It was a strange year this one. It went by extremely fast. I felt like there was so much more I could have done but no time to do it. I golfed a lot which is great. We golfed lots with Jeff & Wendy and I golfed at my Turner Valley golf course. We had some wonderful courses this year we played. I had some nice projects I finished off. We grew a garden for the first time. I had a couple of fishing trips and one fly in fishing trip that was awesome. We had some great weekend and weekday trips. May Long at Sylvan was awesome, our trip to Waterton was fantastic, trip to Gennifer was great and a lot of adventures all around.

This picture year in review is in opposite of times starting off with Dec 2022 and leading to January 2022.

But the piece de resistance was our trip to Disney in December. The timing was right due to missing a vacation due to covid and the boys ages dictating when to go we needed to get it done. Jackson being 11 and Auggie being 5 if we waited any longer Jack would be too old to have his awe and wonder of the place and if we had done it any earlier Auggie would not have been able to get on the rides. Auggie was tall enough to go on every ride!

Best trip ever ! I tease Jackie with the cost it could have been a Europe Cruise. Having said that, to have the whole family together and to have the time we had is priceless. I know it will be in the memory banks forever.

Best trip ever !

It is a memory that I am sure will last for everyone.

Frosty morning in Arizona in December for my golf game.

This fine gentleman turning the ripe old age of 65

Jackie & I headed up the street decorating committee and I am proud of what we accomplished. Since 2007 our street has been lack luster in its Christmas display. I love the new signs and house lights for everyone. Thanks to Fred for helping build all 30 of these and to the committee members that painted them.

One of the best surprises. Fred lost a few bets on football and left this on my counter for our arrival this fall.

Celebrating Jeff’s 60th birthday. Oh, to be so young. LOL

All dressed up for hockey. They are training them young.

New baby Silas enters the world. This is Kristen and Sheldon’s first

Many golf games with Jeff & Wendy which is always fun. Again, bad weather at Kananaskis

It took two large turkeys to feed the group this year in Calgary for Thanksgiving

HOLE IN ONE my second and I love it. Proud of this as it is not an easy feat.

Yes, this is summer in Calgary golfing with the Graces at Wintergreen.

Jackie’s birthday celebration.

Fly in fishing trip to Roe Lake SK

All set up for early Halloween

Fishing and friendship trip to the Keys

Four cast Jackson catches a Pike. Park Lake trip

Throw in a small project bar just for fun. Fun build as the cushion storage is hidden in it.

Happy Anniversary get together at Pineridge. I won’t say the years as you wouldn’t believe me.

An eagle on a Par 4 at Murfield Golf. Love the game.

Grammie with the kids golfing.

Who doesn’t love a kids birthday party

Lots. of fun golf games this year. VIP golf is great a thing.

Willard Camp out at Glennifer Lake. Loads of fun.

A wonderful anniversary gift from the girls at the Mickelson Golf Centre.

Camping with the boys at Perrot Lake

Jessica and Penny’s outdoor concert in the backyard.

Planting our first garden in 42 years.

Trip to Waterton with Alan & Mary Ann was a lot of fun. We were very happy they decided to rent a motorhome and go on a trip with us. Next year is already planned.

May Long camping trip is always one of my favorites.

I had to include this one. i started at the back of the pack and look who is leading. LOL

A wonderful time at Speargrass for our first golfing together April 25th. Way too late.

April and getting the lot ready for another summer of fun. Paint & stain done!

Mom’s 90th birthday. It was so nice to be done with Covid. Friends for close to 60 years from the Osbourne neighbors.

Always love watching kids play sports. Jackson hockey in Lethbridge.

Daisy checking out my driving on the way back from Arizona.

Fat Willy’s in March. It must have a cool day they way these people are dressed. March ?

Socializing, gathering, talking to neighbors and friends I am sure makes you enjoy life and live longer. Potluck at our house.

Fred & I have a tradition of green beer at Fat Willy’s. For years we have done this, and we were pleased to have Jeff & Ralph join us. Unfortunately, Ralph sold his place as he decides what they what to do and Jeff isn’t down here for 2023. Fun times.

Nothing better than gatherings. Amanda was visiting Fred & Terry.

Lots of golf with these two in Arizona

Daisy loves her friends in Arizona as she gets to play everyday.

My golf guys weenie roast. Try doing this is Alberta in February. Loads of fun.

We were lucky enough to have Jeff & Wendy stay the season. For 2023 they have different plans. Two great cooks gone missing for 2023 season.

I guess you can tell by my face I didn’t like to turn 65. Great to have friends together to help celebrate. Fred broke his tooth this night.

Let me tell you she is far from ONE as the cakes would indicate. Neat eatery that was awesome for Wendy’s birthday.

I had an advantage this year with my trained ball retriever

A gathering of friends for a weenie roast. I love these get togethers

just finish the painting another project done for 2022. Storage is hard with a small house

Golfing in January with the Ralph, Tracy, Fred & Terry and Jeff & Wendy.

All the way to Kingman before the snow left our truck as we were travelling to Arizona with Fred & Terry.

I could have put a lot more, but this is just some of the highlights. As I said it went by SO FAST and I felt we could have done a lot more things, but it was a fun year.

I do have to say that we are enjoying life very much. A great family, a wonderful group of close friends, many social friends from Viewpoint, Golfing, Turner Valley and ex co-workers. I still enjoy “bugging” people about their choice in sport teams, their birthdays and political views. Most don’t appear to upset so I will carry on. LOL

We had some wonderful camping, fishing, golfing and gatherings this year. If I had to pick my favorite thing of 2022 it would be our Disney trip as a life long memory.