June 2020

June 1st -3rd

Lots of celebrations this month for people and some what if’s that could have happened.

The list consists of:

  • I was supposed to pay for our cruise June 1st but that is cancelled.
  • Kennedy Huggett was supposed to get married. It is cancelled but I am not sure on the actual marriage part as her family has a reputation of keeping things like this secret.
  • It is Jeff & Wendy’s 25th Wedding Anniversary but there does not appear to be any celebration coming up.
  • It is Victoria’s & Corey’s  13th Wedding Anniversary and I haven’t heard of anything happening as of yet.
  • It is Bob Bauche’s birthday. Old
  • It is Jackie & I’s 40th Wedding Anniversary which we planned to cruise but we haven’t really made any alternate plans. I have ideas but it isn’t working and things are limited with this Covid.
  • It is Paul Bortoluzzi’s birthday. Old
  • There is Father’s Day
  • It is Rob McDonalds birthday. Real Old !

The world can be in turmoil but people always have a reason to celebrate and enjoy life.

We had to move both vehicles out of the parking lot as the underground parking was being cleaned. They do an amazing job with this and it makes the space nice with no dust rising. It wasn’t that easy finding a spot on the street as some people had started parking there overnight.

Walmart grocery shopping is get less busy as you can now book a few days ahead which is great. This time they send the order is picked message very early. I arrived right on my scheduled pick up time and my order was loaded three minutes later. Walmart is the best. My only disappointment in everything is the tomato choice as I am fussy with these so I will start getting them myself but will continue with grocery pickup at Walmart due to the ease and excellence in performance.

I worked out at the lot and completely finished the system. I have a less dense filter and everything is working perfect. Hard to tell if the programing is right not being there but I am sure it is set right. This will work wonderful. The timer is one I bought for my underground irrigation system in Shawnessy so it is now 29 years old and still works like a charm. Awesome !

June 3rd

Today’s big event is Jeff & Wendy’s 25th anniversary. It seems like just yesterday. I have a video of the ceremony but I don’t have any pictures. This is years before the cell phone camera was around. Jeff & Wendy had their ceremony at the Lake which is a beautiful place. The idea was to have the ceremony and pictures taken at the top of the hill where the river originates. Here is where things went wrong. Just prior to be married Jeff broke his ankle in a school yard incident and couldn’t walk up the hill. We got lucky as the compound caretaker was around and picked up Jeff in his club cart and took him to the top of the hill. The Justice of the Peace was Nomi Whalen ( wife of the famous Stampede Wrestling announcer Ed Whalen). She was fantastic and Shandi, Jessica, and Victoria received their first convertible car ride from her to the ceremony which they loved. We had a great supper at Caesar’s which is one of my favorite steak places.It was a very nice wedding ceremony and beautiful day. I wish I had pictures.

Being the Silver anniversary I am sure Wendy is going to receive a beautiful gift. There is the 1st, 10th, 25th and 50th anniversaries that have to be celebrated. We had planned to be on a cruise together but that was thrown out by Covid.

Frosted mugs, cold beer and a very good hamburger. That is life ! 25 years later and retired makes for the good life,

Jeff,Wendy,Jackie at Lost Dutchman Mine

Jeff & Wendy at the Red Mountains on our road trip

Jeff & Wendy with us at the Pampa

Wendy & Jeff looking for but not finding their vortex

Pre-celebration at Heatherglen today for Jeff & Grace. I didn’t want to hear about the post celebration.

Thought of the Day 

As long as people accept junk it will be profitable to sell it. BUY good and it will last !

June 4th-5th

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 42 degrees, Calgary 16 degrees Edmonton 15 degrees”

It is a very strange world out there in 2020. We have the news media and social media in particular basically enticing riots across the world. And the younger generation fall for it hook line and sinker. The media has so over reported Covid it is unbelievable and now they are focused on George Floyd riots. Looting, stealing,and violence solves nothing and in fact reinforces the stigma attached to a portion of the population. What the cops did is reprehensible and requires punishment. What I don’t care for is George Floyd was a “BAD guy” having served jail sentences, assault, robbery, firearm charges and drug charges against him and the police officers were arresting him again for another crime. Excessive force and stupidity caused by fear and anger rather than pure racism was a huge factor that is overlooked and never talked about. I hate racism and prejudices and I think as a society we are much more aware of them than ever but the circumstances, the person involved and this incident isn’t as blatant as we are lead to believe.The cop also had a background that was marred with unacceptable behavior. The other cop was Asian so I do not believe racist  motivated. As I have said before we have a under trained police force across the nations that are cops for the wrong reasons. How can a cop get excited sitting at a speed trap hiding and catching the odd person and feel good that they are a revenue generator not a law enforcement vehicle.


As a society we all need to calm down, start thinking for ourselves instead of trusting the media and be real . Don’t judge so quickly and don’t believe everything is bad.

Listen to this black lady below. She speaks the truth that people don’t want to hear. If only the younger generation of all races would start to be a realist like her.


Chantal Moore gets killed by the cops in NB today and is an indigenous lady. Where is Canada’s rage ? A small lady shot 5 times by a cop and hardly makes the news. Again as I have said before a lot of our cops went into the field for power tripping  and ego’s wanting to make up for their bullied childhood. The smart ones rise up thru the ranks the dumb ones stay as traffic or beat cops.

As a society we have lost respect for so many things it hurts. Cops were highly respected until we had bad apples, had cops with attitudes, untrained them and had them become a revenue stream. We had bankers that were highly thought of until extra charges happened, loans being called in early, high interest rates, poor customer service and starting to dress causal which instantly removes any degree of respect. Same thing happened with teachers. Causal dressing trying to fit in with the students does not earn respect. Add to that the fact teachers can’t discipline like they should be allowed to. Most career choices have experienced this decline in respect including even in the building supply industry. I used to take inventory of nails, and doors in a dirty warehouses for customers in a 3 piece suit for years. Maybe a good idea to become more causal but you do lose respect.

Today was a lot cooler than expected. I was very glad to be wearing pants today. It was my Men’s league today and I was teamed up with two very nice gentlemen. No one had a great golf day. I thought I was going to have a decent day taking a 42 on the front nine. The last three holes KILLED me and I ended up with my 3rd highest score of the year. That is golf. I let it get away from me at the end of the game. Next time. I didn’t lose any balls off the tee but I have to restrain myself and only hit at 75% swing speed to control the ball on this course.I like to hit hard and have a shorter distance getting to the green but not losing a ball is a good thing. I will do better ! Taking a triple and then a triple and then a double to finish sucks.  That is 8 strokes

Stopped at Napa and picked up my heater hose, clamps and  a/c connector release tool to work on the Dakota next week. I think it will be a full two day job and hopefully with no extra screw left over where we don’t know where they fit. Taking a complete dash out of a vehicle is difficult.

I went for another walk with Daisy and she is awesome. She walks the entire time which is quite a distance. She does sleep a lot when she gets back. LOL  She loves it meeting new dogs, people and smells. She has the peeing down for outside but as of yet to poop. Hopefully she will catch on to that soon. She met a dog in our condo that is the same breed. Daisy appears bigger due to her long hair but Millie was a little skeptical of Daisy and wasn’t that interested in playing around. Shy !

Our three boys !

I had to add this picture of our three grand boys as it is a true picture of them. Cute, goofy, smart and a nice bunch of boys !  They like playing together.

Sunny and warm today and heading to Heatherglen. Wendy backed out of playing today so it was Jeff & I along with a younger guy. I liked this guy. A 7.4 handicapper with a beautiful swing. Today was an ok day. Scored a 43 on the front nine and that is with taking a triple. The back nine I took a 40 which is the scoring number I like. It could have been so much better if things would have dropped and a few chips closer. I was happy though after having a poor showing at Turner Valley yesterday. The next step in getting better for me is chipping close to the green. !0ft off, 5ft off, 30 ft off I need to get closer to the hole. Practice range at McKenzie here I come.

Funny thing though on the last hole Hole #9 of the Creek I thought I had a birdie taking a 4 on what I knew was a Par 5. This week a new scorecard came out and they have changed this to a Par 4 so I had to mark it as a Par. Darn !  They are preplanning for when they convert to 18 holes.

Jeff quit after nine holes stating he was too tired. He had a few bad shots but wasn’t playing that bad. He must have had a really good anniversary night and didn’t have time to recover. Nudge nudge wink wink.

Jackie & I had a very nice walk with a light sprinkle of rain with Daisy tonight. Daisy is loving the walks and we like it too. She is so fluffy she is like a mop right now.

Thought of the Day

Golf is a funny game. The more you practise the luckier you get 

June 6th-7th

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 40 degrees, Calgary 9 degrees rain Edmonton 9 degrees rain

I hope we do not have another year like the last with the wet weather. We had 74 rain days last summer. In May we already broke a 100 yr old weather record. Now it is June and the trend is continuing.

I had everything all arranged to replace the a/c evaporator and heater core in the Dakota this week when I made an error in judgement.

I have been coughing for the last few days like a normal spring cold/allergy cough but Jackie thought  I should be tested if I was going to be working close with Fred. Women ! Her thoughts were you don’t want to be responsible for getting others sick which I agree with but it is just a cough.

We got in line for the walk-in clinic and received our swab. Makes you gag a bit. I like that it was a throat swab versus nose swab which I think is a little easier to take.. I coughed when in the clinic so had to answer the yes to a cough.

As soon as you indicate any symptom you are legally obliged to quarantine until the results come back or 10 days after the symptoms disappear. So I had to do some cancelling. I was looking forward to the fun of getting the Dakota fixed and perhaps even a day or so of fishing if everything went well.

So no Dakota fixing, no fishing, no golf and the worst part is they aren’t specific in the time frame stating only 2 to 4 days working days before they let you know.  The penalty for not self isolating is $1000 to $1 million depending on the circumstances.

Not happy, but will follow the rules.

We took Daisy LarE out for a walk in the rain today. We used Teddy’s raincoat which was a way to big but it kept her dry. She even got to meet another young dog and play with on her big adventure.

I was going back and forth with a friend on the BLM coverage and we both came to the same consensus. The younger generation not only feels they are exempt from the rules of social gathering by protesting they also have no regard to honor D Day. Their sole agenda is following like sheep an organization that is no help to our societal problems.

They will kneel for the death of a hardened criminal for 8 minutes and not even think about the anniversary of D Day where 10,000 soldiers died 76 years earlier the same day. If Hitler had won there would be no minorities and no freedom of speech , a two minute break from the mayhem to honor these brave protectors of the right to assemble and have free speech would have been more than appropriate. I am very disappointed in the way the world is thinking.

June 8th

“Mercury Forecast Mesa 32 degrees  Calgary 16 degrees Edmonton 17 degrees”

How sad of a world we live in where even Looney Tunes Elmer Fudd is no longer allowed to use his shotgun to get the wabbit.  They are going to replace it with a scythe. Come on people !  Because welding a scythe can’t kill things?  Sad world.

Sad day. They are giving him a scythe. No bullet hole but a head rolling down the road ? Elmer NOT once actually shot the Wappit !

Beautiful day and just waiting for a phone call !

Received my phone call. That is good government service. Test on Saturday results on Monday.

I am free to mingle. as I THOUGHT just as spring cough even though it did last longer than normal. It could be the residue pot smoke in the air from the protestors.

On the road and out of town all week.

I am planning to install the evaporator core for the a/c and the heater core in the Dakota. I think it will be a good full 2 days to get done as we need to remove the seats and the entire dash out of the truck. Lots of wires, nuts, clips and bolts to keep track of. Hopefully enough time to fit in some fishing.

Over and out until I am back.

June 9th

Big day for Victoria & Corey as it is their 13th Wedding Anniversary . They make a great couple together and are awesome parents. Everyone knows the saying how fast time flies. They had a beautiful outside wedding in the gardens of Crystal Ridge. Beautiful weather and ceremony. We got very lucky as the chef who owned the restaurant at the club was a former executive chef from a cruise ship. We had a sample meal prior to committing and it was awesome so it was an easy decision. The room was great, the DJ awesome the wedding party exceptional and Jeff was their M/C that did a wonderful job. All of the grandparents were in attendance also which made it nice.

Corey on knee in Vegas for the proposal

Victoria all dressed up before

Corey looking good

The walk down

Wonderful ceremony



Sitting at the head table

Cutting the cake

Wonderful wedding ceremony and a very nice couple even if I am biased.

I really like Canada. As a country we are quite unique as we are a democracy that allows difference of opinion and beliefs and still all get along. The same goes for freinds and family. I know people that voted NDP and I forgive them for their lack of judgement. I know people that think Trudeau is the greatest but I forgive them also and hope slowly they will see the errors of their ways. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and no one really gets too upset. Racheal was the worst ever, Trudeau is the worst ever, and Trump is a bumbling genius and some people hate him. No one should ever want to cover up what they beleive. If you like the NDP I can understand and will feel sorry for you. If you like to be provided everything by the state I can understand and only wish you would really think about that. What I do have difficulty with is the union mentality and the enviromentalists. Hypocrites to the extreme. Save a tree, stop oil production, climate change are tougher issues for me to forgive easily. It is beyond me how someone can think that we don’t need oil.  This may sound like an older person talking but the younger generation is in trouble. Lost. Unrealistic expectations. Soft. Followers instead of thinkers. To compound this we now allow them to dumb themselves by smoking weed. Get a university education in a professional program not some social welfare, social well being or studies that have NO connection into the real world just to say you have a degree . You cant study history anymore as everyone was bad back when. And trust me you can not survive in a world without oil.  Hard to ride a bike with no tires or seat to name a few things.

June 10th to 12th

“Mercury forecast  Mesa 40 degrees  Calgary 23 degrees  Edmonton 23 degrees “

I averaged the temperatures over the three days. What I can say is awesome weather. Over 16 hours of light per day and warm, no wind and mixed sun and clouds. Spring is finally here.

I headed out bright and early to Edmonton with the Dakota. I will say this once more. When this truck was new it had to be wonderful thing to drive. It rides so nice and is so quiet on the road it is sick. When you consider it is 22 years old with 300K it is even more incredible. It was a nice drive with a little less traffic than normal.  This truck also gets amazing gas mileage using just over a 1/4 of a tank for a 4 plus hour drive. Perhaps when it was new it was different but it is little under powered with it’s V6 engine, Passing is difficult as you have to judge your distance because if you needed to kick it down it doesn’t speed up a lot. It is heavy truck including it came from factory with 31 inch tires and 6 stud axles.

Going into this job I knew it was going to be difficult, long and with hiccups. That all happened. It was not an easy task at all. Out of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest it is a 10. The amount of bolts, screws, difficult position of things, and the plethora of wires. The wires were intense.

The worst part over the years I am positive that people have made a mess of the wires with what looks the remnants of a remote starter and the addition of stereo. Electrical tape, poor connectors etc were used and the wires strung everywhere.The quality of work was dismal and made our job that much more difficult. That and the fact of having to remove the entire dash, drop the steering wheel and no wiggle room to see or find all of the connectors and plugs. Typically a dash should be plug and play but we had a lot of difficult things to deal with. Even the  steering column main wiring harness wasn’t the typical plug and play. With the dash down I  said to myself ,oh no this is much bigger job than anticipated. First time doing it also wasn’t the best. Getting out the HVAC box was difficult. Spacing, finding the bolts, disconnecting the a/c lines and the simple removal all complicated things. The a/c lines even with the special removal tool I bought was struggle.

I knew getting it out was a lot easier than putting it all back together. But I wanted to sell the truck knowing everything was fixed with it.

I will skip forward here a bit. One step forward two steps back on that. Later on that.

It took us about 6 hours to completely remove the HVAC box and dash. Fred is better than I at figuring out how all of the clips come apart. Every cluster clip had a different system.  Our plan in the morning was to install the evaporator and heater core in the HVAC box and then reinstall. It was very warm working in the sun which was nice.

Removal. A designer or engineer should have to work on car. To do this much work for a heater core is stupid. Years ago I could replace a core in 1/2 hour from the firewall.

The first night after one of my favorite meals of pork loin roast with mashed potatoes was crib night. I understand Terry was on quite a roll before I came. So it ended up with Terry’s roll coming to an end and Fred winning a way too many games. I had my times but Fred was the big weiner.

Now starting the install I was shocked how easy the box went in. We installed the HVAC box within minutes which was nice. Then the monster of wires to tackle. First to try to remember where everything goes and to double check you didn’t miss anything isn’t easy in a cramped space and with it being on the warm side. We managed to get it all in.

Then we find one vacuum line for the vent controls not hooked up. No clue were it is supposed to hook up. It only was about a foot of wire but we couldn’t find the outlet. We dropped the steering wheel and brackets again and searched more.  I searched the internet for pictures to no avail.  Decision time to drop everything again, unhook everything which would have been a two to three hours again or leave it and hope I can install it later at home after searching and finding the location.

More plugs that you can count and a jungle of mix maash wires.

We put it all back together. Getting heat and a/c but not directing it was a 2 step forward one step back. The other step backward  is the airbag light. I reset it and turned it off and on but it wont go out. I now have to search to see if the wire coming from the seat belt sensor is hooked up as it is difficult to sell not having working bags. Issue is accidently explosions of bags can easily happen with a short, or electrical pulse so I will need to be very careful.

I checked numerous UTUBE channels on this procedure and found one from a mechanic that said it was a 10 out of 10 on the level of difficulty and took him 10 hours to complete.

I found where my missing vacuum connector at home in Calgary on the internet is supposed to be so I will crawl under the dash and find it hopefully. The only that that may have happened is the wires got caught up behind the box. That means no chance of fixing but I will check now that I know what I am looking for.

Another wonderful supper and tonight was dice night. Dice night was very lucky for me. A good night with a few three finger drinks.

Off fishing this morning. It was a calm hot day with the gauge saying 27 degrees.  When we unloaded there was maybe 4 boats in the water but after fishing for 6 hours plus the lake was busy. The parking lot was half full with boat trailers but the parking lot for the beach was packed. We are going to get hit with more cases as the beach was jam packed, towel beside towel with no regard to distancing. Odd that people don’t get it. That is why 60% of the new cases are young people between 18 and 30. They may not get too ill but some old poor woman could come in contact with them and be gone.

To be nochalant is one thing but to have jam packed beach is just being inconsiderate.

We all know a second wave will be coming especially with these types of things happening.

It was an excellent day of fishing.  I left my favorite rod/reel in Arizona in error so I used my open face trolling reel. I guess you could say it was lucky as between Fred and I we brought in well over 6o fish. The ratio was 2 to 1 for me so I had a busy fun day. Only one Pike caught which was odd but the Walleye are a fun fish to catch. When the Jack hit I said to Fred it must be a bigger fish as it hit harder and pulled harder but no, it was just a smaller pike with some fight but you could tell the difference. No big fish though all of them in that 1-3 pound range which is nice size for about a 3-5 year old fish that are fun to catch.

Interesting fact about Walleye is they only see Red & Green colors due to the pigmenation of their eyes. I used a green/silver Rapala Rattler which is my favorite Walleye hook that can catch the big Pike also.

Heading out. Wabamum is big lake. 3rd largest in Alberta

A very fun day fishing. Wonderful meals. Playing games.

A good week and Fred & Terry are the hosts with the most as they are exceptional.

An uneventful drive home. I met Jackie for Daisy’s first haircut. What grade do I give for the haircut ? I would say a 8. Good job, even, and she appeared not to be stressed which is all good. I lowered it as they took her cuteness away making her look like any other short nose dog. Perhaps it was our fault not for not asking to keep her moustache and beard longer. It will grow back. Still cute but not exceptionally cute as she was. We won’t tell her she is a little uglier so not to hurt her feelings.

The NEW Daisy all grown up

Our little girl when she was cute.

It will grow back I keep saying.

We met Victoria and Jackson in Fish Creek Park for supper and a get together which was nice. It was nice having that semi normal feeling happening. After supper we had a tailgate party beside DQ with ice cream and watched the lightning strikes and listened to the thunder.

A very nice time.

As I have said before the world is becoming stupid.  We have become so sensitive to everything it is beyond ridiculous.

Jessica Mulroney looses her show over a tweet fight on BLM. Numerous people are having this happen. Look at the CrossFit owner having gyms drop his program and him having to resign over a BLM comment. Get all of these do-gooder kids back to work so they have something to do instead of protesting and waiting for cheque’s from their hero Trudeau.

I find it ironic that the younger generation is all for any social or environmental issues but blatantly disregard social distancing protocols and gathering sizing.

Notice 60% of all new cases are under 30 years old in Alberta.

The BLM people need to look at the LGBT movement which integrated into society without destroying buildings, looting and rioting. And no matter what anyone says ALL LIFES MATTER. I don’t care what color you are you are important and need to be treated fairly. Protesting with violence isn’t the answer. Stop being a criminal and watch how easy your life can become.

Statues that are 100’s of years old being pulled down. IT WAS HISTORY. IT HAPPENED. We changed because of it and it should never be hidden or not talked about.   You should be arrested and thrown in jail for a long time to disrespect our history with that kind of action.

To have such a HATEFUL message being presented by the BLM initiative that cops are bad and getting politicians thinking about moving money from protective services to social programs is assine.  These social agenda people will be the first to complain when they get mugged and there is no cop around. Try to keep up the moral of the police force with a public backlash like this would be difficult.  I feel sorry for a cop right now . This malicious attempt to undermine our police departments is sick and shouldn’t be stood for. I have said numerous times before I have NO respect for a traffic cop but the police force in its entirety is total different. They have a very difficult task, they don’t get paid enough, they want to do a good job and in certain cases things will happen that shouldn’t but it should not take away from the incredible job they do each day.

Thought of the Day 

I wonder if you will be comfortable with a air flight having a pilot working from home ? 

June 14th


40 years ago today Jackie and I were married.  That is 14,600 days, 350,400 hours, 2 wonderful children, 3 sweet grand babies, 2 parents still alive, 1000’s of memories, and the best is still to come.

I am  going to list a few memorable experiences perhaps not known by anyone.

  1. How we met:

I used to go to Keith’s house on weekends for his big house parties. Turns out Jackie the odd time before 10pm would show up there also. For some unknown reason she intrigued me. She was quieter, very pretty but small chested for my usual liking.  After seeing her a few times at these parties I approached when she came thru the door wearing a large winter coat. Being the smart ass I was I suggested her to take her coat off and stay awhile knowing full well she was little shy about her chest and me wanting to bug her. It didn’t go over well. A few weeks later another poor showing on my part as I drove up to a mutual friends house and seeing her come out I ask trying to make conversation ” Is Kelly home ?” Her snotty remark back ” What do you think? I wasn’t in the house by myself” She now was very intriguing so i decided to get her number from Keith and phoned for a date a few weeks later. She said yes. I became a salesman.

First New Years get together

Our first date was all arranged and a few days before it some idiot drunk T boned my beautiful 1969 Nova SS and wrote it off.

1969 Nova SS

I needed a car to pick her up in as we were going to another mutual friends house party. Panic set in and I finally found a car I could afford between pay periods. I bought a 1963 Pontiac Strata Chief for $50. It was in rough shape. I figured I would have to count on my natural good looks if I was going to impress Jackie as this car sure wouldn’t. I don’t remember the date details but I had to have her home as per her Dad’s rules by 11pm. Yes 11 pm and not a minute later. Trying to get a good night kiss from her was difficult. My good looks didn’t matter to her. This girl will take time.

2. While dating:

Most likely our second date and still no car to impress her I decided I had to go for it. Turns out she was ill but her parents were out. I must have really liked her as I said I would stay with her at her house while she was ill. First her dog Sadie ( which I later was given by her Dad as a dowry gift) when I went to put my arm around Jackie bit my cheek. I then walk into the kitchen were she was feeding the dogs and she asks me ” Do you want a bone ? ” Shocked me but it was funny as she meant a dog bone.

On a trip to the USA with Jackie, Jenny and Keith we got turned back as the girls were too young to cross without parents permission.

Jackie’s  HIgh School Graduation

On a bike ride out to Sandy Beach with Kieth & Jenny the girls got to close together and tangled their handlebars. Jackie falls down onto the pavement and in doing so her tube top fell down to her waist exposing herself to the multiple cars on the highway. Horns like a parade.!

On a vacation in Kelowna the cops come to our campground late at night as they received a complaint about a speeding car. The entrance into the campground had multiple curves and with Kelowna’s heat and my heavy foot it made a little noise. Jackie and I are in the tent when some of our partiers start saying the cops are here for you. ( instead of saying they don’t know where I am at ) I didn’t believe them and called them out . They insisted and then I hear the cops. Nice guys that didn’t rip me out of tent naked but yelled ” better slow down”

A little drive out into the country and we stopped. The windows started to fog up as it was cold outside when a cop pulls up to us. Funny !

Another house party and it was hot out. Jackie and I were outside and the heat got to her. We went in and she started to get dizzy and faint. She rushed to the bathroom and puked her guts out. This was a result of Jackie getting a heat stroke a few years prior when we had a houseboat vacation and she fell asleep on the top deck.

Before we were married Jackie and I bought our first house. Kieth and I worked all winter remodeling this thing. We put on new shingles, windows, soffit, fascia, trough, painted the entire inside and outside, new moldings, new doors,new handles, counters, re-sanded the hardwood flooring, and new carpet, lino. This was in 1979 when Jackie was just 19 years old and a homeowner. Jackie and I both sacrificed huge to get this house. We sold her beautiful 1969 Beaumont that I searched all of Edmonton to find for her and I sold my most prized possession my 1967 Camaro RS SS. Jackie committed to an hour bus ride to get to work to make this happen. I still had a company car and my toy a 1972 Blazer K5.

My 1967 Camaro RS/SS Black, white stripping, front rotor brakes, rear folding seat, 12 bolt posi rare rare factory options.

First home bought in 1979 after our reno’s.

Funny thing is I NEVER asked Jackie to marry me and she didn’t ask me yet we did it. We laugh as every time we see a romantic proposal we say ours was just like that, don’t you remember.

3. Marriage :

We had a 200 person wedding which is big. Jackie did most of the planning and organizing plus the work for this. It was a beautiful wedding. The morning of, Jackie and I decorated the wedding cars. Cutting it close for timing. I remember an upset stomach at the church. Memories of our wedding includes a ANGEL that was our singer. The voice and beauty of this girl stunned the room. Alan just about dropping his lit candle and the most vivid memory is when the pastor says you may kiss the bride and Jackie moves away just like our first date. It was not the time to play hard to get in front of the church.

1980 Married

At the reception a mutual friend got a little drunk and started to pester me to dance with her. I was busy handing out cake etc.  She had a little verbal strife with Jackie and her Dad slurring words saying ” I could have had him or should have ” Jackie handled it very well.

Love is in the air

We did a lot of work decorating.

We were close to being the first of our friends to get married so for us we were guessing and not sure of formats, procedures etc but being a little biased we had a wonderful wedding.

When I was being fit fo  my tuxedo at this specialty shop the smaller little Italian suit maker yells at his good looking  daughters working in the store ” Come girls, look at the length of this guys arms ”

Our wedding party consisted of Clancy Livingstone, Keith Harry , Alfred Willard, Cathy Dyke, Ray Waterworth and Betty Cartwright. Alan Huggett was our alter boy. He was behind the curtains for a long time but I am sure he was ok as we were not Catholic.

Leaving the reception I didn’t want anyone to follow us. I was positive we were being followed and sped thru the country trying to evade them. We get to the hotel and get to our room when we hear someone behind the door. Jackie takes the key and runs full steam in shouting ” OK you guys we caught you ” A naked women and man quickly cover up as she runs in. The hotel made a mistake renting out our room. Can you imagine this couple ?  Funny thing they stole Jackie’s fancy wedding night lingerie and something else which I cant remember. The hotel gave us our money back and for the lingerie.

A fun gift opening at Jackie’s Dad house with a keg beer dispenser. Keith was a hoot that day along with Peter.

Love the picture.  Gift opening the day after.

We went on a vacation and Audrey came over to our house to look after the plants. We forgot some pictures out one being me cooking naked with a apron on it. She didn’t say a word.

Getting as little cheeky in the kitchen

Three years we lived in this house and loved it. It was only about 8 months later we bought a new house in St Albert after having the girls.

Jackie could hear a funny sound under our home so Keith & I went into the crawl space for a look see. We discovered a litter of kittens. They were wild. It was all we could do to handle them. They had never seen daylight. We caught them all and put them in our dog barrier. In the morning we discover one is missing. It got out and we searched and searched the house. We finally found it in the warming oven of the stove. I took a 20 pound salmon from recent fishing trip and loaded the cats up and the fish and threw them into the trunk. We got very lucky and caught the mother and threw her in with them.. It was still winter. I drove them out to my Uncle’s farm and dropped them off. The fish should last them for a long long time and I hoped the best for them.

During our reno I had a reno party and supplied a keg of beer. I put it into the tub with ice. That is a mistake as the aluminum marks the porcelain.

This is how good Jackie is. A young marriage and short of money paying for things I was driving by Don Wheaton’s Chev Olds and I saw this beautiful black Corvette. I didn’t say anything to her but bought it and drove downtown to pick her up in it. ” What a nice Corvette” was her only comments.

Maybe the slowest of my favorite cars but the handling and fun driving next to none

Things got a little stressful for Jackie with work,and life so we decided to take the Vette for a relaxing weekend in Jasper. NOT. I fueled up at Obed Hill and I only got about 100 ft away from the pump when my Vette stalled. I instantly knew and after checking the pump the idiot had water in his holding tank. Our nightmare began and this was supposed to be stress free. This guy wanted tp pull my Vette into Hinton with Toyota mini tow truck. I was quite upset over this whole deal and arranged for a tow truck out of Hinton to take me to a service station for repair. Obed was a Husky and Hinton was a Husky which worked out good for the final billing. They had to drop the whole gas tank to get the water out. Big job taking all day. After the repair we tried finding a hotel. All full and we had to drive all of the way back to Edson. It was not a relaxing weekend for Jackie or I. Husky head office was good in that after a lot of persuasion they paid for the gas, tow truck and repair bill.

I used to pick Jackie up downtown from work so on this day I put a chicken on a spit on low on the bbq and drove to get her. Needless to say the chicken was blackened by the time I got back. Yet the inside was raw. A lot of smoke coming out of that BBQ.

We took the Vette to Penticton and met Alan and Audrey there. Jackie and Audrey got very drunk on too much wine one night and Jackie stumbles back to my tent. Just like Pete from the Bachelor in the windmill I made love to her multiple times resulting in a twin pregnancy.  It was a good night.

Jackie when pregnant was walking in our kitchen naked after a shower when the meter man came to door. No curtain and full view of a large pregnant woman.

When Jackie got pregnant I planned to fit a car seat that was used in the day in between the seats. This went sideways.  We had a doctor that didn’t believe in certain things so right until the moment of delivery NO ONE knew we had twins. Jess was breach and Victoria had her hand swinging out into the air. Not until the C section did they discover twins. We were lucky for Jackie and them. They did need to be bagged and were small at  4.2 and 4.5 pounds. When Jackie woke up I told her but she wouldn’t believe me and it took the nurse to convince her otherwise. Audrey and I while waiting came up with an additional name to throw at Jackie . I HAD to SELL my Corvette to get the kids home and ended up buying a F150 Ford. Yes I said it. Ford

Baby pics

Baptism. Kieth & Jenny with Darlene & Jim

We over bought a house in St Albert but is was a beautiful home. We moved in December before Christmas when the girls were only 8 months old. I couldn’t find a picture except for the back yard.

Huge deck that cost me $75 for a special consideration of it’s over size when we sold.

Sweet deal that ended up costing me big. We leased the land for 3 years which kept the monthly payments down. The idea was in 3 yrs the appraised value would be higher and you can then add it to your mortgage. The market went down not up and the appraised value came in too low so I had to come with 10K to keep the mortgage on it. Today the Royal Bank wouldn’t have been to pull this bad deal over me. I never have or will bank with the crooked Royal Bank.

In 1991 I accepted a new position in Calgary and we moved into my favorite home.

Loved the house and spent a lot of work, time and money on landscaping this place plus reno of the inside.

Part of the back yard with running river, bridge, and pond with fountain.

We have some very memorable vacations over the years. A cruise to eastern Caribbean, western Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mediterranean, trip to England, Wales, trip to England, France, Switzerland, cruise from NYC to Quebec, trip to Yellowstone Park, Vancouver Island, Northern Sask, Southern Sask, Penticton, Kelowna, Hawaii, Kootenays, Cypress, Disneyworld and numerous other wonderful trips. Motorhome trip to Disneyland was exceptional. Disneyworld was fun but I Iiked Land a lot better. There are two cities we visited that I couldn’t be paid to go back to. I hated Paris and didn’t like Naples. I am not going back.

20 ft Sturgeon Fishing was fun

Fred with his brother Mel along with my brother Alfred caught 17- 20ft plus long Sturgeon near Vancouver BC. This was an amazing trip. Our arms were so tired on the second day we said enough.

Numerous camping trips

Married 40 years and camped at least 35 years on the May Long weekend. 2020 wrecked that as Covid didn’t allow it. It is shame but after many years it seems some friends have lost interest in this so it may revert back to just a family camp trip which is fine. I loved having a different spot each year with up to 9 units and group of friends but everyone’s priority changes.

First motorhome

We loved this motorhome with it’s V10 engine. It handled well and was a great camper. The above trip was to Yellowstone Park. A wonderful holiday that year. Jeep being pulled and Teddy helping us relax by having to stop the odd time. Drove the famous Beartooth Mtn pass road and had a blast in Jeep.

So many wonderful trips with friends is what makes life great.

Friend trips  This was a fun day trip to Tortilla Flats

Golf with friends. Above is the three sisters mountains in Canmore. This was at Silvertip

Numerous golf trips with friends that I love.  Jeff & Wendy and us have had some great fun trips around to different courses. Keith & Jenny with us have been on numerous trips with our RV’s into the Kootenay’s, Columbia Valley, Saskatchewan, and all over Alberta.

Disney 1993  Notice the fear on everyone’s face except for that guy in the rear. LOL

We took a motorhome trip to Disneyland with Fred & Terry and the kids and had a blast. It is a trip we and the girls often remanence about.

Hawaii 1997 with my Mom & Dad

This trip was great. We ate every morning at Denny’s. First time ever golfing mini golf Dad makes a hole in one. The girls were great and had a lot fun even seeing their first sharks in the water.

Sedona  I have to check if Fred & Terry found their vortex.

Last meal in Zurich on our trip. Notice the $11 bottle of water we had to buy at each meal. Breakfast was $100. Alan & MaryAnn are wonderful travel companions.

May Long Themed pot luck.

Friends gathering at one of my favorite patio’s at Las Sendas

I like nothing better than sitting on a patio deck having cold beer and food with friends. It doesn’t matter where and with who it is a what makes life great.

NYC trip     I took this picture from our cruise ship as we were leaving.

We have been on a few cruises but the NYC to Quebec one was my favorite. Maine, Boston, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick etc all were great places to visit with Quebec City being my favorite city after NY. The restaurants were exceptional and the servers remarkable in trying to help you with French and English. Wonderful experience. On a patio at an Irish Pub in Old Quebec this USA guy and his wife start talking us up. Every time the hostess passed one of us ordered another beer for the other. Hilarious couple that we spent the entire afternoon in the sun drinking with. We may have had 10 or so so not a lot but when we left I noticed my new buddy having to be helped walking by his wife. Funny and fun times.


I like history until now with BLM you cant go back into real history but I have to say going to Europe/ England the castles do get a little boring. You can only visit so many before it is no mas. First time awesome as they have amazing structures but it did get to me.

I will never go back to Paris. The people are RUDE. The food is horrible. No a/c. Wildest drivers in the world but it is the attitude we saw at the hotel, taxi drivers, waiters and general public that is distasteful.

All loaded up for another fishing trip. This is a fun little boat and motor . Pulls easily behind the motorhome.

Current RV

Our 10th Anniversary Hawaii trip

Our first big trip and we made it worth it’s while. We did everything possible and enjoyed every moment of it. I remember vividly some of the fun times at the different tourist spots.

Our 25th Anniversary Caribbean cruise

An older crowd on this one but it was still a lot of fun. The Italian 7 course meal on board was amazing.

Another cruise we took with Jessica and Audrey also was a blast. Audrey just about gets kidnapped in Panama and lost at sea, Jessica get soaked in a see thru dress on board a pirates ship, I get beat at Ping Pong by a 80 yr old Chinese lady and Jess and I winning at numerous music and trivia contests.

Just a few pictures and I mean a few. We have been very fortunate over the years having fantastic friends, great vacations and enjoyable outings.

In 2000 we decided with the turmoil and the dislike of a Vice President at JW that we would buy a fast food franchise. On the road as a sale rep Mr Sub was always my favorite go to place. In doing our due diligence and attending a franchise trade show we discovered a new sub franchise that was just starting to come to Canada. After trying their product I knew this was the one. Blimpie was started in 1963 so it had a long history and was in 15 countries already with 2000 stores. The only sub chain at that time that used real Italian meats, sliced fresh in front of you and Italian breads. There was no comparison in taste to Mr Sub or Subway but they didn’t have name recognition.  We went for it with a total cost of build out and fees of $250,000. Our location was great. On opening week we had line ups out the door 30 deep all day long. It was exhausting. I also bought a Smoothie Island franchise and had that in the store too. We were nominated twice and won Rookie Franchise of the Year, Franchise of the Year and Most Beautiful Restaurant. We kept this for 5 years while the girls went to college. Audrey, Jackie’s Mom was our manager and did an absolute wonderful job with it.  I had to continue to teach everyone though, my business philosophy. To argue, to not compromise, to not over deliver, and no matter what the circumstance even if you save a nickel now it will cost you in the future. If a sub wasn’t to the liking, if someone had a close date expired coupon, some one complained about anything, fix the issue and over compensate and you will have free advertising and a loyal customer for years. It works no matter what the business.

My Mom was in the bear outfit. This was our first customer.

One trip to Penticton we decided to go on the go carts. The kids age price break was at 6 and the girls had just turned 7. Jackie goes to the wicket to pick up the tickets and says the girls are 6. Victoria over hears and loudly says Mom we are 7. Jackie had me quickly pull them away and gets the tickets at 6 years old and saved us a bundle. It was funny for me not so much for Jackie.

We love Mesa having bought our house their in 2007 and we love our Rv lot buying it in 2017.

Mesa home 2007

Fred & Terry bought a home in Mesa also in 2008 and Ralph & Tracy bought in 2019. So to have friends there plus the numerous 3 to 4 month friends is awesome.  Some of these people are just gems. It is the most social place ever. Activities galore and social gatherings galore. You can be as busy or as quiet as you want. One of our best decisions we have made. I look forward every fall to go and hate coming home early. It is also a very cost effective way to enjoy your winters. Go on a cruise and it is $10,000 for three weeks or to an all inclusive when we get to enjoy this place for 6 months if we wanted to for $10K. Unless we have health issues we will be going there for many years to come.

RV lot

This RV lot is one of my favorite places to spend time. With campgrounds becoming so crowded it is nice to just slip out there. We have a golf course, swimming pool, swimming pond with beach, basketball court, horse shoe pits and a dance hall to enjoy. I have built a lot of things but never have I received so many compliments on the looks of anything more than this lot.

We have three wonderful grandkids that we love!

Our three boys ! August Jackson Atticus

I can’t say I hope for another 40 years but I would love to have another 25 years.  I wish everyone can find their ONE. Jackie still laughs at my dumb jokes, she still tolerates my strong opinions, she is the most giving person sometimes to her own detriment, she is beautiful, she is very clever and does make the odd funny joke, she likes my kidding most of the time and she is a fun person to be with. She is a strong minded person on certain things that keeps me on my toes not to have conflict. We have had disagreements but we in 40 years have had maybe one major fight. Never over money, never over what each is spending, we have similar thoughts on raising the kids, just the odd thing that pops up that is over pretty quickly. Mostly it is her over giving that gets me. To have a best friend, companion, lover and enjoyable person to be around is wonderful.

After 40 years you know each other thoughts, how they think, what the trigger points are and just how wonderful it is to have someone to share life with. Even if it is to watch TV together and it might be a stupid show I have to watch for her sake it s good.

Wow what a storm last night. The north part of Calgary as usual got hit with tennis ball sized hail, high winds and 60mm of rain in one hour casuing all kinds of flooding. Living in the south is so nice.

Major hail

That is a lot of rain

Tennis ball hail can do a lot of damage

Siding ripped off houses, home windows broke, car destroyed, car windows broke, cars emerged in water all happening within an hour. In south Calgary we watched the rain come down a few bright lightning strikes and thunder rolls and that was it.

I guess that is a sign spring is here.

It is President Trumps birthday today also.

Thought of the Day 

Jackie handed me my smoothie this morning with a wink. I have never been so afraid to have a drink in all of my life. 

June 15th 

“Mercury Forecast   Mesa 42 degrees, Calgary 19 degrees, Edmonton 20 degrees rain  “

Covid changed our plans big time for our 40th Anniversary. Over the years we have gone on vacation, being on a cruise, had a party, or have gone out to a fancy restaurant.  We have had some wonderful experiences as it is important to remember an anniversary is celebrating with another person the best part of your life. Having enjoyed all of the prior years this year was looking and feeling a little off.

We have to say our 40th Anniversary celebration this year was the BEST EVER. The amount of thought, creativity, love, planning and work  from our girls was amazing. We were invited over to Victoria’s place not knowing what to expect and happy to be doing something to celebrate. Jessica, Penny, Atticus, August, Victoria, Corey and Jackson were all there.

The girls went over and above. They had a fancy tablecloth with napkins on the table. A beautiful rose bouquet as a center piece all set out.

The centre piece of a beautiful set table

It looked like a fancy restaurant. They designed and made for us a “special” dinner menu sheet that was wonderful.  

Penny was the chef for tonight’s meal. We have been to $ 100 per person meal restaurants and this meal would rival any of them. What a cook. She makes her own Caesar dressing and it is superb.  Hy’s Steak Loft is the only place I can remember with a salad this good. The mashed potatoes were fantastic. Some may ask how mashed potatoes can be better that the next. It is all about the consistency, the smoothness and how much they stick together. Requires just the right amount of milk and beating. I loved the fact she put a lump of butter on the top of the dish. My Mom used to do this on everything and it just looks and makes everything taste better. I don’t know how long the ribs were cooking but they melted off the bone. The sauce was exceptional. Accompanied by the asparagus the meal was a 10 out of 10.

Wonderfully decorated

To add to the meal Penny made me Caesar drinks with asparagus. Awesome as it my favorite drink after a cold frosted mug of Bud Light.

Wonderful meal, wonderful presentation and wonderful people to share it with.

The girls made a video of a bunch of pictures they gathered which was awesome. They are getting hi-tech as they used their smart phone and mirror imaged it to the TV which turned out great. Always fun to look back at pictures of when you were younger. The video was fantastic.

I am waiting for pictures and hopefully the video and I will upload here.

Even Jackson was happy to be involved and made us a special home made card.

From Jackson

It was a very special night that Jackie & I won’t forget as it was unique, thoughtful and exceptionally nice. Funny how things always have a way of turning out good.

We received a few emails and phone calls from friends and family also that were very nice. Some people spent a lot of time writing. LOL  We aren’t dying yet. LOL

Scary to think the next big one is the 50th which means we will be in our 70’s. Ouch !


Daisy had her Rabies shot today and was super with it. No crying and no side effects as of the moment. She isn’t even lethargic at all. She took it like a trooper and loves the attention from everyone rather than thinking about the pain.

Superb BBQ’d chicken breasts for supper tonight that were delicious.

Thought of the Day 

Don’t be embarrassed to wear a face mask. There are people out there wearing Oiler jersey’s.

June 16th-18th

“Mercury Forecast Mesa 38 degrees, Calgary 15 degrees rain, Edmonton 15 degrees rain”

I averaged the three days for the temperature. The rain just doesn’t want to go away.  We had over 110 mm of rain in May and June is our typical rainiest month. One storm in June dropped 48mm in 4 hours so we will have another record month. Compound the Covid with rainy days it is not pretty. It is also annoying.

Jackie was with Audrey today so Daisy and I headed out to the lot. First let me say having her there does limit what you can do. So I did a bit then played, then napped with her and then did a bit more. I emptied the sewer, I cut the grass and used the trim edger around the lot, put away the covers and washed up a few things. Pulled the weeds and dead headed the flowers.I went for numerous walks with Daisy and she was a trooper each time.  She is getting the hang of doing her business on her walks.

It was a nice relaxing day. Jackie came out for supper and we BBQ’d up some chicken and burgers and enjoyed them sitting out in the sun.

When we were set to go we started out of the lot. I see this little back dog running after my truck. Checking my mirror I see it running after Jackie. I stop and get out. A beautiful little friendly dog. When I picked it up it just wanted to cuddle. First thought is now what do we do with it as it had no collar or markings. I let her sit on my knee and drove back thru the park gates and saw an older couple working on their yard. Luckily after explaining we were leaving they offered to take the dog and post her on the resort’s Facebook page. Nice couple.  Arriving at home Jackie checked and the little puppy was returned to her proper owners already. Someone would be awful sad if that hadn’t happened.

I want people to get back to work. Line ups at Home Depot and Cdn Tire today were long. I picked up some material for a home made mouse trap for the lot. Plus I picked up a couple of covers for chairs and our small set of drawers under the outside TV. There are too many people everywhere ! Get them back to work.

Drove around the resort as it was raining out today AGAIN and I didn’t feel like getting wet. So many people have started and done fixing up their lots. Night and day from a couple of years ago when we bought.

A nice relaxing day without doing a lot which was enjoyable.

Today was my men’s league at Turner Valley. I haven’t golf for a week and this course gets me every time. I played the blues instead of going back to the silvers but that can cause issues with distances. I had two short drives off the tee but other than that didn’t lose a ball off the tee. I lost one ball in the center of the fairway which we couldn’t just find and one with a mistake of mine on a punch shot. The score didn’t relate to the type of golf played as over all pretty good. I had 5 birdie putts that ended up with a boogie or double boogie. Greens were nice but difficult and I didn’t putt well. I just had bad luck all day hitting numerous sand traps etc. I want to do well here but have yet to do so this year. Next week.

Thought of the Day 

Sometimes you just need to relax and accept the crazy 

June 19th

“Mercury Forecast   Mesa 42 degrees Calgary 19 degrees Edmonton 23 degrees”

We planned to go golfing with Jeff & Wendy today. It turned out Victoria needed a babysitter so we had Jackson and Daisy golfing with us also. The weather was wonderful to start. A little before tee off Jeff & Wendy phoned saying they weren’t coming due to the rain. It was beautiful out. They changed their minds and headed to arrive at the perfect time.  Jeff knows how often we have golfed when they said rain so I was surprised.  I wanted today’s golfing to be the fix for yesterday’s mess. Switching between course with massive differences in the speed of the greens is hard. First hole on in two and three putt. Second hole a par which I like. Third hole on in regulation and three putt. Fourth hole on in regulation and par with two bad putts though. Fifth hole par and then it started to rain. Then it started to hail heavy. We all cowered below some trees but with the wind it was impossible not to get wet. It was funny watching Daisy hid in her bag and watch out at the hail bouncing off the ground. The hail was big enough it hurt when it you. Jackson loved it. Too bad it happened but for once they were right but it only lasted for about a 1/2hr. I lost the vote and they decided to quit. In hindsight I think they would agree it turned out beautiful after about 1/2 hr or so. It is not nice to golf wet but we would have dried. I think I just hated wasting the dollars on Jackie’s green fee and two carts. A raincheck would not have been given as by the time we started to load up the car it was clearing. Oh well we had the opportunity to have a nice lupper ( after lunch before supper) with Jeff & Wendy at Boston Pizza. We don’t usually have a lupper but it was fitting and enjoyable as the Graces will be quite busy the next few weeks. Jackson liked his spaghetti and ice cream along with a Shirley Temple. An awesome waitress that kept calling me honey for some reason. Very nice visit and nice as when golfing it is much harder talking about anything of substance.

Daisy had a busy day up early, sleep in with us after, golfing, and getting to be left alone in her cage for the first time. It appears everything went well for her and it was good as we gone only for a hour or so. Break her in slowly and who knows she may have even slept while we were out.

Jackie is busy with her Mom tomorrow again so Daisy and I will head out to the lot to enjoy.

Thought of the Day

A dog is everyone’s best friend. they love unconditionally. Never forget you. Never get upset at you. And love to hug and kiss you.

June 20th

“Mercury Forecast – Mesa 28 degrees, Calgary 22 degrees, rain  Edmonton 26 degrees”

It was a beautiful day so I packed up Daisy and headed out as Jackie was going to busy all day. Daisy was awesome. I tied her to a chair and so she had shade and sun water and food so she was happy. She watched me work all day. I cut the grass, trimmed, and i took out the new cover. I adjusted the final tie for the heads and adjsuted the flow and am happy with everything.

I then worked on making three home self feed mouse bait stations just in case as the neighbor found a mouse one on his lawn.

Bought brand

I got the idea from Fred who has used these before. I made three of them with bait for $28.00. This one on Amazon cost $32 each with no bait. I used 1 1/2″ black ABS, black cap, black Tee, 10/24″ threaded rod with three nuts and two washers for each. Drilling a hole in the bait the first one I split so I had to remember to keep pulling back and cleaning the bit before carrying on through. I cut the lengths, drilled the hole in the caps, drilled a hole in the lift circle, cut the threaded rod and put everything together and used strapping to install them. One near the deck, shed and motorhome.

The flowers and lot are looking wonderful. It is a joy to be out there especially on a day like this being so nice.

I took Daisy for numerous walks, and she is dong her business perfect and getting to meet a lot of dogs and many, many pets from children and women. She loves and they love her. She didn’t get much sleep today so I expect her to fall asleep early tonight and hopefully sleep in in the morning.

I said to myself I must be having a string of bad luck. I never fail but in June I did not fix the Dakota and actually had a step backwards on it and today in the pouring rain I had a leak in the Saloon. I used the best under roof underlayment there is, I used Tyvek and metal flashing as when a peak roof runs into a wall the potential of a leak is there. I would have bet a million bucks I would never have had a leak.  Next trip it is on the roof to see what happened. I found exactly the where now I need to know the why and where outside and fix it asap. Shocked. Two fails hurts !! I will do better. I haven’t looked at the Dakota but if I have to I will rip out the entire dashboard again. Another 12 hours. ! I will find my leak on the roof. I am thinking it must be a cracked caulk around the Canexel where it is getting in. I have a can of flex seal and a water hose if needed.  Darn fails hurt !

Jackie came out to the lot for supper which was nice. We had a great evening with supper and walking Daisy again around the park. Then it started to get windy and rained very heavily. Another ugly spring we have had. If I had been on the course I would have been soaked again. LOL .

We packed up and left and half way into town it was dry. The weather is funny thing. Even between channels the disparity in temperatures and timing is huge. The only job where you can be incorrect and everyone forgives you.

Thought of the Day 

I have not failed. It is just unfinished success. 

June 21st 

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 40 degrees Calgary 22 degrees  thunderstorms Edmonton 21 degrees thunderstorms”

Spring weather with the heating and then a thunderstorm. It does make for a green look to all of the landscaping. Having said that though it has been years since we have had our traditional brown grass around Calgary.


Fathers and Mothers Day are certainly different.  One is about flowers, get togethers, meals and  hugs. The other about golf, relaxing and beer.

I have also said that your husband or wife is not your mother or father but Jackie again spoiled me with breakfast in bed, treats and a gift.

Any kind of Father good or bad has a influence on your being. It is all of our own responsibility to become who and what we are but for awhile that influence dictates to some how they are or in the very least many use it as the ultimate excuse. Any person in the mental health business continues using the term Daddy issues or Mommy issues. It is a term to define their worthiness and usefulness and rack up dollars. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHO YOU ARE . I don’t care if your Dad beat you everyday after you leave that house you decided the kind of life you want.

I was very fortunate my Dad was exceptional. He was the kindest most giving person you could find. Always joking. Never angry. Always accommodating. I chose to be as much like him as possible. He could take apart, repair, fix anything electrical, plumbing, cars, motors, fridges, toys etc. A brilliant man. I learned not only life traits but so much from him in all things. It is odd as when anyone dies everyone has good things to say. I KNOW in a lot of cases it is far from the truth but people are doing it to protect others and  themselves  and as means of justification. In  my case I would put my Dad up against any ones in the world for the title Best Dad.

2007 at Victoria’s wedding.

My Dad Jesse Willard 2010 died

Jackie’s Dad Peter was a neat guy. I never had to live with him but from the outside looking in here is my take. Peter was very clever, well spoken and debonair. He was a charmer. His knowledge about a lot of things was always interesting to hear. He was strongly opinionated and quite strict in his ways and used that in his daily life. He had a wonderful sense of humor albeit it was English humor so you really had to search for it. He was very frugal with his money and proud of his accomplishments in growing it through investments. He did not care for authority so being frugal and saving and this as part of his temperament he retired at 55 years old and lived a very nice long retirement. He also was a pretty good cook.

Peter during a Stampede event

Jackie & Peter

I do miss not having that brilliant mind of my Dad’s to phone to answer a question about fixing something I was stuck on. I need his help with the Dakota. LOL

No big plans for today. I am going to relax and enjoy the sun. We are going over to Tor’s place later this afternoon.

Tomorrow I fix my leak.

The only place it can be leaking from.

I used a peel & stick heavy duty underlayment and folded it up the back uprising wall at least 6 inches. I used a one piece 4″ aluminum flashing along the back wall and Tyvek under the siding. The only weakness to Canexel is the need to caulk the ends which I believe should still be perfect as caulking lasts ten years or more unless I missed a small spot. But where my red arrow is is where I think it is leaking. It is running down the siding on the wall and running under my top board. I don’t remember my system I used wither I ran the siding to drip onto the board or butted up to the siding. I am fairly confident at that seam is where I have the leak. Caulk and flex seal will fix it but I can’t tell until I get up on the roof. Surprised though it got past the Tyvek.

I see in a race that Nobody wants to be the winner of Edmonton has more active Covid cases than Calgary. Calgary was hit especially hard with it being the international airport having a lot of foreigners arrive from other countries. Then between large outbreaks in factories and senior homes it exploded.

Now with the young socialist, environmentalist, social movement protesters mostly influenced by strong NDP supporters, Edmonton is on a upward scary trend. You have young people worrying about all of the social issues and being reckless by not wearing a mask and distancing themselves getting sick and spreading to the general population and thinking one is more important than the other.

Speaking of Edmonton how can these same protesters NOT DEMAND the Eskimo’s change their name. It is derogatory to our Inuit friends and should not be tolerated.

It is time

The link below is a company that was proactive and understands the negative impact a name can have.https://www.nj.com/news/2020/06/owner-of-eskimo-pie-to-change-its-derogatory-name.html

I have yet to see a petition for the Edmonton Eskimos to change theirs. Funny how the younger generation can pick and choose what is racially biased or not. I would hope the acceptance of a derogatory name does reflect the entire cities mentality. Come on Edmonton it is TIME.

Edmonton EXtreme sounds good. Saves getting a new logo and fits the theme of Capital X. It is time !

Thought of the Day 

If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.

June 22nd to 24th

More raining days with some nice sun thrown in.

I spent the entire day out at the lot working on things.I re-caulked the entire upper fascade. There were possible places the rain could have wept into but I didn;t want to take any chances. I also used Flexseal in other spots as extra protection. I believe it should be fixed. Next rainfall I will know. I would say 99.9% confident of it being fixed.  I removed the eavestrough and raised them up a bit. The drip cap was above them and the water was dripping behind the trough in a few spots. I installed a longer drip cap in a few places. I removed the downpipe and reseal, with silicone and Flexseal as I had one connection dripping water that was like Chinese torture. Sorry can’t say that anymore. It was like wartime torture. I then retightened all of the screws on the gazebo, removed the eave trough joiners and silicone and Flexsealed them.  Next storm I will see how my actions paid off. I also reset the timer and head spray on the sprinkler system. It was a very enjoyable warm day working.

Fake news and the media in general screwed up again. Riding a wave of mass hysteria they report the only black driver on the Nascar circuit had a noose hung in garage, A day later very little news that is wasn’t racist based and in fact had been up there for a long time prior. Just blowing up a story and generating hard feelings again unnecessarily.

It was suppused to be a hot one today but only hit 23 degrees and overcast. Good and bad I guess. Today I was golfing with three buddies at Turner Valley. I want to beat this course. The last three times the last few holes racked up my score. Today I golfed very well. I scored a 39 on the front nine and should have been lower with a little luck but I am always happy with a less than 40 score. Then the last few holes come up. A 7, then another 7 and then double. That is 7 strokes again out of nowhere that come and bite me. To golf as well as I did and then have it taken away again hurts. This Thursday hopefully good thing happen.  I even lost $2 which hurt as I thought this was my day. I may use a different strategy on Thursday and use a hybrid off the tee and then have three good hits to the green rather than being in the bush. Shooting 4 from the fairway it is most certainly a double boogie or more every time. That is what makes TV hard. I would say 90 percent of the course I play if just a little off the fairway you still can recover while at TV you are counting it as a lost ball. Big difference.  Hate love relationship i have with it.

I went to the Depot this morning and picked up a carpet cleaner. I am happy with how it came out. Very happy. I went over it twice so it was a little wet but clean. Between the cleaner, spot remover, and  going over it a couple of times it worked great.  Daisy is getting better and better with fewer mistakes so hopefully it is good for a month or so.

All that bending is hard on the back. Volteran the miracle drug tonight for me. It is amazing how it works.

Daisy really enjoys her new friends from the building. George and Barkley are fun dog friends for her. Notice she is the only one with a leash. Embarrassing for her being the only dog with a helicopter Mom keeping her on her leash.

Her helicopter Mom keeping her on a leash.

I am watching Arizona struggle with Covid. By September we should know what the situation is. I am planning to winter on Vancouver Island if we can’t make Mesa. Golf year round, nice parks, and decent weather. Just need a better raincoat.  I am not going to stay in Calgary for the winter.

Shanks Sports Bars are closing down forever. We are going to see a lot of this in the next few months. Shanks was a favorite of mine. We had a couple company Christmas parties there that were awesome. Track betting, golf screens, mini golf, pool, arcade and TV screens everywhere playing any sport you wanted. It is a shame.

They organized a Olympic games for us with all of our staff. All of my office staff, sales staff and warehouse staff with their spouse were involved. The first time one of my reps that was at least 6o years old beat EVERYONE ! It was a fun party. Shanks even supplied a full Christmas dinner buffet for our group in our own section.

Thought of the Day

You never realize what you have until it is gone. Toilet paper is a good example 

June 25th

” Mercury Forecast  Mesa 42 degrees, Calgary 24 degrees Edmonton 25 degrees”

My men’s league at Turner today. I was hooked up with Rick, Donn and Larry. I was hoping after the last game I could have another good showing and score. It was a struggle today. First hole under a tree requiring a punch shot out. Second hole 1 ft away from a tree requiring a punch shot out. Third hole wedge over the green lost ball. Next hole in the sand and it carried on like this for the whole day. Bad luck, trees and poorer shots. Second highest score of the year. BUT I I had a lot of fun with my group and it was a very enjoyable day. Larry golfed the best I have seen for along time and will be in the money when we get our sheets. Great day for him.

This is the first time we actually socialized and had a cold beer on the deck. I forgot and asked for jugs again.


Years ago on the deck at Turner when a heavy laden waitress came up to us and it was near the opening of the season I innocently asked ” Do you have jugs ? ” Not knowing if they were available. The table next to me screams out laughing with the question and stating ” Isn’t it obvious ?”   Putting the emphasis on a word can change the whole sentence.

  1. Do you have jugs !
  2. Do you have jugs ?

Completely different meaning. There was no kick back today though but I will need to remember to say pitchers

Great day, fun day, fun golfing , fun having a beer after but ugly score.

Nice roast potatoes, salad and porkchops made for a nice supper.

Just relaxing but it is a little difficult with Daisy biting my hands and toes. She is nuts !

Thought of the Day 

It snowed today with me taking a snowman on the golf course. 

June 26th

” Mercury Forecast  Mesa 43 degrees, Calgary 24 degrees with 7 straight rain days Edmonton 19 degrees with 7 straight rain days coming up”

We were up early this morning as we needed to be at Audrey’s to dismantle her bed before the new one arrived and Jackie had an appointment to take Audrey to.

We started working away taking it apart and packing it away in the garage. We just finished and perfect timing for the new one to arrive. Two great guys that were awesome at putting the new one together as it had large corner brackets with bolts which makes for a sturdier bed. It is a modern looking unique bed.

When Jackie took off with Audrey I reset the number pad for the garage door opener. It is a 3 minute job to take the battery out or 1 minute to recode it. I also recoded the portable opener so all set to go.

Jackie and I had tee times for today but she cancelled out on me.I went solo today and had a blast. I was paired up with two middle aged Police Detective women from the CPS.  One was tall and the most muscular lady I have EVER seen. The other a short chubby girl. Both turned out to be awesome golfers. They played from the white tees and had some wonderful drives and shots including putts. As a threesome we had blast with heckling and teasing. The muscle girl warned me about her language before starting and she understated that. You all know that I believe the intelligence level of foul mouthed individuals is suspect but I forgive this young lady only because she was so funny.  From Cape Breton, could be on steroids, with an accent and an attitude could be the reasons but not an excuse for the way she was.She would make a sailor blush. Both ladies were great golfers but when the muscle girl mishit, a quick jibe from me ” Wow for such a strong woman that didn’t go very far ” it would result in a string of profanities. Next hole she would get me back ” Not bad for an old guy” This was after a 300 yard drive. I even saw a club be thrown 20 ft in the air. It was one of the most fun and entertaining golf experiences in while. I golfed very well. It is funny as the fairways are narrower at HG than TV in  a lot of cases yet HG suits my eye better and I can swing freely. One aspect is I know I can punch out compared to losing a ball in the undergrowth. Makes a huge difference. Another 39 on the front but taking a triple on one hole hurt me on the back nine. I had a 4ft eagle I missed which would have helped but I will take a birdie everyday. Fun day.

Thought of the Day 

It is interesting as people that curse know they are doing it and in a situation where they know they can’t they don’t. Not having the language acumen they feel the need to fill with swear words with a lot of it trying to impress, make a statement or lack of confidence and this helps fill that void.  Trust me it is far from acceptable, it is not endearing, it is not impressive and only enforces the fact you may be struggling with vocabulary or pretending to be a tough person.

June 27th 

” Mercury Forecast-  Mesa 41 degrees, Calgary 17 degrees  showers Edmonton 17 degrees showers”

It’s going to be a funny world getting used to all of the changes this younger generation wants.

  • You cant order a BLACK coffee anymore
  • No more Brownie’s for sale as a desert
  •  No more Black Friday sales
  •  Is brown sugar going to be sold.
  •  I used to love to play Chinese Checkers
  •  No more Italian saugages
  •  No more Indian summers
  •  Not allowed to give anyone an Indian Burn anymore.
  •  After drinking to much it is not a black out it is just a passout.
  •  Hopefully no more Edmonton Eskimos ( the worst insulting name )

If people would only get real. We are becoming so nicety nice or trying to be as a society and the murder and suicide rates keep going up, Coincidence I think not.

We have had so many different movements lately it is start to smell.

Everyone STOP being so sensitive and man up. Sorry can’t say that anymore as it relates to the fact that a man has to be tough. It also has a sexual connotation related to males.

Sad state we are becoming.

I used to like the expression” it is getting a little nippy outside “. I will keep you abreast if we cant say that also.

I thought this was an interesting way to wake someone up.

I know a few kids where this will work. LOL

Looks like the weatherman got another day wrong. Sun is shining.

June 28th – 29th

” Mercury Forecast  – Rain, cloud and scattered for both days with highs of 16 degrees”

This is the hail on highway from Saturday nights storm. Our second big storm so far.

It was black out again and we knew another storm was brewing. Jackie & I headed into town around 5pm and the clouds just kept getting blacker. Luckily for us just rain. This is about 20 miles outside of Calgary this time where the hail hit.

Walking around the block it is amazing how many cars are damaged with hail. I mean totaled.

We planted a few new plants which I hope will take. This is about the 5th Clematis I have tried. I trimmed the trees and cut the grass. We spent a nice day out at the lot having lunch out there even with the sky getting darker by the moment. We ended up getting lots of small stuff done and relaxing on the deck. And lots of walks with the dog. Nice fun day.

Over to Audrey’s place to fix a few things up.  I bought a new storm door lock from Home Depot to install. I am very familiar with Ideal Security having sold it at Sterling and Marshall -Wells. I expected it to be at Home Depot but they only carry a MADE IN CHINA brand Wright. $20 for a handle that is cheaply made. Too bad Rona closed as I am sure they would have had as Ideal is a Canadian made quality brand. As they didn’t have a washer on the spindle like normal I actually dropped it into the door frame and had to go back to get another. Got that all done including installing the screen which it didn’t have in it and then looked at the sliding screen door to see what I could do there. I was going to use a pin system but with it being a outside mount screen I didn’t want a water opening in the sill. To have it not open is really irrelevant anyways as it doesn’t hold anyone from entering the house. Alan had brought a piece of conduit and two cane tips which made for a perfect security bar allowing the door to open for airflow but not opening enough to allow anyone in. We cut it to size.

Here is were I went wrong. I had the opening size were I thought NO ONE could pass through. I bet MaryAnn she couldn’t but lo and behold she managed to. MaryAnn is a smaller person so she bet that Alan could get through also. Amazing I LOST a steak supper bet to them. He squeezed thru also so we had to adjust the opening size.

I had bought black Gorilla tape as Audrey’s back bumper and taillight was broken from a prior accident. Inspecting it I thought I would try Gorilla Glue. This turned out fantastic and after the repair you could hardly see where it was damaged. I also touched up the rust just to make it look a little better. It looks a lot better and hopefully the glue is strong enough to withstand the pressures. If it splits I will see if I can back tape and glue again.

I went to Sobey’s today and filled up the grocery cart with everything we need. No one in the store which was nice.

Had a great walk in the morning with Daisy. Still one accident today. Grrrrr !

Thought of the Day 

Odd Jackie will kiss Daisy on the lips but won’t drink from my glass. 


” Mercury Forecast   Mesa 38 degrees , Calgary 13 degrees RAIN, Edmonton 16 degrees rain  “

Ok enough already. I though the spring and summer of 2019 sucked but this year is just as bad if not worse. In June we had 48% more rain than the average.  Calgary is nice and green and lush but I would take the brown and dry any day.  To give you an idea take Edmonton versus Calgary. Edmonton has only received 81.5 mm of rain in June. Calgary has received 142.6 mm. THAT IS 75% MORE RAIN with another potential 40mm more for today.

Look at 2020 as a very very bad year. We have Covid destroying lives and businesses, we have a locust infestation in India, murder hornets in BC, we have oil basically shutdown, unemployment at levels that we haven’t seen since the 1930’s, we have uncalled for social unrest, and we have insane world leaders.  We had state of emergency for fires in  Australia, we had the acquittal of Donald Trump, Kobe was killed, Prince Harry and Markel step down, Iran shoots down an airplane full of people, UK withdraws from the EU, Dow plunges worst since 1987, Olympics rescheduled, we have Greta and we have the Floyd fiasco and the year is only half done.    To survive and thrive thru 2020 is an accomplishment as I don’t believe there has ever been a situation like this one before with multiple facets happening.  We have had wars killing millions and plagues but having the combo of a pandemic and economic collapse at once and worldwide has never happened.

It is too bad as I was looking forward to celebrating our 40 anniversary and Jackie 60th with great trips. With the way it going even next year it may be difficult to get in any travel.

I was looking forward to my game today at Turner Valley. I had great game last time at Heatherglen and was prepared to play smarter today to score well. I plan to use my hybrid on certain holes to help remove the possibility of a lost ball. I woke up to rain this morning and phoned to cancel my tee time. Darn

Last of the month so I worked on my budget all morning. My printer calved so it took a little longer to get it done. I have a lot of  detail in my budget that I may look at changing for next year. ie I track Tim’s separate for fast food,separate from dining out and separate from after golf. It gives a more accurate look at where your money is going but if I changed the header to dining it would save a lot of inputting.

The one GOOD thing about Covid is the money saving. Under budget again and stopped the RRSP withdrawal for another month. Income tax back and Princess refund helps.

It has rained heavy now for 8 hours. Enough !

Lazy day and I couldn’t resist. Our little Atti making a run for it. Take a naked boy running in the grass you have one of cutest pictures ever !

Look out Ethel !

Below is a  much more serious picture but a very significant one. Jackson is now a Grade 4 freshmen.  His Grade three report card was exceptional with some great remarks from his teachers. He is growing up very fast.

Grad 4 this fall.

August a preschool grad heading into kindergarten. Teachers love him !


My parents all thru school gave us a financial reward for each report card. I am not sure but I am thinking a dollar for an A and 2 dollars for a H. As a child I was very frugal with my money and saved and saved it. Luckily I was very good at school and made a fortune. Lots of H’s which at the time were the designation for a honors score ( 90 or above) . We used to get I think 4 cards per year which made me a fortune. Rewards work ask any dog. LOL

We all know the world is changing and in a lot of ways for the worse. When I went to school everyone had to go to the hallway and stand and sing God Save the Queen and then Oh Canada. The teacher was allowed to strap a kid that misbehaved. Teachers wore ties and dresses and looked professional. No time outs as the kicked out of class worked a way better. I remember one time having to stand in front of the class with gum on my nose. Do you think I chewed gum in class again ? We had a teacher throw chalk brushes at kids if they talked in class.  We had a reward system that the better students had their own row to sit with privileges. If the row had ten desks you had to finish top ten on a test to stay in the row. I think a redo and going back to this kind of instruction would do a world of good for a lot of students today.








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