November 2019

November 2nd

Second day travelling. Up and had our great FREE breakfast at Best Western in Idaho Falls. This is a good deal with a wonderful room and a great breakfast all under $100. The Cotton Tree is a very nice hotel steps away from Denny’s and Outbacks so how can you go wrong.

Great weather all the way from Raymond to Mesquite.  This was one of the most interesting trips  we had with great roads but had multiple incidences. This was a fun trip for me. Heading into Salt Lake City everyone knows how busy it gets. What made it fun was the incredible amount of traffic and lane weaves we had to make due to construction. Three and four lanes having to weave at the same time. Take a old man or lady scared stiff or a young girl driving, hanging on for life they make mistakes. I thought I was on a huge go cart track weaving around at 130 kmph. They stumbled and were horrible at staying between the lines. If it was a coloring contest thiers would have been a mess. I enjoyed the challenge of getting around and dodging the no minds. Get two big trucks side by side and it added another whole diminsion. Super fun drive thru Salt Lake which seems to take hours. Another incident some vehicle decided to drive over a cliff and dropped a 100ft plus it tied up traffic as the tow truck had to block the highway. The line had to be 10 miles long. It took us over an hour to get past the accident with stop and start traffic at 5mph. We get a few miles past the accident and road construction stopped us again on the road.

Sitting on the highway

Some may say the drive down is boring. I think NOT. On the way there are three neat statues to look at. The first is high on the mountain near Butte MT with a neat story:

  1. Our Lady of the Rockies is a 90-foot (27 m) statue built in the likeness of Mary, the mother of Jesus, that sits atop the Continental Divide overlooking Butte, Montana. It is the fourth-tallest statue in the United States after Birth of the New World, The Statue of Liberty, and the Pegasus and Dragon. The base is 8,510 feet above sea level and 3,500 feet above the town. The statue sits on private land and is lit and visible at night. It is beautiful. It was originally conceived by Butte resident Bob O’Bill in 1979 as a tribute to the Virgin Mary following the recovery of his wife from cancer. Later, the statue was additionally dedicated to “all women.
  2. This is the Place Monument at Salt Lake City. This monument is to honor Brigham Young as he found the place as a home for his religion.
  3. There are two huge bull statues on the way. One as a advertisement for a Breeder Bull farm the other just a huge bull up in the mountain ledge watching the highway.
  4.  The other thing is the MANSION as the head office for Melaleuca a pyramid scheme company like Amway located on the highway at Idaho Falls. 370,000 sg ft office. Beautiful building. Multi level marketing companies are wealthy but unfortunately the average Joe selling makes very little. Mary Kay, Tupperware, all use the same method.
  5.  The other awesome sight is the Virgin River Gorge which is in Arizona just before you enter Nevada. It is a sight for everyone to see.

    Virgin River Gorge is beautiful. It is a nice drive thru the section.

We left Idaho Falls at 19 degrees and ended at 73 degrees in Mesquite. LOVE IT. Threw my shoes in the back and put my sandals on and I am back in heaven.

Headed to our favorite pub for supper and it was very good again. Jackie has a horrible time finding things she likes to drink or can eat. No seeds, no acid, no tomatoes, no spices, etc makes it hard to get good food. No Paralyzers in the USA makes it difficult for her getting a drink she likes. I am glad I am not fussy or have stomach issues. I like most everything except on the sea food and fish side of things. I do love expensive Halibut dishes. LOL

We should hit Mesa tomorrow late afternoon. I believe a time change will affect us also.

Free breakfast was awesome again. I love it.

We made good time on this shorter leg of our journey. A few stops for a pee break and gas and we arrived at our house around 3pm. So nice to be home.

Always nice to be welcomed by your neighbors for a quick chat before unloading. We had a short visit with Ian & Gail, Anita & Denis, Randy & Donna, Dwight & Gini and a little later with Carol & Russ and Jake & Donna.

A quick break and off to Safeway to load up. The first time is always a little more expensive as there are condiments and such for the entire winter stay you need.

Had a wonderful cool desert sleep in our own bed.

November 4th

Mercury Forecast –  Mesa 29 degrees, Calgary 0 degrees , Edmonton 1 degrees snow 

And you wonder why we love it here.

Today was a day. Wow what a lot of trees to trim.

30ft Lemon tree to cut abck to a workable 7 ft height is just one tree.

Randy and I along with Fred started at 9am and worked all day in the heat until about 3pm. We had at least a semi truck worth of branches to take to the dump. Randy took three loads and that still left the semi load.

Lemon tree grew by 10 ft with 3/4 thick branches. Orange tree had 5 ft shooters. Every bush grew more than I have ever seen. Randy is looking at a adding a shed to his lot so we chopped back the Bougainvillea to about a 4ft tree to regrow and be more manageable. The other Hackberry trees we cut off the 4ft shooters and cleaned up a lot of dead wood in the under carriage of the tree. The Oleander tree we cut back to the carport height and then all of the smaller tress and bushes added up to one huge pile of branches. So lucky to have Fred and Randy help also as it was the biggest tree cutting to date. Even bigger than cutting Annette’s  huge Oleander tree.

We gathered all of our landscaping tools and added a pole hedge gas trimmer from Depot. For $50 I tried to make the day easier. I never ever ever want to admit I am weaker than I used to be but a 6 hour day in the 80 degree weather and working gets to me. My broken bicep is a very annoying as I should have had that fixed as it really limits my time over head working. It was great to have the help of the guys.

I look like a lost a battle with a Alley Cat.

All done except for a bit of cleanup and I am glad. Next year I would gladly give up 4 golf games to have someone else cut these.

Power washing the entire exterior and carport, outdoor kitchen is the next project. I need to buy a brush, hose and y connector to use the power washer and brush at the same time. Any pounds gained on the trip down were half gone today.

Talking to Fred he was a victim of suspected food poisoning for his trip down and didn’t feel well for a week. I AM CONVINCED IT WAS CAUSED BY A DELAYED REACTION TO THE FLU SHOT. He did look a lot slimmer with all of the puking and pooping he had going on. He sure worked hard today though, through it all. Tough guy.

He didn’t trust himself with a Fat Willy’s burger night out.

Stopped over at Ralph & Tracy’s new home they bought. Over the summer they had a contractor build them a deck and storage shed. Looks awesome. Ralph was busy laying new vinyl plank flooring in it he got from Costco. Looks wonderful. This is the first year for them so hopefully they enjoy themselves.

Nothing but rest tonight. I stretched out on the couch and closed my eyes when I got into the a/c cooled living room which was wonderful and Jackie brought me supper as I was too tired for Fat’s tonight.

Need to charge my phone as it was dead for the last few days. Need to charge my Garmin watch as it was dead while travelling also.

Good days worth of work !

Trees out of control. I am going to turn down the water next year for them.

Trees all trimmed up .

Fred’s new temperature gauge showing 90 degrees in the shade. Some would call that hot. We call it work weather lets cut down a forest.

Thought of the Day 

Nothing like a well trimmed bush.

November 5th

Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 31 degrees , Calgary -1 snow , Edmonton -6 snow 

Arms and legs a little scratched up. Those trees are brutal. Funny how every desert plant has huge thorns for protection.

Taking a shower this morning it is amazing how much they hurt when hit with hot water. I look like a Edward Scissor Hands victim.

First thing was to pay my HOA for Arizona along with the water and garbage. I pay it every 6 months but may switch to monthly for next time. This HOA is funny as it causes so much angst with the old people. Worry , stress, complaining  and anxiety seem to be a common condition of anyone over 80 years old. My take on this is if you don’t like it and can’t change decide to leave. Just leave.

We pay about $550usd a month. We have two golf courses, 4 swimming pools, 8 hot tubs, multiple pickle ball courts, multiple tennis courts, multiple crafts rooms ( sewing, stained glass, gemology, computer classes, and the list goes on)  A huge 2000 person dance and concert hall with Tuesday night bands and once a month big shows, every kind of club you can think of, dancing lessons, and in an immaculate cared for park with security. To me that’s a deal yet I hear people all of time complain. Amazing to me.

What I didn’t care for was Scotiabank declining my card as it has a lower limit for safety as we use it on the internet and them not approving it for a few hundred over. I will fix this when I am back in Canada. At least they were taking care of me so all is good.

Staring at 10 am after getting all of the tools I needed and worked until 5 pm. My back is shot so tomorrow for golf I will need to take a pill to move. I scrubbed the entire house, I power washed the complete house, washed all of the tables and chairs and decks. Took the covers off the outdoor kitchen and tables. Washed the rugs and started moving stuff out and around.

I worked two days straight about 16 hours and when I went to put the tiles in the outdoor table there were a few spots where I missed and I was told I did a half ass job. Two days and a very sore back half assed isn’t something I like to hear and have never heard before. It was a bit of dust on the ledge of the table where the tile sits in that no one would see anyways.

We had our first evening supper outside on the deck on the half assed cleaned table and it was wonderful. I started up the outdoor kitchen and BBQ’d pork chops, garlic toast and a green salad. Lovely supper and wonderful sitting outside even if it was on a dirty table that no one could see.

I hear the odd cricket out there so will need to get Critter Getter after it. I have one burned out light on my kitchen I will need to replace.

I am driving tomorrow to Whirlwind and picking up a friend from Thunder Bay. Early start as it is 7:30 am tee time and a one hour drive to get there. This elite course and the group is more than worth it for me.

Visited Fred for a bit when dropping off the tools. I don’t think I have ever seen arthritis affect someone so bad. He toe joints are all swollen red. I see his pain . Tough guy to handle that pain. It is a disease that would be nice if they could cure. I guess we have a lot of diseases that need that. But we have pills and vaccines for everything else. If we all took very vaccine  and pill on TV we would explode.  There are over 26 common vaccines. Plus pills for everything. You tell me if that is healthy for anyone to take. We wonder why people are getting Dementia.

Thought of the Day 

Don’t half ass anything. Always use your full ass

November 6th

“Mercury forecast ”  Mesa 31 degrees  Calgary – 6 degrees Edmonton -6 degrees

All this week we do not drop below 30 degrees and see the great white north is going to be in the minus 20 at night. Love the heat !

Up this morning at 5:30am and at George’s door at 6 am to pick him up for our Whirlwind adventure.

As people are just starting to arrive we only had 24 golfers in our group today. I love this group as they are all exceptionally nice and fun to play with. Missed my breakfast eating partner. Don’t these guys realize breakfast is the most important meal of the day. LOL

Today I had a newer guy from Minnesota, a Edmontonian and a Thunder Bay  resident. I have played with Warren and Dale numerous times before.  The greens today due to over seeding that takes place a few weeks ago were slow and fuzzy. These greens are normally like greased lightning. Speaking of lightning we saw numerous flashes in the sky on Hole One but no wind or rain. We all missed so many putts that our scores could have been a way lower. Dale shot a 76 and made it look easy but even he missed putts. I couldn’t get the speed or aim right and finished with a high 80’s score. I still was over all very pleased with my shots. Lost one ball off the tee. Next time the putting will be better as my score today should have been low 80’s. Having a off putting day as a group I still won $10 so that is a good thing. On the money leaderboard so all is good.

Came home and relaxed. Ok I had a catnap.

We had a light supper outside and it was wonderful. I baked my bacon in the oven. I think this is the best way to cook bacon but always struggle with what do to with the fat. I put the bacon in a zip lock in the fridge and when we need or want a piece or two it is there to just heat up. Speaking of bacon there is no difference between Pork and Turkey Bacon so why not have something that tastes good. Turkey bacon is only 25 calories less and has much less protein. Turkey does have a little less saturated fat but how much bacon does one really eat so when you do you should enjoy it. Both are highly processed meat which aren’t the best for us.

Thought of the Day 

Bacon- it is like a high five for your mouth

November 7th 

Mercury Forecast  Mesa 32 degrees  Calgary 6 degrees Edmonton 1 degrees showers 

Jackie worked a bit in the morning then headed out to play golf in her ladies league. I fixed up her cart and she walked off down the road to her first game in Arizona this fall.

Turns out it was a hot one. It hit 35 degrees in the car today.

She told me the story of losing her water bottle water and having to beg for water on hole 5 from a resident backing on to the course. She needs water as she had sun stroke years ago. Luckily that all turned out.

I installed our patio lights and shortened the string. They look a lot better this year. I installed all of our ornaments . One broken Bee which is too bad. Perhaps glue will work. I also need a fix on my water fountain that I will work on when I get everything else got up and done.

I headed over to Fred’s place to help with his project. He wanted barnboards installed as a decorative touch over his privacy fence. He came up with a great idea to countersink the Tec screws which made it look cool. We installed all of the uprights and then installed the boards. They look absolutely wonderful. We installed the decorative metal accents to complete the job. I forgot to get a picture. I may steal the idea for the back off my outdoor kitchen.

Jackie showed up after golf all worn out. Hot long day of golfing. A full 2 hours. LOL But at 35 degrees and walking it takes it toll. Funny thing Jackie is walking to the after party and Terry is taking the golf cart to pick her up and they take different routes. There only two routes and they take the opposite one. I think it is funny especially in todays world with communication devises on every one.

Had a few beer as we admired our handy work.

Whipped to Safeway as I wanted Spaghetti for supper and forgot to buy it the first time. I bought wonderful meat balls to use with it. Awesome meat balls. They turned out perfect. You take a hearty meal of Spaghetti and Meatballs with a full greens salad and garlic toast sitting outside in the warmth you have a little peice of heaven.

At Safeway I took my blood pressure and it is wonderful. 106/73 . Love the relaxation.

Thought of the Day 

Life is about exploring Pastabilites.

November 8th 

” Mercury Forecast”   Mesa 32 degrees, Calgary 13 degrees, Edmonton 4 degrees ( with heavy snowfall warning in effect)

With a forecast of 32 degrees I am sure it will hit 35 again today by the looks of the clear sunny sky. Most days it has been 90 degrees lately but today could hit 95. November is wonderful month as you can sit outside until midnight in the heat. In January we have to turn on our patio heater as it cools fast after sunset.

First game today with my Viewpoint Saskatchewan group of guys. The group has changed dramatically from years ago.  A few of the guys split off and a quite a few new guys came on board. With our organizer now gone we have picked up a new guy to organize which is good. This “new” group of guys are all fun loving and golf loving guys from everywhere. We have Calgary, Calgary, Radium, Regina, Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Lloydminster, and a few other cities all represented.

My hope today is to win a few bucks. No slice and I can score low on Viewpoint but time will tell.

It is getting close to the date where I can hassle my friends on the Oiler’s over achievement . Nice to see Calgary ties for first place with them but I need the Oiler’s to lose the next few games just to reinforce my statement of playing over their heads. Can’t wait to rattle the cage.

It’s bad enough that the government promotes vaccines, pills and flu shots to people that allow foreign substances like mercury to be embedded into our bodies but how about when they inject you with insulin instead of the flu virus in error .

What other mistakes happen. ?

Looking forward to a great Sunday watching CFL. Only the second time this year I am cheering for Edmonton and Calgary to win.

One thing I like about the golf in Arizona is that most courses include the golf cart and a lot of courses include the range. It removes the pettiness of nickel and diming on everything. Speargrass Golf course follows this train of thought and as busy as it is it appears to work.

Today the resident fee at Viewpoint with cart was $45.00 which is awesome. Too bad the rate goes up January 1st.

The course is immaculate this year  with the fairways very green and the greens in great shape. On the fuzzy side with over seeding but very nice yet a little slower than we are used to. I was happy with the golf today. Nice  as we won the front nine, we won the back nine and we won the overall. Three great guys to golf with. My driving was excellent today with no slicing and running up to a few yards from a few greens on the shorter par 4’s from the blue tees.  I took a 7 on a hole with tree trouble otherwise I would have been in the 70’s. I golfed with Kirk, Ron, and Jim W .

A nice social gathering after for the payout and some bragging rights.

Hitting the mid 80’s weather wise and low 80’s score wise made for a great golf outing.

Fun Day !!

Came home and had a nice supper with Jackie. Another wonderful day in paradise.

Thought of the Day

If you are sitting in public and a stranger sits beside you, keep staring straight ahead and say         ” Did the you bring the money “

November 10th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 30 degrees  Calgary -11 degrees ( with snow fall warning)  Edmonton – 8 degrees 

Sports today all day. Edmonton at 11am and Calgary at 2:30pm. We plan to watch it outside on the patio at Ralph & Tracy’s.  Go Stamps Go

Well first thing is it hit 35 degrees today during the game. Even the shade air was warm.We all went over to Ralph & Tracy’s place who just bought a new modular home last year. Ralph has had the deck, shed and flooring all done which is making the place look wonderful. Sitting on the patio with food drink and a big TV what is better?

We had Fred & Terry ( Seba Beach) Ralph & Tracy ( St Albert) Dan & Jan ( Three Hills ) and Dwayne & Linda ( Red Deer ) along with us at Ralphs place to watch the games. Ok to get rid if the elephant in the room. Yes Edmonton won and Calgary lost. That is the way it goes some times. The Edmonton game was a great game the Calgary game not so much. Tracy & Ralph cooked us a wonderful beef roast and along with the other things people brought it was a wonderful meal. Potato Salad and veggie plates and condiments. Great buns to make superb roast beef sandwiches. It was a fun day with everyone and the teasing going on between Calgary and Edmonton with Edmonton fans being the winners today. I hate that. But Edmonton needs hope to help the city and every little bit of good news makes it easier for them. They played exceptionally well and deserved the win.


All said and done a wonderful day sitting outside watching the games in the warmth. A fun day !

Thought of the Day

We didn’t lose the game we just ran out of time.

November 11th 

Remembrance Day / Veterans Day 

It is amazing the sacrifice so many young men and women have made for us over the years. Us as humans are so stupid to always want to fight and kill each other. I can’t imagine the fear as they go to war. Worse part is our idiot Prime Minister stating we have no more money for them as he gives every country money and sets up every immigrants family. I say look after our people that protected us and allowed us to have the freedoms we have today FIRST. Then look after the older people( plus 60) . Then hand out money if we have some left.

It is a time and effort  we SHOULD NEVER forget.

Thanks to everyone that served their country in the past and present.

My Dad Jesse Willard.

In our immediate family we had Uncle Bruce die in the Netherlands in WWII. We had Dad and his brother Uncle Roy which was awarded with a purple heart and other metals served their country.

Lest we forget

The times we live in are just so sensitive.

Don Cherry is getting a huge push back for comments made. In todays world you can’t say anything without people getting upset. For anyone that has listened to Cherry for 20 years he is a huge supporter of the troops. He makes one comment about new Canadians not buying poppies to support our troops and he could get fired again. Worse part it is directed as the whole population just not new Canadians as we are all immigrants.Think about, no matter where you came from, what nationality you are, if you chose to live in Canada why wouldn’t you buy a $2 poppy to support the people that allowed Canada to be the great country it is and you living in it. It is a strange world.

It came to fruition and it should NOT have. I think there should be a blow back on Sportsnet by us not watching it and boycotting it from the advertisers.  Won’t happen as they don’t want any controversary. It is becoming a much, much too sensitive world and certain things are changing for the worse to accommodate.

A fun day for us. Jackie & I headed out to Western Ski Golf resort. It sort of is my go to place if I don’t play Viewpoint. We had a blast and the course was in excellent shape and hitting 85 degrees again today. The greens are identical to Viewpoints with the over seeding and the fuzzy tops making them a little slower. We played as a threesome today with a young girl about 23 yrs old from Nebraska. She is currently from Vegas and plays the pro circuit down here called the Cactus League trying to make her way up the big leagues. Ironic and the first time I witnessed a lady named Victoria going by the name Tori or Tor. We had a lot of fun talking. We played from the same tee box and I was very happy that I outdrove her on every hole but her second shots, putting and chips were perfect. She is 5ft 3 and I am 6ft 3 and her driving distance was close to mine. She was good. Beautiful swing with no mistakes. I played decent ending up with a 81 but that wasn’t close to her score. Today was her practice round for tomorrow’s tournament. Such a nice quiet polite young lady. Jackie and I even had the middle child syndrome in common with her. She will do well.

Here is her bio. She could become a superstar golfer and already is extremely accomplished.

Wonderful course. Western Skies Golf  18th hole. I drove it to about 20 yards short of this Par 4 green.

After the game we went out for supper and ended up at a wonderful Chinese Restaurant that as usual gives a way way too much food. Awesome food  J & K Chinese.  Lots of leftovers for tomorrow.

Thought of the Day 

Don’t you hate singing to a song on the radio and the artist gets the words worng.

November 12th 

“Mercury Forecast ”  Mesa 28 degrees, Calgary 4 degrees snow/sleet, Edmonton 2 degrees

A little cold this week with the highs only being 27 to 29 degrees. Not one 30 degrees this week. But I have by experience know that when they say 28 it can hit 32 degrees very easily.

Stopped by Fred’s place to see his new LED lights. I think this will be awesome and look great. Great job installing them.

I broke down and ordered my new tires today. I did a lot of pricing research and brand research and the best deal I can get is from Big O Tires. Costco Canada was $11 more than Costco US for my brand of tires but I am going with Nitto tires this time. Same mileage warranty as the Bridgestone we have, which are getting about 90,000 kms out of them but a great price as they have a buy 4 get 2 free promo on. They are a Japanese brand making tires sense 1949. My current tires are down to 2 or 3/32 nd on the outside edges. The only negative review I can find is the traction on ice. BUT that is the same review on EVERY low profile tire. I don’t believe they should put these on passenger vehicles unless you are going for high performance only. Nitto tires are sold as one of the quietest tires made. All booked in for next Tuesday. Tires are expensive with a $1000 USD bill down the tubes.

Walked the bikes up to the pool where we have a public free air compressor and filled the tires up to the recommended amount. All set to go now.

Filled the beer fridge and set to go there.

Terry & Fred came over after supper and we had a few drinks and then started our crib games. As usual guys against the girls. I will say this night was a very scary night as the girls gave us a run for our money with some luck. We skunked them. Then they win. We win. They skunk us. It all ended up with Fred & Larry winning overall by one game. Winners again. Love the game. As it only hit 30 above here today at 9pm a few people had to put on a light coat to take off the chill.

Thought of the Day 

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand !

November 13th

“Mercury Forecast ”  Mesa 28 degrees, Calgary 11 degrees , Edmonton 8 degrees

Sandy was right on time at 6:45 picking me up for golf. We had golf at Southern Dunes today as a tournament was at Whirlwind. First let me say the course was in the best shape of any course in the area this fall. Amazing. This is a hard course .  A typical course will have 1-2 acres of sand traps. This course has 12 acres of sand traps. The greens are narrow and protected on all sides including the front of a lot of greens.  There are 129 sand traps with a average over 7 per hole. I think I hit half of them on my second and third shots. Struggled getting out.

Southern Dunes

The course currently boasts several coveted accolades that include Golfweek’s list of the “Top 100 Resort Courses,” “Best Courses You Can Play,” and “Top Casino Courses,” as well as Golf Magazine’s list of “Top 100 Courses You Can Play.”

The funny thing is I drove perfect not losing one ball and not hitting one trap. Then trap after trap taking sometime threes shots to get out of a 4ft deep trap. I had fried egg shots that turned into scrambled eggs shots. So needless to say it was a high score. But I still won $5 which is good. I just couldn’t handle the sand.

I broke my watch strap awhile back but I don’t need anything at the moment from Amazon so haven’t order a new one yet but need to as I was up too many time watching the clock waiting for the alarm to go off.

Came home and had a nice cat nap on the couch on the back deck. Nothing better than sleeping outside in the shade and warmth.

Relax ,watch a bit of TV  especially the CMA’s and go to bed early.

Thought of the Day 

I was just thinking about it getting a little chilly the other night. Why didn’t Jackie and Terry just stand in the corner as it is 90 degrees ? 

November 14th -15th-16th

“Mercury Forecast”   Mesa 28 degrees  Calgary 4 degrees Edmonton 2 degrees

The girls are off golfing this morning and then to a after party at Terry’s place. Jackie is rushing trying to fit in work, this event and the after party today. Too much .

It was another beautiful day with no wind and full sun so the girls had a great day to golf.  I whipped up to Fred’s place with the wine and eggs for the after party and helped a bit moving tables etc. Terry had everything pretty well organized. He did a quick fix to under storage bin and then we left before the ladies all showed up.

Both of our blocks struggled with finding a good ladder so we decided to split one so off to Harbor Freight we went. Fred had a coupon so we got a $239 multi function for $ 110. Split with taxes it cost each of $60 so we will now have a great ladder to use when we need it. And it was a good deal. We could have waited until Black Friday and saved about another $11 but then you have long line ups and risk of no stock.

Off to the Depot to look at fence gate kits for Fred but we couldnt find one he liked so Amazon search to the rescue hopefully. At Depot they had an electronic keyless entry with lever lock on sale for Black Friday at $48. That is an amazing deal.  It is not Weiser. I love Weiser but their locks are just too expensive as a comparable is over double and more depending on iif it is also smart key. I will have two keys but as it is electronic I really don’t need the key anyways. I used Defiant actually makes a great lock. I am hopeing the keyway matches our existing locks.

We came home and still had time to kill so decided to head to the patio at Fat Willy’s for some jugs and wings. Nothing better than sitting on the patio in the sun having a ice cold beer and a chicken wing. Happy hour started at 2pm so we even did better getting a cheap price on everything.

Came back to help the girls cleanup but they were mostly done already. Had a few more beer sitting around talking to Fred & Terry when Ralph & Tracy showed up. A few more cold beer. Hard to lose weight here. LOL  A lot of beer.

We leave and arrive at home and just get out of our car when the neighbors yell come on over for a drink.  They always have good wine. Ian & Gail are wonderful interesting poeple. They have cruised and seen most of the world.  It is always enjoyable to talk with them as they always have interesting stories and are very intelligent interesting people. They are from BC but think like Albertans which is nice.

Watched a few Jack Ryan and Hanna Prime series the last few nights.

I had my men’s league on Friday and didn’t any money. My parnter and I won the front nine with a combined score less on each and are competition won the back nine using the format. When I double checked the scoring if I had sued the double point system with the low score from each player we would ahve won the front, back and overall. So we gave away a few bucks but I have always lived with the mantra of KISS.  A lot of fun and my partner and I both scored low 80’s so all was good. Decent golf game overall. Again remove one 7 score on one hole and I am below 80. It will happen soon again.

We got up early and the girls wanted to go for a garage sale ride around the park as it is the fall bonanza. Luckily Jackie only came back with a couple of bucks of actually useful things. Less for us to sell in March at the next sale. Best deal around was Fred’s trike bike multiple speeds and large cushion seats. The old guys loved this and the buyer drove home extremely happy with his amazing bargain and quality deal.

With Jackie’s help and most likely most of her work we are organizing a wiener roast  with the golf guys and wives this Friday. I just have to wait for the ok to move forward. I like to get everything organized early so will require amount of people coming etc.

Installed my new electronic lock. I LOVED Weiser having sold it since 1977. Weiser changed and got a little cheaper over the years had issues along the way with backsets etc but always in my mind one of the best locks made. This Defiant lock is as good as Weiser if not better for a lot lot less money. I was impressed with their handing switch, the screw line ups and the latch extension system plus the setting of a new code was so simple. LOVE IT !

I am converted to a new brand of locks

We came home after Fred’s and installed the lock, swept up the dead crickets from the recent bug spraying, walked up to the library and then relaxed a bit after stopping at Safeway for a few groceries.

The controversy of Don Cherry remains a hot topic here in the park as most of the residents are Canadians. You have the Humbolt Bronco’s dissing the CTV after the View’s commentator made stupid remarks and you have Ron Mclean not quitting after the  disgusting treatment of a hockey and Canadian icon. Even Booby Orr the mild mannered gentleman he is was extremely upset. The world is a strange place.

Thought of the Day 

Not all that are wandering are lost. Some are looking for garage sales.





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