January 2023

Jan 1st -2nd

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -7 degrees, Calgary -4 degrees Mesa 13 rain “

And we are off to another year. Hopefully everyone had a fun safe NYE. A good start to the year with rain here today which Mesa desperately needs due to drought for years, The Flames ahead of the Oilers in the NHL standings, Canada in the World Junior playoffs and with great expectations are off and running.

I never make resolutions as they are a set up for failure, but I do make wishes that are real and could happen and I do make dreams that I know won’t happen unless something very lucky occurs. We will see how this year works out.

The most rain I have seen for a long time in Arizona. It basically rained all day. While mild in temperature, cool with the breeze and rain coming down.

I have one eavestrough I have to check out why no water is running out of when it gets better out.

I had to reset my timer (rain issue perhaps) and my lights stayed on all night. This morning I discovered the knob was turned all of the way the wrong way. Good light to see in makes a huge difference.

We watched a couple of great movies last night.

Both of us got Wordle in 4. I really enjoy this game, but some words just cause issues. You get a vowel in an odd spot it throws you.

I worked on my 2022 budget to complete it. Needless to say, no surprise it was higher than expected but not really unexpected as we hadn’t planned the Disney trip early last year. December was the highest expense month since we retired but it was also one of the most fun as having the kids here and Disney was exceptional. Being 20% over my target number isn’t ideal but we are still young, and I do not want to miss out any adventures now, as time goes fast, and health or age issues hit people. If I have a lot of money in the bank and am not able to use it that is pretty dumb. I just need now to set up my 2023 numbers including knowing we have a cruise in June to pay for. Takes me a bit to set up my sheets as I do not pay for a new budget each year but instead save and drop the data to create a new one. My pirated version.

Time is flying with only 151 days before we set sail.

Jan 3-4th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -2 degrees, Calgary 1 degrees, Mesa 20 degress”

My first golf game of 2022. With the kids here and getting things done it has been 2 weeks without playing. I started off semi ok on the front nine with a chance to break 80 and ended up over 90 with the back nine killing me. Too many errors and mistakes not losing one ball just missed putts and poor shots.

We as a team had many great chances but were out by one shot on every triad. I played with a young guy today that was amazing. He scored a 73 but as most poeple know that play with me I hit longer than most others. This kid was out driving me by 30 to 50 yards on some holes. Wonderful to watch how good he was. I only wish. But it was a fun day with two Americans and one guy from Warman SK. I will do better next time.

Just one quick political note. The US and Canada are in a mess. Biden is a joke of a President, Harris is an idiot only surpassed by Trudeau. The cause of increased world tension and economic upheaval. Daneille Smith is performing great which is nice to see. Enough said.

The USA/Canada was great. I feel for the US a bit with two goals called back which I would say were a little iffy but that is the game. Great playing and now only one more to win. We are all waiting in anticipation for that tomorrow. The east coast is a great place for celebratory hockey. GO CANADA GO

We have arranged to remove the Christmas lights from the block on Sunday which should take a few hours a lot of ladder climbing. I hope everyone has their storage plan in place. Icicle lights can get tangled quite easily if not correctly placed away. I have a couple of volunteers so will be ok. Sunday is the day after Ukraine Christmas which was our original celebration date on the original Julian Calendar. Back to fruit trees for decorations.

The kids and grandkids are all settling back into routines which is good.

My Viewpoint Golf group is struggling with golfers as we have some members that are also league players, some have gone home and are not back yet, injuries and sickness and other commitments that happen. I think by mid-January we should be back to full swing. I know even my Wednesday league is running around 24 instead of our normal 40 people.

I have to send out another invite request of confirmation for the May Long as supposed “tech” people haven’t responded yes or no. I paid the $600 deposit already and have to calculate based on the number of units how much for each. If we don’t have enough units, I will need to cancel.

Thought of the Day

Forget 1812. Canada just defeated the USA again !!

Jan 5th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton -2 degrees, Calgary -3 degrees, Mesa 19 degrees”

First even though warm it did not feel like 19 as it was cloudy.

Today was Jackie’s first golf game of 2023. She says she had a good game and lots of fun so you can’t ask for anything more than that. Her brakes don’t work on your pushcart anymore and I can’t buy the parts for them anymore but she says it is fine. Might have to check out the marketplace. I like the kind that folds up small.

12 years ago today Dad passed away. As I have always said he was a wonderful Dad and one of the smartest people I have ever known. Jack of all Trades to the extreme. Knowledgeable in so many things. He built by himself three homes one using hand tools only as there was no power run yet to the lot. He could figure out how many yards of gravel of cement for area just like that, use a micrometer to and measure to the 1/100th of an inch on his lathe. He wired and plumbed his housing. Could rebuild anything and was a very good carpenter. He was self-taught with most things. I learned a lot from this man and miss him every day as I could make a phone call and figure most anything I needed.

A wonderful USA versus Sweden game. Fun to watch the wrong team win but it was a great game. Now Canada has to do their thing.

Do their thing and they did. A little scary but pulled it off which is impressive to say the least that Canada has been in the golf final game 20 out of 28 times. It was a fun game to watch.

I filled up the propane tank again today as the evening temperatures are cool. Saying that even the day time temps are cooler than normal with it only getting to 17 or 18 again. In Calgary we love those summer temps but here I expect more. LOL

Golfing on Wednesday it was funny and odd as the two Americans with us disliked the Quebecer’s as much as the majority of western Canadian’s. So many places we have been where the Quebec population is disliked. Florida, Mesa and any location where they gather. It is the rudeness, arrogance, entitlement and attitude that follow them. I love the culture, the food, the history but as a ” people” they need to change. Even in Paris we had a bad experience from driving, poor food, rudeness and attitude plus throw in a rat running around in the restaurant. In Maine USA same issue as we were traveling on a sail ship and the other guests not knowing we were from Canada and they were going on and on about the Quebecers. Love the city of old Quebec though. I would love to speak French as it is a nice language and I have met and know some fabulous individuals from Quebec, but it is a generalization like a lot of our perceptions.

Thought of the Day

Puck -er up. Life is better when we hockey stick together. “Hockey is our winter ballet and, in many ways, our only national drama other than our Prime Minister”

January 6th to 8th

Finally, some nice days hitting 20 degrees plus with sun and no wind. Just lovely. Some lower key days getting some things done and planning a few things.

Jackie had her ladies golf league and wore shorts, so you know it is heating up. I fixed up her cart and off she walked. On golf day I bet she makes 10K steps easy. I know at Disney she was surpassing 20K step per day. She had a great day and played quite well.

I had my Viewpoint league and met a new guy that joined our group from Washington. One of the few guys that is taller than I so I found it odd having to look up. Great golfer with a natural draw. Low handicapper. I played quite well, no slices but many many missed putts. That is what makes VP a tough course is the slanted greens. Ending up with a mid 80’s score I hate as it should have been a low 70’s. I ended up being low net of the group and our new guy was the low gross beating me by 4 strokes. Today Ron treated us to Fat Willy’s. Awesome JUGS of beer, onion rings and great chicken wings. Love it !

Groceries, moving things, watching Junior Hockey, watching golf, talking to neighbors, going for walks in the sun, golfing, games, a social network all make for a fun life.

We had a nice visit with Troy, Jen and the kids that are staying at Fred’s place and leaving to Disney Land. Man does time fly by. These kids are growing like weeds. That is always were you notice the biggest difference.

We have watched two great movies one on Netflix and one on Prime . You just don’t about a show until you actually see it. Nice thing if you don’t like it is easy to switch to a different one. Forgiven with Sandra Bullock was excellent.

Christmas take down today. I will start early to avoid the midday heat. I got lucky with a lot of help and it went 100 times easier than I thought. All 30 signs put away for the year and all of the lights taken down. A good day.

The signs came apart perfectly and using a pole with a hook worked like a charm. All done for another year. I really like dour final product and display and the street participation was awesome. We need a block party to congratulate everyone on a job well done.

What a golf game today to watch. Sitting on the patio is awesome watching it. To lose a tournament that you were leading by 7 strokes is unheard of. Rahm is amazing and Colin will need a confidence builder for next week. LOL Pretty good golfing to be minus -27.

Thought of the Day

Whoever said nothing is impossible never tried slamming a revolving door

January 9th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -2 degrees, Calgary 6 degrees. Mesa 22 degrees “

Up early this morning as my Men’s grouping had an 8am tee time. It was cool starting off the first few holes but then turned glorious with the bright sun ending up at 21 degrees by 11:30 am.

We finished golfing today in less than 3 1/2 hours which is amazing not being held up on any hole. Another fun group today with some regulars and a few guys that joined us this year. Today we had a gentleman that was 86, another 81 and one at 80 in our group. All of them played very well and scored quite good. I had a semi good game but missed too many putts (which is expected on this course with its difficulty) and a whack of fun golfing and enjoying the morning sunshine and golfer’s company.

Viewpoint has raised their pricing and for a non-resident now in my opinion is just wrong. It is NOT a $100 a round golf course. In Canada dollars that is $140. They are busy enough with residents that they are pushing others away. Be careful as that may come back and bite you.

A after golf gathering at Denis’s place was fun. It was funny when Kirk says, ” Two guys pull up, one in a Benz the other in a Bentley and they don’t like the green fees” That is how they got successful, but it was funny, and they are correct.

A fun adventure in paradise and another interesting day

Fred & Terry along with Tim came over for a game night. We had fun with the Dice game which is always fun. No 6 of a kind for anyone but some pretty big numbers went up.

Then onto Uno99. I love this game. I was pretty lucky with this one. Another fun game .

Warm sun, great golf partners and game, and a fun games night.

Got to love Arizona.

Thought of the day

Live your life for today as tomorrow is not promised.

January 10-12th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton -8 degrees, Calgary 5 degrees Mesa 20 degrees”

December was the coldest month in Phoenix in 28 years. We are so spoiled thinking that 15 to 20 degrees is cold. Today it hit 22 degrees and Friday 24 degrees.

Wednesday, I had my men’s league at Aquilla. I golfed quite well except for the 9 3 putts. Highest score of the year at 93 ONLY due to putting. Not one lost ball. I guess if I could chip closer it would remove the pressure off the putts but i still blame putting. I know my glasses affect me but I have to live with them. So today I am revisiting an old putter for golf tomorrow to see if it changes anything. I (we) have 4 extra putters so hopefully one will be magic. In the 70’s for a score tomorrow it will be the putter. Viewpoint does putt hard with the slope though. Having the ugly score, I killed it and my team did some holes. There are 6 TRIADS paying money and our team won two of them paying out $70. Yahoo. I feel bad as it is like a participation metal and not deserved. Oh well I can get past that easily.

Some sun tanning in the backyard with Daisy. Fixing the odd thing and a very nice visit with Troy & Jen along with their kids at Fred’s place.

The kids had a wonderful time at Disneyland with the only complaint the walking amount. They are heading back home on the 12th. They had a fun Arizona visit along with the happiest place on earth. My only concern about the whole group is that their dog (named Larry) was left at home.

Jackie booked her flights back to Calgary and I extended my insurance, so all is good. I need Victoria to pick up my new driver’s license and parcel post priority to me when it arrives at the registry on 130th.

I have a material list for my fence and gate and will start that very soon.

Two BBQ suppers in a row are awesome. I love cooking at eating on the deck. With the Christmas lights down, it is darker outside so I think I will order some bright white rope lights to lighten it up for games etc.

Two times now I have seen Tim Hunter from the Flames on the course. He owns a place here in the park. Many good fights with Dave Semenko in his history. Still a bug guy but “chicken legs” that are in rough shape.

Thought of the Day

Just once, I want the prompt for username and password to say, “Close enough.

January 13th FRIDAY the 13th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -11 degrees, Calgary 10 degrees, Mesa 24 degrees ( 75 )”

The weather sure isn’t bad luck as it was an exceptional hitting. Not a cloud in the sky, no wind and warm sun is like wonderful.

We had two groups golfing today and the consensus was we all sucked. It was just a bad day for just about everyone except for Ron Payne. There were poor shots, bad shots, missed putts, three putts etc.

Ron had his “normal” score and did have one birdie and missed a back-to-back birdie by one roll of the ball.

The scores were higher for everyone. Still a lot of fun, had to pay Ron some money and great weather to play in. It was nice.

The group came over to my place for a after gathering to discuss the poor shots and scores.

Here is a link to help understand how the 13th become unlucky.


Thought of the Day

Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.

January 14th to 16th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -2 degrees, Calgary 0 degrees, Mesa 15 degrees.”

Well, we thought December was a cooler than average month here in Mesa and it was being the coldest in 28 years. Yet still shirt and sun weather with the odd rain day but the streak is continuing. January has been unusually cold and the ten day looks like no improvement.

The average for this time of year is 20 degrees and we are sitting around the 12 to 15 range. Two things, first I hope this helps those people stuck at home in the snow feel better and second, I am sure glad we changed it from Global Warming to Climate Change to make it sound more real. All I can say it is definitely cool out there.

No golf today with the rain and the same with tomorrow. Wednesday golf at a 14-degree high and starting at 8am you know it will only be about 6 to 8 degrees then. Love the fact I can golf but sure wish it would hurray up and get warm. A funny year as Alberta other than Dec has received a very warm winter. (the cold is still coming) and we have overall had a very cool year. I am getting spoiled, and 14 degrees now is considered COLD.

We had a fun billiard night with Russ & Carol on Saturday night. We have about 20 tables and we were the only ones in the room. It was Carol & I against Jackie & Russ. Very close games but Jackie & Russ took the win with a 4-3 games victory.

You know how when people get old the risk of a fall is greater ? Inner ear, balance, sight and strength coupled with stupidity as they think they can do things they shouldn’t cause these, and they are potentially life changing when old. My dear Jackie is strong, great balance, and good eyesight yet she crashes on the pavement walking the dog. Cuts her hand, bruises and cuts her elbow and smashes her hip and knees. Luckily no major damage but still had to hurt big time. Surprised me and I bet her. Here are the oddities of the fall. It was evening so dark, it was on flat ground, it was dry pavement, one small hole in the asphalt that may have been the factor. She wrecked a perfect pair of pants. But we are lucky in a few days, maybe more for the hand to scab over she will be good to go. We all have to be careful.

Daisy has had her walks although missed a few due to rain. She loves the park and meeting people and dogs. Jackie has to know by name at least 20 dogs and their owners.

We are getting full now in our golf group as people have returned which is good. I still have to comment ( I hate complainers) on the booking system. They have a 7-day program which means while I am golfing on Friday, I have to phone to book for next Friday while golfing. I CANNOT even fathom how a manager can be so stupid to think this works. Change it to 8 days or 6 days and stop the problem. Dumb!

As soon as weather gets better I have few projects to work on. I am going to build a mini fence for the dog along the westside so when we are on the back patio she can run between the patios and house and not get away. I am going to build a patio gate semi-permanent on the front patio for looks and function. I need to paint the east side of the house and clean out the eaves. If i did nothing but these projects, it would be done in about 2 weeks. I also have to fit in my fishing at Saguaro Lake.

Bad luck for a few people. Tim, Freds brother wife and grandkids have come for a visit, and it seems every time they come it is cold out. They should make it Feb/Mar as the chances of warm weather are pretty good then. Fred also has his other daughter here this week with the same poor weather. Darn.

Thought of the Day

Happiness is not having to set the alarm clock

January 17th to 19th

“Mercury Forecast – Colder than we like but still short and shirt weather in the sun. Alberta is getting warmer than normal temps but will end very soon as a record Siberian low is making it’s way towards Canada. Wait until next week.”

Low key days. Still having a blast doing things.

Today is my brother’s birthday. Alfred hits the ripe old age of 69 years old. Hard to fathom but he is really old now.

I couldn’t have had a better big brother growing up. Gave me lots of help with cars, free goods like exhaust and tires, and saved me from a beating by another kid. As kids we never once had our own bedroom as we shared one until the day he left home.

I had my men’s league today. It was a struggle for my whole team. Needless to say, we did not win any money. Darn. I had an off day with poor everything but more pleased with the putter. Just stupid mistakes taking a 7 and 8 on two holes combined with more boogies than wanted. That is golf but it was funny as the whole group struggled. I could say it was because it was cool, and I had layers on or getting up before 7am etc but it was just poor shot making.

Fred & Terry picked us up along with their daughter Amanda and her fiancée Jay and we headed to TOPGOLF. We all had a blast. I was impressed with Jay’s golf swing as he had some great hits. I threw down a buck bet on the farthest drive but disappointing to me I lost. One shot each and I hit the mat just before the ball. I loved the place, but they need longer tees. They were a way to short for a driver. Jay beat me !

The games are fun. Amanda won the Angry Birds which I relate to bowling with the bumpers up and I won the target shot game.

Everyone had a blast. Then off the Keys for UNO99. It came down to Jay and me for the win and AGAIN Jay takes the bell. I will play him at PineRidge to redeem myself.

Another great golfing excursion at Aquilla, a fun adventure at TOPGOLF and a fun games night at Fred & Terry place.

Today Jackie got ready, and I drove her to the airport. I stopped at Safeway on my way home to get some “real” food and worked on a few things like a material list for a gate fence I am building.

Daisy knows EVERYONE at the dog park and we were there for at least an hour. One gentleman how owns a dog named Belle is a talker. A very nice guy. Another lady was the “treat” lady. Daisy had at least 4 dogs chasing her so she was heaven. Good thing she is quick and can change directions on a dime as she gets chased down by these giants. She is sleeping now. LOL

Mom had her manicure/pedicure done today in house. It is awesome that a lady has a portable business which works perfect for senior homes.

Now that is relaxed getting your nail and toes all fixed up. I bugged Mom as to why no color. She doesn’t think old people should wear painted nails. I guess when your almost 92 years old it doesn’t matter. I love red nails or French manicure nails. Funny how people think. She enjoyed it.

Thought of the Day

Your call is very important to us. Please enjoy this 40-minute flute solo

January 20th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 1 degree, Calgary 5 degrees Mesa 13 degrees.”

But it is a dry 13 degrees and very sunny. Feels warmer but it is cool in the cart or of a slight breeze.

I still can golf in shorts, so I am ok with the cool spell. You watch in a week we will hit the 90’s and people will be saying it is too hot.

Plenty of things on the go:

  • Updated my Alberta ID program with an expiring license and birthday they made me.
  • Applied for and approved for the Alberta Affordability cheques.
  • Started to and book two stops on our cruise. Hopefully can complete this soon.
  • Picked up the groceries needed for our street potluck on Saturday. I am making my Grandma’s Potatoe Salad
  • Victoria picked up my new license and Jackie has it and texted me the numbers
  • I need to print off our new pink cards.
  • Bought my extra travel insurance so I do not need to travel home. Less money than a flight home so all is good.
  • Booking golf for our group and now that people are back is nice to be full again.
  • Looking after our spoiled brat Daisy while Jackie is away.
  • Finished off my material list and plans for my gate/fence.

January 21st to 25th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 5 degrees, Calgary 7 degrees, Mesa 16 degrees”

First, I have been very busy every day that I have found it hard to fit everything in. Golfing in the cold, golfing in the warmth, gate and fence building and visiting with friends. Lots going on for the last few days that I will combine all in one.

Two full days and one left on the front divider. A few pieces of siding and one more barn board, then paint. I should finish the work and have just the paint left by Thursday evening.

Hilti to the concrete and used thinner stock than the front patio as the cost was unbelievable. The divider plus the small lumber for the side of the house is $600. Sick.

I was invited to Fred & Terry’s for a game night. Amanda was the big winner tonight. No else won except for her !!

I made mashed potatoes along with 1″ thick porkchops and corn for Tim and Fred tonight. Funny though I put bread sticks in the oven and got distracted by picking a movie to watch and they turned a little dark. Semi fail as they were still ok to eat. Great meal. Fred was kicked out of the house as Terry was having a Bunko night with a gaggle of ladies, so we worked all day and watched a couple of movies with the odd drink thrown in.

I golfed with my men’s league and started off with a 39 on the front nine and blew up as my back was too tight after the work we have done for the last few days. Darn ! But we did win $15 so ok just hate to kill a good round. I should have taken a couple of pills. Daisy had a long day being alone as I left the house at 9 am and returned at 6:15 due to frost delay and rush hour traffic. She was fine but very happy to see me. Good dog !

A couple of birthdays today to celebrate. Corey turning 40 years old which is a big day as he now is half dead and Wendy and I may be wrong, but I believe she is turning 65.

I have a feeling Wendy is 65 years old, but I could be wrong. There are so many candles with the bright light I can’t make out the age. I have heard her say the back, hips and knees hurt so she must be. LOL

Arizona this year so far has set a lot of records. This morning it was 3 degrees when I went outside. We have setting cold spell records from years and years ago. Now I will take 13 or 16 degrees and sunny over snow but I would like it to be 20 degrees very soon again like we are used to. You watch Feb will be a scorcher.

January 26th to 29th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -15 degrees, Calgary -14 degrees, Mesa 20 degrees.”

Wow, I have been busy, so busy in fact I haven’t kept current with my blog. Tired at the end of day after golfing or working and watching movies.

I thought it was going to be my day. I played very well for the first 9 holes as did everyone on my team. I ended up with a 39 on the front nine on a tough course especially putting. Then our entire struggled on the back nine. It is like a switch was turned off. Good news though I still won $15. It always seems one bad hole and then recovery becomes an issue. A warm nice sunny day.

Jackie had bought me a new pair pants that I wore golfing the last couple of times. I love them but they kept hurting my back. I finally checked them out, and lo and behold. the dumb little plastic tee for a label were the issue. All fixed !

Terry was having a gaggle of ladies over for Bunko, so Fred came over to get away. We watched two excellent movies.

Thursday was a Depot run, a Harbour Frt run, for some tools, accessories and stock. We worked all day from 9 am to 5 pm. I had Tim & Fred for supper and cooked them bone in 1″ pork chops, mashed potatoes with gravy and the perfect side of sweet corn along with garlic bread. It was a good day of building.

I relaxed but some Volteran on and watched a great movie on Netflix.

An 8 am start for golf today. It was cold out and took at least 4 holes to get “normal”. The desert likes to get cold at night and it takes a few hours of daylight to heat up. Two 20 degrees days in a row coming up but as I said we have had only 5 days at average or above so a very cool month.

Between the Volteran and back pills I drove well. Many 280-yard drives and not one lost ball. Should mean low score but Viewpoint putting and my chipping lack of skill got to me and I ended up high 80’s. Worst part is my playing partners in all three legs sucked. They sucked and cost me money. LOL. A fun day with some nice guys. We went to Ron Sydia’s place for the after golf gathering. Lucky for us Ron made us all wonderful tasting hotdogs for lunch. One benefit of a morning tee time.

I worked on caulking the front gate and putty filling. I also painted the inserts so slowly getting it done.

At the park this morning Daisy had a blast as she had at least 5 of the 10 dogs in the park chasing her around. She is fast but it is her sudden cornering that is her saving grace. She is like the Gretsky in the park weaving and dodging. She was tired.

Fred and Tim helped me with my side fence today. The fence is to allow Daisy to go from the front enclosure to the rear deck with her not being able to escape. It is about 80% done but took all day. It was actually hot working in the sun. First time in 2023 to say that which was awesome. I hope to complete it on Monday.

I worked cleaning up the tools, sawdust and mess outside for a couple of hours and then started in the house as I have to pick Jackie up at the airport in the morning. It was a lot of cleaning, vacuum, wet swifter all of the floors, clean the shower, clean the toilet and sinks, empty trash, fix up the clothes that were on the floor from working and golfing, dump the garbage, return my left-over lumber to the Depot and more general cleanup. I think it will pass.

Daisy was so excited to see Jackie at the airport. She wiggles and kisses like mad. I had to restrain myself as running in slow motion across the airport is so passe. Nice to have her home.

It is Sunday, Jackie just got home, she is tired from being up so early and I am tired of the busyness, so we just relaxed on the patio in the sun with Daisy cuddled up to Jackie.

I am cooking a “Jackie” supper tonight for us.

Thought of the Day

Tip for a successful marriage: Don’t ask your wife when dinner will be ready while she’s mowing the lawn.

January 3oth-31st

Mercury Forecast Edmonton -4 degrees, Calgary -9 degrees Mesa 20 degrees.”

The warmest day of 2023 almost hitting 70 degrees with a few days this week about to also. It was so nice today I actually perspired a bit. An oddity but such a wonderful experience as it was a long time coming.

Today we had a foursome at Western Sky. We usual have 8 on Mondays, 4 on Tuesdays and 8 on Fridays playing. Western Sky is very nice and what I like is the option to play rather than two times a week at Viewpoint at a different course. This course has Red tees that are as long as the Blue tees at Viewpoint. It was a fun day again with fun people. I had 11 pars or better including two birdies but took an 8 on one hole. Darn. Caught in the sand and had trouble. That is the way it goes sometimes.

The picture below is Ron Sydia from Lloyd. Ron hits the ball as long as I do or more but is a little straighter overall.

We stopped after golf for a couple of jugs of beer. Cold beer, frosted mugs, on the patio, in the sun is awesome.

We have most of our gang back and this is the first time for next week I had to make one a spare. I will rotate the spares as needed. Nice to have a full card. If I say so myself, it is a great group of guys ranging from 65 yrs old to 81 yrs old. Most with very similar handicaps. A couple with single digit handicaps.

People today take everything too seriously. Everything today has to be so prim & proper, and politically correct, not hurt anyone’s feelings, which doesn’t allow people to have some fun in life. Jokes, satire, memes are just that and have no real meaning unless you allow them. That is not me and the majority of 40 friends I interact with daily as our goal is to live life and have fun doing it. I have former fellow workers that have exchanged every kind of joke, meme etc between us for over 30 years. I have freinds that do and have done the same for years. A lot of them do not pass the litmus test but everyone knows there are exactly what they are. A cull is required as life is too short not to have fun. Interesting enough Gmail while a great free email service has its issues. I use distribution lists for a camping group, a golf group, Oilers, family group or jokes group. It sets a default email recipient which should remain forever under the label and not add or delete. I use distribution lists as I have over 50 people in my “joke” list and it saves time in sending and I preschedule sometimes a month in advance. But I just discovered if within the contact there are two different emails, and an email is received (not the default from the contact) the distribution list may pick the wrong address. I miss Outlook. I have split any contact with two poeple or two emails listed.

Here is Daisy watching what is going on outside. I say super cute! This keeps her entertained for hours.

I painted the first coat on my gate/fence. Took me 6 hours as it is very detailed with the spindles requiring painting on all four sides. It looks great and I am very happy with it. I will finish up on Thursday while Jackie is golfing. Then I have to start on the side fence. It is great to have smaller projects to get done.

February is FISH month, and Fred & I are going bass and walleye fishing in the mountains. For the cost of a golf game, we can rent a fishing boat all day and have a nice day on the water. Looking forward to that.

We are booked into the Olive Garden for my birthday, and I tried the Keg for Valentine’s Day but they only reserve inside so we will play the first come first serve situation on the 14th.

I need to head to the Dollar store for some Valentines’ decor for outside.

We had a long walk tonight as it was warm out and Daisy loved it. It is amazing how fast she walks.

I have to get up early as my Men’s league out of park starts fairly early. Nice that tomorrow I get to golf with my friend Sandy from Lethbridge. I want to have my best game. He is a great golfer, better than I, but if i play my best, he is a little off and a little luck it will work out.

Thought of the Day

So, you drive across town to a gym to walk on a treadmill