February 2017 The BIG birthday

Feb 1st

“Mercury Forecast”   Mesa 26 degrees Calgary -7 degrees

We had a fun time last night playing billiards again. I can’t say I had a stellar night with a 2-3 record but when we stopped home for a few drinks with a couple of neighbours after it appeared everyone was in the same boat. We all had losing records ! Who won ?  I had two nice ladies that both played good one played excellent. Our first game my partner and I watched as from the break they cleaned the table except for one ball. Our team, one shot a miss and the other team wins. Game took about 5 minutes LOL . Still a fun night. I would like to get just a little better and hopefully with a little more time, will. Those angles are just hard to judge. This league also has some interesting rules like the 45 degree rule if the white ball is tight to a another and the bumper rule on a hit ball. Learning.

Got to bed later than normal due to the after billiard get together. And having two beer isn’t a good thing as  I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I need zero or at least five as for some reason having two is like taking a whack of caffeine and I toss and turn all night.  And I did. Getting up at 6:30 is not something I like but due to my liking this group of guys and they are a lot of fun to play with I enjoy it very much and I am willing to sacrifice my sleep.

Today was another wonderful warm sunny day hitting 26 degrees. I had to take off my light over jacket after the third hole as the mornings are still cool but warm up quickly. Today was good and bad. For the first 10 holes I golfed the best ever ! Things just went right.I was one over after nine ( 37 ) and after the 10th hole still one over. Then a slice in the desert with an unplayable ball. Took a triple, then thought a way to much on the tee for a couple of holes and took a double the next hole. My brain just wouldn’t release me and I struggled with the odd par in the final 8 holes ending up with a 84. This could easily have been a less than 80 score on a difficult course. Next time.

Spoiled today with Sandy driven us and Bob buying lunch. A great day.

Came home and relaxed in the sun visiting with Bob & Pat on their patio and then cooking my lemon pepper chicken with fresh lemon juice from my tree. Two huge American sized chicken breasts.

No plans tonight other than I know I may hit the pillow a little earlier than normal as I hate to fall asleep in the couch. Reword that. I refuse to fall asleep on the couch. Unless it is a mid day nap on the back patio.


1977 TRIP

Our next stop on this trip and event was in Penticton.  First I took a drink of my coke and for some reason it just exploded in my mouth and I had to spit it outside of my car window. No issue one would think. Wrong, the coke actually wrinkled my 4 day old brand new paint job. Brand new paint job ! Luckily the body shop guy fixed it right up on my return. Coke eats !! BUT this is the event stands out. The four of us decided to rent a speed boat.  We head out onto the Skaha Lake for some fun. We decided all of us would just take turns driving for the time we rented it for. Keith goes and we have fun jumping waves and racing down the lake. Jackie goes and we have a fun enjoyable speed boat trip on the lake. I go and we have fun racing around the lake and jumping our break waves. Jenny’s turn. Something goes horribly wrong. Jenny grows little devil horns behind the wheel and we are racing around jumping break waves and doing 90 degrees turns. My life flashes in front of my eyes as we do a quick turn right on the break waves. The boat lunged almost throwing everyone out of the boat. Not often am I afraid of speed but Jenny did it to me as I didn’t have control.Another near death experience luckily resulting in no damage, no pain or injury. We got to rib Jenny on this for years. Her entire demeanor changed when she grabbed the wheel of the boat. Jennifer ( Lucifer)

Thought of the Day

I am sure Jenny had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The problem was I believe she was hard of hearing in the one ear that day.

Feb 2nd

Mercury Forecast” Mesa 24 degrees Calgary -6 degrees

Feb 2nd and Balzac Billy see his shadow

Feb 2nd and Balzac Billy see his shadow

Groundhog Day-    Our famous Balzac Billy saw his shadow this morning so that means  6 weeks  of winter left instead of an early spring. I am sure everyone likes to hear that. It really has been a relatively mild winter again though. Not like the good old days.

Mentioning Groundhogs when we sitting with Bob & Pat last night they visited a Prairie Dog colony to check it out in Saskatchewan. Pat showed us a picture and the animal was huge. So me being me I needed to research the difference between a ground-hog, prairie dog, gopher, woodchuck and a marmot.

Marmot– lives near mountains usually.  Really is a large squirrel. Lives in burrows

Groundhog– known as woodchuck or whistle pig. Also known as Canadian Marmot. The largest of this type of animal weighing up to 30 pounds. Lives in burrows and does not travel far

Gopher– smaller rodents living in mass tunnels below the surface weighting on average 2 pounds. Breed proficiently. Live about  years often confused for ground squirrels.

Prairie Dog– Is a type of ground squirrel. Their warning call sounds like a dog bark. Weigh about 3 pounds

After looking at pictures and reading a little on each I am not sure I can identify each anyways. Let’s just call them all gophers except for the giant Groundhogs to make it easier. Lol

Can’t beat the heat and love the sun. I have a bit of running around today picking up groceries etc while Jackie is golfing in her ladies league. That’s about it. Sit in the back yard and burn a bit to get a little color, have lunch and contemplate how wonderful life is.


First Management Promotion

I was informed about a week before my vacation that I was being promoted to General Manager of the Calgary Henderson Wholesale Building Material Branch. The weekend before this we were visiting Peter & Carol at their house. During the conversation we told them we were transferring to Calgary to manage the facility there. As the current manager hadn’t been released yet we had to be very careful in who we discussed this with but as it was Jackie’s Dad we didn’t feel it would be an issue. Sure enough Carol was talking to one of her close friends who just happened to be married to an individual in the industry. He met up with my manager somewhere and they discussed my moving. My manager was taken back a bit as it was confidential information and very surprised this gentlemen knew about it.  I had to have an uncomfortable conversation with my manager explaining the circumstance and apologizing. If the info had gotten to the current Calgary manager lawsuits etc may have happened. Turned out a lawsuit did come about with myself being called to witness for the defence side in the wrongful dismissal case. The previous manager “hid” from corporate over $40,000 in defective doors in the back of the warehouse and was writing them off bit by bit at each inventory and when I did my first inventory it was discovered.  New manager, new responsibilities, the unusual case of confidential information being released made it for an interesting time.  When I arrived the branch had very poor customer service, too much inventory, higher than normal margins and very small sales. I was given on a transfer a new sale rep and an assistant manager. Edward and Tom were fantastic employees.  I would consider them the best at their jobs I had seen. Tom was an amazing sales rep but I had to bridle him back most of the time. On to hiring new inside sales people, additional warehouse staff and building a customer base. I started Aug 9th of 1991. September 1991 was the largest month the branch had in it’s history. The sales and staffing continued climb. We doubled Sept sales not that long after. It was just a matter of providing good service, fair pricing, and management control. It was a lot of fun and I sort of miss those days. A few years later we were the largest sales branch in the company.  If you read my front page you will see names of some customers that were like friends that helped in my success. It takes a lot of work but with a great team which is the most important thing it is fun.

Thought of the Day

An important thing that people forget in business is “You don’t want to do business with a company that doesn’t make a good profit. It is impossible for that company to provide good service. Profit is not a dirty word

February 3rd

” Mercury Forecast” Mesa 23 degrees Calgary  -11 degrees and snow

A warm day today but overcast. I was excited to see Tiger play again even though his first day was a rough one but he pulled out blaming it on back spasms. Very possible but in the first round other than him not walking briskly it didn’t seem he was suffering. He just played bad. I hope he follows thru with his scheduling other wise it may be time to throw the clubs out. The body does take a beating with his swing speed and playing, practising every day. I hope he comes back. The Waste Management also has been fun to watch with Kutcher doing exceptionally well. I love the 16th hole and getting a birdie on it with the stands still up was wonderful. Makes golf a little more interesting with the noise and excitement plus the booing. Some players most likely don’t like it but the fans love it as is witness to 750,000 people in 4 days to watch. Busy weekend for the sport nuts here in Phoenix with the hockey, the Waste Management and the Super Bowl on TV.

I bought a propane patio heater today as Jackie keeps saying she is cold outside while sitting. It was 60 degrees at 10 o’clock last night but being the nice guy I broke down and bought one. It will come in handy the odd time in the late evenings. It puts out 42,000 BTU’s so should warm enough to heat a couple of people. I made a super deal on this from a pool supply place. His last one. Regular $179 bucks and I paid $99. In our conversation I mentioned I needed it as we had people coming over for supper tomorrow night. He laughs and asks where I am from that I say supper. We jab each other a bit than I get him. ” Are you a religious man ? I ask. He goes ” a little ”   I respond “Well then in the bible did they say the Last Supper or the Last Dinner”. He burst out laughing. He even is going to assemble this thing for me ( he says 45 mins to do it) for FREE. How could I refuse. This is a nice one also as it is powder coated an antique color instead of the normal stainless steel color.  This one should put out the heat for the girls.

Today is my younger sister’s birthday. As I have said before for years when I was young I couldn’t figure out she was younger than me and having her birthday before me. Good thing I got better with math.

My old work friends were about roasting me today. ( work day for them and checking emails constantly) it was a great idea for Larry G to start this today as on the weekend when my actual birthday is it would have been a little quieter. They got a few jabs in. I actually enjoy this as I did it to them for years. And they have been relatively kind to me. They didn’t even know the date or age until the last few years as I kept that under cover for ever. They are getting much better with their belittling and antagonizing. Good for them to keep their creativity flowing instead of just doing metric to imperial window sizing conversions. Nice also that 80% of them are much older than I and have experienced all of the age related issues already. Great group of guys and our one  gal that fits right in. I look forward to many more years of this teasing and I may just step it up a bit to shake them in the future.  Small insecurities of each that I have taken note of and remembered that I can pull from the archives.

Speaking of age related issues. Isn’t it a piss off that when taking a leak standing up in a boat the pressure barely makes it to the side ? I have noticed this with others. LOL

Word press uses a Proof read function instead of spell check. Doesn’t work well but the most annoying thing is that it keeps saying I am writing in a Passive Voice. ( insert swear word here) you ! LOL

Going to a movie of my CHOICE !  Yahoo

Thought of the Day

If age in only in your mind, someone should tell that to my muscles.

February 4th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 24 degrees Calgary  -14 with snow fall warning

Just reading that winter forecast in Calgary gives me the shivers. Today is hot and sunny here. Spent the morning looking at texts and messages from people “bugging” me about turning 60. Had a few phones calls from Alberta . Good wishing with an under tone message. LOL

The movie and supper last night was wonderful. The movie was Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence. A beautiful girl but has anyone else noticed she has no eyelids. Her lids are covered by the skin between her brow and eye-opening. She may have someone in the family from years ago with an Asian background. But with Jennifer being so pale this feature sort of stands out. The movie was exceptionally well done and kept you intrigued throughout the entire time frame. Odd though as it the movie theater wasn’t that busy for a Friday night.  Go see it as it is a good one.

Ok now the birthday. I don’t really care to turn 60 as still today if someone says 60 I think older. But I am slowly changing my way of thinking out of necessity. First I am in better shape than when I was 40 years old. Slimmer, more active, eat better, sleep better, great blood pressure, perfect BMI, okay cholesterol levels, happier and enjoying life. You get this age and especially if you have retired you decide your life. I DO NOT get out of bed early ( unless an important golf time, airplane to catch or fish) I do not have dress up in clothes that are uncomfortable. I do not have to listen to the politics of work, I do not have to spend my free time at work functions without getting paid for it, I do not have to do anything I wish not to if I so chose. As we grow older we grow neither better or worse but more like ourselves. Age is a wonderful freedom to do or act or not be concerned what others think as much at all. I am going to embrace 60.

Larry at One Do you see me in August or Jackson ?

Larry at One
Do you see me in August or Jackson ?

Larry at 13 The awkward years

Larry at 13 The awkward years. Nice tie

Larry at 18. Love the short hair but had to for the picture

Larry at 18.  Had to have a bad haircut before picture day. Hated the short hair but you do what you have to.

Larry 20

Larry 20  First big holiday with 8 guys to Hawaii . Pimped right out with the jewelry.

Larry at 32

Larry at 32

Larry at 40

Larry at 40

Larry 48 Not bad age at all

Larry at just under 50 years old. My favorite picture of Jackie.

Larry 57

Larry at 57 years old retirement day !  March 2014

A selfie after we found our inner self at Spirit Island.

Larry at 60. A few more wrinkles. Perhaps sun lotion may have been a good idea. LOL  I consider them laugh lines as I am enjoying life to the fullest with Jackie and a day doesn’t go by I don’t have a big smile or whistle going on.

I will take all of the discounts, I will take all of the free time, I will take all of the camping, fishing, golfing and visiting with friends as that is what being 60 means.  I still have plenty of years of doing this and look forward very much to the live ahead.

To all of my friends and family I thank you for being who you are, for allowing me to be who I am and when these don’t always coincide, to still be there that is awesome. Here’s to the 60’s.

Plans today for us include picking up a patio heater to sit outside late at night, the Keg for supper and friends over for drinks and cake on the patio.

Thought of the Day

Happy Birthday to the one person that I never need a reminder for. ME !

February 5th

Mercury Forecast” Mesa 25 degrees Calgary -15 degrees with snow fall warning continued ( I see -30 temp coming up again for nightly lows)

What a great day I had yesterday. I picked up my new heater in the morning and set it up. Had a little struggle with it as the first one had a bent arm on it and the gentleman assembling it ordered a new one from another store and had to wait for it. I got it and loaded it up and headed home.  42,000 BTU works well. So well, that last night we had to turn it down as Jackie’s head was getting to hot. Heat waves were steaming from her hair.

Jackie & I headed to The Keg. I love the Keg and it’s food.

Why cant they make Ceaser's instead of Bloody Mary's

Why can’t they make Ceaser’s instead of Bloody Mary’s

Their steaks are always excellent and one of my favorite. With most things lately we have noticed that the Canadian pricing is fairly equal if not cheaper on items. Never used to be but even at the Keg a steak was about 3 bucks less but when you add the exchange it was equal or even a 1 buck or so more. Odd how that has happened. We sat on patio deck outside and enjoyed a wonderful supper.

Open air 27 degree weather what is better. I know about 300 horsepower more . LOL

Open air 27 degree weather what is better. I know, about 300 horsepower more . LOL

My Jeep gauge measured it at 27 degrees when driving there. As usual our meals turned out to be excellent. First class building also looking like it was relatively new.

All set up ready to party

All set up ready to party

Got home and did a little organizing before guests came. Even had a few neighbors that couldn’t attend stop by and drop off cards and well wishes. Received a “special golf ball ” and a bottle of wine from another neighbor. Great people.

Russ & Carol

Russ & Carol

Pat & Bob

Pat & Bob

Filled our beer bucket with ice and filled it with beer and wine. Set up our bar with Rye, Rum, Vodka and ice and set out the small eats. Russ, Carol, Pat and Bob came over. We had a lot of laughs saving the world and discussing past events, times and funny things that happened. It was a lot of fun. Luckily for me having a big steak supper the multiple ryes I had didn’t affect me much. Only a slight dull pain in the head as I am writing this.

One huge cake !

One huge cake !  Notice the VEST. I figure now that I am 60 I need to wear this. lol

A huge birthday cake that I don’t know how we are going to get rid off. A fun night !  And I don’t feel any older. Amazing we all stayed up to about 11:30pm. That’s a party. LOL

Thought of the Day

A palm reader now at 60 wants to read your face instead of your hand.

February 6th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 21 degrees  Calgary -21 degrees and still snowing

Weather might be a touchy subject for my Canadian friends. All I can say, here it is beautiful. The cool nights as we are in the desert are still happening but the day time highs in the 70’s are wonderful. Waking up and only having the slightest of dullness in the head was great. Sat outside in the sun and enjoyed the day. Quite a sports day today.

First the Superbowl. What a fantastic game. The Falcons thought they had in the bag and allowed Brady to come back to tie the game. WHAT A JOKE THE NFL IS WITH THEIR OVERTIME SYSTEM. It comes down to who wins the coin toss in most cases will win the game. DUMB. They need to change this rule to the way the CFL works it.  A game should not be determined by a coin toss win. I don’t watch NFL but that is one extremely poor rule they have. Good on the Patriots though as they won and sure played wonderful the last 5 minutes or so. One amazing catch changed the game.

PGA Waste Management Open was another eventful sport game. Another overtime in a sense. For Matsuyama to win back to back at the Open is wonderful for him. He should never of had to go to extra holes except for back luck. I prefer someone to win that I can spell his name and pronounce it. The Asian players are starting to come on strong on the PGA and like the LPGA could dominate in the next few years. Fun tournament to watch, great weather conditions and some good golfing.

In our own sports world Pat & Bob along with Jackie & I had a golf game also. The course was relatively empty as everyone was going somewhere to watch some sport so we had a nice quick game with lots of time to see the end of the Superbowl and Open. We may not have been PGA calibre but there were some nice shots. We fully handicapped everyone and played a net win game. It game down to the 18th hole to determine the winner between the teams of girls versus guys. A close call but the guys prevailed. Another disappointing score from myself. This is the second game in a row on two different courses where I had a 37 on the front nine and fell apart on the back nine with one time ending in a 83 and the next 82.

Sure helps the score

I can’t remember having two eagles in games so close to one another. Love them though as they sure help the score.

Both games could have been easily under 80. I need to work on this. Both Jackie and Pat ended up with a 101 which is not bad. As usual Bob had very few errors and ended up with a 77. He does make it look easy.

After golf we had a wonderful supper of Chili and mashed potatoes at Pat & Bob’s place while the Bowl and then the Open were on.  Home baked buns are wonderful. A few drinks and fun conversation as my birthday week celebrations continue.

Today is warm but it is overcast so not too hot. My ongoing celebratory week continues with another golf game at the 1pm shotgun start. Hopefully a better result today. After golf we head to the airport to pick up Tim Keys as he escaping the cold of Saskatoon to stay at his place for a bit. I will use Fred’s truck to pick me up in as Tim is a big guy and the Jeep may squish him.

Thought of the Day

Has ANYONE EVER seen a chicken cross the road ?

February 7th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa  24 degrees  Calgary -20 degrees

Jackie and I headed to the golf course for our shotgun tee time. The tee sheet is usually full for these but today which is odd we were golfing with ourselves. While it is nice to meet new people and enjoy the fun of that once and awhile it is nice  golfing with ourselves.  I take these opportunities to try different things with my clubs which is a learning experience. If I could just eliminate a few errors I would be happy. It happened again where I was 2 over the front and had a couple of holes “blow up ” on the back and ended with a 82. It is like I lose concentration and slice or divot a couple then snap out of it. I need to get better at this . Another 82 score with Jackie scoring a 104. She hasn’t found her normal groove in her drives which was typically her strong point were not happening. Her chips and putts though have dramatically gotten better and I would say good as a word to describe them. They have helped her score.  Yesterday she found tree trouble and I would bet she hit at least 5 trees which makes it difficult to score well.

I had my shrimp with cocktail sauce I love for supper tonight.  Every cruise we took I would order the jumbo shrimp cocktail every night. That with New York Cheesecake is heavenly.

I was picking up Tim at the airport last night. His original flight was expected to land at 7:15. Tim texted me before leaving saying they were 1/2hr  behind. I checked just before leaving our house and the new expected time was 7:55. I walked over to Tim’s place and took Fred’s truck to the airport to pick him up in. I arrived at 7:45 which is the perfect time as sometimes the pilots will try to make up time on a late flight. The new board at the cell lot isn’t as informative as it used to be but I have a plan that usually works out great. The board now only says enroute or baggage at carousel. When the baggage sign is lit anyone that has carry on only should be at the door. The sign lite at 7:47 which I thought excellent the plane made up time. As Tim is new to the airport I expected a text about 7:45 to  7:55 for the walking time to  the door. 8:15 still no answer to a phone call or text so I am thinking either his phone is dead or he missed the plane somehow. I drove around to the doors in case he was out front with no power on his phone, no Tim, so I drove around to the north doors as one could easily mix this up and no Tim. So I decided to park in the oversize lot and walk into the terminal. No Tim. I checked the baggage carousel and they indicated the plane had landed  7:45 and no assigned carousel which should mean already done. I walked around checking the area. I phoned Fred inform him I lost his brother. LOL  I sent another text as he is lost or missed the plane and still no answer. There is no customer service area to ask anybody anything. Everything indicated the plane had arrived, unloaded and baggage already done as cell lot sign indicated 7:47 baggage ready, carousel signage showing landed  7 :45 and no assigned which indicates already done. I carried on looking and thought I would give it until 8:30 ( 1:15hrs after original time, 45 minutes after internet time and airport confirmed landed time) and then try one more time for contact. Then I see Tim walking outside. I think he forgot to turn his phone on or data. LOL   Laughed and walked him to the oversize lot to drive him home. He picked the perfect week as we are in the high 70’s and low 80’s all week.

I forgot to mention that Fred has been busy doing some planning with a trip fishing to Pinehurst Lake and a Sturgeon fishing trip to Mission BC. It is freezing in Alberta period so he says he had lots of time to do this to keep busy. Saves having to spend time outside shovelling or freezing working on anything. Have I said I hate the cold. Not to rub it in but is early morning ( early for me 10:00am ) and I am sitting on the patio couch in the warm sun typing. Struggling a bit to see the screen with the glare. Birds are noisy this morning, the sun is warm and the cushions nice and soft. Can it get any better ?

I have to do some digging in the back as I think I have an irrigation leak. That sand when it gets wet and packed is like rock and I need to be very careful not to slice the main hose. I had originally thought the hole in the sand was from the downpipes but I think it is an underground leak. I will see.


School Events

Everyone has the odd traumatic thing that happened to them as young kids. Here are three of mine that I remember well. ( relative term as the memory is not vivid and recallable but due to talking about it for years is still in one’s brain) Off topic for a bit that is why I believe doctors that think they know the human brain and hypnotize people or have them try to recall past experiences actually can damage a person or at least make people believe something entirely different than reality.

First so-called memory. It was in Grade One at the Niton Junction School. During the last recess of the day my cousin Gary Dickson and I were playing on the teeter totter together. I am going to assume we were having a lot of fun. The school bell rings to indicate that recess was over. Gary in his rush to make it back to class jumps off the teeter when I was still high up in air. Wham it falls and crushed my ankle under the board. It sprained my ankle quite badly but I managed to get back to class and do my school work until home time. I was helped on the bus to get home as I couldn’t walk as the ankle had swelled so badly. Arriving at home we had about 100 yards or so to walk to get to our house. I hopped off the bus but my ankle was so sore and swollen I couldn’t walk so sat on the ground at the end of the road and cried waiting for help.

During Grade One we moved from Niton Junction to Spruce Grove. Looking back that was a wonderful move. In Spruce Grove it was great as I had to only walk about a block or so to get to my school. I even had a friend the same age right across the street to walk with. I loved school and enjoyed the classes and always wanted to do good. This time I was struggling with a cold a bit but in those days every day was a snotty nose day. I had bad allergies and later after testing was allergic to just about everything. But on this day it was a cold hitting me. The teacher asks the class ” Does anyone know what a female deer is called?”  I know this so I put up my hand to answer. “Yes Larry ?” I tried but couldn’t talk. I tried to talk again and again but my voice was gone. The kids in the class all broke up laughing. I bolted out of the class room and ran all the way home crying. 

In Grade Two my friend Jim Kruse and I were at the school grounds playing on the swings after school and before supper. While swinging on the swings two bigger boys in Grade Five want to use the swings. We didn’t let them as we were still having fun on them and we were not finished having our fun. That didn’t last long as they came up to us and started to punch us to get off. A Grade 5 boy is lot bigger than a Grade 2 guy and I was a skinny guy while Jim was a smaller boy. Not a good idea to defy much bigger older kids. First of all the punches hurt and the feelings  of being beaten up also so I ended up running home hurt and crying.

There appears to have been a trend.  Must of toughened me up after that.

I went with the restricted membership at Turner Valley Golf Club again for a couple of reasons. First I don’t play enough to warrant the full membership. Second we are away on most weekends with friends that haven’t retired as of yet and thirdly if I am working again ( waiting for email) at Heatherglen it is cheaper for me to bring Jackie and friends there to golf than Turner Valley. Having said that though Turner Valley is an amazing course that few have discovered. It is very challenging with tree lines fairways yet wide enough if you are playing good to score well. The greens have tendency to be on the slower side all year long due to the type of grass but the slope on the greens more than makes these a difficult green to putt. Beautiful scenery and a wonderful group of guys I golf with on Thursdays. I am very glad I bought my membership while I was working to pay for it as it has increased very year and love playing this course. 2017 might be a difficult year to get a real “moneys worth” as I will be gone all of June but I will make it up sometime during the year if the weather is good.

Thought of the Day

Most likely a carry over from a being a baby as when you cried then all of a sudden a boobie would appear.

February 8th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 24 degrees ( got up to 77 F)  Calgary -14 degrees

Had an excellent time at billiards last night. Darlene my partner was a good pool player and we did ok. We had a few losses but they were close and a couple of wins so alls good. Makes for a fun night but I do notice the group as a whole is getting better. One lady Barb is an amazing billiard player. Her team has done consistently well. The group keeps getting bigger which is good and bad.  After pool we stopped by Russ & Carol’s for a few drinks on their patio. Russ was the guy who told me where to get the heater from and he has the same one. Nice at night time to have that patio heater. It was starting to get to 10pm and having to be up at 6am for golf we headed home all the way across the street. Love the park.

Up at 6 am to get ready and our ride from Sandy Sutherland was right on time again. He is like clockwork. Bob and I jump in and we head down to pick up George from Lealta Building Supplies.  It was a wonderful day to enjoy the heat and the golf course. My group was in the money again ( $80 ) so a great day. Got to golf on a beautiful first class golf course, visit with an old friend and see new people on the course again. I had a good and bad day golfing. Golfed quite well with only one lost ball in desert but struggled putting again on these sloped and fast greens. Ended up with a 84 caused by three doubles.  My captain today was a very nice guy from Saskatoon that was 75 years old and a very good golfer.

George Modzrejewski and Sandy Sutherland golfing at Whirlwind

George Modzrejewski and Sandy Sutherland golfing at Whirlwind

George has been kind enough to invite me to join his group tomorrow on another course for another round. Love it to be a stellar day.  New course though does cause an issue a bit. Our  one golfing partner is a scratch golfer and is amazing to watch and I have to be careful to make sure I don’t try to hit too hard to keep up to him as he is a very very long straight driver. I can go long but I can go slice 200 yards right also if things don’t go right.

Came home and  Tim was checking out his laptop with Jackie. As luck would have it  I was able to get Tim’s computer to hook up to the internet. The exact same issue caught me a few years ago so I was aware of it and tried the fix and it worked. Computers !!

Off to Costco to see about appetizers for tomorrows block party which I totally forgot about. Felt bad as Jackie had to go to a Valentine themed block party alone while I was golfing. I am pretty good at remembering my commitments but I was very happy to go golfing with George that I forgot. Changed our minds and headed to Safeway and came back with an acceptable appetizers that Jackie would make just before going to the party.

Thought of the Day

Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional. Jackie was very forgiving to me .

February 10th

Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 30 degrees Calgary -13 degrees

Good thing for GPS. Sandy had picked up George at the Legacy complex and usually if I have been to a place once I can remember the roads system fairly well to get back again. This time with Sandy taking every back road in Phoenix I didn’t have a clue so I loaded my GPS and rightly so very needed. I took the more direct route but didn’t see the town like the first time. LOL  Amazing a foreigner knows the road system so well but he takes the back roads to Whirlwind also. Arrived at the golf course and this complex is beautiful. It looks like an upscale resort and delivers with the look of the buildings and pools etc. Plus the golf course is exceptional and has a sister course right next door.

I arrived a little early as I wanted to be on time and hit a few balls etc before teeing off. Checked in and stated I was with the Modzrejewski group. I had my credit card ready in hand and the young counter clerk says it is all paid for. I questioned him to make sure. I had to find out who paid. I walked out to the patio and my group was there already having a coffee. George, Ian and Bob.  I checked with them to see if there was an error made. They all said they only paid for themselves. On the practise green I am thinking to myself it had to be George. So I ask again but he says no. I head into the clubhouse again because if the starter asked for a receipt I couldn’t produce one. A different rep again states it is all paid for don’t worry. I am sure George must have paid for it. Very very nice and appreciated but I prefer to pay most things 50/50 to be fair. Ian is  wonderful golfer to watch. Today his final score was 72 and he made it look easy. Playing a new course and not knowing the layout hurts a bit. The course is beautiful and not hard but the three of us struggled. George playing only a few games or so this year was out of the zone as of yet. He is a technical golfer with a system. An off day for him. I was disappointed in my final score. The mind is a powerful thing. I was going along fairly good then on a Par 5 I sliced. Reloaded and sliced again. Shooting 5 from the tee. Ended up with a 9 which is a birdie if not for the lost balls. After that hole due to fear on the tee box I struggled and couldn’t get going well again. I ended up with a 90 having the 9 on one hole and a 4 putt on another hole. Remove those I would be ok with the score. It hit

Ian, George and Bob at Legacy Golf

Ian, George and Bob at Legacy Golf

32 degrees in the mid afternoon. It was wonderful and a lot of fun golfing with George and visiting with him after the game on the deck.

I always enjoyed George and loved picking his brain. As a small business owner competing against the “big boys” he always had interesting, unique ideas and business plans and was one of the best business leaders that promoted being loyal to suppliers and working with them to build our businesses together. He was able to create that same business ideology with his customers.

Fun day golfing with an old friend on a beautiful course in the hot sun ( and free today). Live is good.

Arrived home and grabbed a bite to eat and about 10 minutes later Jackie arrived home from the block party. Bob & Pat invite us over for a beer. Bob grabs Russ & Carol from across the street and Tim joins us. We consumed a large portion of Bob’s beer. Tim had his spiced rum. In the conversation it is always interesting to discover new things about people. Turns out Tim is a country & western connoisseur. He has 1000’s of songs loaded on his laptop and listens to music all the time. He loves the old guys like George Jones etc. Not only does he like C&W music but he analysis’s the song to understand the meaning behind the words. He is very knowledgeable about the songs, the artists and the meanings. Being raises on rock I NEVER got that analytical about a song. Give me a good beat and loud and I was happy. Half the time even if you knew the words you couldn’t understand them when sung. LOL  Impressive knowledge of the C&W world. Perhaps the difference is there is no dog dying, no wife leaving or trucks broken down in Rock lyrics. I am going to assume a lot of past suicides in the world were caused by country music song mind manipulation.

A another great night sitting out on the patio in the warmth enjoying the laughter and conversations of friends.

A relaxed day. Sitting in the shade and drinking Pepsi to stay cool. Enjoying the heat.

I forgot to mention that during our visit with the neighbors Pat brought out her Vodka made in her home town in Saskatchewan. Blaine Lake Vodka. Very smooth, odorless and clear. Tastes great and I thought it had a smoky after taste. Reading the bottle it is 7 x charcoal filtered which gives it the taste. It will be a good seller if the word gets out. Buy it. Blaine Lake has a population of about 500 people. I would love to see the distillery. It could be out in the woods like the ones on TV. LOL Perhaps Vodka is the new code name for moonshine.


First Race

When I turned 16 my parents as I had a good report card said  they would buy me a used car as they did for my brother. I ended up buying a 1963 Nova SS with no engine or tranny for $50.00.With Dad being a great mechanic and helpful we built it to drive. In the garage from one of Alfred’s old cars was a 283 V8 and a 3 speed Saginaw tranny. To put this motor in this car I had to pound out the coil/shock tunnels to fit it in. Dad managed  to get the motor mounts on and the cross member to work and we dropped the rebuilt 283 V8 into the car. Perfect fit unless you wanted to change a plug. LOL  These cars only were made with 6 cylinders. Take a 2590 pound car and add horsepower you have the perfect combo. A plain 283 in those days produced about 210 horsepower. With the light weight and horsepower it had the potential to be a 14 sec 1/4 mile without any modifications. It was rough around the edges but I loved it , as it was fast, great looking and most kids did not even have a car.

Picked up a couple of friends from the Grove and headed to the big city to show off the car. Sometime in the night a Cadillac Eldorado pulls up beside me at the red light. My car with it’s rear end raised and looking good was his target. He rev’d his engine. The light turns green and we are off. Remember light weight and decent power making a fast car ?  This monster Caddy’s front tires blew up in blue smoke as they were spinning so fast and it wasn’t even a race. He killed me. Didn’t help with no tach and so much noise from his tires I had to guess when to shift. Later I find out these Caddies came with 500 cubic inches and 400 horsepower. My ego was hurt. I had a lot of fun with this car though.  Didn’t lose too many races after that one, as my money from working, the first thing I bought was a tach to mount on the steering column. I also learned about valve float and tuned my ear to timing of the shifts. If only I had the money to make it look sweet as it needed a new paint job.My older brother Alfred lent me a pair of G60 tires which were the coolest then being about 12 inches wide as mine were worn out. Doing my burnouts I wore his tires out in a month. Lucky to have a good big brother.

First trip into the Grove Jim Kruse and I were out driving around when we see a young lady hitch hiking on the side of the road. We race to get there to pick her up and lucky for me she jumps into my car instead of Jim’s Ford which at that time was the nicest looking of the two due to primer patching.

Not mine but what it could have looked like

Not mine but very similar if I could have afforded a new paint job. I had mine with 4″ shackles to raise the wheel wells high enough to fit the G60 tires under. A 2 door coupe with buckets was cool.

I later sold this to Dave Kruse that turned it into a show piece with paint, lowering it and adding a lot more horsepower. He later sold it to another friend of mine Darryl Desaulte

Thought of the Day

Life is brewtiful !

February 11th

Mercury Forecast” Mesa 23 degrees Calgary  1 degree

The sand around the back of our house appeared to be wet and I thought I had a leak. I dug it up and checked and no leaks that I can see. I placed a dish under the connector to check. To find the timing of the irrigation is ridiculous. Each block should be set for a time and the office be able to tell us but that doesn’t happen. So I will wait and see. Some of the trees have leaves turning a little yellow that worries me a bit but again it is winter so they aren’t as lush as normal. I will need to continue to monitor. Watered my plants and the neighbors tree as it is struggling with water as they have the place up for sale and aren’t here.

A food run and valentine run on the agenda for today. Hot and sunny and just wonderful.

I washed the Jeep yesterday and at the car wash they had a high pressure blower you could use which is better than any I have seen. It is handheld and worked perfect so much so that my shammy wasn’t even needed.


For those that are 50 plus there is talk again the Canadian government is looking at changing the age of benefits for seniors. The CPP fund has shrank below 300 billion. More people are taking CPP early and more people are becoming of benefit age. We already had a reduction in the CPP payout for early withdrawals but there is talk now of the OAS age being changed AGAIN. If you remember Trudeau promised to revert it back to 65 from the 67 age the Conservatives wanted. Now only a year later the government is reconsidering their decision. After being elected it is easy to change your mind eh . It is amazing how they control our money and can change things so easily affecting millions of seniors. So anyone doing their retirement plans need to consider this possible change. This economic advisory board has advised changes both to the OAS and CPP due to the aging population and wanting people to work longer to benefit the economy.

The numbers show that a total of 311,737 people started their CPP retirement benefits in 2015, almost two-thirds of them before age 65. Just 5.7 per cent  people who started their CPP payments in 2015 did so at age 66 and older. This has been the typical pattern for years. Why? A few theories:

People think they’re going to die young and leave money on the table: “ Life span in Canada 82 years old

– People think the CPP may not be around, so they should get the money while they can: This view reflects a common worry prior to CPP reforms in 1997, which put the plan on a much more solid footing. “ I have zero concern that the CPP will run out due to it’s design.”

The reduction in taking CPP early instead of at age 65 can be as much as 36 per cent if you start at 60, while the increase from deferring your pension tops out at 42 per cent if you wait until age 70. Only about 1 per cent of people take CPP at age 70, and a good number of those doing so simply forgot to apply for benefits earlier.

There are incentives for delaying OAS as late as age 70 rather than at 65, but they’re not as attractive as they are for the CPP. Regardless, Canadians have demonstrated a preference for scooping up their retirement benefits as soon as possible.

Two world of thoughts with taking it early and later. Mine is take it early and here is why. The break even point even with the recent changes is around 76 years old. I want to spend my money from this source before spending it from my savings. The older you get the less money you will spend so why not have the extra money while young. The average age of a mans life in Canada is still 81 to 82 years old. As in the banking industry which uses scare tactics for people to save money the government is looking after their best interests trying to get people to work longer. Don’t buy into it.

A warm warm night and we decided to go with Tim and friends from Saskatoon to San Tan Flats. I have said before I love the food and the atmosphere here. It a great place to gather especially on a warm night. We thought we would go a little earlier as it is always so busy and on a Saturday even more so. Awesome to get a ride in a brand new Suburban. Greg and Lisa were Tim’s and our drivers tonight. Oh I forgot. We all sat around on the patio of Bob & Pats and wouldn’t you know it. They know the same people again. I am positive everyone from Saskatchewan is related. Or as Tim says we all have genetic DNA from Genghis Khan. Greg & Lisa are very nice people that are staying at Tim’s place for a bit to get out of the cold and are smart business people selling their business while young and enjoying life.

Tim,Jackie,Lisa and Greg at San Tan

Tim,Jackie, Lisa and Greg at San Tan

 We had a couple of rib orders, salmon ,steak and chicken salad. I would say the place is famous for their ribs. We even have an order of Fried Pickles. Tim must be on a diet or just wanting to eat better as he is limiting his drinks and for sure is cutting back on food. The pickles in front of him were like candy to a kid but he restrained himself admirably.

Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles, I guess I didn’t hold the phone still.  Everyone enjoyed these things. I think they are also Tim’s favorite but he wouldn’t let on and we ate most of them.

On this subject he is even trying to set the lap record at the pool with his laps every night. I am impressed as when I am by myself or away I eat a lot worse and don’t exercise. He has been the opposite limiting his drinks and food plus swimming so many laps. I will see on Monday Burger Night how he restrains himself. Best burgers and beer.


High School Principal Visits

First let me say high school was the best time of my life. It is an exciting time with most likely the stage in your life you experience the second most firsts. First time driving, first real girlfriend, first drive in movie etc.

A not so pleasant visit to see Mr Kruger. I had arrived back at school after a fun filled spare period out at Willard’s Hill and parked my car in front of the school which happened to be in front of the schools office. The two girls and guy I was with had a little too much. We opened the car doors with the music blasting a Rolling Stone song out of my new 8 track player. One of the girls that I will only describe as 5 ft tall and very chesty for whatever reason decided to remove her top and dance on the roof of my car. She was so light it didn’t hurt my vehicle which is a good thing. She was a great dancer and especially due to the missing clothing and abundance of bounce it drew a lot of attention including unbeknownst to me from Mr Kruger. I was given quite a lecture, a threat to phone my parents, a threat to kick me out of school and a letter in my file. Don’t really remember what the final decision was but after my discussing it with him at lengths with my defence being ” how can you punish me for something that I didn’t do and I cant be held responsible for others action” he relinquished a bit. 

Another visit resulted in the same defense and another “win” for me.  I was in Grade 12 and a couple of Grade 10 girls ask me for a favour. As I looked a little older I could get into the bar for off sales I was asked to get them some beer. I agreed for a fee and drove to the bar to pick them up a couple of cases. Later that afternoon my name was called to come to the office.  Apparently the girls over indulged and threw up in school and a teacher caught them drunk. In their interrogation of the facts the girls said I supplied them with the beer. ” Mr Kruger, I can understand you being upset but I am not even 18 years old as of yet so how could I supply these girls ? Why when I don’t even know them ? I cant get into the bar myself without ID. I have no idea why they would say I supplied them. Most likely just because they were drunk and know of my name or had seen me. Did they all say it was me ? ( me knowing it was only one girl)  Another threat and warning that didn’t come to fruition.

Thought of the Day

High school – we didn’t know we were making memories we were just having fun.

February 13th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 23 degrees  Calgary  10 degrees

The weather in Calgary all week looks awesome. Anytime a double digit positive number happens in Feb it is a good thing. While nice it is still cold and snowy out. I may change the Mesa forecast to just read ” wonderful” each day as it is pretty consistent. Having said that though we had a storm in the night. The thunder here doesn’t smack like ours. It is a slow rolling thunder for long periods of time. A small amount of rain combined with it made a very soothing sleep noise.

Today we did a few things around the house. Went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries and flowers for a couple of pots. Now this is where I have fun. You take a store full of seniors shopping and try to push a cart around in it. You have people stopping in the aisles, power carts that they sit on doing u turns in the row, and people walking at 1 mph and people walking with walkers and it can be a exercise in futility . I enjoy this as I become a race car driver pushing a cart. I run down the aisle scaring the old farts. I jump in between them, do 360’s to get around them and dodge from aisle to aisle to find an unencumbered route. I let Jackie walk behind to so she can pretend she doesn’t know me and pick up any causalities if they happen.  So far no injuries or apologies so my cart career is doing well. I now have to practice  same methods  on the roads.

We had a tee time booked with Pat & Bob today for a Sunday get together. Bob & I decided to play the tips today. Wow does that change the course. Makes the par three long at 200 yards and really extends out the par 4’s. First time playing from them as I usually stay at the blues. Ended up being a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the additional challenge. Score wasn’t great but I had two triples that killed it. Taking an 86 from the tips with two triples I was fairly happy. Pat today golfed very well with some great hits. Jackie’s drives where a  little off but overall still good.

After golf we stopped in for a Pitcher of beer. I again asked for a jug. We had some great tasting appetizers and  beer so a great day and end. After the Fat’s meal we ended up coming to our house for a few cocktails and the girls watched a bit of the Grammy’s. I bought a case of Miller Lite as it was on sale for $9.99 which was a great deal. It has a little after taste, much more so than Coors Lite so it will be the last one I buy. It is good but not to my liking for a couple of bucks.

Fun Day, great game, good food and an enjoyable event.


Thunder Lake

We used to go camping a lot out at Thunder Lake near Barrhead.  Here are a couple of times I remember:

I received a bonus from Sterling Dist and my engine in my Camaro had just being rebuilt so I needed somewhere to spend a few bucks. I had this idea why not buy a boat. So I ended up getting a 14ft Run About with a Evinrude 33 horsepower engine. Working at Sterling I bought the best water skiing equipment. First trip out to the lake we were having a blast. Everyone was taking their turn to learn to ski.  Then came Jenny’s turn. Jenny was absolutely amazing getting up right off the bat. We had her flying around the lake and me being me doing sharp turns to get her outside of the wake. If we were doing 20 mph she was doing 30 mph or greater. She started to get a little scared and started screaming for us to stop. This went on for a while as we were laughing in the boat saying to each other ” she could just let go of the robe”. Finally she let get and slowly sunk into the water. Amazing job to pop up out of the water first time and go all over the lake without falling. Everyone had their turn and overall we all did very well. My turn and an idea popped into my head. I think Keith was driving and Jenny in the boat.  I dropped my swimsuit and skied all around the lake naked. Much easier skiing with a rudder. LOL  In retrospect it could have resulted in another visit by the police but I had fun with it.

Another time at Thunder Lake we took Peter and Alan out water skiing. Peter had recently had vein removal from his legs. He was also a little heavier than anyone I pulled up before and a beginner. 33 horsepower struggles with weight. Peter would not give up and hung on the rope for a long long time determined to get up which he finally did. I am sure he had the best enema he ever had with the amount of water he was pushing. Awesome job and especially considering the lack of power we had to pull him up.

Alan’s turn and Jackie was driving. Alan popped up out of the water right away we flew around the lake. Jackie starts turning to avoid the docks sticking a way out into the lake and Alan decided to go outside of the wake. Between Alan being a newbie and Jackie being a newbie driving, both of them could have done things to avoid this. I thought Alan was going to smash into those docks and kill himself. Jackie was screaming at him ( instead of driving action or stopping) and Alan was heading right to them with knowing what was going on. Luckily Alan missed the docks by mere feet which makes you shiver thinking about it.

A bunch of friends were out camping at Thunder Lake with us and we were lighting our Coleman lanterns. Again working at Sterling I had every camping convenience there was. including a plastic kitchen sink as I needed to wash my long hair every day. Keith as he bought when I did had just about everything one needed to camp in comfort with.. Our friend Pat fills the lantern and spills a bit of fuel. He doesn’t clean it up. He tried to light the mantle and the outside of the lantern catches on fire. He panics and throws a full lantern of fuel on fire into the forest. Then we have to panic to get it out before we burn the entire forest down. Teenagers !

Thought of the Day

If you watch a game it is fun. If you play a game it is recreation. If you work at it, it is golf.

February 14th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 23 degrees Calgary 0 degrees

Yesterday was another wonderful sunny day. As it was Monday Jackie booked off work int he afternoon to go golfing with me. I decided to book Western Skies as it was less than Viewpoint and different course to play plus no shotgun start so by rights should flow better and faster. Due to a few slices on Sunday I wanted another opportunity to drive on 14 holes straight. For what ever reason it has come back again to cause strokes.

Western Skies turned out to be in wonderful shape. The greens and fairways were exceptional. It has a nice layout and is a few hundred yards longer than Viewpoint .Having said all of that this was a disappointing day at golf. Any day golfing is better than most things but it wasn’t a wonderful experience due to a couple of reasons. First the club house was very disorganized in starting people off the first tee. They have 7 minute start waits but due to the disorganization the course was packed and SLOW. We had to wait on every hole for a long time. On some Par 4 holes there was a group on the green, a group in the fairway and two groups waiting on the tee. On every Par 3 there was at least two to three groups waiting. So not only we were waiting on tee shots we were waiting on second and third shots. While it is not an excuse for golfing poorly it does effect the concentration and performance. Jackie was having an off day also  and was getting quite frustrated with her golfing. It required a lot of positive re-enforcement.  So while extremely nice to be outside and golfing it wasn’t the most fun experience. My score ended up at 83 and Jackie at 109 but not without a lot of work to get there. On this course a slice does not mean a lost ball like at Whirlwind so I plan to go to range to reset.

After golfing we stopped by to get Tim to go for Burger Night.  Tim again was impressive. Burger Night and he only had a couple of drinks and even changed out his fries for a salad. Plus he was going swimming after the get together. He is very determined to lose some weight. He must have some secret bet with Lorna and wants to win badly.

It is always interesting to talk to others about their younger years. I especially like hearing about their cars. Both Fred and Tim have had some amazing cars and Tim continues with a collection in Saskatoon of more toys than most people. I don’t have the warehouse or money to have a similar collection but would love to have had the opportunity. Here would be my short list of cars would love to have:

1963 Split Window Corvette, 1967 RS/SS convertible, 1972  K5 Blazer, 1956 Chevy Belair , 1957 T Bird, 1969 Z28 Camaro, 2017  Z06 Vette,  1964 Cobra 427 , 1968 Shelby GT500 2017 Z71 Silverado.

I would be in heaven and it would be interesting to see which one I drove the most.  After a bit I think I would weed it down to only about 4 to make sure they are all been driven enough. None of the above has to be original. I prefer performance added vehicles. Let me rephrase. They would ALL have to be performance enhanced.

Another good day ( even though this one had it’s challenges) and a fun night. Tim is leaving Wednesday morning so he gave a few food items that he could use up before than time.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Well today is Valentine’s Day. I even managed to get my card and flowers early this year. Now Valentine’s Day is a huge marketing success.  Can you imagine the money spent on this day with flowers, jewelry, trips, etc is huge. This year in 2017 it is estimated to be 18.7 billion dollars which only includes the Valentine standards of flowers, candy, cards and jewelry. It does not include trips, and other gifts. Can you imagine how much food we can buy for the needy in the world. We all have the priorities set wrong. Tell the people you love everyday you love them and nothing would be needed on a “special” make business day.

Having said I fall for the gimmick every year LOL as I am sure most of you have also.

Flowers for Jackie

Flowers for Jackie

Driving range, planting some flower pots, cleanup a bit on the immediate agenda for today.

Here is another example of someone lucky enough to have 5 years of retirement. If Steve had carried on working he would have been one of those that never got a chance to enjoy it. Steve was a newly appointed Senior Vice President of JELD-WEN Canada that recently died. He was my boss for a few years. When he first took over our operations I dreaded his Monday phone calls. I am very good with numbers and excel spreadsheets but Steve was phenomenal with them. You had to be so careful with your numbers as he had every one of them at his disposal and you would be corrected. It was quite amazing really. Steve when he first took over ruled with an iron fist. He has very intimidating, very stern and by the book. As years went by that eased up and he turned to be fun to work for and had a unique sense of humour and treated us all very well.  Steve in an organizational change left JELD-WEN after 35 years in 2012 and died in December 2016. He was only 61 years old.  Take note and don’t let dead be your retirement age.

Steve Sheasby 1955-2016

Steve Sheasby 1955-2016



Every year we had our annual budget meeting. As General Managers we had to come prepared with our numbers on operations and sales. It was a long tedious job in the infancy years but as time went by new systems etc helped streamline it.

The year we merged Edmonton and Calgary’s profit and loss statements, in our meeting with Steve going line by line for each operation a funny situation resulted. During budgets Steve always had a stern demeanor about him. On one budget line under warehouse expenses the Edmonton warehouse had a very high number under “employee uniforms”  The manager had to explain and sell the cost. Steve didn’t agree with the free uniforms and the dry cleaning bill related to it and had quite a stern discussion with the manager. Then a line came under my warehouse for cell phones. I was ready. “Steve that expense is one of the best customer service expenses I have occurred. It allowed us to reduce costs substantially by allowing the delivery drivers to phone ahead for a late delivery,or to set up a unload time instead of having to spend another night in the truck waiting to be unloaded in the morning. Numerous occasions if a small delivery the driver was told to leave it at the gate and someone would be right there to put in it the yard as most of the deliveries are small town lumber yards ” “We also were able to communicate with driver as to his timing if an account had phoned to find out where is delivery is ”  Steve didn’t say anything else and moved on. And my number was a lot bigger than the uniform number.I smiled to myself. “winning”  

Had a very nice Valentine’s Day supper with Bob,Pat, Greg, Tim and Lisa. Pizza and drinks plus a ice cream desert. It was a very nice evening and good company. Tim is leaving in the morning and Greg & Lisa are leaving on Friday back to Saskatoon.  Tim left us everything that won’t keep from his fridge which was a lot of stuff. Early end to the party at 10pm as Tim was leaving to the airport early in the morning and Bob & I had a pick up for golf at 6:30am.

Greg, Lisa, Tim along with Pat & Bob for a Valentine's get together.

Valentine Party

Valentine Party

Thought of the Day

Would it be a human rights violation to wish someone at work a Happy Valentines Day  in todays world?

February 15th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa  24 degrees   Calgary  13 degrees

Must be melting like mad in Calgary. Nice to see them with a weather break. The six weeks of winter weather will go fast for now. Today here it was gorgeous hitting 75 degrees on the golf course. Another Men’s league with George, Sandy and Bob at Whirlwind Golf Club. First time in along time where I didn’t win any money. I had the best captain on my team Jim Scissons from Saskatoon. Jim is 75 years old and scored a 73 today in the wind. He has been inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. This is a gentleman with 14 HOLES IN ONE. Plus he is a very nice man. Our team just didn’t win the holes we needed to win money coming close on a couple of the 3 hole parts but close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes. It was a neat experience to play with him.


I had a so so game which is too bad as I would have liked to have played well with him as my captain. I ended up with a 89 when considering two triples and a lot of missed putts semi ok. I only had one slice which I was thankful for which resulted in a lost ball causing the triple. Our other two guys had ok games also and to win you need at least two if not three guys to have good games. Still a wonderful fun sunny warm golf day on a first class golf course with great guys.

Up at 6am again to golf. What ?  I am sitting on the patio couch and most likely in a few minutes close my eyes for my well deserved break after working so hard this morning. LOL


Thunder Lake

On another trip to Thunder Lake Jackie and I are relaxing driving down the highway to the lake. On the way there is a small service station to the right. The speed limit drops for about 100 yards then returns. Wouldn’t you know it. The cops are right there and pull me over. The timing was just odd as I didn’t see the sign and Jackie and I were laughing at all of the Popular fuzz on the road.  The cop walks up to  my window. Do you know why I stopped you ? I calmly state ” I guess I was over the speed limit but I didn’t really see a sign as I was watching for the FUZZ on the road.” We all burst out laughing but he didn’t think it funny enough to let me off the hook. Darn if only I had been a good looking girl. LOL

Thought of the Day

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.

February 16th

Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 24 degrees Calgary 6 degrees

Got home from golfing yesterday and relaxed. I sat in the back yard on the patio and read, played a few games and dreamt. My eyes were heavy as the early morning wake started to get to me. I truly believe that this life being able to enjoy each day is so much better for a person that the normal stresses of work. As long as one is walking, or exercising enough with the relaxation combined you will be a way better off.  After her telephone calls and writing Jackie came back and we sat together in the sun careful not to burn but to enjoy the heat.

I BBQ’d chicken breasts with potatoes for supper and we sat outside at the table enjoying the meal and evening warmth.  Each night after supper if Jackie hasn’t got her steps in she walks around the house to ake sure she has walked 10,000 steps each day. She is very dedicated to that which is great. Watched a few TV shows and it was time for bed.

In the morning after our smoothie breakfast I went outside and sat in the back yard enjoying another wonderful warm day. Sat or Sun coming up we are supposed to get a small amount of rain and cool off into the 60’s. In Alberta we would still call that a great summer day.

I had a email from a very nice guy with a great sense of humour from the Turner Valley golf course. He is very Irish and proud of it. He gets upset when someone mixes up a shamrock and a 4 leaf clover. I did a little research on this to make sure the facts are straight and discovered some interesting information that I will store in my memory banks for later reference when we get together. Here it is for all of the Irish out there that haven’t learnt the truth behind the symbol. FIRST and most important  thing is they are both CLOVER just that the Shamrock is a young plant.  SECOND and important a 4 leaf clover has nothing to do with ST PATTY’s Day. The Shamrock is the symbol of the Irish. The Shamrock has only 3 leafs. It is not considered lucky. Its name in Irish means little clover. St Patty , Irelands patron saint is said to have used it as a metaphor of the holy trinity, the father, son and holy spirit. The 4 leaf clover is a exactly what it’s name states. Four leaf clovers are rare and hence if found are believed lucky. There is supposed to be more four leaf clovers in Ireland than anywhere else in the world. So the saying ” the luck of the Irish” was born. Food for thought. What if you ever found a four leaf tear drop clover ? Would they call it clover of shamrock ?

Three leaf

Three leaf tear dropped shape versus four leaf rounder shape.

Interesting country with Shamrocks, Leprechauns, whiskey and dark beers well known all over the world.

Jackie had her ladies league golf today. She said she didn’t do to well. But she was in a rush to get ready and finish with all of her work be leaving.She was still emailing etc just before we had to leave to the airport. No traffic and full sun in the cabin of the Jeep as we driving to the airport. Dropped her off and headed home in the rush hour. 20 mins to get there 1 hour to get home. That’s the problem with any large city and Phoenix is big with 6 million people. Ate supper covered the furniture , covered the Jeep and sat down for the evening.

I booked a tee time for tomorrow as the weekend has the potential to have a bit of rain. Now understand when the forecasters say rain they get all excited about a 1/2″. So a little cooler and maybe a shower or two but I thought get our when it is close to 80 and let the crowds deal with the weather and slowness. As a resident we get a special rate at our two golf courses. I phoned to check on the full deal and then checked Golfnow. I saved $16 booking it under a hot deal on Golfnow. Better in my pocket than Viewpoints. They wouldn’t match the pricing so I had to pay and book thru the net to Golfnow. I understand they would prefer out of park golfers at the special rate but they cant control who books.  Dollar saved !

Tried to deal with TELUS today on our Calgary internet. They have a program where we can vacation suspend your services for a charge of $10 per service. You get to chose what you suspend TV, Internet, Phone. We suspend all three. When I tried to reinstate one service all of a sudden they cant do that. That is what is wrong with most large corporations. It is all one sided to the company and the client is never thought of first. If you have a system in place to pick the service to suspend it, common sense is to be able to do a reversal. Speaking to an agent today is just about impossible but the Telus chat line system does work.  I even offered them a another solution ( reinstate all services like they say they have too instead of my chosen one and I will pay them their $10 suspension charge until April. They didn’t like that one either. LOL So now I have been elevated to a “Specialty Care Team” that they promised to phone me in 24 to 48 hours to find a resolution. We will see. Telus has been good and we have stayed with them for a long long time in fact we still have a telusplanet.net email address. We have three services from them, a mobile package from a subsidiary of theirs and are loyal customers so we have a little weight. But we are only one person. I am hoping they use common sense and reward loyalty with a concession that only is logical.

“Thought of the Day”

The quickest way to get someone attention is not to want them.  And it costs them the reputation and future revenue.

February 17th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 23 degrees Calgary  3 degrees

I checked the weather forecast coming up and a storm is coming in from California for the weekend so I thought I better play today. It was perfect today and then I got to the course and it was a little breezy. I checked hot deals on Golfnow and found a deal for a single player at Viewpoint $16 cheaper than my resident rate as Golfnow has a deal to fill in any holes. My partners today were a 20 something son and Dad from Edmonton and a 87 year old from Minnesota. Gil from Minnesota was a neat old guy. He was married to his first wife for 29 years and married to his second wife from another 20 years. Both of them passed away.He now lives alone. A wealthy farmer like most farmers ( even though none will admit it)that still owns the land and leases it out every year. He says he has more money now than ever. He golfed 105 times last year. He had a knee replaced in November and here he is playing only 3 months later. Turns out the family were Mark & Mark Jr. Mark Jr who just recently lost his job due to slowness in the industry in Alberta. Interesting discussion with him as he was a factory rep for Footjoy. With Golf Town in receivership and the economy causing golf courses and retailers to pull back he lost his job. Both Marks were amazing golfers. Long hitters and straight. The Marks wanted to play from the far back yellow tips so I joined them while Gil at 87 years old played from the white tees. Everyone played great today. I golfed wonderful today especially considering wind and spin on the ball that can affect me. Again an 87 year old shot an 86. Shooting less than your age is absolutely amazing. Second golf game in a row with someone shooting less than their age. I was very happy scoring an 81 from the tips as the Par 3’s are close to or over 200 yards which can be my nemesis. I love it when a little luck and playing well happens at the same time.The Marks played strictly by the rules with no gimmies even if they were 2 inches from the hole. We all played to the same rules and had a lot of fun as a group. As a group I bet between the four of us we missed at least four or five from within 2 ft or less and they cupped out or were pulled.

Came home and covered up the Jeep as the clouds were moving in. Covered up the back patio cushions and had my left over supper and settled down to watch TV. Planning to go for a little walk in a bit if the showers stay away.



It is inevitable that a young boy is going to get into a fight. It is built into the male human DNA. Hence wars.  My first memorable fight was with a young boy the same age as me from the acreage. His whole family was in no other words but WEIRD.  I was a very slight but tall guy he was the same age but about 20 pounds or more heavier than I.  We started pushing on our front lawn and shuffled and wrestled all over the grass. I was very fortunate I didn’t get hurt and I didn’t hurt him. Just a struggle. Years later I find out my Mom was watching thru the kitchen window and when I asked her why she didn’t help me or stop it she replied ” It was like two bulls in the field testing one another. No one was getting hurt”  She was very smart in handling it that way.

Same boy another time. We start fighting and my older brother steps in and pushes him back and tells him to go home. Understand this neighbor wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and he fought with everyone. Luckily I didn’t have to fight him again this time. Turns out the kid lied to his Dad.Alfred was working at Safeway after school at the time and this kids Dad came to the store and tried to physically attack Alfred. As I said the whole family was weird. I can’t remember the outcome of this whole deal.

I had one other fight with this kid with me ending up getting a black eye.

A couple other memorable fights were in high school.  I was in Grade 10 and walking down the hallway to class. I have no idea what went thru my head but here comes a big Grade 12 guy running down the hallway and I step into him. Talk about a crash. He slammed into the lockers, glasses flying everywhere, and limbs flying everywhere. I kept walking. It didn’t take long for him to gather himself up and chase me down. Just as he was going to punch me his friend who was a 6′ 5″ tall guy grabs his arm and states ” He didn’t step into you”. Lights would have been out if Warren Crowell hadn’t saved me that time.

Our high school gym teacher was nice guy, a big guy but he hated long hair. In the school hall way we got into some heated discussion. He grabbed my hair and out of instinct I grabbed his throat and threw him up to the lockers. We were at an impasse as he was a teacher and couldn’t do anything and i didn’t and couldn’t do anything. We agreed to let go at the same time and nothing every came of it. I missed half of the his gym classes and still came out with 60% mark.

In my day there NEVER was a knife used or gun. If there was a fight and full out it was fists and if the guys got hurt it was stopped.

There were a few other incidents until I discovered to “to use my words”. 

Thought of the Day

He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position.

February 18th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa  16 degrees with rain   Calgary -1 with snow    You chose LOL

Had a wonderful long walk around the park tonight. The air was cooler as the rain was coming. There are a huge amount of new homes being put into phase one and two now. They have also pulled out a lot of older units and are using them for motorhomes for now. All of the trees are looking great as they trimmed all of the fruit trees. Sweeping trucks have spend days cleaning the streets. Looking good. I walked for at least 1 1/2 before y back started to hurt.  Came home and watched a great TV movie. Funny how not having someone else here it seems so quiet and a little bit lonely in a way. Good and bad .

Rained off and on most of the night. Still raining this am with it supposed to be stopping around noon. I will watch a little golf and read my golf tip books.


Young Love

As humans we are a neat species. Supposedly the only ones that experience love rather than procreation driven. As young kids it is interesting to the see the curiosity above love or a youngster lust and wanting to be wanted.

In grade four there was this girl Karen Carter that was one of the first young girls to develop. This girl was my infatuation. Perhaps her maturity compared to the rest of the girls attracted me but she was a very good looking young lady and a nice person. In this young love drama I decided a love letter was needed as I was quite a shy person. Big mistake. On the school bus my friends grabbed the letter and had a lot of fun with it. The ” sitting in the tree” chants, the being made fun of is typical of young kids teasing one another. She never ever did get the letter which maybe a good thing but she remained my infatuation for the full year.

How many poor girls had their bra straps snapped ? It was quite a common practice in our school. While fun for the boys it could hurt a bit on the back for the girls but every girl wanted a training bra as soon as possible as they wanted the attention and not be left out.

Falling down in the hallway and forcing the girls with dresses on to jump over the guys happened everyday. Again it was a fun thing for the guys to do. Most likely in todays world we would be kicked out of school. Kids nowadays have no fun .LOL

Remember the first boobie feel. What is worst than a hurricane ?  A Titty-twister. Every elementary guy used this trick and it was odd that no girl seemed to remember the joke.

In Grade 9 I had this young girl that I liked sit right beside me in our home class room. Luckily I was good at school and I guarantee if I hadn’t helped her on every test she would still be in Grade 9. Turns out she made to high school but left in Grade 10 to marry a guy as she was pregnant.

I was very lucky in getting a seat on the school bus everyday. For a long time a young lady named Roberta “saved” me a seat beside her. I never had to worry about finding one as our stop was late in the bus run. She was smitten with me. While a very nice girl the feelings weren’t reciprocal but I did appreciate the attention and the seat.

Later a young lady a grade behind me named Kelly started saving me a seat. I liked this girl and we had some very fun times on the bus. It was always an interesting time that I looked forward to. I do remember having to walk off the bus awkwardly with my coat or books etc carried tight in front of me. LOL

The rain stops and starts and at times comes heavily. And it is only 16 above so it feels cold. I cleaned up the house a bit, washed some clothes and read my golf tips book and car magazine. Watched a bit of the Genesis Golf PGA on TV and watched a movie called the Mechanic which was awesome. Paid some bills. Don’t like being stuck in the house but every once in a while a full day of doing nothing is ok. I exercised a bit running around the house. More rain.

February 19th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 16 degrees Calgary  0 degrees

The rain continued all night and still off and on pouring. Arizona is getting the storm from California. No wind though which was nice.

I had my breakfast and looked outside and decided I needed to get out as I needed a few groceries. I thought as it was so wet outside I may as well go the Mesa Market to spend some time. I found and made a deal on two RV mats one for us and one for Larry Geddes. Great deal on these and I will bring them back in April. As expected the crowds were a lot less than normal.

The rain continued for most of the day and then around 4 pm the sun peaked out.

Our neighbors just got back from a resort in Mexico last night. My sister and niece are in one right now.  Here is my issue with Mexican resorts. I understand the draw of a warm climate, beautiful beach vacation. I understand the draw of Mexico as it is the least expensive place to do this. There is an old saying “You get what you pay for”  Why do think the Mexican resorts are so cheap. Mexico is NOT a SAFE place for tourists. A lot of people say they will stay on the resort  property and some do. That makes it a lot safer but Mexico is dangerous for a number of reasons. Kidnapping, car jacking, murder, drug cartel, drug running, rape, and theft. It is not like Canada. It is a third world country. Average wage is $1000 a month but 60 % are far from that. Resort staff are paid $5.25 per day. The millionaires that are corrupt and take advantage of the people raise the level as high as the low is.  Just in December 2016 ( 2 months ago) an advisory to travel there was issued by the US government.


In Feb 2017 the Canadian government issued their warning as an Extreme Caution area.


First thing people say it is no worse than Chicago or Edmonton etc. But it is a way way worse. Most of the killings in large urban cities are drug related and known gangs not killings of innocent people on vacation. On vacation people drink too much, forget to get home before dark, are alone, go into dangerous areas unknown to them, road side stops etc. They do not take caution. Within the resorts the killing and robbery’s still continue. Making $5.25 a day causes people to look at crime as a way to feed their family.

What it comes down to is Mexico is a dangerous country. But as I said it’s also a hot vacation destination, attracting millions of tourists every year. For the most part, drug-related violence and crime is limited to the country’s border areas and trafficking routes and the level of crime in resorts and tourist cities isn’t nearly as high but still is considered unsafe. Over 100 US citizens were murdered in the country in 2014 (up from 81 in 2013), and over 130 US citizens were kidnapped between January and November of last year. National Post posted 110 Canadian’s died in Mexico with no mention of the kidnapping and ransoms being paid. Neither mentioned the many robberies as vacationers are visiting stores or even on the resort. Robberies are huge and mostly unreported.

I know and have met two instances, so extrapolate that number and you can see the numbers have to be large. Our condo neighbor drove his motorhome down to Mexico. On the way to his RV Park he was stopped on the highway by banditos where they were demanded to hand over all of their money at gun point. Here is were he was clever but asking for trouble but he knew the risks of Mexico and hid his money in his socks. Only had to give $200 bucks up. Another couple  I met golfing used to visit Mexico for years. They decided to visit the local Walmart in their Mexican town. They had their money, ID and credit cards all stolen by gunpoint in the parking lot. They knew of plenty others that experienced the same thing. I reiterate IT IS A POVERTY STRICKEN CRIME RIDDEN COUNTRY.

We have had plenty of opportunities to go to Mexico but have said no. The two times Jackie & I have been to Mexico I have to say being met, and seeing the amount of police and army personal carrying real machine guns,it is imitating. There is a reason. I can miss the cheap vacation for much better places.

Had a wonderful refreshing walk around the park. After a lot of rain the lemon trees smell wonderful.

Thought of Day

Danger doesn’t lurk in every corner but if you think there is a possibility of it should you tempt it. Do you stay out in lake when a wind come ups or lightning is happening ?  Do you not wear your seatbelt ?  Do you walk alone at 2 am in any downtown area ? Yet you are willing to go to a third world country where you are considered very wealthy and tempt them to rob you .  Lots of places in this world with sun where you are much safer. Just saying. A dollar saved maybe mean $100 of dollars lost or your life.

February 20th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 20 degrees Calgary 5 degrees

Hallelujah !  The sun is shining. It is 9 am and the sun is shining brightly and the heat is in the sun.

Had my breakfast and the mind starts thinking. I am so very fortunate that I over came my allergies. I opened the fridge for milk this a.m. and saw my plate of shrimp just waiting for me in the fridge. As a kid I was allergic to everything. I had to drink powered milk, couldn’t eat wheat, dust, penicillin, cats, dogs and the list when on and on to I would guess at least 50 items. My Mom was very patient and kind to me always making me a different or separate meal when I couldn’t eat what everyone else did. Here is what was going thru my mind other than looking forward to the shrimp. We have so many cases of people believing they need gluten free, are lactose intolerant, allergic  etc. The body is an amazing thing. I am allergic to NOTHING today. My personal belief is there is the odd person where all of this is real but there are millions that are believing it to be real because their doctor told them and they have certain things happen to them that make them believe it to be true. I might add the doctor prescribed a drug I am sure. I am positive if they would take the time they could eliminate this issue for themselves. Take very very small portions of anything that they believe they can’t have and over a period the body will accept it and their condition will disappear. ( new studies now show parents need to introduce infants to peanut butter and fish asap) These same people that think they have these conditions run to the doctor for a vaccine or prescription that is not good for them. Let your natural immune system work. Forget about drinking Boost and eat right. Yes for some it is real but for numerous it can be overcome. Diarrhea, upset stomach may happen for a few days as you adjust but you will. Celiac disease the main culprit that has raised the issue of gluten free affects only 1% of the population yet millions are jumping on the band wagon and wrecking their digestive system. Having said that it is a good case for us to understand that we are supposed to be carnivores and forget the breads, cereals.

Loved seeing Dustin Johnson become #1 in the world. He deserves it and the coke habit doesn’t affect his play at all. LOL   Nice that Wayne made him clean up. I like Dustin and hope he keeps the ranking for a while. It’s too bad as being so close he lost the course record. But as he said he started taking it easy with a big lead. If he had being pushed he may have done it.

Watching the news they showed an article on a couple of young girls from Edmonton making a short movie about racism with all of the tensions in the world.  The issue is a complex one. One of the complaints from these young girls was they felt it was racist with the Asian jokes being made. This is what is wrong with the world. Lighten up. Most jokes including ethnic jokes are just that. You rarely see people defend blondes, or heavy people , or short people, or big noses , bald people, big ears etc. Most ethnic jokes are based on a stereotype or generalization which in most causes is founded on reality.  If we all would stop being so sensitive. Learn to take a joke and give them back. When did everyone’s feelings get so sensitive ? For example. This is funny and not racist.

Q: What do you call a Chinese woman with one leg?
A: Irene.

What you need to remember is there is no such thing as an appropriate  joke.  That’s why it is a joke.

Golfing today was awesome. The weather hitting 23 degrees was wonderful. This Kokopelli course was interesting. The yardage was 6228 yards but played long long.  Playing a new course is hard as this course had a lot of hidden water hazards. Once again I had a 39 on the front and fell apart on the back ending up with a 84 due to a water hazard that I didn’t have clue was there. The course even after all of the rain had hard greens where the ball didn’t stick. My partners one named Larry were fun to play with. Three USA people. The lady golfer which started only a year ago to golf was amazing. One of the few ladies I have seen golf that keeps her left arm straight and not bending it so far up that coming down is hard to make perfect contact. She taken lessons and was following thru very well her lesson plan.She golfed very well. The guys struggled and were a way over 100 even though I could tell they are much better than that. I drove wonderful but the combo of not knowing the course and very sloped greens got me. Nice fun course. It was very busy but moved perfectly. I would play it again and most likely now knowing the layout would golf better.

Came home and stopped at the neighbors for a quick visit. Ian & Gail gave me some wonderful white wine again. Chilled.  This couple is such a nice couple with very interesting stories. I always enjoy listening to the adventures they have. They are world travellers and have another 34 day cruise booked. I think only last year or the year before they took a world wide cruise. They gave me great wine for my birthday and tonight also !! I was careful writing this last portion to make sure I didn’t slur my words. LOL

Thought of the day

The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as one.

February 21st

“Mercury Forecast” Mesa 24 degrees Calgary 3 degrees

Funny being taught Fahrenheit  in school and converting to Celsius for years now how you forget the old system. I like the Celsius system as 0 is freezing which makes the most sense. But now when they say 65 degree I know it is nice but don’t relate to the actual warmth. If they say 20 degrees now I know we are in for a very nice warm day. I use my 24 is 75 degrees as my gauge. We are going over 24 degrees this week again. But here is a quick tip :

Double the Centigrade temp, subtract the first digit of the result from the result and add 32. It works pretty well, you’re usually right on but you’ll never be more than 1 degree Fahrenheit off and even people poor at math can do this in their heads. The correct formula even for people good at math takes too long standard formula (F = 9/5C + 32)

For example, 23 C equals 74 F.
23 C x 2 = 46;
46 – 4 = 42;
42 + 32 = 74 F

For example, 15 C equals 74 F.
15C x 2 = 30;
30– 3 = 27;
27+ 32 = 59 F

Pretty easy if you remember this. See you woke up this morning thinking you were not going to learn anything useful. Remember kids even though you think  calculus and algebra are not used everyday, they are in numerous methods in doing most things. Study your math.

Sitting on the back patio this morning having breakfast in the sun is wonderful. Ate, cleaned up and did a few house cleaning chores before Jackie get backs tomorrow. Dropped by Kieth & Donna’s to reset their modem and router but they weren’t home so will do it later. I am amazed how these two travel all over Phoenix and seem to do it so easily. Good for them.

I was going to go to the pool to suntan but I figured why. I don’t need to brown to prove I was on a holiday so I decided to spend the day enjoying the backyard and not getting a tan. I have 90% UV blockage screens that work wonderful. Bright, see thru cooler yet makes you feel like you are in the sun. Just lovely.

” Memories”

Camping events

Out at Pembina one year with Jackie’s family it was a parade of funnies that happened. First thing was incredibly funny to watch and scary. Jackie decided to cut some firewood. When Jackie was younger she was a very strong girl so should be no problem. She sets her choice of log she wants to split up, raises the axe to split and gives it a whack. The cutoff piece of wood comes flying up spinning over and over again and smacks her in the head knocking her the ground. Incredibly funny but scary and lucky for us she didn’t get hurt except for her pride and a bump on her forehead.

Same trip Alan & Maryann ( non-campers) walking to the washroom with their toothbrushes in their mouth so that they don’t get germs on them.

Same trip Jessica & Victoria who were quite young at the time, not sure but lets say 5 years old went down to the river to play with us. Great looking mud puddles near the shore. When they put their feet into the mud it was like quick sand swallowing up their feet. We had to pull them out quickly and it was a strong pull. They got quite muddy. Later sitting around the campfire they go sit on their Aunt Janet’s ( Daves wife at the time) lap which didn’t go over well. She didn’t want to get dirty. LOL  Remember we are camping. Dirty and camping go together.

Same trip we had Dave & Janet sleeping in our tent trailer with us. We all over indulged a bit. In the pitch black of the night Dave wakes up and says he  is going to puke. He struggles to get out of bed and open the door in a unfamiliar location. Lucky for all of us he made out before the projectile vomit happened.

Different trip with friends. One of the guys thought he would cut up so starter pieces to get a campfire going. This gentleman ( used very loosely) was rough around the edges to say the least. The guy starts cutting and misjudged his fingers. He nipped off the very end of his finger. It was bleeding quite badly. Few of us had vehicles with us so I was asked to take him to the hospital. Before I say what I did please understand I LOVED my car. Blood can destroy an interior.  I said no but luckily someone else gave him a ride. When I write this I think how could I, but then I think about it again knowing the guy, knowing how much I liked my car, and he survived, I feel a little better.   

I went to Fred’s place to check on his internet as Keith & Donna where having a few issues with it.  I ran a speed test. 3.19. Ran another test 3.92. I then powered off everything and rebooted it.It came in at 7.80. Another test 3.87. It was everywhere. Another test with it being 10.2. Fred had moved over to an antenna and is paying for 10mbps . He is not getting that and it is affecting the running of Netflix. Odd also that they removed the modem after installing the antenna. I don’t know for sure yet as Fred is contacting them but I believe his net is now running from a tower instead of over the telephone lines so the modem isn’t needed. The power should be consistent and stronger compared to the telephone lines but he isn’t experiencing that. Our new provider hasn’t performed that well since taking over. Jabba is responsive but with a lot of issues. Some of it maybe old infrastructure issues.

Copied a few pieces of paper for Keith & Donna to extend their  stay and dropped them off. Kieth is working on a 1000 piece puzzle. That takes a lot of patience. They are enjoying their stay in Mesa visiting a whack of relatives.

Took my clubs to the Ace of Clubs shop for a new grip on my driver and putter. Also discovered I need to take my 5 iron in for repair before I kill someone with it as the head is coming off. My driver grip is the first one after the factory one as is my putter. Both were just too smooth to be proper. I couldn’t fix my 5 iron today as he has to remove the head and reinstall and as they were custom sized with lie and loft adjusted he needed more time so I will bring it to him after golf in the morning.

I took my new putter to the putting green and spent over an hour practising. I love my new grip and I think I will get better with it and the practise. I figure in most golf games you hit the putter at least 30 plus times and the driver only about 14 times. Which should be the club you practise on ? Putter !! Yet everyone goes to the driving range and wails away on the driver. Keep the driver in play, and make one putts your score will awesome.

Have my ride set up for tomorrows golf game. This time it is for 6:45 am which is much better. LOL

BBQ’d tonight and noticed I still need to work on it. Too much yellow flame so I will clean the burners and hopefully have access to the adjustment screws.

Thought of the Day

I should get a sign for my golf cart ” New driver on Board ” I don’t think New Putter has the same impact.

February 22-23rd

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 24 degrees  Calgary -5 degrees

Snow in Calgary for both days. Yesterday it actually got all the way up to 26 degrees. It was absolutely beautiful out with no wind or cloud. Today is a little cooler with a high of 18 but sunny. I sat outside this morning to write this but with the slight breeze and still being early it was a little too cool with a tee shirt  and shorts.

I had three great partners yesterday again in my men’s league. One from Saskatoon, Brandon and two of us from Calgary. The Calgary guy was in his late 50’s and when we asked him what he used to do for a living he stated he calls himself retired but his wife calls him unemployed. He just recently lost his job due to downsizing in Calgary and hasn’t had any luck finding anything. He was a banker. We had a good group with fairly even handicaps. It is the first time where all four of us sucked. The greens were tricky and none of us played well. I ended up with a 89 which I was very disappointed and the others were higher except for our captain. Of the 7 pars I got everyone of them was a birdie shot with 4 -10ft shot that failed to drop. Even the  1 to 2ft putt rimmed out making a boogie or double on a lot of holes. No money won but had a blast and a lot fun with guys.

I noticed a few of my irons had the head looking like to was pulling out so I took them to a repair shop. He told me not to use them until they were repaired so I left them there and will pick them up on Saturday. Theses clubs are over a $1000 bucks and custom fit for shaft, lie and angle so I wanted them repaired correctly and accurate to the specs of the club fitting. Hopefully my repair guy has the know how. It appeared to know what he talking about. I didn’t want a head to come flying off and killing someone.

Relaxed in the sun on the back patio. I then decided to rip apart my BBQ as the flames are still too yellow and I need to find the air adjustment for the burners. I removed the burner and strange but no adjuster. They must be hidden where I can’t access them when I built it into my kitchen. The burner was full of black sludge that I removed and reinstalled it and they worked well. Made me happy. I borrowed a vise grip from the neighbor and while returning it another neighbor came by and asked me where I got the black eye. I had touched my face with all of the black from the BBQ and it looked like a black eye. 45 yrs ago from the last one.LOL

Cleaned up the house, remade the bed, swept the floors etc before Jackie got home. Had my light supper after lunch on the course and watched a bit of TV. I then headed for airport and at 8:30 at night it was still 20 degrees out. Got to the cell lot and waited. Checked arrivals on my cell phone and the plane was about 20 minutes late. The new board at the cell lot sucks. The lights change to indicate Jackie’s flight luggage is at the carousel at the exact same time as Jackie texts me saying she is still on the runway waiting for a docking station. She arrived and I picked her up about 45 minutes later than what should have been. Cell phones are a wonderful thing.

Nice to have her back even though in the middle of the night I felt a hard hit in the back as I was supposedly snoring. Two people awake is better than one I ask ?

Jackie had a lot of fun with the boys in Calgary while I was working away here in Arizona. She also got to check up on her Dad and help her Mom a bit.

Two boys in a tub rub a tub

Two boys in a tub rub a dub dub

Every kid loves a play tent. Part of the draw of camping

Every kid loves a play tent. Part of the draw of camping

And yes they get to play with guns. I am sure both they and Jackie had a blast. Most likely a little tiring but a lot of fun.

Nothing on the agenda today of importance. I need to wash the Jeep. Sweep the patio. Enjoy the day.



Golfing at Turner Valley  Jeff hits his drive on Hole 9. It is heading right for the trees just after the water hazard.  We go looking for it and couldn’t find it anywhere which is impossible. Finally I spot it 4 feet up in the tree sitting on a branch. That is funny. Two options swing at like a baseball and hopefully hit it or take a drop and shoot three. Jeff swings and does hit out of the branches.

Golfing at Superstition with Keith and Jenny a few years ago Keith was having a rough day on the course. Some days things just don’t right. After having a real bad shot Keith throws his club and it goes flying. He misjudged his shot ( of the club) and smacks into his cart. Luckily no damage to either. It was funny to see the action though

At the Eagle Ridge golf course in Saskatchewan on a nice par 4 hole we see a bear strolling across the fairway. Jenny is a little tentative and wants to get out of there quickly. She was bordering on being scared and wouldn’t turn her back tot he forest. It didn’t help that I kept commenting ” Look Jenny your ball BEARLY made in the rough” ” Look at this BEAR spot in the fairway ”  ” It’s a real BEAR to see in the forest if anything is in it eh “

On hole number three at Heatherglen Jeff & I shoot our balls of the tee. As it had rained a lot in the days prior to we had to use golf paths only. Jeff’s ball ends up at the far side of the course away from the path.  I stop the cart and Jeff walks over to his ball to shoot. Good shot. He then starts to head back and in a effort not to take too long begins to run. Wham he screams and falls to the ground in pain. I try to get my cart over to him but the GPS stops me . He continues to scream in pain. I finally with help from our golfing partners load him up and we head to the hospital. It was a Achilles heal issue and we all know how painful those can be. Luckily he was out golfing again in a weeks time.

Speargrass Hole # 7 135 yards May 27th 2009  HOLE IN ONE. Enough said !

Nanton Golf course. Jeff & Wendy along with us are golfing at this course. On the 10th hole they have a snack shack. Jackie heads to the shack. Just before the building their is larger dip in the ground and Jackie falls heavily twisting her ankle along with the fall. We had to Jeff out of it but he was going to drive his Cadillac onto the course to pickup Jackie to help her. We talked him out that and by that time the immediate pain of a sprained ankle lessened. We bought Jackie an extra Large Hot chocolate with double bailey’s in it. It eased the pain and she rode the cart for the last nine holes. 

We all have hit a house on a golf course. It comes with the territory. AND it should not be the golfers responsibility but it is. I understand you can now buy insurance for a $1 per month against breaking a window on a course. I have lots of times hoped and prayed nothing broke when it happened to me. Jeff and I were out at Boulder when a wayward shot of Jeff’s hits the roof of this house. No big deal at all as everything it ok and a good spot to hit. Unfortunately the home owner wasn’t thinking the same way. He comes ripping out of house all pissed off. This from a guy that wasn’t smart enough to realize you build a house near a fairway you are going to get hit. Jeff & I were the only two close to the residence. The home owner is screaming at us. We pretend nothing happened and drop a ball. Home owner wasn’t happy. In retrospect we should have owned up but not when the home owner is so idiotic.

My own fault I walk in front but mind you 50 yards over to the side of Jenny. She whacks her ball and bang it smacks me in my ass. Hurts !

Jabba came today and installed our new antenna.  What this does, is allows us not to use the phone lines and receive the signal from a tower. We are getting 10mbps for $5 a month more and the feed is now consistent instead of going up and down. After ever speed test by the installer and myself we are running  10.2. Interesting their system as it no longer uses the standard modem. Instead it has a resister on the line and the router is the connection along with this little item. New technology. !

Loved today sitting in the backyard. It was only 18 degrees today as we have a few days of cooler temp but get out of the wind and in the direct sun it is hot !

Thought of the Day

My new antenna has really sped up our internet. It used to be so slow I am sure the post office could have sent a letter before my email got anywhere.

February 24th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 19 degrees Calgary -6 degrees

A cooler day today only hitting 19 degrees. Now as you all know that is a warm day in Calgary in the summer. Remember 19 x2= 38 -3=35+32= 67 degrees. Pretty warm really.  Unfortunately Keith & Jenny are arriving and hitting about 3 days of this cooler weather with it not getting up to the 25 degrees until Wed / Thursday. Still sunny except for one day but especially cool that one day. We will work around it. I have booked two golf games for us in advance and we will plan the other days on their arrival. They have seen a few of our top spots like San Tan Flats, Goldfield Town, Tortilla Flats but they haven’t been to the Organ Pizza or Rosa’s Mexican Grill. If our cold day is that there is always the caves and Tombstone for a day trip. The NHRA is on this weekend and spring training for the Cactus league is here right now also. We have billiards night lined up for Tuesday night and Burger Night for Monday night.  Time goes fast so we will see what we can fit in.

Washed the Jeep and waxed it. Relaxed in the backyard.Bought some groceries for company coming so should be all set.

A group called ROVA which represents the home sin our park had a meeting with management of the park. The Vice President must have talked to the GM as things sure are happening fast. New lights have been installed on the Palm trees on the entrance road, the streets all have been washed and vacuumed, all of the fruit trees have been trimmed. They are looking at the new building and why the elevator and showers were forgotten and they have scheduled the main pool and building for an upgrade this off season. New wood working shop is being opened next weekend with top of the line new equipment. Way to go. People like to see their money used instead of all going to the shareholders.

On track to break all time record of 11 consecutive misses from making the playoffs.

On track to break all time record of 11 consecutive misses from making the playoffs unless they can hold for the last 20 games

A few people have questioned my silence on the Oilers. It seems they believe all is good for them. But look at the history for the last 10 years. Just look at the current standings Oiler 62 games played Flames 61 games played Oilers wins 33 Flames 31 wins. Game in hand. The season is far from secure for either team. Hopefully both make the playoffs even if one is in the wildcard spot. Great that the teams are so closely matched again. If the Flames only had a goalie ( trade coming ) and if the Oilers could only pass McDonalds without having to buy the kids meals for their star.  You will hear from me quite loudly in about 10 more games as it will be set then as we will know.  Let me say though I am quite surprised at the luck of the Oilers to be where they are at. Lack of injuries, and amazing luck goes a long ways.

Thought of the Day

If you are going to die in an elevator , make sure to push the up bottom. 

February 26th -27th

Mercury Forecast”  Mesa  17 degrees  -11 degrees with snow

Wonderful day. Got ready this morning organizing everything for Keith & Jenny’s arrival .  Very good that this time they are arriving at the Mesa airport.  This airport is so nice as the size is small, easy to find the people, grab your luggage and parking.

They arrived right on time. Funny as 50% of people we wearing Oiler stuff. I hate to crush their hopes but for the time they are proud once again to wear the colors.

Keith &  Jenny had to get up at 4am so you know they will tired. We walked around the park, had a wonderful BBQ supper and fun conversation around the table.

After all of this they decided to go to bed. Jackie & I thought we may as well go also not to disturb them. I jumped into bed  and Jackie comes in turning the light on. She says to me ” You cant go to bed now ” I look at my watch and laughed. It was 9pm. So I turned on the lights and read for awhile my golf tips books. If only these tips worked.

In discussion it came up that by Googling Jenny she didn’t really have a social footprint. I checked and she has very little information on herself on the internet. Far less and most. So I snapped a picture and said that she is now going world wide now.

Keith at table

Keith at table

Jenny on the world wide web. Now !!

Jenny Harry on the world wide web. Now !!

After a few beer it seemed like a constant line to the washroom in the middle of the night.  Beer can do that to you.  Bed to early and rising early to go the Mesa Market then golf.

Thought of the Day

Turning the light on at night in the bathroom can be quite scary .

February 26th

“Mercury Forecast” Mesa 19 degrees  Calgary  -7 degrees

A little overcast but a nice day . We are having a couple of cooler days here as a possible shower is on its way for Tuesday. Having said that the weather is still wonderful the grass is green and the sun feels warm.

Jenny even has a red face and chest from the sun.

Visited the Mesa Market today as the Harry’s wanted some Mexican/Arizona gifts for the grandkids. I was shocked Jackie & I walked out of there with very little bought. It is just about impossible not to buy something there. Spent all morning there and then headed home for a quick lunch and to get ready for the Harry’s first 2017 golf game.

The golf game didn’t go well for most of us. Keith couldn’t drive and I couldn’t putt. Jackie and Jenny had limited success. Even though Keith struggled with his drives his end score considering was quite good ending with a 93. First game pretty good. I had my highest score on Viewpoint but when you have a quad boogie and two doubles it adds up quick. It turned out even warmer than we thought when the sun hit us.  It was a fun day.

After golf we headed home and I cooked up spaghetti and meatballs. Costco angus meatballs are awesome and when mixed with Ragu and added onions, and celery makes a good sauce.

The girls taking a break before golfing

The girls taking a break before supper.

Played a few games of dice which is always fun. The rules are a little different with the scoring but I like this game.

Wining at Dice. Well the first game anyways.LOL

Winning at Dice. Well the first game anyways.LOL

Have to like the Jeep. How many vehicles other than larger SUV can you fit 4 people in with clubs.  They fit tightly but everything fits and works well for us. A little scared we lose a head cover when hitting 120 kms on the freeway.

The little truck that could. Fits all four club sets and four people perfectly.

The little truck that could. Fits all four club sets and four people perfectly.

A few rums, good meal, fun games of golf and dice and another day in paradise over as we head to bed at 11pm.  Fancy course coming up tomorrow.

Thought of the Day

GOLF-  they art of playing catch with yourself.

February 27th

Mercury Forecast” Mesa 19 degrees Calgary -12 degrees

We knew we were in for two cooler days with Tuesday being a wet one so we decided to Golfnow at Trilogy today.

Up this morning and picked up the golf cart and keys for Fred’s place and drove the cart to Tim’s place to park it. Went over to Mel’s renters to get things organized for Keith & Donna and have the bike organized and key placement done. Picked  up the key for Fred’s place at Ken’s house. We arranged to drive Keith & Donna to the airport on Saturday. They are leaving on the same plane flight as Keith & Jenny so we will use Fred’s truck that day for the all of the luggage and golf clubs. Makes for only one trip that way and an easy drive.

Trigoly Ranch Golf Course

Trilogy Ranch Golf Course

I got a hot deal here and it was a good one. Never golfing here before it is nice to see new courses. I loved this course. It is very pretty and the layout is great. It is a typical desert course as if you are off the fairway you are hitting out of hard packed gravel sand mix which isn’t that easy. The greens and fairways were very nice lush and green. The course played tricky though especially being the first time there. It also helps to play well which I didn’t. Keith was relatively happy with his golf. This game ended with us shooting  to a tie of 93. I took a quad and two triples as the course was tricky trying to cut corners and getting caught up and unknown water etc. As I have said before though a bad game of golf is still a good day. Especially on a nice day, on a beautiful course with great service along with friends. The girls found it a little difficult but still had a great time. We actually finished this more difficult course in 4 hours. Love the course.

Headed home to drop off the clubs as the rain was looking like it was coming and my Jeep top doesn’t cover them up. Covered up the Jeep and headed in to meet Pat & Bob at Fat Willy’s for burger night. Again as usual the burgers were fantastic. The jugs of beer cold and the company great. We had a fun night.

Mr Fred Keys left us a gift certificate at the bar. He is thinking we have done a few things to help him while he is away. What else do I have to do ? Plus the airport delivery and pickup are with his truck. Lol. Very very nice gesture and we do love Fat’s.

After burgers  Pat, Bob, Jackie, Jenny, Kieth and I came back to our house for a few rye and cokes. I discovered that Coke does taste better than Diet Coke or Pepsi with rye. Turned on the patio heater and sat outside until nearly 11pm. Two fingers drinks tonight but enough of them the head could hurt especially after all of the beer. Fun conversation.

Life is Great !

Thought Of Day

Remember you only have one life to live so live it while you can and the way you want to. Even the tax man can’t collect if there is no money left so make that your goal.

February 28th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 19 and rain  Calgary -6 degrees

Rained all night and even this morning the rain drops were falling. We were very lucky that Pat covered up our outside cushions . That was very nice of her and much appreciated.

We had our breakfasts, and lazed around a bit while it rained.

I phoned Koodo as my bill came and due to an company procedure they were billing me $ 550 for our cell bill in Feb. After much discussion we reduced it to $100 more than normal. We have asked them to stop it with reverse negative billing and now have set reminders of discontinuation of service. If asked I would NOT recommend KOODO to anyone. They provide no service and even though no contract always find someway to bill extra. I like cell phones but am leaning to not having one period as they are ridiculously expensive.

Kieth & I went out to get the BBQ tank refilled and a couple of grocery items. We hit rain. More like a torrential flood. It poured hard. The backset of the Jeep is very wet. The girls tomorrow may have to wear their bathing suits while seating it in. As long as you are driving most of the rain doesn’t come in but stop at a light it gets wet. Plus with the amount this time the water was running over the top and down the back which doesn’t go all the way so the back seat gets soaked. I actually don’t remember it raining this much ever in Arizona. Todays rain was combined with thunder and lightning plus a small amount of hail. Hail in the desert go figure. Hail is very very rare in Arizona but we saw it today. Haboob’s in the summer are quite common and are the only real natural disasters Arizona has. Chinooks,Haboobs who comes up with these names.

Lost to Kieth today at crib. I hate losing at crib as it means giving up my middle name again. I keep my middle name as CRIB until a lucky situation for anyone else happens. I rely on my talent to win crib. LOL Until I win again it will be Kim from my great great Asian granddaddy .















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