesome.

After the lights i managed to squeeze in a Flames game that was played in the afternoon. I got to boo Tkachuk and was glad he didn’t score in the shootout. 2 points for US.

Tomorrow is Grey Cup day at Fred’s place.

November 20th

Mercury Forecast Mesa 22 degrees, Edmonton 3 degrees, Calgary 2 degrees

We relaxed a bit today this morning and got caught up with a few things. It was a nice relaxing morning.

Fred & Terry had us over for Grey Cup today. They had about 15 people everyone cheering on Winnipeg. May as well get to the bad news.The WRONG team won again mostly due to the Bombers errors. Too bad as it was a close game but one error and you lose.

The spread Fred & Terry but on was amazing. He made pulled pork to perfection and I put his Coleslaw as the best ever. Combined with Jalepeno poppers, potatoe salad and other side dishes it was amazing.

Nothing better than sitting outside watching the game and when it cools a bit adding a firepit to the equation.

Great day,great food spread, great game, wrong winner.

Thought of the Day

You know when you see a picture and it reminds you of someone?

November 21st-22nd

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 6 degrees, Calgary 10 degrees, Mesa 23 degrees”

The weather is staying wonderful with each day being just right, lots of sun and very little wind.
Ok I am starting to get tired of Christmas decorations. Biggest issue is people not being able to make up their minds. We put up the lights and now are being inundated with requests for more lights. We struggled for 15 yrs to be a cohesive thinking street with decor and finally achieved a consensus but with the committee being very cognizant of poeple being price sensitive. We decided to supply 2 or 3 strings to cover each peak to have a common look. Each unit is a different size, and this was the easiest way to make it work. Now people each day are wanting to complete their home and finish the front over the carport with an additional set or two.

What people are forgetting is that means another trip with the ladder, hooks, drill and getting up and adding more strings. Extra steps. But having said that I am glad as the street will have a very nice look to it. Happy ! More work. And still additional lights to add.

I did the balance of the homes yesterday and finished off the last 4 houses until new lights come again today.

In between my time installing I worked on my own lights and decor and got it all organized. I have a plethora of cords, like the tentacles of an octopus under my tress trying to connect everything. Three prongs, two prong, multiple ends etc. it was chaos but done and I double checked everything to make sure it all works.

I made an error in driving. That was hard to say. I was in a hurry to get to the Depot for product and jumped into the car and started back. I bumped into the garage can right behind me. The plastic can moved maybe a 1/4 inch but I did hit it. I laughed to myself thinking about how many times I have ragged on old farts driving. First error in YEARS and pretty minor but funny.

I installed red & white lights on both fruit trees. I installed a wreath on the door and a lighted one on our post. I put out the Santa on the veranda and the Noel sign lighted up on the street. I installed my snowflakes on the porch and if I say so myself it all looks pretty good.

I cleaned out and organized my shed today also which turned out great. As usual I could have made it double its size but it does work out prefect for storage.

I booked our site for the May Long weekend in 2023. This year’s theme is Greek and Olympics. Our potluck will be Greek based, and we will have a “games day” . Three categories’ kids, adults and couples. I will get a small plastic trophy for each division and the winner will get it. If you finish in second place you are a loser and will NOT receive a participation medal or award.

I was thinking, Bocci ball and we know how dangerous this sport can be for injuries, ladder golf, horseshoes, Cornhole, races, fresbee toss, find your spouse etc. Throw in a golf game and it will be fun. Less focus on the golf and more for fun gatherings. I am sure the Flames will be in the playoffs during this time also to watch.

When I chose Greek due to the “game: I was thinking what kind of food is Greek. I could have said that is Greek to me but Greek salad and Baklava is the only two Greek things i could think of. People will have to some research on this one.

The spot we have is excellent as we all can circle the outside and in the center is a huge playfield for the kids and dogs and a large firepit. We are also only a few feet away from the lake. The only negative is no services but the seclusion. privacy and intimacy of the group will nice. It has a government outhouse, but each unit will need to bring water. We have a few poeple with generators if phones need recharged or a short microwave issue come up.

I am looking forward to it as it should be a fun time. I will see how efficient everyone is in letting me know as it cost me $600 and the more units the cheaper it is for each. I have plenty of time to bug them for a commitment and money even though this isn’t the strong suite of these people. LOL

Up earlier in the morning than I like for my Wednesday group golfing but once in while why not. Pills tomorrow after all of the ladder work and bending up and down.

Wordle took us both 6 tries but we did not fail ! Hard, dumb word that either of us did not know. They shouldn’t do that.

A nice walk tonight and even a surprise. On 600 block here we see one of our Santa Bears on a doorstep of a home. These were made specific for 800 block and should have been sold with the house. I felt like taking it in the dark and running back to our block.

Thought so the Day

Me to a warehouse worker: “Looks like you’ve been missing a lot of work lately.”
Warehouse guy: “I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, boss.”

November 23rd

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 5 degrees, Calgary 7 degrees. Mesa 24 degrees”

Up and out of the house a lot earlier than I like but I enjoy this golf group I guess it is worth it. LOL The drive as usual was fun. In the car we have a used car salesman, a doctor, and a lumber guy and we can solve every problem the world has. And we do but no one listens to us. Always a fun trip.

We had an hour wait before our tee time so a little putting and driving practice which was good. I even had a wonderful breakfast sandwich at the course to start the day.

I played very well today but just a few errors on the back nine. My back starts to seize up after a bit and I can’t turn. Too many up and down the ladder and drilling times. I finished one shot behind first place gross and in first place on the net score. The second back nine I took 2 -7’s so ended up mid-eighties again. Just bad luck and judgement as I could have lived with the tightening but let it get to me.

A fun group and pretty good golf and great course. AND we made $60 prize money for a -4 in the triad. Awesome.

Just resting a bit after eating and ordering more lights. More lights to install on a few homes. LOL

November 24th

American Thanksgiving Day

This is the first year in a long time where we were having people over for Thanksgiving. Fred had a tradition of a roast beef dinner he did for years and years and if hey weren’t here i would whip to Dennys for turkey. As the Keys just had everyone over for Grey Cup Jackie offered to hold it at our place this year.

Tracy and Terry both offered help with dishes the final result us having an excellent meal. We had turkey,ham, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, peas, jalepona jelly salad, beets, and buns along with pumpkin pie and cookies. Jackie made the homemade cream corn which was fantastic and made the pumpkin pie rather than buy one already done. The meal turned out in my opinion excellent.

We played a few games and had drinks to finish off the night. The girls won. There i said it. Marbles is a fun game but with them squeaking out the win that hurts. Then Ralph was the big winner at 99 which is a version of Uno. Lots of fun.

Jackie always goes the extra mile moppng sweeping dusting etc before a gathering so some work but the end result was a fun event.

Thought of the Day

The world has to be slanted with my win/loss ratio lately.

November 25th -26th

I picked up Fred & Ralph and headed to Harbour Freight for a black friday deal on a pressure washer and Ralph bought a few items he needed for his upcoming move.

Today we had 7 guys and went to Western Sky Golf course as Viewpoint was full again.

It was a beautiful day. We started right on time and finished 4 hrs. Pretty good considering it is Thanksgiving days off and they were full. Everyone from our group liked the course. Today though i found the greens were not as smooth as they should be.

My threesome finished the front nine with scores of 41,41 and 42. I was one stroke behind a 80 yr old. Playing like a 80 yr just cant happen and I smartened up on the back to win. Long course but nice. HAVE to get better at putting. $14 dollar JUGS , yes we called them that, is a good deal. And with ice cold glasses. Awesome. I drove the Caddy again and could get to that.

Another fun day, sun, golf and friends.

Up this morning and hung our last set of lights we had until 10 more arrive. I made another NOEL sign, nailed glued and ready and set it up at the end of the block with spotlights.

I fixed up a neighbors Santa Bear with glue and nails and installed a few extension cords for neighbors.

We had a wonderful potluck supper block party. First time we had plenty of Devilled Eggs my favorite. Our “Mayor” of the street may have Covid so Jackie had to be the lead speaker tonight. After the socializing, eating and drinking we LITE up the street.

It was nice to see all of our work come together. If I have to say so myself for a homemade decoration and simple theme to get a few homes where people are not here for Christmas.

Overall, pretty pleased.

Pretty cool looking at night.

Next year I will replace the warm white with bright white on the trees.

Our one neighbor Denis is awesome helping out everyone with cords timers etc and fixing them all up.

A nice gathering even though one couple that was working with me installing may have Covid and couldn’t attend. Our other neighbor has had it 3 times already. I like how we are now treating it like a common flu and as long as you have been vaccinated or not immune compromised it is no worse than a common cold which some people die from every year.

Other than a bit of chirping about a visa transaction fee for the park which is standard now for most vendors a very good time, great food and gathering.

While we were getting ready Daisy was watching to see what was going on.

All I can say we really enjoy this retirement experience. Cost effective, very social, lots to keep you busy, a familiarity and warm weather with excerise is amazing.

Thought of the Day

Making memories and enjoying people is what it is all about

November 27th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 1 degrees, Calgary 2 degrees, Mesa 21 degrees”

I see the temperature is dropping in all areas. Highs of -17 or colder for Alberta and highs of only 20 degrees her in Mesa. This will pass and Alberta will get colder, and we will get warmer. LOL

Next week is a heavy schedule with FOUR golf games which I don’t do often.

Today’s golf is with Ralph & Tracy which will be fun.

It was a beautiful sunny 23 degree day. But hit 5pm and i would say it drops 10 degrees. The last few holes even though still 16 degrees felt like 5 degrees. Enough my fingers turned white.

Tracy & Ralph who are leaving in a week were our golfing partners today. Tracy played extremely well and Ralph played the same. I think the best from both of them. Ralph has really increased good swing speed and reduced his slice. Tracy was hitting long and straight. Jackie and i played decent. I took a 38 on front nine but two many bogies on the back.

Ralph even found a wallet full of cash on hole 10. Took us a while to find its owner.

Great game of golf and a fun gathering sitting on the deck of Fat Willys with Ralph & Tracy.

If I have to say so myself this is the life.

Driving home I am rmpressed with our blocks decor and lights.

Thought of the Day

Golf,freinds,weather,and having a fun time is a great thing.

November 28th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -11 degrees, Calgary -10 degrees, Mesa 23 degrees”

I am not a morning guy. I never have been. Never will be. I cannot maintain my good looks without my beauty sleep, but I sacrificed all of that today with a 7:30 am Tee time.

It was COLD for about 4 or 5 holes with my fingers turning white. It was only 6 degrees at 7:30 am but rapidly as the sun rose heated up to 20 plus degrees. I guess I could blame the lack of sleep or cold for my poor performance today, but it was just bad playing. Specifically putting. Wow I had plenty of three putts today. Too bad as everything else was pretty good. Fun players today with Ron, Ron, Jim, Denis, and Mike.

After the game we all went to Ron S place. Nice guy and wonderful he feed us hotdogs for lunch. Awesome !

So even though not liking to get up this early it was refreshing, and sort of nice as we finished in 3.5 hrs and still had the balance of the afternoon to do things.

I chopped back my Palm tree and installed another shelf in the shed plus worked on extension cords for more houses.

Going for our walk tonight we passed this one house where guy spent hours dressing it up. Looks great.

Thought of the Day

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”. 

Nov 29th-30th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -17 degrees, Calgary -15 degrees, Mesa 23 degrees”

Just wonderful weather with it hitting mid 20’s each day. It starts off very cool each morning hits it high about 3pm and then drops fast when the sun sets. You have to wear a light jacket and if sitting have a patio heater on.

I even took the time to relax in the sun on the back patio with Daisy in the sun. Finished off some computer work. We walked to pick up our entertainment booklet. Lots of great shows this year.

Picked up our New Year’s Eve dance tickets c/w prime rib dinner.

I drove today to Maricopa after picking up Sandy at his new home. He is in a wonderful neighborhood and has a beautiful home. A nice bungalow 1700 sg ft and with a great design. A pool in the backyard that is on the smaller size but with a great feature that within a short time frame it can be used as a giant hot tub. I would love a place like this, but I do think you miss out on all of the amenities, social functions and interaction that a park like our offers. We looked at single homes, condos etc before deciding on Viewpoint.

We arrived a bit early, but it does make it nice to relax before going out golfing. Driving range and putting range before a game does help.

Today we were playing at Southern Dunes. Let me tell you about this course. It is beautiful, a Troon course, on Native land so issue with water and it is mean. This course had 12 acres of sand. Most courses are lucky to have one acre. There are DEEP bunkers everywhere. Every green is protected by bunkers and in most cases, you have to carry to the green. It is a challenge for sure.

This picture is of the group in front of us on a Par 3. 165 yards of full carry with deep bunkers in front sides and back. Great hole !

It is ranked # 5 best course in Arizona and number #84 best course in the USA to play. It is NICE.

No money today. I thought for sure with the snips game I was in especially with a Birdie but someone must have had a par and two strokes to beat me. Our team had a -3 on one Traid but got beat. Next time !!

I was pleased considering the course. I was second low gross and second low net and any time mid 80’s on a 129 slope course I am pleased.

Thought of the Day

When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny ?