Well it was another weird year. Covid restrictions caused all kinds of restrictions and events to be cancelled or changed. One thing that remained constant was golfing. The VIP golf program is fantastic with us paying in a lot of cases 50% off the rack rate at many different courses. Get togethers, holiday gatherings, birthday gatherings, camping, fishing etc all were affected. Finally late in the year it is starting to get more normal. In retrospect there are a lot more things I would have liked to have done but that is just wishing and that ship has sailed. Overall 2021 was not BAD at all with us having some wonderful times.

Here is a picture capture of what we did in 2021.

Family pictures taken in January were cold.

Kristen Huggett of KMHFORTE photography owned by her, our niece was awesome. She braved the cold and took some amazing pictures of our families

I looked after Jackson for about 6 months after school and Daisy got to bug Hazel every day.

Not only getting to look after Jackson was great but the dogs got extra workouts and play time and had a lot of fun. NHL hockey video games was my favorite thing to do with Jackson. Plus getting fast food lunches each day was great.

The last of the interior condo renovation with the cupboards painted and backsplash done.

Finished off the renovation of the condo with this being the last thing to get done. New painted cupboards, handles and backsplash. A new product allowed an easy way to complete teh tiling and we love it. These tiles set off the look. We painted the entire main area, new flooring through out, new lighting, new furniture, TV and coffee tables, new throw rugs, and a new siding door. A 15K reno but it looks wonderful and feels like home to us.

Get together out at the lot in Feb was very nice

We used our lot numerous times in 2021 for get togethers which made it Covid safe and still was fun.

A wonderful day in the backyard being safe, cold beer, snacks and whipping the girls at dice.
Jeff at Picture Butte . Look how green the greens are. Earliest we have EVER golfed. March 17th

To start golfing March 17th was unbelievable but very much appreciated being stuck in Canada. I golfed this same course the next week solo as my partners both thought it was too cool or windy. My Doppler does not lie and it was a spectacular day golfing

Smallest gathering ever due to COVID. Easter with Jackie & Audrey.

This is what Covid does. A three person turkey dinner is sure easy though. Nice but a few more people would have been nice.

Celebrating Mom’s 89th birthday the Covid way

Having to follow Covid protocols we managed to gather for Mom’s 89th birthday in April outside. Lucky for us to be able and lucky enough that the weather wasn’t really cold.

April 7th started a summer SHE SHED Project

This project took the longest of any project I have ever done. Three hours away, COVID, tool hauling back and forth and limited help it took all summer. I have a picture after completion coming up and there still is stuff to do next year.

Lots of golfing including with Jackson coming along

One of our many golf trips with Jeff & Wendy including this one with Jackson. He golfed with us a few times as were babysitting him. Daisy was along also.

May Long weekend at the Wildlife Discovery Park. AWESOME place !

I thoroughly enjoyed our May Long Weekend trip this year. The weather was cooler but still very livable. The Zoo was exceptional for the kids. Unfortunately Jason’s children and Fred’s grandkids were not able to attend. Zoo visiting, walking with the wolves, seeing close up of lions, tigers and petting camels made for a fun time for adults and kids. First year with the focus more on kids than golf. We even watched a Oiler game on a big screen on the side of a trailer.

Trip to Writing on the Stone Park with Alan & MaryAnn. Wonderful place

Right after the May Long we headed with Alan & MaryAnn down south. This park is unbelievable. Alan injured himself playing Bocci ball and now even 8 months later it is affecting him.

Golfing at Kananaskis with Jeff & Wendy

Lots of fun with the Graces golfing this year and we were lucky enough to golf here twice. Every time a pleasure.

Our 41st Anniversary celebration at the Keg

Covid killed the party but I had a wonderful time with my wife of 41 years on the patio at the Keg. Audrey took care of Daisy for us. Ceaser’s and steak at the Keg CANNOT be beat. And if I have to say myself we still are looking pretty good.

Re stained the deck, trim and fixed everything up for the year

I spent many days out at the lot fixing, making new things and enjoying the space. Midweek it is dead quiet. I will miss our neighbor though that passed away as he was a gem of a guy and fun to have out there.

One of the many golf games Daisy went with us. The perfect neck warmer.

I don’t have a number but I would say Daisy golfed at least 30 games with us this year if not more. Such a good dog and to have two cuties in one cart is special.

Prairie Dogs up and running. Now Coulee Dogs & Dough with a lot of stress involved to get there.

The girls Gourmet Hot Dog truck is a huge success. The product they sell is unbelievably delicious. They had one hiccup in start up with, in my opinion, a moronic craft brewery in Calgary attempting to sue over trademark infringement. Prairie Dog Brewery in Calgary should be ashamed of themselves. It did give me a reason to join Facebook to “fight back” the idiot trolls on social media.

More golf !! Many outings that were fun.

One would think with additional practice one should get better. I checked as of December 2021 versus 2020 I improved my score by only 1 stroke on average. Turner Valley high scores did not help my cause.

Drop in guests are always fun Larry & Anita Geddes

Our Oasis lot is a great gathering spot and it was much appreciated that Larry and Anita stopped by for a visit.

Fun with the kids at Oasis . Birthday get togethers are awesome. Baby Shark Baby Shark

To have a swimming pool, basketball court, horseshoe pits, a golf course and a pond with a beach is a huge bonus for us. And much appreciated and used.

Trip down to Waterton to visit with the girls and enjoy a country fair.

The girls took their truck down to Waterton for a fair. It was a blast. I like country folk. Wait that is me. Of the food trucks in attendance theirs was the busiest by far.

One more planter to build next year and then I will be done. Maybe LOL . Lots of enjoyment from this place.

I had lots of adjustment to make this year with the irrigation system as the resort struggled with pressure and consistency in supply. The lawn , bushes and flowers all flourished this year with the extra care.

Another fun golf outing. Sorry about the sizing but the picture was taken with a Apple phone and we all know the issues with Apple getting a good picture. This was another very fun Kananaskis trip

So lucky with the weather as we had a great day and some good golfing.

The kids and adults have a blast on early Halloween at Oasis

I love this event, the boys love this event and we all have a super time. Lots of candy and lots of drinks for the adults. I made Witch’s Milk, Devils Piss and Heathen’s Brew for shooters at our lot. Great time.

Jackie’s 29th birthday AGAIN on the deck at the Italian Farmhouse

For Jackie’s birthday and due to Covid we decided to use the patio at the Italian Farmhouse. Jeff & Wendy had given us a gift certificate so we put it to good use. Awesome meal, warm enough outside and great company. That is one good looking young couple. Don’t let the lack of or color of hair fool you.

Took me until September to finish it but I think it looks very good.

A 6 month project. LOL BUT it looks awesome and a few tweaks next year it will be ready for a party and fun. I left a task with the girls to complete and that is to install the hurricane hangers on the roof truss which I don’t believe they did so my hopes are that the roof is still on come spring. In Raymond with the wind and the style of roof with a closed in eave the uplift in wind can be huge and potentially remove the entire roof in one big blow. Hurricanes ties remove this threat and are only a 5 min job per rafter. I am positive the girls should get a lot of complimentary comments on the looks.

Golf at Innisfail the nicest central Alberta course there is.

This was a super deal from VIP and I went solo. A great day and I golfed fantastic on a relatively tight course.

All of the cousins at Thanksgiving. Outside gathering to met Covid rules. We had 18 people.

Turkey dinner on the BBQ turned out great. Good food, great to see everyone together done safely and warm enough weather.

Last day golfing October 28th. Golfed 61 times this year which is away down due to no Arizona. Take two old golfing partners and I just about fell asleep watching them bend in and down for balls and tee’s LOL
I found these on Amazon and had to buy them for the girls.
New tree

After being away for 20 months look what happened. A new Palm tree made it’s home in our back space. I am going to keep it . It is a relative of Bob Ferris’s tree next door.

A card game in Arizona where the girls won again.
Covid safe gatherings to watch the CFL were a lot of fun. Sitting outside is nice.

We had three get togethers to watch the CFL in AZ. All were done safe and it was nice to get together .

Done for this year

I finished off my Christmas decoration and I love it. Two sided bear and Noel sign look wonderful at night. Unfortunately our block overall is indecisive and we have no coordinated theme like others. Our end of the block has four homes semi alike with Randy, Dwight and Denis along with ourselves being decorated with a red/ white theme a little bit.

Wonderful pic

Jackie and Daisy with her new bag that works perfect to carry her into stores and on the plane. Daisy likes to look around and is quite content in it.


Our biggest project this year in AZ was working on Fred’s exterior. He had the exterior painted which turned out excellent. We install new soffit skirting around the perimeter, added new eavestrough, made pull out cabinet drawers and added window trim on all exterior windows.. It all turned out looking super. He get lots of comments on it.

Not fun travelling anymore

It is hectic and chaotic to travel nowadays. We had to have a Covid test 72 hours ( strict rules on this), we had to have verification of our vaccinations, submit a Arrive Canada application, fill out a declaration form and have it all in paper form as a backup. Then hope for a flight that isn’t cancelled. Daisy was awesome.

A few Jackson hockey games to watch which is always fun.

I always like to watch kids play . It is entertaining, fun and and they love their grandparents watching them.

Christmas gatherings are the best.
Jackie and the girls in Raymond
Our gathering for Christmas dinner at our place.

Another year gone by. A different year AGAIN. Still a fun year, with some enjoyable times. I am hoping for a much different year in 2022 hopefully with Covid in our rear view mirror. I want to do more fishing, carry on golfing, a way more camping, more gathering and I have few projects lined up.



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