MAY 2021

May 1st – 2nd

“Mercury Forecast Mesa 33 degrees, Edmonton 12 degrees Calgary 9 degrees”

Well another 13 hour day. We left Calgary about 8am and arrived home around 9:30pm. Today I had a all female work crew. They all were excellent helpers. Struggled with terminology like flush, plumb, level, dado etc but with a little coaxing it all turned out. Some first time events with Jessica using the nail gun and Jackie using the sawsall for her first time. Penny is a old hat at nail guns and we had her helping out also. I wanted more done but I am happy with what we accomplished. We dadoed trim boards for the T&G Pine paneling, we installed cover fascia boards, corner trim boards, made window boxes and trimmed them, made a pass thru window box and trimmed, made jamb and notched in hinge pockets on door and jamb for a outside, installed door frame, door and trim, adjusted pergola ledger board, blue skinned the corners and installed gable trim boards.

With Jackie’s , Jessica’s and Penny’s help we got it done. AGAIN it was extremely difficult working with warped boards. I cut the jamb down to 4 9/16 out of a 1 x 6 and trying to keep a straight cut was impossible and this on a table saw. To get everything flush was a monumental task but with the girls help I am satisfied and caulking can cover a plethora of adjustments.

Me holding shims and the the box square while Jessica is nailing.

A few more trim boards, install of glass and a one door unit and then the roof and we are done except for the interior and a few exterior “fancy” things.

You know that saying timing is everything well here is a perfect example.

As usual we were treated like kings on the food side. For supper Penny made her chili and it is great. One of the better ones and she added a couple of items that I am going to steal for mine. I like the white kidney beans added plus the mushrooms, celery and diced tomatoes all made an excellent combo. I am not sure what spices she used but I am ok with my chili powder which I love. Fresh buns with chili you can’t go wrong. I keep eating and eating but these long hours of working more than ate up enough calories I had, I had to add sweets to keep from dropping below my magic number.

Everyone including the dog slept in today until 9:30 which was nice. On my agenda today is NOTHING but rest and relaxation.

It was a nice day and I enjoyed it fully. Jackie made great supper for Audrey & I which was a nice ending for the day. Angel Spaghetti, Angel Fruit cake, Italian meatballs, and garlic toast is nice change and great tasting.

Thought of the Day

Life is like a jar of jalapeño peppers.  What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow.

May 3rd- 4th

“Mercury Forecast Mesa 32 degrees, Edmonton 12/13 degrees, Calgary 14/12 degrees”

Alan was here at 7:30 am and we returned at 9:30 pm so another 14 hour work day. My body and mind are holding up very well mostly due to my natural athletic abilities.

Today was the first time ever for myself or Alan to work with a metal roof. I have to say if I am ever doing another shed I will NEVER go back to asphalt. Metal is lighter, much easier, a lot lot quicker and easy on the body compared to shingles. The only issue I have is, is it as water tight ? If you look in the dictionary “rubber washer” states ” temporary seal”. So how long do they last ? How can you be sure every washer is tight enough or not over tightened ? Anytime putting a hole into your roof isn’t a good idea especially when exposed ( shingle nails are all covered) but it has been around for a long time. Time will tell, but I like the ease, and I like the look. It is about 2.5 times more expensive than asphalt ( shingles $1.00 per sq ft versus $2.70 a ft) but I still would choose steel on a shed or garage. After the fact and being our first time I thought we should have forgot where the centre rib is and found a rafter to screw to. Next time as every time you always learn something new.

Not knowing what we were doing it turned out wonderful. It does use a lot of screws. The pieces of steel for capping the plant gave us didn’t quite make sense to me and I didn’t care for their idea on the end coverage. After a little talking between my idea of using a rake cap and plant manager idea of open end we ended up with a custom sized drip edge cover that not only worked great looks fantastic. The metal shop was like stepping back a few centuries but their customer service was exceptional and great product with ease of modification. Cutting a panel with the angle grinder sure uses up a blade fast as it is quite thick.

So our 14 hour day included the driving, installing and completing the roof, trim on back side and around bar door. New fascia boards. Installed jamb liner and door on front side and trim work here and there. Only a opening sidelight door, the barn doors and one interior divide wall and I will leave the balance for much later.

Roof looking good

A wonderful supper with homemade burgers that tasted great. Penny uses Gold Fish crackers instead of soda crackers for filler. Big burgers and great tasting including potato salad. Great meal but Alan and i both noticed a few burger burps on the way home.

I need to get my motor home ready and I have not started on my lot as of yet. So I will watch the weather and timing to get the last few things done.

I took my Jeep in for a a/c repair today. This has been an issue from when it was brand new. The dealership ( remember they are crooks) recharged it and said no leaks and they must have half filled it from factory. A couple years later same issue and still no leaks and they will recharge under warranty. A couple yeas later took to another dealer and same story but a lot cheaper as they didn’t charge the evac. Another win for those radical green people forcing shops to evac or be fined. Another year in Arizona an experienced a/c guy no leaks a recharge for $50. Then the heater core sprung a leak so I decided to change out the a/c evaporator at the same time ($2500) as it is a possible leak source and undetectable. Next year another recharge and told a small minute leak from the compressor after having the car for two days of testing. ( need to find a leak and repair in order to refill to appease the green people ) Today same issue and a small leak from the Schrader valve found.( understand it is made up to refill, to again appease the idiots) Should be good for another year.

Sunny then rain and then sun. Cooler

Watching the news tonight you knew it had to happen. LOADS of people including people we know personally and ourselves to an extent not following the rules which were less restrictive as the Premier wanted the public to accept responsibility and they didn’t. So larger fines and a lot stricter measures in place. I really feel for the small businesses affected again and I am sure we are going to lose some more great businesses. I plan to support a few the best I can. Hopefully three weeks with a reduction in cases and a uptick in shots we will be in a better place.

If this vehicle ever came to fruition the Jeep would be gone and this truck would be in my garage no matter what the cost. Hopefully with a LS6 in it. The truck pictured above is like my 1972 Blazer and the prototype is a Silverado Balzer version that we are hoping GM builds.

Thought of the Day

In the 60’s, people took LSD to make the world weird.  Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.


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