JULY 2020

Canada Day !

July 1st-2nd

Canada Day !

Covid wrecks Canada Day.

Well for us it was different one. I enjoy the celebrations and get togethers. We had some great times down at Ft Calgary and Eau Claire. Typically Cor & Tor were working so we celebrated with Jackson riding horse, pancake breakfast, wading pool etc or seating on a patio. This year not so much.

We were up fairly early and headed to met Alan at Victoria’s place. We loaded up the two desk to take to Audrey’s place. I tried to sell these on Kijiji years ago with no luck. Very expensive old antique secretary desk and a beautiful knurl post desk that Peter owned. When I checked based on the condition, the year as indicated by the design it would appear the one desk was worth at least $1000. It worked out perfect as no one wanted or could use them for years until Audrey moved into her new place and had room. They look fantastic in her place, are made of solid wood  and with beautiful craftsmanship. Like it was meant to be as it clear up some room for Victoria also as they have been in her basement for at least 7 years. Since Peter sold his house. Everything has a way of working out.

We then worked packing boxes and moving stuff around in Audrey’s basement. All done until we know a date to move the boxes into the garage.

I whipped to pick up Fish & Chips for supper tonight which were awesome. Huge portions which was nice. It still mystifies me how a Halibut fish can be more expensive than a steak. Sea Fish & Chips carries Cod, Haddock and Halibut. We both chose the Cod as it is less fishy tasting and smelling. It was great but not quite as flaky as Halibut.  Wonderful supper.

A little binge watching of Ozark and another Canada Day has come and went. Big party next year.

A earlier tee time than usual today out at Turner. The weatherman promised 20 degrees and sun and DID NOT deliver. I had shorts on and it was on the cool side. That Turner course gets me every time. I had the same thing happen at Whirlwind until I decided to play smart and lay up or hit different irons. Again today lost balls just off the fairway and shooting 4. One yard off the fairway I do not think is fair golf. Too expensive to fix also. So again shooting in the low 90’s with no money coming my way. Again if I could remove the holes where I lost a ball it would have been a good score in the low 80’s. It is starting to annoy me too much.  When I know and have done so well in the past to be stuck now thinking too much at the tee isn’t good. YET I am determined to have a great game there.

I played today with a 80 yr old that shot one over his age. He scored a 81. Replacement parts in his body worked perfect. He hit from the back tees with me and wasn’t that much shorter off the tee. Awesome game for him.

No money today for me again ! Lost balls killed me . Remove 4 holes a great score. But a fun fun day !!

Great surprise tonight as minutes before I was starting supper we had an invite for roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green peas. Audrey made us a great meal.

Thought of the Day !

I cant help but notice that awesome ends with me and ugly starts with U. Just seemed odd.

July 3rd

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 40 degrees, Calgary 24 degrees, Edmonton 23 degrees”

It is sunny out so lets hope the weatherman gets it right today.

As the USA struggles with the Covid crisis it appears more and more likely we will not be heading to Arizona for the winter. I said before we will head to Van Island to enjoy ourselves differently if needed.

It was funny as I was talking to this guy at the golf course about this and he commented ” But you have a house down there. Isn’t that a huge waste of money? ” Made me smile. Small thinking. Cheap thinking. It is like the guy that that drives 5 miles to save 2 cents a litre on gas. Like the guy that won’t pay to go to the top of the hill as it is too expensive while on holidays not considering he may never be back. We all pay taxes, we all pay insurance which I consider a waste of money. To spend any amount on enjoying life ( you only get one) is never a waste. We may not ( jury still out) be able to use it this year but we have had 13 years wonderful years of use and possibly 25 more years. One hiccup does not make me think of it as a waste. I have always considered it an investment in ourselves. Not once did I consider resale, depreciation, or costs. An investment in yourself has an unlimited value. We bought this while still working to pay for it and to  only have the cost of the HOA each month which is quite reasonable considering what we get.  Now if only I was rich it would feel better but that is nobodies fault but our own as we could have and should have saved a lot more without sacrificing our enjoyment.

This makes me think of the younger generation again. When we bought our first house we needed a 10% unencumbered cash down payment. Today you only need 5% and can use RRSP amounts to draw from and pay back. Yet they all complain they can’t afford to buy a house. It is because they go out to dinner 4 times a week, buy lunch, want a 60 inch TV, want brand name clothes etc etc.  Every generation before struggled but had different expectations. I always hear the excuse “the house pricing is so high” . IT IS ALL RELATIVE see below.

2020 average median couple income $98,400 with a average median house price $400,000 with interest rates 3.27% = monthly payment $ 1953.49 which is 23% of income

1980  average median income was $ 55,061 with a median house price of  $152,000 with interest rates of 17%  = monthly payment $2185.45 which is 47% of income with a 25% drop in pricing happening up to 1985.

I remember in 1980 we when our mortgage was over 20%. The high interest rates killed the housing and from 1980 to 1985 the pricing just kept dropping. We were lucky as on our first home after spending tons on reno’s and after three years we received exactly what we paid minus fees. Nice loss. Lots of people just walked away from their home. But our next house we did well on as the market increased from 1985 to 1988 with strong inflation.

It is all about expectation and wants not about the facts. It is much easier today to be a home owner than ever. There is always the debate which is better the stock market or housing. This is a difficult one as it depends on the person and their aversion to risk. Stocks have greater and faster returns but housing allows equity to be built and borrowed against to buy stocks to get the best of both worlds. I would say to use both but there is nothing better than pride of ownership that you just can’t get renting.

Jackie was getting her face done today so I went golfing with Jeff & Wendy. We were joined by a nice gentleman that managed Rent to Own stores. It was only his second time golfing this year. Todays golfing was mixed. Jeff had his issues but Wendy played the best I have ever seen with awesome shots and minimal do overs. I witnessed at least 3 legit pars in a row from her. I played decent but got caught up with a 3 putt on two holes and two lost balls causing the 84 score which is too high for this course. I had 7 realistic birdie shots that ended up as none on the scorecard. A beautiful day with warm sun and a slight breeze to keep the mosquitoes away.

It was a little longer than normal game as the tee sheet was full. Get back to work you guys !!! LOL

After golf I was hoping Jeff & Wendy would want to have a beer on a patio deck but they were busy. They are very caring grandparents as they had to babysit a 15 yr old grandson. I was bugging them a 15 yr old years ago could have been married and working and you are babysitting !  The kid will know he is loved to be babysat at 15 and or he will rebel in despair. Sneaking a beer, or toke and girlfriends I thought was on the agenda for most 15 yr olds not being babysat.

They missed a wonderful evening sitting on a patio with Paralyzers, cold beer and awesome food. I had had the Ginger Beef Noodle Bowl and it was wonderful. We were very lucky that Victoria joined us on the patio. Wonderful warm sunshine and fun conversation.  Always a fun time with Tor listening to her stories. We tried to fix the world but we didn’t want hurt anyone’s feelings. Everyone is so sensitive nowadays. So we will only talk behind their backs. LOL

Victoria joining us on the patio for a fun evening in the sun

Multiple Paralyzers and she could still move. Glassy eyes though may indicate intoxication. She never has multiple drinks. Perhaps the neck brace was on too  tight.

Thought of the Day 

It always surprises me that golf brings the inner child out in so many people. Being child like is the only explanation that explains the frequent inability to count past 5.  It is funny as I notice drinkers have the same counting issue. 

July 4th

” Mercury Forecast  Mesa 40 degrees, Calgary 20 degrees, Edmonton 20 degrees”

Learn something new everyday is a great saying and very true to a degree.  Today after having the same phone for 6 years now I discover a easy text font size change method. 6 years it took. LOL

Up and out of the house first thing to head to Sobey’s to pick up some food for the birthday party out at Oasis tomorrow. I got lucky and Pork Loin was on sale so I picked up two nice roasts plus a sirloin roast for lunch. The store was empty which was nice so it didn’t take long for everything to be picked up.

Pork Loin, Sirloin roast, my wonderful Grandma’s potato salad, and Fred’s home made coleslaw and a French baguette should fill everyone up for a summer meal.

Daisy was wonderful today with her training.

We prepped everything for tomorrow to save time and not to be rushed. Did the roast, potatoes, veggies and sauce. Jackie did a lot of the work today which was nice. Everything looks perfect.

We headed out to the lot to get everything fixed up. It was absolutely wonderful out with the warmth and sun. A little breezy but that kept the mosquitos away. First thing ,as for about a 1/2 hour we thought it may rain but that blew right on by, I cut the lawn. Cleaned up, burned the dead wood in the firepit, and cleaned up the flowers etc.

We had a few walks with Daisy where she met many fur friends and human friends.  When we took our twins out when they were babies we had so many stops with people loving them and calling them cute. Now Daisy gets that. Everyone loves her as she runs up wiggling and happy. She even met another Shorkie that was only a few days younger. They played and had a lot of fun. She met a very young Taco Bell dog. It had to weigh maybe 1 pound.  Daisy had a very fun day.

Jackie and I did our stuff and then had a very enjoyable afternoon/ evening sitting on the deck enjoying the place. This brings about a RANT


A new family moved in last weekend and were out at their lot for the first time. Younger family. They decided to wreck our enjoyment. The country is for peace & quiet, solitude, reflection and admiration of nature NOT for LOUD MUSIC blaring out of trailer speakers on the side of their unit. We now have two families on our block that are ignorant human beings being selfish and rude without any thought to others well being and peace & quiet.  Jackie & left early as it is just annoying. Try reading a book with music beating on and I don’t care what genre is playing.

There are very few things that get my ire but here are my top three in order of annoyance.

  1. MUSIC–  should never be played loud enough that neighbors can hear it. Supposed music lovers think it is their duty to spread their music to the world. Music should not be played in a car where the windows are vibrating it is so loud. We don’t want to hear it. Music should never be played at a campground. You are camping in nature and if you don’t like that stop camping as no one will miss you. If you are so mentally insecure you require music to calm you, you need to see a doctor and take a pill. Music should never be played on a golf course. Music has been used as torture and brainwashing for decades, why, because it works. It riles people into rioting, it can make someone fall asleep, and it can calm someone down that is fearful of something or it can entice someone to kill in extreme circumstances. Music is a stimulate like caffeine. And addictive. A lot of people use music to block out the world. Others like the attention it gives them and have no consideration of others. Play it but keep it to yourself and there is no issue except for me having to help pay for your hearing aids when you get older.
  2. FOUL LANGUAGE – I have said this before. Someone that curses when angry has  weak will power and control. Someone that swears in normal conversation in most cases is uneducated, is very insecure with themselves or just hasn’t developed the language skills needed to converse normally. To use foul language to pretend you are tough or cool is just pathetic. Some use it as an attention getter . Now that I think of it I actually feel sorry for these people and I think they are crying out for help in their own weird way. Give them a hug and let them know it will be ok .
  3. SLOW DRIVERS– Quite annoying but easily handled with bumper riding , cutting in close or speeding by closely. There should be a ticket for slow driving with double the fine versus speeding as it is actually more dangerous. Anything less than the limit is too slow. As I have said before a mandatory test for everyone should be had every 5 years. If you can’t back up 200 ft or parallel park lose your license. If during the testing you can’t maintain the speed limit lose your license. We all know the two groups of people that consistently are the perpetrators of this. Get them off the road and it will be safer for all of us.

It was a very nice day. Enjoyable sitting in the sun and relaxing.

Thought of the Day 

Something is hurting you – That is why you need foul language, loud music ,pot or whiskey 

July 5th 

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 44 degrees, Calgary 21 degrees Edmonton 20 degrees”

Finally a nice summer day. Nicest of the year with no wind, and warm sunshine all day. Just beautiful.

Special day today as two family members have their birthday. Dave’s wife Erin and Audrey both celebrate birthdays today.

For Audrey’s birthday we had everyone out at our lot. Victoria, Jackson, Sheldon, Kristen, Kennedy, Chris, Alan, MaryAnn and 5 dogs. This is funny as dogs like grass and my grass area is pretty small. So after they leave I soak it with water to dilute the nitrogen in their pee so it doesn’t burn the grass. HINT  Dog owners if your dog is burning your grass it is most likely dehydrated and by giving it more water it won’t wreck your lawn.

We have plenty of room for everyone to sit which makes it nice besides the setting and being outside.

Birthday girl !

I heated up the two pork loins and large beef sirloin roast. They were awesome.  We had potato salad ( Grandma’s recipe)  a baguette, and Fred’s coleslaw that everyone loved. Add the dessert of birthday cake and  it is a meal. I thought the meal was awesome and hopefully everyone else enjoyed it.

I had plastic gloves to prepare the food. We gave each family a large spoon to dish out their own food so no contact from anyone else, we had hand sanitizer and paper towel as they picked up their plates and I had a portable sink with soap and paper towel to use prior to coming up for food.  It is an odd world but it all worked out fine.

Family gathering done  safely with everyone  having fun

Awesome tasting cake. Chocolate is the best.

Audrey appeared to have a good time and was with us from 10am to 9pm.

I think our relaxing of the rules may cause issues. The pool has a limit of people in it but other than that it is giver er full tilt.  The kids were having a blast in the pool. Jackson is a lot stronger this year so his swimming is that much better. He flies across the pool and is even getting the  hang of breathing under his raised arm. He had blast in the pool.

Even the playground was packed and we all know how many hands touch those bars.

I am biased but Jackson is such a sweet kid playing Connect 4 with me and hide and seek around the campground. He stayed after his Mom left and we thoroughly enjoyed him entertaining us.

This is what the Calgary Stampede has come to. Jackson having fun.

It was a wonderful relaxing day for everyone  and Audrey hopefully had a nice family gathering celebrating her birthday even without hugging.

Thought of the Day 

Why is birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everyone rushes to get a piece. ?


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