MARCH 2016 Two full years of retirement bliss

March 1st

” Mercury Forecast” Mesa 29 degrees   Calgary 7 degrees

2 Full Years of Retirement Living.

Jackie's Retirement Feb 13th 2014

Jackie’s & Larry’s Retirement March 1st  2014

Today marks the anniversary of Jackie & I’s decision to retire. This is a decision everyone has to make at some time. In our minds we did it right.  Remember the saying time flies. It holds very very true. We really can’t believe that 2 years has passed by so quickly.  It really enforces our thoughts on early retirement. There has not been ONE day were we felt bored, or we should have kept working etc.  It has been wonderful. We have experienced so many enjoyable events. There is nothing better than knowing you can stay up late and no need to worry about getting up early. I am going to list a few things in no particular order that stand out:
August our second grandchild being born. Having birthday parties for Jackson. Having camping time with Jackson. Family get togethers. Fishing trips to Travers, Cooking, Park, Fish, Cow,Brazieu, Crawling Valley, Calling etc. Taking what I consider one of our best cruises from NYC to Quebec.  Fun camping trips to Nanton, Park, Sylvan ,Pembina,Blueberry Hill, Three Hills. Great adventures to Moose Jaw, Maple Creek ,Cyprus, Manitou, Wasikeu, Waterious, Saskatoon,North Battleford, Ft McLeod, Elk ford, Kootenay Lake,Belfour, Nelson,Columbia Valley,Radium, Kootenay Valley and more. We have had loads of fun in different spots with different friends.  Ultimate sturgeon fishing near Surrey. Tourist visits like the Buffalo Jump,the Cabone and Chinese Caves, multiple museums, forts and parks like Cypress and Waskesiu. Winery in Cypress stands out. We have golfed at many different courses and numerous times. We have helped family move. Moved my Mom from the acreage to a seniors complex, moved Jackie’s Dad three times into different homes from his house, moved Jessica and Penny into their new home and Jackie’s Mom upstairs into Michaels place.  Complete household garage sales aren’t easy and we did one for Jackie’s Dad and my Mom.. I have worked on Victoria’s yard with staining, maintaining and building. We have experienced the loss of Jackie’s step Mom. We have experienced the loss of Teddy and Farley. I have renovated our condo with library panel and crown. I have built an outside kitchen and deck in Arizona.  I have helped Fred do a kitchen reno on his unit. My 40th High School reunion. Good guys car show, Barrett Jackson show, Phoenix Open were all amazing. Played the TPC. Golfed a low of 76 and in the last two years I have golfed 135 games. I could go on and on. The last two year’s have been absolutely wonderful,  fulfilling, rewarding, entertaining and healthier than ever. We are thinner and in better health than when we worked. We are a way more relaxed and are enjoying each others company every day .Jackie hasn’t even began to bug me yet. Lol  I will reiterate one more time, retirement is the best phase in your life. For those that say they will be bored I will say it is fear talking and using as a reason to keep working for more money. self-worth or get away from something. Boredom is impossible. For those that say they don’t have enough money DO NOT listen to certain advisors.  Their job is to keep you saving your money not spending it. You DO NOT need the percentage that the so-called experts claim. Go back and use my calculators from my “Penny WISE tips” or ask for the calculators and I will send them to you and plan it yourself.Not even close unless you want expensive destination vacation spots to be in your plans every year. We chose Arizona for the winter as our 3 months costs less two weeks to any other vacation spot. Our golf is covered in Canada with my membership at Turner ( one of our good decisions) and at Heatherglen were I Marshall. Gas is cheap so we can travel for a lot less.Thank you to our family that we have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to my fishing friends which I have a blast with. Thank you to our camping friends for some amazing trips and sights seen. Thank you to my golfing friends that I have great times with. Thank you to our Arizona friends making it feel like home as soon as we arrive.
We already have some great plans set. Pembina, Whistle Stop, Jasper area, Park Lake, possible Winefred Lodge, Winnipeg so off to a good start. This  year in Canada my goal is to FISH more !! But still get in 50 to 75 golf games and do a fair amount of travel. Timing would be good for a long motorhome trip with gas where it is.

The only thing I can say I truly miss is the interaction at the office with the staff. I loved the camaraderie, the banter the teasing. It made my work day.

Finished off my budget sheets, relaxed and read a few interesting things. Jackie did her compliance testing today in case a contract comes up. I visited with a few neighbors and putted around. We decided to go to Fat Willy’s early to miss the rush which we did. The golfers of the day don’t get off until 5:15 so we arrived around 5pm and got a seat on the balcony. With fewer people down this year and some heading home already Fat’s hasn’t been as busy as usual. Great burger and frosted mug beer on a sunny deck is one of life’s pleasures. We headed home and watched the Bachelor. Yes I watch this soap opera. But this time the guy believes he is in love with two women. So here is what I think. Love is an amazing thing. How two people come together and get feelings that are strongly tied to each other is amazing. I think if I asked anyone they all would say love is real and we can’t describe it. We can’t see it but we all know it exists. So go one step further. If one can fall in love with another I am sure if someone was open to it they could easily love two women. Think of the love you had for your kids or parents etc. So they the producers have made this one a little more difficult on the women and the guy with the love triangle. Maybe our first  polygamy bachelor.

9 pm and we were deciding to go for a walk or to the pool. The walk ended up winning. Turned out we only made it two houses away from us. We stopped in and had a great visit with Russ & Carol on their deck and a few beers until 11pm. I figured we didn’t want our noise to be to disruptive  for the neighbors as most of them were already in bed. We made arrangements to go golfing on Sunday afternoon with them which will be fun.  I have added a montage of pictures that tell the story

Team Fish

Team Fish 8 pounder


New Motor home

Larry G's fish

Larry G’s fishing

Keith & Larry golfing

Keith & Larry golfing

Jackson and August

Jackson and August

Thought we were in France

Thought we were in France Cyprus Winery

Golfing when no one else would. NOT a DROP touched our head.

Golfing when no one else would. NOT a DROP touched our heads.

Fred Terry Jackie Jeff Mel on the boardwalk in Tombstone AZ

Fred Terry Jackie Jeff Mel on the boardwalk in Tombstone


Jeff & Wendy Golfing

Our favorite place to eat and enjoy the outside patio.

Fat Willy’s our favorite place to eat and enjoy the outside patio.


Grandkids and great grand kid at Peter's 80th

Grandkids and great grand kid at Peter’s 80th

Auntie Jess doing the face painting as super heros.

Auntie Jess doing the face painting as super heros.

Larry & Anita at Heads Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Larry & Anita at Heads Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Jackie and Jackson all dressed up for Canada Day

Jackie and Jackson all dressed up for Canada Day

Oiler Fan punishment. You want to drink it is from a Flames beer

Oiler Fan punishment. You want to drink it is from a Flames beer

Ready to haul behind the motor home and hit the lakes.

Ready to haul behind the motor home and hit the lakes.

Standing in front of the Superstition Mountains

Standing in front of the Superstition Mountains

Larry's Retirement Party Jan 31st 2014

Larry’s Retirement Party Jan 31st 2014

Take a look at the scenery.

Take a look at the scenery.

Our favorite Grand Kids !

Our favorite Grand Kids !

Not a cloud and nobody at the pool on a 93 degree day

Not a cloud and nobody at the pool on a 93 degree day

The annual St Patty's Day parade !!

The annual St Patty’s Day parade !!


Auntie Jess & Pen with the birthday boy !

Auntie Jess & Pen with the birthday boy !

Jess + august

Jess & August


New York New York


New York

New York

March 2nd

Mercury Forecast” Mesa  30 degrees Calgary 2 degrees

We had our couples billiard night and as usual it was fun. Jackie was our lead organizer this time and she thought she would try it as a true couple’s billiard night meaning your partner was your partner. We perhaps may need to supply marriage counselling with this format as it does cause the odd heated discussion amongst the players.  Our team with Jackie and I didn’t fare well in the standings with 5 losses and 1 only win. But we had fun. We lost one game on a black ball scratch and every other with one ball to only the black left and we lost. It still is a lot of fun.

We stopped over at Bob & Pats for a few drinks after. Ended up as Pat treated us with fresh cooked bread etc and the drinks we didn’t leave and get into bed until close to 11pm. Man she makes good bread. I have to get up at 6:15 on Wednesday.

Got ready and waited for our ride outside and it was already warm. Jack Mann from Calgary picked us up to take us to the course. Nice guy that is a member at Redwood. Turned out he also was on my team for playing. As a team we did ok getting a -4 and a -6 on the corner which I thought we should win one of them but we ended up losing to a -5 and a -8. Too bad as winning money again would have been great. I did not golf well here again. I love the course and there is no reason other than mental and a certain skill level that keeps me from scoring well here. On the first nine I ended up with a 41 which I thought was ok and I could build on but the second nine killed me and I took a 50. So I ended up with a 91 which is about 5-10 strokes more than I want. Drives were bad today but no slicing. Just poorly hit and some iron shots just didn’t click. I got caught up in one bunker and took a plus 3 and a fairway bunker to take another plus 3 hurts. Very nice guys again to play with which make the game fun but the level of play being better would make it more fun. Next time.

Victoria advised me the comment section wasn’t working on March so I had to go find the system to make that work again. A new page not bringing my attributes doesn’t make sense but each month I will need to remember to check.

We received an email from Fred and he won’t be able to make it down for St Patty’s Day which is too bad as it is always a fun day. Nothing like 90 degrees and cold green beer. They arrive a couple of days after. Jackie and I will need to go the Irish Pub as Englishmen to get our fix of beer and shepherds pie.

Got home from golf and it is warm outside. Had a couple of cold beers with Bob and then decided to take the rest of the day off as Jackie was with Pat out shopping.

BBQ’d a wonderful supper and ate outside again in the warm air. We watched Survivor and then decided to go to the pool. The pool again was quite busy as the day time heat makes the water warm and helps cool down some of the people. A lot of the Rver’s use the pool facilities to shower etc. We swam for over an hour and then walked home again still at 24 degrees at 10pm.  I fell to sleep quickly !!

Thought of the Day

Golf may be a four-letter word, but the curse of the game comes in five letters: choke.

It is largely an unspoken word in golf, one rarely uttered but should be said more especially for me. Any number of euphemisms spring up to describe evident failure under pressure — a putt is said to have been misread or a chip misjudged — but in the back of every golfer’s mind is a tacit understanding of what has happened.

It was those five letters. And we have all been there.

March 3rd

“Mercury Forecast ”   Mesa 30 degrees Calgary 13 degrees

After a great sleep due to getting up early and going to bed late I arose to a morning smoothie. We had our breakfast and then headed to get some groceries for our potluck tonight. We decided to make mini wraps with beef and vegetables in them. I sautéed the onions, peppers etc and slow cooked the cut up beef cubes.

When Jackie returns from golfing with the ladies we will assemble them to take. I think they will taste great and go over well.  Beef, vegetables, cream cheese, and spices.

Watching the Donald today after taking a swipe from Mitt and was fun to watch. Watched a bit of the golf from Doral and neat to see the major players all together. I am sure Trump will find someway to be there I am sure.  I like what Donald says sometimes because he does say what a lot of people think and are scared to say. My concern is his temperament. Ask a difficult question and you can see his face and attitude change. He is of little substance in policy but likeable as he is a anti politician.

Jackie arrived home and we started to assemble our mini wraps. Well it didn’t quite go as planned. For any of you former Blimpie workers, remember the flour tortilla’s breaking apart as you tried to roll them. We used damp cloths with the micro but they would dry out and start to break and come apart. To give an older person a messy dish to eat wouldn’t be good. So I rushed off to the store to pick up cheese and meat and make a platter along with stuffed celery sticks. Another great turnout with at least 50 plus people being there. A guess who you are game was fun and interesting. Some of the people were quite difficult to guess . Fun game. The organizers even had a small carrot cake that I was very very fortunate to get a piece of. Gail cut me a piece at the perfect timing as a few minutes later it was gone. Great tasting cake and lucky me.

I had mentioned I like carrot cake in a general discussion a few days earlier and I was very excited and appreciative of getting a piece.

I used the get together to get quite a few of the neighbors pictures for my street booklet. I also gathered the info needed for it. I think I have about 75 % of the block now.

After the block party we hit the pool. Only so so busy which was great. It is very nice to swim and relax in the evening before hitting the bed.

Thought of the Day

Party like a Blockstar !!

March 4th

Mercury forecast” Mesa 31 degrees  Calgary 12 degrees

Another wonderful bright sunny day. We had no plans today so I thought I would work on my street listing. I worked on this for about 8 hours. Importing the pictures, page setup , font style, background photo, verbiage etc. Windows 10 has some nice features but a few horrible step backwards in others. Took a long time but I like the final product and hopefully I can just about complete and take it to Staples to see the costs to print them.

Sitting outside on the deck enjoying the warmth and relaxing, Jackie reading was wonderful. Later in the afternoon Tim Keys stopped by to pick up Fred’s truck keys and his golf cart keys. I was surprised not to see Lorna with him as the weather is hitting 30 degrees everyday and it is

Tim for a visit.

Tim for a visit.

just beautiful here. We will miss not seeing her. I would even buy a bottle of Jack Daniels.  But she decided to stay in Saskatoon instead of visiting us. I think she would love it now with the warm pool and hot sun.

We had supper and continued to enjoy the outdoors and Tim returned from getting the cart and his swim at the pool. You have to have rum in the evening on the deck. I think it is in Viewpoints bylaws. I had a golden Cuba Rum which I like the taste of. We talked for quite a while about things and had a few drinks. Great evening in Arizona.  This is the good life !!

We decided to go for a long walk tonight after the drinks. Headed up to where the RV’s are and here is this guy with a projector and screen 5 x 10 outside with a surround sound showing a movie. Now for the people watching amazing, but his poor neighbors were sure getting a loud awakening. Great idea though.

Big golf day tomorrow !!

Thought of the Day

Sometimes I write “drink beer or rum “on my To Do List, just so I feel like I have accomplished something for the day.

March 5th

Mercury Forecast” Mesa 31 degrees Calgary 14 degrees

Woke up this morning and went outside to have my smoothie. On our pad was a little snake.

Giant Desert Snake

Giant Desert Snake

Looks like a bird stabbed him but wasn’t able to carry him off. He still was flexible but dead. Perhaps another may eat this as road kill. Time will tell. I prefer not to find snakes around as where there is one there maybe many. I think this guys was dropped from the a bird above.

Off to Safeway to refill my beer fridge and to pick up a few things .

Had my blood pressure taken again at the Kiosk and one time more if it remains this low I will start cutting my pills in half and keep checking. Today the reading was 100/71 which is too low. This is what losing 35 pounds and retirement can do for you.

A little bit of an overcast day today which helped cool it a bit but even overcast at 29 degrees it is somewhat muggy.

We had the golf course to ourselves again with the late start and actually ended up playing 18 holes in 2:45 minutes which is great. It was a relatively ok day that could have been better easily. Came down to the 18th hole with Jackie needing a par for a 99 and myself needing a par to 79. Darn both of us took a boogie so ended up with 100 and a 80. Funny how you look back at certain holes and wish you would have just made that putt or better shot earlier. I missed a 4 foot eagle putt by rimming out which would have been the difference.

Poor Jackie for the second time this year golfing she has had an incident.  Remember she fell to the pavement on the way back from golfing a few weeks back and hurt herself a bit. Today she stepped on a large acorn, rolled her ankle and hit the ground. Scrapping and bruising happened but she carried on like a trooper. I remember one time years ago Jackie fell into a gopher hole at Nanton golf course and fell. Jeff was going to bring his Caddy onto the course to pick her up but again after a bit she carried on. Not golfing that time but riding along and drinking coffee and Bailey’s. She now has history. LOL

Had a short visit with the neighbors and then a homemade pizza that Jackie made. Pizza turned out great as we had a lot of salami and pepperoni to use up.  We will need to make more of these.

Watched day three of golf on the TV and another wonderful day comes to an end. Nice to see Rory doing so well again. A lot of the top golfers at the top of the leaderboard. Fun to watch. Watched a bit of the debates , and caucus results.

Though of the Day

Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice. 

March 6th

” Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 28 degrees Calgary 12 degrees

Another wonderful day in Paradise.  Sunday morning so thought I would make a great breakfast. Pancakes and eggs. Bob our neighbor gave us a cooking tip to make the perfect eggs and it worked perfect. I think the water and glass lid to watch the egg was the trick but they turned out perfect. Pancakes and eggs all cooked and I went outside to get Jackie from the back deck and I couldn’t find her.  So I had my wonderful breakfast by myself. About a 1/2 hour later she comes home from the gym as she had an inspiration to exercise this morning.

Watched the golf on TV, read, relaxed and enjoyed the day. Went grocery shopping to Safeway to pick up a few things and again my blood pressure is too low at 100/70.  I have to watch this. Moving is a good thing for the heart.  I checked a few places to stop on the way home this year and I think we will visit the Zion Park to take some pictures and see the red rock canyons and formations. It is about 6 hours away so the perfect first day trip timeframe.

Had a few visits with and from neighbors all through the day. We had a tee time for 3:30 today with a couple across the street. Russ and Carol are a great couple from BC. Russ is a hot rod guy and a private home builder so we have a lot of common interests and Carol before retirement was in the HR field.  They said they were relatively new at golfing. They both did very well with some great shots and some bad shots but that is the game of golf. It was a beautiful warm day and a very fun relaxing day on the course with no one pushing us or us having to wait at any holes. That is always nice for anyone that doesn’t like people watching them shoot off the tee or having to rush as someone is coming up behind you. Fun Day

Jackie & I golfing VP golf course

Jackie & I golfing VP golf course

Russ & Carol golfing with us at VP golf course

Russ & Carol golfing with us at VP golf course

After having a fun time golfing we decided to head to our place and I would BBQ some franks and cook up some beans with coleslaw.

When we arrived we saw that Tim had dropped off his favorite mix for rum and a bottle and left it on our outdoor kitchen. I phoned him up to get over here and join us. The meal turned out great and we had a great visit. Jackie quickly made a banana shortbread desert so with the meal, desert, wine, beer and rum what more could you ask for. Bob & Pat arrived shortly after we talked them into joining us.  A fun night with some interesting topics for sure. We had a short visit from Anita on her way home also and we had a party crasher also. Swerv’n Merv’n  joined us later for a visit. Merv had  two or three too many drinks and was quite entertaining. I think you can guess Merv is also from Sask. LOL

This is our life and you have to love it !!

Thought of the Day

If you have to ask is it to early to indulge in adult drinks, you’re a amateur, and I am questioning the future of our friendship. It is always 5 o’clock somewhere. LOL

March 7th

Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 21 degrees  Calgary 10 degrees

No other way than to start the day off right:


I am going to paste the email I sent first:

This is no ordinary day today. Our little ( in many ways) Mary Ann is becoming a big girl. Mary Ann is turning 50 today. Yes I said it as some people shy away from stating their age and others are afraid of hurting someone’s feeling when they tell others how OLD someone is. MARYANN IS 50 YEARS OLD.  No one can tell. She doesn’t have a single grey hair ( we don’t know about dye). She is the same weight she was when she was 15 yrs old. She has no wrinkles, no frowns, no tale tell signs of aging.  Let me explain why. Most importantly on Mary Ann’s budget she spends $500 a month on cream, lotions, elixir’s, potions, permanent and temporary makeup, haircuts, pedicures, manicures and treatments. You combine all of this work plus the good genes you have a 50 yr old woman looking like a older teenager. She also has been very fortunate not to have experienced too many issues with health which she relates to rice, salads and fish. Due to this strict diet in her teen years it could have caused her height challenges. Mary Ann brings sleeping bags to 5 star hotels so she doesn’t have to sleep in sheets that others have slept in. Mary Ann walks with a toothbrush in her mouth to keep it from getting germs on it when going to the washroom. Mary Ann joined Costco because that it is the only place she can buy 5 gallon jugs of hand sanitizer.
Would we call Maryann high maintenance?  I guess the important thing is it works for her. It gives something for Alan to do. She is able to pass this on to her kids. She is also able to buy clothes at discount pricing as there are no other’s using her sizing.
We have known Maryann from the time she was about 15 years old. At that time she used a 5 gallon can of hairspray each morning so she hasn’t changed.
Look for more pictures, this story and more as I announce Mary Ann’s 50 birthday ( special day) to the world on my blog. We want the 6 billion people in the world to know Mary Ann’s secrets.
We love you and Happy Happy Birthday Mary Ann .


Now some pictures to prove point :

Can you believe she is 50

Can you believe she is 50

Notice the expensive designer haircut and makeup this young

Notice the expensive designer haircut and makeup this young

One of these faces is 25 years older than the rest

One of these faces is 25 years older than the rest


This is Mary Ann getting married at 12 years old. I guess it is customary in the Philippines

This is Mary Ann getting married at 12 years old. I guess it is customary in the Philippines




Stand up Mary Ann

Stand up Mary Ann

This is taken when she first got out of bed without makeup or doing her hair.



Alan had his warnings as they were together very young and knew what he was getting into. Love can make any man do anything a woman wants.












We have a had a lot of fun with Mary Ann over the 35 years we have known here. I especially relate to her as being the outlaws we have to stick together as the family dynamic we entered was quite different than what we both experienced.

Now that she is 50 years old it will interesting to see how she reacts. There could be a HUGE bill this month to pay for additional items required.

I have included Mary Ann’s response which is priceless.:

Wow! I’m so impressed you kept track of my beauty routine. However, it will no longer be a secret if you share it with the world.
I love Costco, among the mega sizes of hand sanitizer, they also carry mega sizes of beauty products and a ton of clothing. This has reduced my spending substantially & Alan no longer has to push 2 carts.
I realize I’m still hot turning 50 but, only in flashes.
Love you guys. Thank you for thinking of me xoxox
 I wanted to include this on my blog as I wanted the world to know Mary Ann is turning 50
today. No hiding the truth from friends, family or the government.


We had a little but of  lazy day as it was a cool 21 degrees today only. We are spoiled with those warm temperatures.

At lunch time we met up with Jackie’s friends Chris & Louis that have bought a place in Casa Grande.  We decided to go to Filly’s Roadhouse. Nice location under the Superstition Mountains background. Quaint western style roadhouse where cowboys tie up their horses to the fence for a drink. Dirt floors and picnic tables but with live music and atmosphere it is a great place to

Great place for a beer and music

Great place for a beer and music

go. It is the first place that I have eaten in the USA where I felt the quantity of food did no match the pricing.  It was small unless you ordered the chicken. I had a Filly Cheese steak and it was half the size of the one’s at the Bull & Finch and at the same price with exchange. Order chicken though and it is huge. Sitting outside with a cold beer and good food is a great way to spend the lunch hour.  Chris and Louis are nice people. Chris has every toy one could want. Quads, Razors, Harley Davidson, Huge

Beautiful brand new Harley

Beautiful brand new Harley

motorhome, trailers, etc etc.  His new bike a Harley is the first one with water cooled heads which is about time. Harley’s for years when they got hot didn’t work to well and the Japanese bikes walked all over them. Now they won’t heat up like they used to.

A fun way to travel even though I think I would wear a helmet. You just never know !

Came home relaxed a bit and watched the Bachelor show which is the second last one for this season.



Thought of the Day

To bike is to have the freedom that can’t come from any other form of transportation.

March 8th-10th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 30 degrees Calgary 8 degrees

I got busy and didn’t find the time to update here.

It is funny how time flies, how you find things that you want to do, or need to do or just relax. So I have combined three  days in one.  We watched the Survivor Show which was quite interesting with three people collapsing and one strong young guy from BIg Brother Caleb having to be evacuated. You get that hot heat and spend that much energy without water and proper food things can happen. The brawn which should be winning physical challenges just hasn’t done well and has forced the producers to merge all three teams into two teams next week. It is a fun show to watch. We have gone swimming a couple of nights which has been wonderful. Last night for over an hour at 9pm at 25 degrees outside. Talking to a lady in the pool from Ontario who is here with her husband who is only 72 but has advanced Alzheimer’s. It is a shame for some one to be so incapacitated so young. They are trying herbs, and medicines what ever is out there to try to hold the process. It is a full-time job for her as he is quite advanced. The neighbor was having trouble with his internet installing a new router that I tried to help. Being his system there are things you don’t want to touch in case something goes wrong. He is quite smart with computers himself. Turns out two new routers he could not make work even after talking to customer service for hours. He is getting his internet provider to come and install one. Sometimes it is the luck of the draw on buying something new and not having it work. Relaxed outside in the warmth on the back deck which we love. Jackie and I headed down the street to get info and pictures to complete my address booklet. Every stop takes a while as people love to talk. Only a few stranglers left and then I can see how much Staples will charge me to print in color and on photo thick card stock. We shopped at Walmart to get a few things we needed. Filled the car up with gas. Got ready early in the morning for my golf game at Whirlwind on Wednesday morning. I was teamed up with 3 other great guys again. One from Calgary who is quite wealthy making his money in the oil field supply business and still owns it but his son runs it. He is a Glencoe member along with his wife. We all know how expensive that membership is. Very nice guy and was enjoyable to golf with. Talked a lot when people were trying to set up to shoot though. Our captain I thought was a little grumpy at first but he is just a quiet and serious golfer. I am going to say late sixties but could hit the drive like no other I have seen. Always straight and very very long. As luck would have it I won money again. Another 20 bucks. So golfing in this men’s group three times and winning twice is not bad. Spend 180 on golf and won 60 back. No complaints. Sort of like a 3 for 2 deal. LOL Next week out tee time is 7:30 in the morning. It will be a really early rise.

Had our late night walks and Jackie has had her early morning walks. Today is Ladies golf league which Jackie will be golfing in. I haven’t decided yet what my main thing to do is today. Perhaps the pool to balance out the golfer tan or the deck to read.

As usual we watched the American politics as it on 24/7 it seems. A one on one with Trump and Anderson makes Donald seem more plausible. His business history even though remarkable today with a net worth of 10 billion has sure seen it’s ups and downs. I believe he is one of these guys that bends the rules and every loop hole there is to make things work for him. He may be quite a surprize to China or Mexico.

We had our billiard night and my team didn’t fair well.  2-4 and Jackie’s team going 4-2.  My team lost once on a black ball scratch and then just by one or two balls left. I do feel I am getting better with the practise. Some very good players, need a bit of luck and few better shots and we should be ok. Jackie’s team finished in third place so she did well and I can see a marked improvement in her angles. I enjoy the format and I enjoy the game. It is a fun evening out. Jackie picked up dance tickets for Friday night which should be fun. A sold out gig as a lot of people are starting to head back and want to get a little last bit of fun in before heading.

Jackie and Pat worked very hard at bringing the Mexican back to life in our yards. I believe it was Alan and Maryann that bought it for us at least 6 or 7 years ago and it was starting to look a little worse for wear. It covers up the posts the outdoor kitchen sits on and makes it look a little more pleasing to the eye.

The after picture looking fantastic !!

The after picture looking fantastic !!

The sun has beat dwon on him for years !

The sun has beat down on him for years.

If they keep up this great work they could get a full time job painting around the park. Notice the design change of painting the sash and hat brim blue from yellow. So artistic !

Looks wonderful. It will be interesting to see how the paint holds up now.

Trying to find yard sale items is a little difficult as we have kept only things we need and don’t have a lot of extra stuff to sale for the block. Hope fully find some things.

You know how they say everyone has a double in this world. We all have eyes, check bones etc and all look different but there are only so many variations that can happen. There is only so many genetic diversities to go around. Genes that determine facial features are limited and with the world hitting 6 billion odds are now that there are 7 people that look like you. I would love to find the Asian with my face. LOL

Well we think we have found a member of Jenny Harry’s family. We will need to check to see if they have relatives in Saskatchewan. This is a very nice couple that has a place on our block. Maureen’s personality,her looks and mannerisms I am sure she is related to Jenny’s Mom who has passed on a lot of the idiosyncrasies to Jenny.Maureen when she talks, or gestures is the perfect combo of Jenny and her Mom. Her speech pattern the same. Thought process the same. It is uncanny. Keith, Jenny or Amanda if you are reading this please let me know as I would bet money on it. I just couldn’t remember if Jenny’s Mom came from Saskatchewan. I knew east coast Newfoundland but am thinking that was Jenny’s Dad. Here is a picture and some info. Let me know if you think we are wrong.Maureen Kresak from Rama, SK. most likely a relative to Jennifer Judy Johnson of Edmonton Alberta.

Johnson Family member

Johnson Family member

Or Johnson Family member ?

Or Johnson Family member ?








I know years ago Tom Daniels brought back a picture from Hawaii when he was on vacation of a guy that when I looked at it, I would swear it was me.  This guy had the same muscular physic , hair, beard, face structure etc. It was weird.

Today the park arranged a picnic social with hotdogs, chips,cookies and a live band as sort of a going away party as a lot of people that arrive in Oct or November start heading home.The event was very well attended and a lot of fun. The dog was foot long dog in a 6″ inch bun and tasted great. Too bad about the burps after. The music was wonderful and you can’t get any better than sitting on lush green grass in the middle of desert in the warm sun listening to a live band.

Notice the flags at half mast today for Nancy Reagan.

It was a nice concert and a neat thing to do for a change up.

Tim has his truck fully loaded with a bed box, side running boards, parts etc from his part collecting today. He has been incredibly busy finding hard to get parts and deals on them. Nice that a place exists with no snow and rust like where we come from.


Now isn't Jackie all responsible drinking water at an outdoor concert

Now isn’t Jackie all responsible drinking water at an outdoor concert

Tim, Jackie, and Pat listening to the music on the grass. We are all young enough we don't need chairs as we can still get up from a sitting position

Tim, Jackie, and Pat listening to the music on the grass. We are all young enough we don’t need chairs as we can still get up from a sitting position




Thought of the Day

Seven Larry’s in the world that all look the same. How lucky is that ?






March 11th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa  28 degrees  Calgary 6 degrees

Surprise a wonderful bright sunny day. Not a lot on the agenda today. We fiddle farted around for a lot of the day. Read, ate, Jackie went grocery shopping and we visited with neighbors. We decided to not golf today and wait for Saturday to golf in the afternoon. Jackie re-organized a bunch of the pots and flowers around the deck.  I sat in the warmth and played a few games. I worked on getting my street address book completed. I took it to Staples to see about costing and I used their very nice on line system but their pricing is nuts. I have about 6 more pictures of people to get but they never seem to be home. I though I would try Victoria to see what she could do and her pricing I can make work for us. I have sent her the file and will get the first batch done and finalize the rest later. I will see if I can collect some money for it from the residents. Watched a bit of the PGA and see our Delaet is in third place which is excellent. I hope he can hang on and maybe even pick up a few strokes. Nice to see. You have to love his beard. I can hear the old school ultra conservative golfers asking what is going on here with that thing. Is it allowed.

We had a great dance last night . Our hall holds at least 1000 people and we had that. It was the fullest I have seen. Great for the band and park. We had a Surfer Band playing which was fantastic. The dance area was so full we were dancing in the aisle ways. Bob & Pat came with us which was fun. Bob’s few drinks after golf then the few drinks at the dance brought out the best in him. Speaking Dutch to the people at our table and full of one liners and jokes. Jackie and I were able to dance quite a few times which was great and a lot of fun. Viewpoint organizes some very nice events. Again though the band plays those line dancing songs. I have an aversion to these. They are meant for lonely single women, older women where they don’t have a partner or he won’t dance and guys that are light on their toes. No everyday standard guy should dance these things and yet as the testosterone levels drop in these old farts they think they are Fred Astaire and get up with these women and do the line dance thing. Not right !!

You can’t go wrong with $3 beer and $1 soda at the dance. This dance even lasted a little later and it think the band stopped around 10:30 which was great. 10:31 everyone was gone !

Thought of the Day

Boot scooting action, tip and tap back and round, texas flush , a little tush push, ankle rock , corkscrew turn, dip, heel bounce. I don’t think I need to say more !  Just out of principle I will never line dance. So far I have not seen one other guy I know do this so I must be hanging out with the right people.  And for all other men. If your spouse begs you to try, resist for all of mankind and for your own dignity. We can put a stop to this !! Sit down and don’t move until this hideous circus disappears. Women, single or attached, buy a guy or your guy another beer  and he WILL dance with you the two step, or waltz or polka.  If one of my friends is a line dancer you are dead to me. LOL

March 12th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 23  degrees Calgary 9 degrees

The first cooler day we have had for a long long time. It is funny how much your body acclimatizes to warmth. We had to put on a light jacket to be comfortable. Jackie was up and at it early as she headed to the gym for a morning workout. I didn’t make it as it is against my personal philosophy to do injury to myself sooo early in the morning. After all I am retired and there has to be some benefit to this. I do have to make exceptions to get up for golf but other than that I must hold the line.

Jackie and Pat left bright and early to cover the park that was holding a park wide block sale. Every year they do this to raise money to allow the block to have some spending money. Last

Beautiful Mexican Vase bought for $1 at the sale

Beautiful Mexican Vase bought for $1 at the sale

year Jackie found some great things and this year the same.  She picked up a Santa Fe vase and stand for a buck, a bamboo footstool for the back deck and bamboo table for the front deck. You get some amazing deals as people just want to get rid of things. Complete older golf sets with bags sell for $10.  It was nice this year as Jackie borrowed the golf cart for the day from Tim to drive the park.

Tim left in the morning loaded with parts. He had a complete truck box with fender strapped down, running boards for another truck he has and a bunch of miscellaneous parts. Plus he was stopping at a wreckers on the way back as they had a part he needed. I think he will have a summer full of projects to work on.

Gail from across the street dropped off a half of a cake of Carrot Cake. Love Carrot Cake. Very nice of her as she knew I loved carrot cake. I watered the trees as I had fertilized them. They are growing like weeds.

We watched a bit of the golf on TV and loved to see Graham get into second place. Hopefully today he can hold his own and win. I think I will put the TV outside again to watch it.

We had a tee time for super twilight and were hooked up with a gentleman from Maple Creek. Nice guy but struggled with his game. He was out and was having fun though. It warmed up substantially and was a beautiful afternoon. This was the first game in a long long time where I lost focus and interest in it as we were waiting to long on every hole. The game wasn’t too long but the 4 players in front of us just didn’t move along. When that happens you try to hit too hard and sometimes just don’t care. The game ended up ok with Jackie getting a 101 and I ended up with a 82 only because of the last few holes. Even on the 18th hole I laid up as the group was taking too long rather than go for the green on the second shot. I did miss a few putts as I ended up on the wrong side of the hole so they were not an easy putt. I another fun afternoon out though.

The neighbors maybe laughed a bit as it was the first night we shut off the lights before 11pm.

Mid March and I am starting to think about Alberta fishing and camping. Looking forward to it.

Watched Donald discuss and the media discuss the “violence” at his gatherings. I am beginning to like Donald more. He has shaken up the GOP and they are trying everything to knock Donald down. To have organized protestors with no agenda other to disrupt is not right. Donald has the right to meet and talk about his message without intervention. If you remember in Toronto and Vancouver we had the hooded protestors that’s only agenda was to be violent and disrupt.  These self styled Anarchist’s have no agenda other than disrupt, stir emotion, cause violence, and try to control what they believe in. To protest, gather and disagree with any issue is our right. These guys to not believe in the law of the land. What I am seeing is that every time something perceived as a negative happens to Trump his supporters and new ones resolve to fight back with votes and lots of new voters. For everything you can say bad about Trump and there is lots, there is a lot of good things that he can do that will be good.  I think the corrupt world of politics needs to be shaken up. The world power centre needs a strong individual that will stand up against the environmentalists, the socialists, the corrupt inner government, the corrupt pharmaceutical industry and the lobbyists.  We need better trade agreements, we need better immigration rules, we need better tax rules, and we need an economy that helps the middle class work and we need CHANGE in a lot of things. Donald can fix some of these. I feel a bit sorry for the Americans as they don’t have any good choices. Clinton is a crook, Sanders is a socialists and will bankrupt the country, little Rubio is a no mind and I don’t know what is wrong with Cruz but his looks alone bug me.

Thought of the Day

Most doctors will tell you “Make sure to take your iron everyday and stay on the greens.”  I read that as golf everyday with your irons and stay on the fairway. 

March 13th

Mercury Forecast” Mesa 24 degrees Calgary 10 degrees

Woke up in paradise to another gorgeous day. Sat outside on the deck fro breakfast and to read the news.  Jackie went to the gym early in the morning. Final day for the PGA tournament so thought I would put the TV outside again to watch Graham hopefully pull it it together.

It was a difficult course and all of the players were struggling with the speed of the greens. Graham played well other than his putting which was horrible.  I thought Haas was going to win but Charl my player from the TPC Sawgrass Players tournament pulled off a great playoff. It was a fun game to watch and I love the TV outside.

Went to Costco to get a few things and priced out their tires. Turns out they were about 35 bucks each tire cheaper than the tire shops in Mesa. Not a huge difference anymore between Canada and USA on these tires but I think I will get them here before the drive home. Tires here are also made with tougher rubber due to the heat so have longer warranties but if on snow the hard rubber doesn’t work well.

We went swimming last night for over an hour. Again the pool at night was quite busy which is not normal. This time again it was full of Saskatchewan people partying again. They even recognized us as one of the ladies asked if I was the whistling guy. I tend to whistle whole swimming on my back. It is funny this time of year as a lot of people are leaving. Anyone you talk to someone they ask “So when are you going back ?”

Window 10 is still not my favorite. Pictures are very difficult to work with. Duplicate copies one being the large file and the saved one. Downloading pictures are also difficult compared to Windows XP. Next year I am going to take a Win 10 course at Viewpoint just on pictures. Everything else I like. I am sure Win 10 does have an inherit clinch as every once in a while the pointer disappears and you need to restart to re-engage it. I checked google and it seems quite common.

Thought of the Day

A good golfing partner is one that is just a little worse than you are, that’s why I get so many calls to play with friends.

March 14th

“Mercury Forecast”   Mesa 28 degrees Calgary  7 degrees

The one thing you have to love about Arizona is the weather. Everyday it is the same. 30 degrees and sun. It is an amazing place.  We can get up every morning and know what to wear. Sandals and shorts the staple of all closets.

Finished off my street booklet for this year. Any missed people will need to wait until we are or they are back in the fall or winter. Victoria is doing the printing which is a big money saver and I can’t wait to see the results. I will figure out binding or rings when we get them.  It does take a lot of time especially to connect with everyone as people are busy doing something everyday.

The desert is in full bloom right now and is amazing. We do have a beautiful world we live in.

I discovered one person a male that I know that supposedly likes to line dance. I won’t say who as not to embarrass him. I was a little surprised but still not convinced it wasn’t just his wife saying such. To be coerced by your wife to do something you know is innately wrong is sign of true love.

Watched the Bachelor season final. It is a dumb show but for reason I like watching it. The women are funny the way they act and the guy is always too nice. Ben did pick the right one though.

This morning while writing this Jackie points in amazement. Some dumb bird laid three eggs in

Dumb Bird

Dumb Bird

our Geranium pot . Lazy not building a actual nest and second not realizing there is watering line in the pot. Must have been as Pat says a teenage pregnancy and as we would say a FAIL. Pretty unique though. LOL

Sort of like leaving your kid in a blanket on the doorstep of a house. I don’t believe this eggs have a chance as I always thought they needed to be warmed by body temperature.

Our wonderful ( said sarcastically) NDP government has to be squirming a bit today. TransAlta the largest company owning coal powered generation plants in Alberta announced today it is closing it’s 57 power generating wind turbines near Pincher Creek. These wind mills were the largest and maybe even the first wind energy generating plants we had in Alberta. Funny  reading the article as we all know the HUGE negative impact the closing of the coal is going to have and the take TransAlta has on this scenario. It is has come down to if the NDP wants wind energy there better be a good subsidy or grant to allow a company to continue with it.  I am proud of TransAlta taking this approach. When you have a government that has no clue what they are doing and destroying a needed economic engine of Canada  it is only fair that a company that is going to be hurt massively decides to take a stand and say put your money where your mouth is. Good for Alberta NO but hopefully it will help the NDP learn a little bit about economics versus rhetoric on environmental issues.  I also see the Wildrose party again is trying for a MLA recall bill. Nice thought but with the NDP majority won’t happen. We all have to slug it out until May 30th 2019( three years.)   If hadn’t been for the urban vote particular the City of Edmonton vote they would not have won. Bad thing about this is that Edmonton being a strong union city and a government city they will need not see the huge negative impact like Calgary will with layoffs etc. We are in trouble for 3 years and pray the damage can be fixed relatively quick not waiting for years and years. Most of you must have seen the letter to Notley stating what is happening and what needs to happen. IT was a group of business people just about begging. Oil drop in pricing is not her fault but the wage increase, the carbon tax, the scare on royalty review , tax increase all contribute to our situation much more than needed. The new budget better be good as Red Neck Albertans could start a revolution. I predict a massive demolition of the NDP party next election.  That is the history of the party that has destroyed so many provinces and as soon as they are gone the province becomes a power house like Sask. did.

Jackie worked hard all day cleaning the windows .  They look great. She even found one large spider web she had to knock down.

I went to the driving range today to work on a few things and hopefully tomorrow goes great.Getting ready for supper and then our billiard game.

I thought the range went quite well at striking the ball. I tried a few different things which is good as I want a good game Wednesday at Whirlwind.

Had a wonderful supper of fried potatoes, pork loin roast and corn. You got to love left overs.

Readied ourselves for our pool tournament. The group is getting a little smaller as people are heading home. My team had a good night with us finishing with a silver medal. ( second place) Our neighbor Bob I believe had a perfect record.  Finished up with a few nightcaps on the deck with Bob, Pat, Russ and Carol. Anita who is leaving on the 16th came over to say good bye and a few hugs. They are heading back to Winnipeg early in the am. A couple of drinks is all I wanted as I need to get up at 6am to head out for golf.

Thought of the Day

What has 4 legs, is green and would kill you if it fell from tree.  

A Pool table.

March 16th   

“Mercury Forecast” Mesa 31 degrees  Calgary 7 degrees   

The alarm went off at 6am this morning.  That is early for me. But it is wonderfully warm and  the sun is starting to shine. Picked up George from the 1800 block as we were the only two heading out today to Whirlwind. I was hooked up with three other Albertans with two from Edmonton and one from Cochrane. Teasing the Edmontonian’s about the Oilers is always fun. Both of them were very good golfers playing below their handicap. Today all of the conditions were prime to have a good game and it didn’t quite happen. I ended up with a 89 but was due to the extremely fast greens. I conservatively would say putting cost me 10 strokes missing  three and four footers for birdie or pars. Only one screw up hole taking a double par on so I was happy with that.  Great bunch of guys again, wonderful 30 degree weather, incredible course , well organized event makes for a great outing. I look forward to playing each week, but I want to have a break out game there soon. It is in me somewhere. LOL

Arrived home tired. Jackie was on a cleaning binge today. She took down all of the blinds, cleaned each mini blind slat, cleaned the floors etc. The house was looking spic and span. I wanted to sit on the back deck but our dumb Quail keep adding to the egg total so I will leave them alone for a bit.

I just finished writing this and am feeling tired so I think I will break my cardinal rule and have a afternoon nap. Need my energy for the swimming pool tonight.

One more thought on line dancing. The “dancing” of today is quite unique indeed. It’s no more than clothed sex moves, which any animal can do. But to manly dance a waltz, a polka or even a two step is a wonderful thing that is appreciated by women. Furthermore, I think you’ll be hard pressed to say that knowing your way around a swing, foxtrot, waltz, or other ballroom dancing is unmanly except for the line dance. A lady loves for a man to be able to know his way around a dance floor, without grinding on her or tip, toeing beside her.  Communication, timing, patience, harmony, etc, it’s all there except when you are copy catting the person right beside you with no facial contact or bodily contact in a line dance. The guy’s job in dancing is to make the lady look good, or to show her off. Knowing how to make your lady look like a dancing queen will win you brownie points. I’ve seen this over and over: a guy who knows what he’s doing can make even the most novice girl look like she’s been dancing for years. In line dancing the male is emasculated as he has no control over his partner and there is no connection. ( made for single girls to dance)   I win !! LOL

Didn’t catch a nap as I never like to in the day so after supper we decided to watch a bit of TV and go for a long walk. It is so nice out at night it is unbelievable. There already has been a lot of people leave for back home so the park is starting to empty out a bit. Makes it nice for tee times and great for the pool getting a spot when it is hot out.

Thought of the Day  

Before you speak, listen.
Before you write, think.

Before you spend, earn.
Before you invest, investigate.
Before you criticize, wait.
Before you pray, forgive.
Before you quit, try.
Before you retire, save.
Before you die, give.

March 17th

Happy St Patty's Day

Happy St Patty’s Day

“Mercury Forecast”

Mesa 31 degrees Calgary  1 degree

Top of the morning to you !   The Irish did it right by creating a fun party day with everything green and drinks galore. Everyone loves the Irish and wears green, drinks green beer and has a fun day.

The one thing I remember in particular about March 17th was a huge snowstorm we had in Calgary years ago that shut the city down. This was in 1998 when we received the worst storm in 113 years. We received 18″ of snow that day. I arrived at work after a long drive and the only other person to make it in was Darren Wood. We laughed and called everyone else a few names. We sat around for about hour and decided there wasn’t much we could do today so we headed home. Even the next day only half of the staff were able to make in. You get the wet heavy snow like that it gets pretty messy and difficult to move around in. I will always remember that storm.

We have our St Patty’s Day parade today to watch, Jackie has her ladies golf league today to attend and we will see about going to the bar for green beer.

I don’t care for Justin as a Prime Minister but am happy with some of his changes he is going to make. His new budget is going to reverse the OAS age back to 65 from the 67 that Harper had phased in. Let’s hope he has a  plan for the economics behind it to be funded forever. As the baby boomers retire this expense goes up with less working people to pay for it. As everyone knows the CPP plan is self funded from our contributions during our work life but the OAS is funded each year by the taxpayers. For us though I am happy about the 65 years being reinstated. With a maximum income of 72K per year allowed most retires will not see any clawbacks. Having said that with a maximum payout of about $600 a month and an amount if qualified from CPP  of about $900  you could potentially be getting about $18,000k a year from pensions. Just about impossible to live on but every little amount does help. That is why it is important to find a company with a pension especially a defined one if possible.

Making up my street book my above statement is proof in the pudding. On our street of 30 homes we have 10 teachers.  A few nurses and a few other unionized jobs. It makes retirement very easy when you have an above average pension coming in every month for life.  If I have any regrets it would be that I should have looked for a company with a defined or good pension plan. JW did have a contributory plan that is decent but that was only for the last 10 years or so.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT for young workers to look for a stable company with great benefits even if the salary is lower as when they get older they can retire earlier and better.

I think I will trim some trees back a bit again to try to keep the shape of them. Trimmed the two fruit trees as they are growing about 6 inches a week. Trimmed Annette Oleander tree again to shape it. It is filling out good. Trimmed only a bit between the houses as Pat had just cleaned all of the leaves up.  All of the trees look great now.

Drillled my hole for my piece of rebar into a 4 x4 and pounded that in. Cleaned up, had wiener water soup for lunch and then headed to Fred’s place to return a few tools I have kept here as he had renters and I didn’t want to disturb them. Looks like they are gone now. Downloaded Spotify to my new computer for music and sitting on the deck having a cool one with Dylan singing to me. Jackie had her ladies day golfing today and isn’t home yet. She may be drunk as the organizer had arranged with her husband to deliver shooters to them on the course for St Patty’s Day. Jackie is a cheap drunk which was good when we were young, you know what I mean. LOL  Hopefully not so much we don’t get to go for green beer on the deck !

Watched the Patty parade which is fun. The people have a great time dressing up and riding their carts. Drinking whiskey and green beer in their carts. Some neat decorated carts. Only one incident that I know of and right in front me two ladies a little tipsy jumped when their cart back fired and then stalled. Gas powered. Wouldn’t re- start but that didn’t stop them from having fun. Handing out candy to the kids and kid like older adults. They still had a blast and made it fun. Must be spring break as there were loads of young kids and young adults around with grandparents. I am sure we will have fun when Jackson and August can join us. I can see now Jackie teaching them to man dance in the ballroom. She will have a blast !!  Here are a few thumbnails from  today.

St Paddy's Day Parade

St Paddy’s Day Parade

parade 2 parade






Here is a picture of our neighbor Jake who is going all out being Irish. Will his face turn green ?
Not that going Irish !!

Now that is going Irish !!

That is what we call all in. Love the commitment.

I would love Fred to do this to his moustache.

Maybe next year we can try it on Fred and see the results.  Planning to go to Fat Willy’s tonight for a jug of green beer and Shepard’s Pie. Jackie will have the Irish Asian rolls which are stuffed cabbage and corn beef. We will wait for a table outside as it is just to nice to sit inside and too noisy to sit in.I have a blog issue with line spacing right now so hopefully I can fix that pretty quickly. I have tried a couple of suggestions with no luck. WordPress uses odd key function versus word.

They use a shift enter key pattern and double enter button format but I haven’t figured out the why it happened or the reverse buttons to fix it. Good thing for google. It seems adding pictures sometimes screws it up and it takes me a while to get it right. Finally after numerous attempts I think I have it..

Fat Willy’s especially for St Patty’s Day was unusually quiet. The waitresses at Fat Willy’s are really not the best. It is the only place in the USA where we experience standard if not below standard service levels. Most places we experience fantastic service. Having said that we got a table outside and young waitress that tried hard to help us. As luck would have it they ran out of their Irish spring rolls so Jackie ordered potato skins, Pat had the Guinness Irish Stew, Bob had the Irish Cabbage, potato’s and corned beef and I had the Shepherds pie. Every dish was wonderful tasting but we think the waitress gave Pat the wrong soup bowl as the quantity of stew was quite small for the pricing. The jugs of Green Beer with frosted mugs were particularly good.  A fun evening sitting on the patio with our friend the desert bull frog loudly screaming for a mate in the background. Horny Toad I think. It is not a nice sound but it must work. Got back home and topped the evening off on the patio with a couple of rum & cokes.

Thought of Day

Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and a honest one. A cold pint and another one ! May the luck of the Irish be with you.

March 18th

Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 31 degrees  Calgary 4 degrees

Slept like a log. Cool, comfortable bed and a few drinks can do that to you. Off to another wonderful start today sitting outside. We are trying not to get too much sun as we want to keep coming here for 20 years and accumulation does matter. I have seen a lot of older people here with horrible skin.

I haven’t thought about our plans for today. We may need a few groceries but we have everything else we need. We are golfing Saturday and Monday so don’t really need to go but may end up doing that. We have to take our curtains to the dry cleaner as Jackie wants them done.  The birds are going nuts today in the trees. They make a wonderful noise but it can get loud. I see the Canadian dollar is doing well lately and the TSX is hanging in there and slowly rising.

Booked to play next Wednesday with George Modrzejewski the previous owner of Lealta Building which will be fun. This is in a men’s league where there is a small amount of money to be won. There are about 40 regular players and I would say 50% of them are amazing golfers. Every week I am playing with a 75 year old that out drives me and scores a 75.  The low net winners are 63 to 68 scores. Next week one of my team members along with George is a previous Saskatchewan amateur open champion so even though years later you know how good he is. It would a good day for me to play very well. LOL

Took Jackie to get a new pair of runners as she is going to the gym and doing  a lot of walking and has had planters fasciitis issues. Funny as soon we enter the store the clerk gets her to take off her shoes and feels her feet and says ” Wow you have huge arches”  I think to myself ” Great sales pitch”  So we walk out with an expensive pair of shoes that the clerk and Jackie believe will be perfect. That is all that matters.  Off to get groceries, beer and water. Have everything to live on again. Took the drapes to a cleaner so hopefully they press out nice as they have currently small wrinkles in them on the stitch pleat.

Came home to see two oranges placed in the BBQ so believe Ralph & Tracy must be around.  The outside temperature being over 31 degrees feels warm. In the shade it is fine but still that wonderful warm feeling. No breeze. Still lucky as we haven’t had to use the a/c as of yet at all. The cooler desert nights are perfect. Sitting outside the birds were getting a little frisky. Two of them chasing each other dived through our carport and I heard one hit our aluminum kitchen cover. I thought it was wing or something and said to Jackie boy that was poor driving. Pat came out next door and said look there is a bird dead by your kitchen. Turns out he was a poorer driver than I thought.

Ralph & Tracy stopped by on their way back from the pool. One day and Ralph is already black. You get that Italian skin which is already olive colored and add a bit of sun and it goes dark.  Had a drink on the patio and we decided as they had just arrived we would go to Fat Willy’s for Fish Friday. Turns out I was the only one that ordered the special which was great.  A new waitress actually new what a paralyzer is and made a Colorado Bulldog which according to the girls was very good. You wonder sometimes when you special order anything and have a waitress that is a little busy or just has bad service skills what really happens. I remember a lady sometime ago in Calgary ordering her Caesar with “not too much horseradish, half a rim of celery salt and clamato juice that’s not too too clammy”. I’d worry that whatever gross thing that server adds to her drink to punish her might accidentally splash into my drink.

Fat Willy's patio with Jackie Tracy and Ralph

Fat Willy’s patio with Jackie Tracy and Ralph

It was one of those beautiful nights sitting outside in the sun and warmth that just makes you feel good.

Sat around enjoying the night and then walked to Tim’s place with them to have a nightcap.

They had a very poor customer service incident with Holiday Inn which is one of my favorite hotels. They are usually clean and responsibly priced. Tracy had phoned while driving to book and got the hotel but as they were busy on the front desk they switched over to their centralized booking office. When they arrived they found no reservation and no rooms left. Turns out they central office had booked them into the Hotel in Mesquite Texas instead of Mesquite Nevada. What is worse they had upgraded rooms ( $100 more) but wouldn’t full fill their commitment to Ralph & Tracy at their booked price even when it was central booking that had made the error. Not good service at all.

They ended up driving for a few more hours and staying a less than desirable spot.

A few drinks and another wonderful day in paradise done !

Thought of the Day

I guess I could be considered the outdoorsy type as I love to sit outside on the patio.

March 19th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa  30 degrees  Calgary 10 degrees

Wow time is flying with us only having 24 days left here in Arizona. I have everything done for the year other than I want to caulk the west windows and trim the trees again big time before leaving. Speaking of windows my arm got tired this morning twisting all the mini blinds open. With the curtains being out for  dry cleaning we have to close the mini’s. We have 14 large window mini’s to close that are tall. Nice to have the curtains to close again. Hitting everyday for the last month 28 to 33 degrees and we still haven’t had to turn on the a/c which is excellent. I will check my bill a/c versus the fans on to see if I actually save money. I will turn it on soon though to check it and get it serviced before we leave.

Fred & Terry are arriving today with Ralph & Tracy picking them up at the airport. We have a golf game booked with Russ & Carol later this afternoon.

Received this funny comic I had to pass on.  The American election is so funny to watch as it is



full of comic characters.  The only “normal” one doesn’t have a chance to win.  IF Donald can get pass the convention he maybe the President as Hillary will be indicted soon and Bernie just doesn’t have it. Trump is definitely causing a stir with the riots happening and the threatening letters to his son’s house.

In Canada I like the TSX rising and the dollar rising. I did notice gas here in Mesa has increased by 40 cents a gallon in the last week. I love cheap gas but I love a strong economy and stock market much better. I would love the economy to grow so that interest rates have to up.

Our bunny come every morning for his carrot. Jackie has been giving him or her a half a carrot each day and he is now trained to come. He sits there and eats the whole thing or half and finishes up later. Nice guy to watch.

He may struggle when we leave but right now his is living the good life with us. Neat how they chew and smash up the carrot. Not near as good as Bug Bunny though but still fun to watch.

Our new pet Bunny!

Our new pet Bunny!

Our dumb bird is still laying eggs. She is up to 6 eggs now in the container. Pain in the butt I can’t use my deck because of her. I sure hope she hatches them quick and they leave.

So we have a million birds in the trees nest to us, we had a snake we had to throw out, we have the eggs being dropped into palm tree/geranium container and we have a bunny that comes each day for a carrot or lettuce that Jackie puts out.  He sits and waits patiently until she brings him the food. While sitting on the patio though a couple of birds came ripping by and I heard one of them hit my kitchen cover which is aluminum.  A few minutes later Pat says we have dead bird. Turns out he/she was a poorer driver than thought and killed themselves. Should have had a helmet on!

Relaxed for most of day, cleaned up a bit, Jackie did some washing and read. Jackie has gone to the gym everyday first thing in the morning. To early for me. I am re-tired remember. It is a fair walk and then she spends a good hour there on the treadmill etc. Good for her.

It was a warmer one hitting 33 degrees today with no wind. Russ & Carol and us went golfing around 3 pm. Nice again as there was no one on the course due to the time and heat. Russ and Carol played very well with a lot of consistent good hits. Jackie and I played quite well. This time I missed my eagle from 4 feet.  Using x 2 as we played nine holes only Jackie would have had a 92 and I a 76. No complaints and only one slice which was on the first hole. I was waiting for a loud noise but I must have carried right over the houses. Lucky !  I did use a carry over from St Paddy’s day for this shot. LOL

Stopped by Russ & Carol’s place for a few drinks after which is always nice. Always interesting to hear other people’s stories about family, parents, and life experiences. They have two big birthdays coming up so we were discussing special options for the events. It is always nice to do something special on these occasions. Makes them memorable. This is another couple that has it right retiring young ( 53) and enjoying life. I am positive that this living down here in winter does extend your life and mind. You are so much more active with long walks, swimming pool time, billiards, walking and riding golf games, cards games and any hobby you can think of to do and the socializing aspect of a community.

Watched a great movie with Jennifer Lopez in it as a beaten wife. She is a very good actress. The movie though did make us stay up until 11:30pm. I know !!

Thought of the Day

It’s funny to stay up unreasonably late and then complain how unreasonably exhausted you are the next day.

March 20th

Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 34 (93.2 F)  degrees Calgary 14 degrees

The temperatures are staying warmer and warmer out now at night. Last night was the first night I turned on the a/c for about an hour to cool it down just before bedtime. This morning at 9 am it is already 24 degrees and wonderful sitting on the deck. The bunny is waiting. The birds are squawking. The sun is shining. The smoothie tastes great. The chair is comfortable. All is good. We have a golf game later this afternoon to play with Bob & Pat, Fred & Terry and Ralph & Tracy. It will be warm but a lot of fun. Must be spring break as we have a lot of young people in the park. Young families and young adults visiting parents and grandparents. It is always nice to hear and see the young kids. I was walking down the street with my remote-controlled cart and this young boy about 6 years saw and was amazed. He ran into his grandparent carport and we could hear saying ” Guess what. A couple walking down the street has a remote-controlled cart. It is neat ” in a very excited voice. Hopefully we can have Jackson and August down here when they get a little older. It was a lot of fun having the whole family at Christmas but in this weather they would have had a lot of fun in the sun and enjoyed the area a little better. Sunburn is always fun. LOL

And there was seven. The Quail hen laid another egg. We now have 7 eggs in the pot. It is just an odd thing for her to come and drop off another egg each day. You would think they would all hatch at different times and maybe that is what happens. Who knew.

It was warm out and you have to break a sweat while golfing. We had the 4 ladies go in front of us and us guys followed. Anyone that knows Fred knows he does not like golf. He could be good at it with a bit of practice as he hits the ball a long ways. Ralph just by his swing and address to the clubs and the ball you can tell he loves golf and is good at the game. We managed to keep Fred interested in the game until about the 8th or 9th hole and then he became our driver/caddie. It was a  fun day golfing with everyone golfing ok. Ralph for first time this year golfed extremely well. Final scores were Bob 76, Larry 80 and Ralph at 84 which are all very good rounds. The girls also did very well scoring with Pat at 94, Jackie 99 . I don’t remember seeing or hearing Terry’s or Tracy scores but they seemed happy with their results. As I said it was warm out and I may for the first time this year broke a sweat rather than just perspired.

On the 17th hole I ordered two pizza’s from Fat Willy’s for takeout to bring home to our place to discuss our great golf games and summer heat. I phoned and they said 20 minutes for them to be ready so doing a quick calculation I thought perfect 7 minutes per hole, loading up the truck we should have them ready right on time. The cook missed it by a bit but not bad. The pizza and garlic rolls were quite good. It is the thin dough type of pizza though but had plenty of ingredients on it to make it a little more filling. We had a lot of fun conversation about a lot of things and a fair amount of drinking. Between the rum and rye and beer it was good. There is not many things better in life than to be in the sun all day, golfing and then having fun talking to your friends after the day. ( camping, day on the lake fishing and then the campfire is pretty equal)

Thought of the Day

Why limit Happy Hour to just one hour ?

March 21st- March 22nd

Today is Casa Grande day. We got up, had our breakfast and did a few things to get ready. We filled up with gas and headed over to Apache Wells to pick up retired Scotia banker Dan Rode and his wife Debbie to bring down with us. Nice couple . Casa Grande is about 45 minutes away on the I10 heading south. This is a very busy highway. 300,000 vehicles a day on a two lane each side highway is ridiculous. As you know the traffic on the 401 which is the busiest in North America only has 500,000 day and it is 4-6-8 lanes wide each side in sections.  Stopped in John & Anita’s place for a quick visit before heading to the course. We had the 3 girls Deb, Jackie, and Anita go in front of us and John, Mike, Dan and I took up the back. Great course. I like the layout, the yardage and the design of the course.  Warm day, nice guys and great course so no excuses. So overall a good day golfing but I gave so many putts away it is amazing. I must practise more with my putter. I ended up with a 85 ( unfamiliar course) with one lost ball stroking. I missed too too many putts. Having said that I had one of the best shots in my life. I have my hole in one, but this shot was a 297 yard Par 4 hole and I landed 4ft from the hole.  Wouldn’t you know I missed my eagle. That’s  4 eagle chances in the last week with me missing all four of them.

After golfing we headed back to John & Anita’s place. They have a wonderful place but the backyard is exceptional. The landscaping, pool, waterfall, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace and pergola is one of the nicest backyards I have seen.  John & Anita are always amazing hosts. This time we were treated to pulled beef where we made our own sandwiches.  They even had the Au juex with it. Fantastic tasting. We had another couple from the bank join us for supper. John has a special recipe for his Ceaser’s which tastes wonderful. It has been a while since I have had a good Ceaser so that was nice. Love the pickled asparagus.

Amongst the guy side you get two working bankers and two retired bankers together you get a lot of banker talk. In total we had 6 Scotia bankers there. Over the 38 years I have been involved with bankers ( Jackie’s working life) they, of any occupation do talk a lot of bank talk. LOL

Two funny moments happened when the two Debbie’s were talking and they discover not only do they have the identical first names but identical maiden names with unique spelling. That is a coincidence and very funny. Another funny moment was when we were talking about August and his middle name. I told them we named Jessica and Victoria with the middle name Laine as they where conceived in the back lane. Anita without missing a beat says ” Have you met my son Chevy ?”  Priceless !

It was a very enjoyable outing with great golf, great food and some very nice people. We didn’t get to bed until about 11pm. Our block had all of the lights out. I accidently hit my lock button twice so the horned peeped. I smiled.

Thought of the Day

Don’t buy a new putter until you have had a chance to throw it.

March 22nd

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 27 degrees  Calgary 6 degrees

Beautiful day outside again. Bright and sunny.  Jackie went to the gym early again and on her arrival asked for me to help an elderly man tree his tree as he was struggling. I put the tree trimmer in the car and headed up to near the north pool to help the gentleman. He had a ladder which was good. The tree was quite high which makes it more difficult.  Lucky to be tall it didn’t take me long to fix it up for him.  They were a very elderly couple from Athabasca. Turns out they golf that course and know the owners of the Blue Berry Hill campground.

Noticed a small ticking noise in the Buick. I hate noises. It stopped on the way up but I will need to find out what it is. I thought a/c fan but it wasn’t that. Perhaps my in cabin filter is plugged.

Funny how some people think. Everyone is allowed the wrong opinion. On the news today AGAIN ISIS blows up people at a airport in Brussels. They kill over 30 and injury over 100 people and we have people criticizing Donald Trump for not allowing refugees into the USA. He has only stated until the world gets a handle on ISIS why do they want to allow refuges into his country and risk the terrorism Europe is experiencing. People are saying is he prejudiced and a bigot. He is a protectionist. Think about it. You allow 25 thousand people into the country and ISIS has infiltrated just one guy and he blows up 100 people in the USA what do you think they will think about his idea again. Protectionism isn’t new. We put innocent Japanese Americans and Canadian’s in compounds during the war to protect ourselves. If you are liberal thinking socialist, human right activist and a bleeding heart you will most likely disagree. BUT you will also be putting your entire family at risk for good reason.  For now until we can figure out a way to get rid of ISIS these refuges need to go to predominately Muslim countries only. Pay for food and shelter if it can be controlled to but these things rather than weapons and figure out what need to be done.

The biggest issue is,it is a non-definable thing. It isn’t a race that be distinguished. As a religion it can be anybody. That is the difficult part. USA thought the Vietnam war was difficult as they didn’t know who the enemy was now there is no clue. It is WRONG, it is HARSH to turn our backs on the refugees but for the time being it is needed.

Jackie and I were planning a river boat cruise but perhaps as Paris, Belgium and the rest of Europe is  such a mess we should wait.

Quail mother is sitting on her hatch today. Either a new egg or starting to brood.

BBQ’d a wonderful porkchop and fried potato supper. Costco meats down here are fantastic. Thick 1 inch pork chops that are always juicy. Add a salad and you have the perfect meal.

We had our billiard night tournament tonight. My partner was Pat Ferris which was ur saving grace. Twice with beautiful shots on the blackball and we won. One of these was a bank shot. Lucky for us Pat was on as we finished the tournament with three wins and four losses. It if a fun evening out. Some recent add on people like Russ & Carol are great pool players. After the pool we decided to have a few drinks on the deck outside at Bob & Pats home. You know to talk about those great shots we had.

Thought of the Day

You know the saying. A bad game at the pool hall is still better than working.

March 23rd

Up and early as my tee time is 8:15 and we are about 35 mins away. Bob was driving today so I got out and loaded up the bags.

My team today all were excellent people and super golfers. First my friend George Modzrejewski the previous owner of Lealta Building in Lethbridge, Sandy Sutherland and Ian Larocque. Ian was a former Saskatchewan amateur champ. I believe he is now 60 but man can he hit the ball. Amazing golfer. George has always been a good golfer and Sandy played very well never missing a fairway. I believe I ended up with a 89 which wasn’t a good day for me at all. I will blame it on the wind. It was windy and gusting at certain times. I didn’t drive well but the wind didn’t help. Overall most aspects let me down today. BUT I had a wonderful fun time with some nice guys on a warm sunny golf course. Turns out Ian was the low gross winner with a 71 and Sandy the low net winner with a 66. Fantastic golfing from those guys. I am sure being on my team helped calm them down. LOL  ( while they were searching for my balls in the desert)  What are the odds of having both the low net and low gross winners on my team. Scared me. LOL It was exceptionally nice to see George as we hadn’t had a chance to get together for a couple of years. This year when in Lethbridge I will make a point to contact him to play a round at Henderson’s.


Sandy “Low Net Winner”


Ian ” Low Gross Winner”

















Bob’s bed cap latch broke trying to get it up so it will need a couple of parts. They are available but not specific enough to order without a phone call. I will help him get this fixed.

We have an invite for supper at Fred’s place tonight which should be fun. Hopefully a crib game or marble game will be played. I need a win after a poor billiard performance and a not so stellar round of golf.

I see Trump won Arizona big time. It is getting a little more interesting after each state with the delegate count. I guess we just need to stay tuned.

Broke a tooth today. My tongue feels the sharp edges. Perhaps a trip to Mexico maybe in order. I can wait to get back as it has no pain but usually this requires a cap or crown which in Canada is stupid expensive.

Over to Fred’s place for supper and games with Ralph and Tracy. A great noodle chicken dish which was fantastic and filling. A few beer than we moved over to Caesar’s. I like these as they don’t fill you up so much so fast.  After supper we started to play the “Marble Game”. It is a fun board game with colored marbles and is a combo of Chinese Checkers and Trouble. We had the girls against the guys. Have I told you guys my middle is ” Marbles”  The guys wiped the board with the girls, easily finishing the game without any worries. That may be stretching it a bit as they only had one marble left but they were far away from winning. It takes about 2 hours to finish a game but is a fun evening.

First time Jackie got a little tipsy. I had to walk her home. LOL  It is always more fun walking home a ” big Weiner”  The girls will have their chance for retribution another time.

Thought Of The Day

One man’s loss is another man’s gain.

March 24th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 28 degrees Calgary  10 degrees

Jackie went golfing early this morning in her ladies league. Fred picked me up and we headed to the Depot to replace a dimmer switch and get the info on his deck material that they aren’t happy with. Did all of that, picked up Jackie’s drapes and headed back to install the lights and dimmer. Fred worked on it hot again but no shocks this time. LOL

The drapes did not turn out good. I don’t believe the company understands the concept of pleats. Jackie phoned and they promised to redo but I am not sure what her plans are now. I do know that they look much worse than we took them in. Smell good and are dust free though. LOL

Great singing and party

Great singing and party

party 2party 3









Vic & Dianne the lady that is the organizer of the ladies league is an amazing women. First a great organizer but a small ball of energy and wants everyone to have a good time. Vic ordered 6 large pizza’s from Costco for pickup and they were amazing. Bigger than Fat Willy’s, lots of cheese instead of being a flat pizza and only $10 which is 40% cheaper also. Win Win. Amazing that Costco even sells pickup hot pizza’s. The party was fantastic with three people singing in a band with an electric piano , guitar and a singer. They were very good. We then had one of the golfer ladies bring her grand kids and they turned out to be a singer in Calgary for the young Canadians. He was fantastic. He borrowed the ladies guitar and sang a few songs but he broke one of the strings with his method of strumming which was excellent. He was only about 15 years old but very very good at singing and playing. Neat people to sit around and have fun with.

Came home from the party full and sat down and watched American Idol which again has amazing singers on it. I think Dalton and Mackenzie will go leaving the two best finalists. It will be anybody’s call but I am hoping for Trent to win. I think he will be more original and current than La Porcha. I have always liked this show.

The pizza, sitting and beer caught up to me and I need to get rid of a couple of pounds. Two days max if I am careful. Beer can do that to you fast as we don’t consider the liquid calories.

Thought of the Day

I often have wondered about this. I believe intelligent people think faster, hence they have sloppy writing.

March 25th

“Mercury Forecast ”   Mesa 28 degrees  Calgary  7 degrees

Jackie was up and early out of the house to head to the gym.  I eased into the morning. Had my Smoothie and then got ready to head to the Mesa market with Fred, Terry, Ralph and Tracy.  Fred and Terry had a few successful buys which is good. Ralph & Tracy came out empty handed which is good will power considering what is there to buy. Jackie and I will go back just before we leave to pick up a couple of metal flowers we want. The pricing will be good as some vendors are closing up for the summer.

Fred & Terry had a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory. This is an awesome place with their décor and with a 50 page menu. Great food with as usual large portions. We will be back it was that good.

Helped Fred & Ralph fix up a few things. Had a few more beer on the deck and it was time to head home. Had a light supper that made us stuffed  and relax on the deck. The bird now has 9 eggs in her make shift nest. But we have a feral cat coming around that could be an issue. We will need to watch this closely to help out the birds. I hate cats, any types of cats !

The day flew by with the market, eating out and the after/before party.  Too much food, too much booze and not enough hours in the day.

Thought of the Day

On a tee at the market: ” Even a fish knows to keep his mouth closed to stay out of trouble “

March 26th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 32 degrees  Calgary 8 degrees

First most important thing today is that it is Jessica and Victoria’s birthday today. Our little girls are now the ripe old age of 33 years old. Time sure does fly by. It is neat experience though to see a child grow up and watch their lives fold out. See their decision making and have them experience a lot of new things each day. We are very proud of girls and who them have become. There are totally different people yet being twins are very much alike. Interesting to see ourselves in them.



3 months old

3 months old

20 years old

20 years old


It is a little scary when you think about how much time has gone by so fast. I don’t think there is anything better than holding a young baby, playing with a young child and teaching them new things. You always hope they will turn out to be great people when the are all grown up.  We are so happy to have been successful in that. Your welcome world !


Have a wonderful 33rd Birthday !!  We Facebook Video Messaged them first thing in the am. I have a plan we get home to “scare” Jackson when Victoria brings him home. A little scare is a great way for him to get excited to see us and us him.

Jessica & Victoria 33 years old

Jessica & Victoria 33 years old

Got ready in morning to head out to Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf course. This is one amazing golf course with over 114 deep sand bunkers on it. Every green is protected and sided with them. They are in the fairway right where most people’s drive lands. It is a very difficult course as our scores indicated. My partners today where George, Todd and Greg all from Lethbridge. George is a 8 handicapper, Greg is a 18 and Todd was a 12. Greg and Todd both shot a way over 100. A typical score for a 12 handicapper would be 84 about 50% of the time. I don’t feel bad about having my the highest score of the year , (stayed under 100) , when I looked at everyone else’s score also. A few times playing the course the score would be less as you get to know where to land but I struggle with consistent drives. One game 15 good ones next round 6 slices that kill the score.  Ian one of our group which is a great golfer scored a 69. I would love to shot that low.dunes Here is a picture of one green. The government of the USA should learn from this course as well as they protect their greens.

Very nice course, lot of fun and even with a higher than normal score a lot of fun.

On our return we were invited to Bob & Pat’s place for an Easter dinner. We were joined by Ian & Gail from across the street. Pat is an amazing cook and prepared for us a full Easter dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, ham, dressing, carrots, salad. Pat makes a homemade mustard that is fabulous on the ham. It was a perfect meal and much appreciated, It was a fun evening with the group listening to the stories.  Besides the awesome tasting homemade mustard Pat’s dressing was exceptionally good. There are only a few people that make dressing the way I like and her receipe is very similar to my Mom’s one with the spices and ingredients. Special thanks to Pat.  Bob brought out his scotch for Ian later in the evening. Ian’s last name is Mackenzie so he has to drink scotch. I stayed away from that.

You sure can’t beat living in the sunshine, sharing an amazing meal, golfing with some nice people and sitting around having fun on the deck.   Love it !

It’s too bad the world is so missed up. Between the wrong people leading the different places and the aggressive misbehavoiur of certain radical groups the world isn’t really a safe world anymore. Hopefully somehow we can dig ourselves out of this hole.


Spying, tracking, big brother,

I was reading an article on RFID technology.  This advanced chip that is going to become more  prominent in our daily lives is a little scary. The NEXUS card is the most common place we use it today. Certain other companies like Gillett are examining it as a way to track sales, usage etc. For those that aren’t aware it is a Radio Frequency IDentification  chip. Each tiny chip is hooked up to an antenna that picks up electromagnetic energy beamed at it from a reader device. When it picks up the energy, the chip sends back its unique identification number to the reader device, allowing the item to be remotely identified. Spy chips can beam back information anywhere from a couple of inches to up to 20 or 30 feet away today and with enhancements satellites will be using it to allow tracking across the world .Unlike a bar code, which the manufactures are trying to sell it as, these chips can be read from a distance, right through your clothes, wallet, backpack or purse — without your knowledge or consent — by anybody with the right reader device. In a way, it gives strangers x-ray vision powers to spy on you, to identify both you and the things you’re wearing and carrying. Unlike the bar code, RFID could be bad for your health. RFID supporters envision a world where RFID reader devices are everywhere – in stores, in floors, in doorways, on airplanes — even in the refrigerators and medicine cabinets of our own homes. In such a world, we and our children would be continually bombarded with electromagnetic energy. Researchers do not know the long-term health effects of chronic exposure to the energy emitted by these reader devices. This technology is rapidly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Now RFID spy chips can even be printed, meaning the dot on a printed letter “i” could be used to track you. In addition, the tell-tale copper antennas commonly seen attached to RFID chips can now be printed with conductive ink, making them nearly imperceptible. Companies are even experimenting with making the product packages themselves serve as antennas. 

I think any kind of tracking device should be avoided. I will avoid getting a Nexus card and will ensure to boycott as many products that use this technology for as long as possible. It is bad enough the GPS system for Google etc on our phones is on place. It is not right for our freedom and privacy to be invaded this way. The worst part is people are doing it knowingly by applying for a Nexus card or setting their phone to allow access to their location.

Ask a truck driver if they like being tracked ( location, speed, stops, driving time etc) as they were the first with a manual tettle tell tape and now GPS. Track a sales rep to see the call time, his amount of calls etc is coming.

Think about Google when you looked up ” Sweaters”. Every page you check out a new page a sweater pop up appears. You get an email with a special on sweaters. SPYWARE.  They track and see what your habits and likes are they send you info based on that knowledge.

Think about the GPS system now in every new car. Someone knows EXACTLY where you are every moment you are driving.

Perhaps we should issue a card with RFID to every ISIS member. LOL


Thought of the Day

We always have loved spying. Remember the game ” I spy with my little eyes “

March 27-29th

“Mercury Forecast” Mesa 29 degrees Calgary  9 degrees

Though I would throw in a picture of the two of the best looking kids there are in this world. Our two grandsons.

August at 8 months old

August at 8 months old ( Dressed for Easter)

Jackson 4 years old

Jackson 4 years old( Dressed for Easter)


We are so lucky to have these guys. Not only are they the best looking and smartest they are ours. We can spoil them, love them, play with them and return them to their Mom’s. Can’t beat grandkids for that.  They are both growing so fast. We will stop in Lethbridge on our way home and see Jackson on our return in about 2 weeks. The big scare is coming Jackson you better watch out as you will never guess when it will happen. I will get you.

We headed to Fred & Terry’s place for Easter supper today. Again a fantastic meal with a huge ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, salad etc. It was wonderful tasting and a very enjoyable day/evening.  They seem to make it look easy to have a big meal. After supper we decided to play the “Dice” game. Another fun game. Ralph, Tracy, Shelby, Fred, Terry, Jackie and I.  I didn’t win as like in the game trouble you need the exact amount to get out and that just didn’t happen. Terry won one game and Ralph the other. Tracy cooled Fred down with a cool splash of wine at the table. Some very unique bottles of wine were there. I mean the shape of the bottles were neat.  Jackie may of had a bit to much wine as she woke with a headache.

Shopping this morning, went to Costco and picked up a few things. We have to start watching our food now so we eat up all we have rather than throw it away or give it away. Picked up a great sand bucket kit to throw in the motorhome for camping with kids. I like it too.

Fred booked a campsite at the Old McDonald Farm the same time we are there so Kate & Scarlett and Jackson can have fun on the rides together. Should be a fun time.

I checked out the binding options at Staples and decided they are all to expensive for my block directory so I went with small rings. I borrowed the hole punch from the office and it took me a long time to punch 900 cards as you could only punch three at a time as they are quite thick. I emailed a couple of units to get the final one’s completed and then I will be done. I worked on this all afternoon.

Very windy outside and the curtain blew all night outside which made quite a noise. Hopefully the Quail didn’t mind it to much.

Had a wonderful supper of Ham steak, hash browns and eggs. I love breakfast anytime of the day.  Bob convinced me to add water when cooking an egg in a frying pan and sure enough it does wonders in cooking the egg. The moisture seems to cook the egg better and faster.

Watched the Voice on TV tonight and few other shows and called it a night. With the curtain noise we didn’t sleep all that well.

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 19 degrees  Calgary 12 degrees

First day in a long long time Jackie didn’t get up early and head to the gym. Also the first cool day since January with it only hitting 20 degrees today. We have a golf game booked later this afternoon so hopefully less wind and a little more sunshine. Off the bank to deposit some money and off to the office to return the punch.

The day turned out quite nice. The wind subsided and the sun shone a little brighter. Jackie and I were not hooked up with anyone so it was a fun golf time. We both played very well. About the 12th hole here we see Ralph playing with two women. Correction playing golf with two women. We bugged him a bit as in the morning we were told he was going shopping with Tracy and Shelby. Turns out he decided to golf instead. Too bad Ralph didn’t get a hold of us so we could have been together. I don’t think Ralph carries a phone with him. I am sure he had a fun time with the two ladies.

I thought it was going to be another great round but had a two hole hiccup. Ended up with a 82 and Jackie a 101. I had 6 birdie putts I missed. I had 10 pars. Darn 18th hole got me.  I very nice fun day.

Got news we have another unit joining us for our long weekend golf trips. Amanda and Jason have bought an RV and will be coming out to Whistlestop in May with us. They will thoroughly enjoy it I am sure. I love these May and Sept long week golf trips. I will send a notice out to everyone April 2nd with a reminder and details. Looking forward to it again and great for Amanda and Justin to join in their own unit.

Weiner water soup and a drink for supper then off to the billiard hall for another night of fun.

I turned out I had Pat again as my partner. We ended up playing reasonably with a over 500 record so no complaints with that. She was awesome again sinking the black ball or the ball before to give us a chance. There was only one team that went undefeated. John a very good player and Carol a good player just had a little to much skill and luck for anyone to take a game from them. That happens the odd time we you combine to good players together. I really enjoy billiard couple night as it is a different thing to do and lot’s of fun. It is also nice to see everyone getting a little bit better.

To the deck for a couple and then to bed as we have the early morning Wednesday rise for golf.

Thought of the Day

Imagine waking up early every day so you can get to bed early that evening. Most of the older people that wake up early have a day nap or are in bed by 9 or 10pm. Why ?

March 30-31st

Time is flying. I finished my investigation into tires. Most people including myself as I saved 50% last time by driving to Great Falls would believe tires are cheaper in the USA. NOT ANYMORE ! Check any store or any webpage and if you are buying BRAND name tires Canada in most cases is less expensive. I was going to put on a new pair before retuning home this year and after doing a lot of work found out I can get the tires for about $240 less in Canada for the exact sizing and brand. You have to add a 8 % state tax plus a 5% GST at the border and use a 30% exchange factor. Use the CDN cost with a 5% GST and tires are less in Canada. So I have decided to order and have them ready for me on arrival. A sale ends on this brand both in the USA and Canada April 3rd. The store will hold them for me to arrive to install them.  1/32 second outside wear is not desirable but is livable. I increased the air pressure as the centres have 4/32 left. I would never have guessed the change but I like it.

Up early and Bob drove Merv and I to the Whirlwind Golf Course. MY playing partners today were my friend George from Lethbridge, and auctioneer from Ft McLeod and our captain a farmer from Brandon. George played fantastic today recording a 79 on a very difficult course. My other team mates and myself played reasonably well. I would say well except I had three holes with balls in the desert. Take and change the three holes to boogies I would have been around 82 or 83. Still not disappointed. I had three fun games with George which was great, very enjoyable and just like old times. Our team even won  money again so what more can you ask for.

Had a phone call to Marshall this weekend which is great. I talked to the new contact guy and let him know I will not be returning until about April 13th. I am looking forward to doing this again. He said they have a full tee sheet with it being 19 above tomorrow and 20 above on Saturday. Good for them.

After golf I relaxed a bit and had a couple of beers with Bob & Pat. Jackie booked us a golf game for Sunday afternoon which will be great  with them. I will need to find a way to throw Bob off his game a bit. LOL

We had Fred & Terry over for supper as Terry was leaving to go home in the morning. Time sure does fly. It only seems like she was here for a couple of days. I BBQ’d a pork loin roast and potatoes and as luck would have Pat made some homemade brown beans that she gave us. The beans were amazing as they were 10 times better than out of a can.  Supper turned out wonderful, we had few drinks and talked, printed off the boarding pass and it was a fun night. We will see them on the May long weekend. Fred when he dropped off Terry picked up Mel who will be here for a few days before they head.

A cold front dropped by so we were only hitting 20 degrees today. The perfect time to caulk outside. I did the whole west side of the house. Caulked every window and batten board as the caulking was shrinking. It lasted for 8 years so no complaints. The new stuff has a 30 yr warranty on it and is silicone so we should be all set. Nice to do it in the warmth instead of the dead heat on the west side building.

Jackie and I went to Dilliards Clearance centre. I ended up coming out with three pairs of shorts and two golf shirts. Jackie only bought baby clothes. I bought good quality golfing shorts for $12 a pair and excellent polo shirts for $20. Amazing deals. Like Jackie said you can be overwhelmed. I like that kind of shopping. Stayed away from all of Salman, peach, lime, baby blue etc. You can tell it is clearance as that was the bulk of the colors without having to really search in the store. I did good though with blue, khaki, and one yellow.

Just relaxing today and then watching American Idol. Most likely go tot he Mesa Market tomorrow to pick up our flowers we want to bring home.

Thought of the Day

The magic thing about home is it feels great to leave and even better to return. Only a few more days left in paradise.






8 thoughts on “MARCH 2016 Two full years of retirement bliss

  1. Jessica

    Omg this line dance convo is hilarious. Penny just said ‘ awww Larry is So cute, he’s talking about how line dancing isn’t manly and he writes a blog’ hahahahaha also pen wants you to know that was a joke Cuz she loves your blog, and Tor, your Hawaii experience sounds like something straight from a movie!!!!

    1. larrywi Post author

      I must ask you to remember that every famous author/writing was/is a man. It is considered extremely manly to write. Even the bible was written by men. But is line dancing manly. NOT. It was invented as a social function for single women, and older women without partners. It is done in C+W dance halls but is NEVER danced by a cowboy or even anyone that would consider themselves manly in the least. It is good for there to be women things and men things. Line dancing is a woman’s thing. Please never let August dance this format. Now Victoria’s Hawaii situation. I agree it had to be a movie set from some kind of Flash Dance remake for the Navy to line dance, or they could have just been on the dance floor trying to find their sea legs and she thought they were line dancing. You wouldn’t want those guys protecting us as they may skip out of the way and run away from the situation they are in.LOL

  2. Victoria

    hahah Would you call Corey less of a man if I told you he loves line dancing!!!? lol
    When we were in Hawaii, we went to a little hole in the wall bar and while we were just sitting there enjoying the music and our drinks, around 50 Navy Seals walk in with their Wives/Girlfriends, all in uniform (very SHARP) and suddenly this catchy country song comes on. They all stopped what they were doing, rushed onto the dance floor and did the most amazing partner line dance Corey and I have ever seen, accompanied by loud ‘Hoo ahhs’ that they would chant like they do in the Navy. Nothing ‘un-manly’ about that. It was awesome!!!

    1. larrywi Post author

      You are a sick women to corrupt a good man like Corey. I am sure Corey DID NOT tell his group of friends about his small indiscretion. Yes I will struggle thinking of him up on the floor pushing his tush and tapping his heel and toe.LOL I am afraid I can never attend a dance with you guys as I will be fearful of a break dancing routine happening. You understand cabin fever and it’s affect on men. These soldiers were experiencing a delusional disorder common to high stress and isolation from others. The emasculation they experienced could negatively impact the US Navy for years until they find a way to regain their manhood again. I repeat NO MAN should be caught Line Dancing. It was created for single women and old women so they have a chance to dance as the female version of human kind desires the feeling of togetherness and enjoyment from movement much different from a man.

    1. larrywi Post author

      You are a girl so you are allowed to dance. Even though i still wonder why line dancing? .Call it line exercise and it makes more sense. Plse don’t tell me Jim joins you.

      1. larrywi Post author

        Thanks, I remain with no guy I know line dancing. That was close. Call it linearize not dancing. It is one of those things that drive me crazy and many other men I know when a gaggle of women get up and line dance. It was invented to appease the single woman, and or the young or older women without a boyfriend or a male friend that refuses to dance. The women love it but every male hates the dance and cringes when it is starting to be played. As a exercise I think it would be good. Sort of like other dance/exercise routines. I thought it would die a slow death like the chicken dance but as so many women versus men like to dance it has hung around a lot longer than we would like. Linearize all you like.


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