March 2023 9 Years Anniversary of Retirement Bliss

March 1st

Ok, nine years flies by. Yes, it has been 9 years since Jackie & I retired. March 1st 2014, we both left the workforce. That is over 78 thousand hours of our lives, and I will state right here I have never had a moment of boredom. In fact, there has been very very little down time. You make your own choices in everything including your time and enjoyment. Jackie and I both have had such had a great time. The freedom of choosing when to do something, no corporate or customer pressures is much healthy for anyone. The enjoyment of spending time with friends and family rather than having to wait for a weekend is awesome. Going shopping mid-week while everyone else is working cannot be beat. The trips we have taken, Cruises, Disneyland, Europe, fly in fishing, lake camping, England trip, camping, events, parties, golf trips, snow birding and spending time at our RV lot have all been wonderful. Many many projects like decks, sheds, basement development, bars, kitchens, landscaping etc have all filled our agendas. We are very fortunate to be able to do this. A lot of people wait until they are 65 years old to retire which only leaves on average 13 years. Average male life span in Canada for a male is 78.8 years old. We have had 9 years already and at an age where we can do most anything we want. Money is always an issue, but you have to live for today.

The first pic is March 2014 at Jackie’s retirement party. The second a recent date. If I have to say so myself, we have aged quite well. So far. LOL

Jackie’s Retirement Feb 13th 2014
Date night

Up before 6:30 am today for my men’s league. I picked up Sandy right on que and off to the course. It was a cooler day today and high winds and showers expected this afternoon but very comfortable to golf in.

First let me start with I LOVE MY DRIVER. I golfed very well today. In fact three birdies.

Two birdies the front nine and one on the back nine. At least three more missed ones. I drove spectacular today, GIR quite often and putted decent along with the odd mistake thrown in.

Any time with a score below 80 is great plus I was also the low net in the group of 30 players today. Plus, my team won 50 bucks, so all is good.

My partners today were two gentlemen from Germany and I guy from Calgary. All three great golfers. I have played with Anton before as he comes to Arizona every year to play golf from Germany as the Mediterranean weather is not as good and golf is more money there. Anton is scratch golfer and hits the ball well. Today my drives were all past him. Have i said I love my new driver.

It was a fun day golfing.

One mile away from the course it started to rain so luck was really on our side.

It is such a nice feeling to golf so well.

I cannot believe how fast 9 years has flown by.

Thought of the Day

People say money is not the key to happiness, but I have always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.

March 2nd

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 5 degrees, Calgary 5 degrees, Mesa 15 degrees”

Well back to a cool day again. After last nights rain the golf course opened late and was cart path only. Due to it being below Jackie’s cut line temperature wise and every other ladies, her golf was cancelled today. Too wet and too cool. Very, usual to have golf cancelled and we have a few times this year.

So, a good day to get caught up with things. Did our Feb budget numbers twice. First time I lost all of my data when saving it. Rather than pay for a document each year I create a new one using the template. It was created and protected so I needed a work around. It has worked for me since March 2014 with about four or five instances where a critical error occurred. So, I lost my data for the month and had to re-enter it all. So all done managed to work around the protection error and all is good. Other than the numbers. LOL.

Expensive months lately with Disney, paying for cruise excursions, two golf memberships and the cruise itself. Add to this a new set of tires which are expensive and saving for April 1st to pay off a golf cart I committed to. I never wanted one but the price is right and it sure does come in handy ever once in awhile.

I got everything done. Fixed up the group for golf for the next two weeks, found an error in billing for our hotel for our trip going home, and confirmed quite a busy week coming up with Monday shop for tire install, Jackie ladies golf, Tuesday fishing all day at Saguaro Lake, Wednesday golf league in the morning and billiard night in the afternoon, Jackie golf in the morning on Thursday, my men’s league golfing Friday in park, our year end wiener roast party on Friday night, our Alberta Potluck party on Saturday and Sunday to Fred & Terry’s place for games and a get together. Fairly busy !

Funny as i am looking forward to Fat Willy’s on the 17th for St Patty’s Day. I just enjoy it.

I just want to catch ONE Bass no matter the size on our fishing trip just to say I caught one.

Here is the interesting thing about Mesa AZ . Beautiful sunrises and sunsets and warmth touched by snow the odd time. These pictures are of the Superstition Mountains just a few miles away from our park.

Nice thing about cooler weather is Jackie starts cooking up a storm. Today it was peanut butter cookies and blueberry bread. Tastes awesome !

Thought of the Day

There really is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes and courage.

March 3-4th 3/3/23

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 2 degrees, Calgary 2 degrees Mesa 16 degrees. “

One of those early rises for golf this am. While I prefer to sleep in and have for the last 9 years of retirement it is sort of nice to get up and get out. Even though I feel tired when I return.

Again, on the cooler side but no wind and sunny and nice by the afternoon. Some may say wonderfully warm.

As golf goes it wasn’t a stellar day score wise. i had par after par then I got hit with 2 sand traps taking a 8 and another 8 from them. Once that happens the total game score is shot so the importance of a low score is gone. I LOVE my driver and had some fantastic shots and great second shots. So, a fun fun day with a nice group of guys in the sun playing golf how can you complain. The score sucked LOL Oh well.

The guys all came over to my place for after golf drinks and we had a lively conversation covering every subject. Loads of fun to be teased and to razz back. Great group and the newer guys have fit right in.

I ran out of propane on the patio heater today. 4th tank this year which is lot compared to any other year but sure needed and welcomed.

Fancy BBQ chops and spuds tonight for supper which will be nice.

I lost at Wordle and Jackie in 4 or 5. Darn

We watched a movie called 6 Underground that was exceptional with Ryan Reynolds. Action, guns, car chases and gore the entire movie so it kept you drawn right in.

Jackie had a long walk this morning with Daisy. Nice and sunny out and expected to hit 22 degrees today. Full sun and warm

I smiled to myself when I came out of the house today. I have always said no golf cart for me. If you look up Golf Cart in the dictionary it will state ” extreme maintenance required” And expensive. Leaving the house, right away I see the rear tire is very low on air. Bigger smile. I filled the tire and all is good. Hopefully just a one-off.

I removed the propane tanks from the patio heater and BBQ to take them to be refilled. I stopped at the post office and dropped a couple cards in the mail and then stopped at a service station to have them filled. First tank no problem. The second one the relief valve was stuck so the tank couldn’t be refilled.

So off to Home Depot for a tank exchange. I pay for the exchange, get my code and go to the dispenser. It was so sunny on the screen it was difficult to enter but I got it done. The door opened and I put my old tank in. The machine spun and the door opened. I pull out my new tank and EMPTY. Another smile. The clerk checked and wouldn’t you know it they are all out of propane. I expect the vendor did not expect the increase in business with the cold weather. I went back into the store and got my credit. Off to the Chevron store and had my new empty tank filled. I am hoping this will be my last two for this spring. The weather is taking a jump next week.

Jackie & I headed to the dance hall as it was the draw date for the workshop golf cart prize. They sold 3000 tickets at $25 for three. We didn’t win so will live with ours. LOL They also have a silent and live auction. Here is something unbelievable. You get two retired farmers wanting the same item and they bid it up to $1000. One thousand USD for a wood replica of a combine that will sit on the shelf and collect dust. Amazing.

The gentleman that created it said it took him 60 hours but I do not see it being a $1000 item. Sorry

Fred & Terry came over for drinks and a cribbage match. The unthinkable happened. Fred & I LOST to the girls 8 games to 1. Unheard of, never before and hopefully never again the girls whopped us. I have to watch the news, as I am sure the world has tilted. Having said that it was fun. As fun as losing can be.

I can see the smiles on their faces.

It was such a nice warm sunny day out and we played all afternoon.

Makes me NOT smile when I think I only have 16 days left here. Darn government rules and Jackie popping out kids in the middle of winter.

Thought of the Day

Losing a game is not a big deal, except you’ve got to make sure that you move on and get the next one.

March 5th6th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -12 degrees, Calgary – 14 degrees, Mesa 22 degrees.”

Finally, the wait is over. The “normal” temperatures are here. No more pants till 10 am. Shorts all day !!!

A slower day getting ready for a busy week. Jackie had her morning walk and was gone for close to 2 hours. Daisy must have loved it.

We watched the Arnold Palmer Golf tournament, and it was great a new winner made it. I am hoping due to not winning Rory doesn’t reclaim the number one status.

My brother Alfred who retired last year and was dogless for quite a while just adopted a wonderful pup. Brody a great name will be a companion and have a very good life. Alfred used to have 4 pups at one time so one new one especially being able to spend more time with it then when working will be great.

Great looking puppy !

Just perfect weather now. It took forever to come but is it nice.

Up this morning early and took the car in for its new boots. I had one tire with a chunk missing out of the treads and with AWD it is always recommended and a good idea to change out all 4. I am happy with my new tires. Made in the USA , very quiet with a stiff sidewall. Nice ! The Continental Control Contact Sport SRS+ is an outstanding ultra-high performance all-season tire developed for drivers of sport and luxury cars and crossovers. This tire provides enhanced grip and handling in all seasons, balanced with the continuation of the outstanding tread life and a 80.000-KM warranty. The SRS tag is SUN, RAIN, SNOW which was surprising they sold them in Arizona.

While the tires were being put on Fred & I stopped at one of our favorite breakfast spots. As usual it was busy and the food superb. Eggs over easy, hashbrowns, sausage links, tomato slices, sourdough toast and coffee is heaven. This was the breakfast I had for 15 years plus workday morning. Sometimes bacon though. Great food, cozy spot and great service.

A quick stop at Home Depot for odds and ends. Getting ready to leave so battery changes in the thermostat and new air filter required. Forgot the distilled water. Next trip.

It was a wonderful drive home testing the noise, and cornering. Love them !

I stopped and washed the car and filled up with gas later. At home I started up the leaf blower and cleaned up the outside kitchen and patio from leaves.

I then trimmed all of the bushes. Trimmed bushes look great and after blowing the leaves and debris, picked up and into the garbage it looks like brand new again. Especially with the new paint. Notice I have my Irish luck decorations out. Even though 92% ENGLISH which is rare to find such a purebred I have 1% Irish that I need to celebrate.

I had a small amount of Armour-All left, so I wanted to see how it did on the black trim turned grey from sun exposure. I was impressed with it but need more. I am going to pick up the Meguires Back to Black product which I know is first class, but I am happy the plastic was still receptive to color. First day working on the cart !

Daisy and I after working all day spend the late afternoon in the sun on the back patio. A great day.

While laying in the back this thought came to my mind. Four of the next five days I have to get up tooo early. Today 7:30 am, tomorrow 7: 30 am, Wed 6:20 am and Friday 7 am. All a way way to early. A study by Harvard Medical found those that get at least 7 to 8 hours a night of sleep live on average 4.7 years longer. That is a lot never mind feeling tired and feeling like you need nap. I may have shortened my life by .05 days. Oh well all in the effort to have fun which has to count for something.

Thought of the Day

Those that sleep will catch no fish !

March 7th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton – 8 degrees, Calgary -10 degrees, Mesa 23 degrees.”

Alarm went off a way to early. It is funny as when I set an alarm, I always look at the clock 2 hours before, 1 hour before, 1/2 hr before and then it goes off and surprises me.

Off to Saguaro Lake to try our hand again with a beautiful day ahead of us. The water was dead flat which means no wind. We knew it would be cooler for about an hour than heat up big time. It is just gorgeous looking at the scenery.

We hit the water about 8:30 am and docked at 4:30 pm. That is 8 hours of fishing. Let me tell you that is hard on the butt sitting on a steel bench seat. Luckily Jackie convinced me to bring two cushions. While excellent still a sore butt.

We tried all of the suggested spots, we trolled, we spot cast, changed up our hooks lots and still not one bite. A couple of things: Everyone in a boat we talked to you was experiencing the same thing. It was also a FULL WORM MOON and the oddest thing is we saw two dead bass and 1000 dead Shads floating in the water. What killed these is odd with one local suggesting the sudden water temperature change.

Serious anglers know that fish of all types are affected by the lunar cycles. As a result, it is common to avoid fishing during a full moon, as the conventional wisdom is that fishing is poorer during the two days leading up to, and immediately after, a full moon. We should have listened to the experts.

The buzzards were out in full force eating up the dead Shad.

Fat Buzzards !

Lots of fishing boats out which make it appear they believe true science is fake.

At least 3 miles away from the marina Fred & I see this young girl on the cliffs edge of a steep incline hanging out. An extremely difficult place to be and odd as she was all alone and wearing shorts and hoodie. Fred waved and she waved back and then when I go to take a picture, she cuddles down and you can barely see her. I hope she makes it out of there safely.

Look really closely and you can see she turned away and covered herself with a brown hoodie. This is zoomed in as she is a way up the dangerous mountain side.

Full moons must have effects on motors also as we witnessed two boats having engine trouble.

As two guys said to us ” We are having fun even though no fish”

The scenery while fishing is amazing. Fred before the heat hit us.
Fish long enough we have to catch one you would think. Or not

Thought of the Day

March 8th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -12 degrees, Calgary -11 degrees, Mesa 24 degrees.”

Up very early again today with it being before 6 :30 am. Just not right. I picked up George and then Sandy and off to the golf course. Nice to see everyone in shorts today for a change.

My team today was handicapped all very similarly. As a group we played quite well and had a chance and missed two Triads but won on another. $50 is nice.

In all the years of golfing this was maybe only the fourth time where the back pain was more than the brain could handle. Perhaps 8 hours with no back rest on the boat seat and it being a metal seat in the boat could have been a factor. LOL

So, I can only say so so in the golfing today ending up with an 83. I would go to hit knowing that at the turn of the hips I would feel a sharp pain and have to work through it. Still a wonderfully warm day, a super fun group of guys and some decent golf. Two birdies and a couple of doubles for good measure thrown in.

I got home took a quick lay down and the back started to feel better and then off to the billiard hall. It was Jackie & I against Russ & Carol tonight. Now both of them are better pool players than us but surprisingly we held our own with a 3 game to 2 game record.

We headed off to their home for a happy hour and had another enjoyable evening and day.

Life is good.

Thought of the Day

There is a saying in sports. You just never know.

March 9th-11th

I will forego the weather cast these days and will only say it is beautiful spring weather now. In fact, quite warm with a chance of 80.

Ok I have been remiss in posting as I have been busy and will need a little catchup. I always go short when catching up but here goes.

Thursday was a get ready to leave day.

Jackie had her ladies golf league today. A great warm day for it. Lucky her, she sat on the patio at Fat Willy’s after in the shade for a social gathering with the ladies. Golf, food, sun and drinks along with socializing is what it is all about.

In the morning the a/c guy that Fred found came by for an inspection. With the crazy inflationary pricing today, a new unit is 10K so I want this one to run for along long time. I love this guy as he is a redneck thinker. Ours has the old R22 refrigerant which isn’t allowed anymore but he could fix me up if I needed any. Lucky. These dumb environmentalists sure make it difficult. He checked it all out and passed us with flying colors which is great. The a/c is on 12 months of the year.

Early afternoon our caretaker came over and we went over the plans for the summer and want we needed. Every owner does things different. My plan has been and will be as follows. Electricity OFF to the hot water heater, Electricity on to house, Electricity off to the outdoor kitchen and AZ room, check on fridge running, check for bugs, water etc, run water to eliminate smells, make sure all p traps are full, check trees, run garburator, check irrigation, and this year fill and maintain golf cart batteries. A good caretaker is absolutely needed and our is a great guy.

Up early for my golf league today. It was the nicest day ever to golf in this year. It wasn’t the most stellar day score wise, but I was ok with it. I had to work thru my back pain and the pills only covered it 75%. Mid-eighties score but could have been a way better.

After golfing I helped Jackie ready for the Annual Weiner roast. This year we had 20 people which is close to what we normally have. It is always fun and like every other year turned out great. Everyone helped out and everyone’s contribution was excellent. The group of guys has changed a lot in the past few years. Ron Payne is the last of the original group as people have moved, due to illness mostly. Our group now consists of golfers from: Saskatoon, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Estevan, Sylvan Lake, Calgary, Edgewater, Michigan, and Seattle. A fun group of guys and we fun golfing together and this social event with the spouses is the icing on the cake.

Daisy and I hit the back in the hay after golfing before getting ready. She loves the new back yard containment area as much as we do.I have 90% UV screens and it can be 80 degrees out and it feels like 65. They work awesome to enjoy the sun without fear of sunburning or too hot.

This afternoon was our Alberta Party. The first one in a long time and considering everything, it was excellent. Over 300 Albertan’s in attendance. Great band, prizes, food, dancing and fun.

Even our resident Tim Hunter the former Flames enforcer was in attendance.

Fred, Stamps and Esks combo shirt was a big hit confusing some people. The Eskimos had a player with the last name Stamps. LOL

You all know my stance on line dancing. Should not happen. ! All women, all dancing with themselves, and a competition amongst themselves to get the moves right.

Tonight, we had our neighbor Ian over for supper. I love talking to this man. He is from BC but thinks like an Albertan or as I would say “Normal”. He is a brilliant man and I enjoy talking to him and learning about his life and thoughts. It was a simple plain supper with Ian suppling the wine and graciously bringing flowers and a nice evening sitting outside talking. It is amazing what you can learn from poeple. Especially extremely clever entrepreneur types.

A very nice last few days and only 9 more days before we leave.

Thought of the Day

In the end, you will only regret the things you didn’t do.

March 12-13th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton -4 degrees, Calgary 6 degrees Mesa 81 degrees ( 27 degrees)”

After just two great days I heard people starting to say TOO HOT. We are funny people. Two busy days but yet relaxing days.

Fred & I whipped to this special hardware store and picked up some axe handles he wanted. A knock off of our Home Hardware called Do It Home Hardware. Even the same colors. Nice store. Then off to Harbour Frt. Boy I wish we had one of these. The pricing on stuff is ridiculous. 10 inch saw blades for $12. Even if they only lasted three jobs you would have saved money.

Then to sitting on the deck watching the Players . I have previously said this is one of my favorite tournaments to watch.

I was so lucky to have been selected to attend this tournament when JW was a sponsor. I played the Stadium course two days before the event and let me tell you it is one tough course. It was funny during the pro-am I was hitting the ball extremely well and the comment was, “Look at him, he picked up his tee and not even watching his ball. I wouldn’t want to play him today.” I was great that day, but little did they know I just play fast. LOL I landed on the 17th green which was awesome and was given this picture from the hole. It was neat to see your name on the huge billboards with your score as we worked around the course. The water was an issue but the 6 inch thick rough was ridiculous. We brought down for the event the Home Hdwe corporate group and a few dealers. My dealer being Les Schwartz from Stettler. We played 5 courses while there.

I looked up the tee rate now at Sawgrass and it is $700 pp. The hospitality tents and every event we went to including supper at Freddie Funks home was amazing. A memory forever.

The 17th hole at the Players. Looking at the form you knew it had to hot the green

I watched a lot of this tournament. Two things I liked. First, nothing is better than the whining Rory to miss the cut and second Scheffler is my favorite player after the last few tournaments.

Then it was Grammy Night. I like this show for a couple of reasons. The fashion, the singing, seeing the stars and seeing how they have aged, some not too well others pulled tight with surgery. I don’t like the WOKE thinking as the best doesn’t always win.

A fun day.

I cut all of the 4 x 4’s up for my blocking for the cart to store it over summer and screwed them all together. Getting ready for pack up.

I painted the last section of fencing beside and behind the house, so all of the painting is done until next year.

It was pretty warm out today in the heat but I got it all done.

I sent my final golf sheets out as the group will need to fend for themselves for a week or two as people are leaving. Most people are going the first or second week of April.

A little scary with the bank failures here in the states. Luckily the TSX only dropped 1 percent, but I think the next few weeks may be rough. I hate market corrections. I need a good stock market to generate dividends and return at our current burn rate. The interest rate just isn’t high enough.

Lots of Mexico DO NOT TRAVEL warnings right now. We have our good friends the Graces there and Alfred’s girlfriend and brother are there right now. This morning the USA govt warned of NO TRAVEL to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta plus 6 states in the country. If you stay on your resort, you should be fine, but you do need to travel to the airport etc. Spring break just won’t be same for the kids.

Thought of the Day

Beach body is a sensitive term. But yet all you really need is a body and beach to make everything perfect.

March 14th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton -1 degrees, Calgary 2 degrees Mesa 27 degrees (81) “

A day with no specific plans so nice and relaxing. And WARM out.

I tinkered around with things a bit.

We then headed to Costco as in a drawer, we found 4 rebate cheques from Costco we hadn’t used. I didn’t know if they would honor them, but it was no problem whatso ever. The oldest one was from 2017.

There are always some interesting things at Costco. Today I bought a 4 pack of golf gloves cheaper than one pair anywhere else. Jackie bought a pair of shorts for $12.99 and i got a pair of cargo shorts for $10. How can you go wrong. As usual you always end up buying things you don’t need but I figure it was on free money anyways.

We read and I sat in the back yard for a couple of hours. As we are not sun tanners I didn’t want to get burnt. It was just lovely out.

I had a couple of golf emails and fixed up my spread sheet to send out for the last time this season tomorrow.

More Mexico warnings but it appears a way overstated. One of my work colleagues just landed in Mexico and is having a wonderful time. Jeff & Wendy look like they are having a wonderful time and Mary is also there celebrating her birthday. You can’t beat the weather, the culture and the pricing. Having said I have no desire whatsoever to visit Mexico. I have said that for years and years before any issues. We have been to Cancun. Having said that I also said I would never have a golf cart and I broke that rule, so who knows. For a vacation while working it is a great spot as it is close, always warm and inexpensive. I still would prefer to pay a lot more and go to Hawaii. The food is safer, less crime, cleaner and more familiar surroundings. I think a Hawaii cruise will go on my bucket list for our next adventure. We are doing the Alaska this year and that would leave Hawaii and the Ireland Scotland cruise that we would like for the future.

Bunco night for Jackie and Fred & I playing crib is our evening plans.

I have an early rise tomorrow for my Men’s league final round. Hopefully great game and some money.

On Facebook Viewpoint market Jackie saw a table for outside she wanted. We drove up to the site and this table will work perfect and is nice. The gentleman we talked to is from Calgary in Chapparral and staying in his 5th wheel. He bought this at the beginning of the season and didn’t have enough room to take it home in a couple of weeks so decided to sell it. He wanted $25 for it which is a good price as new it was most likely a few hundred bucks. I offered him $20 as that is easy, but he wasn’t interested in that. I pulled out two more dollars and handed it him and said deal and are you happy. His response was I am not happy, but I will take it. LOL This is where it gets funny. Talking to him and learning a bit about him on the way home Jackie thinks it is the husband of one of her golfing friends she met this year. This lady is coming to our home after golf on Thursday and will see her table that her husband gave away.

It was a close call on crib games. It ended up with Fred winning by one game. Fun and wonderfully warm sitting outside past 9pm.

Turns out Jackie was a big winner again at BUNCO.

Thought of the Day

March 15th-16th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 4 degree’s, Calgary 3 degrees, Mesa all over the map”

Wednesday morning at I was picked up right on schedule of 7 a.m. for golf. The sky was overcast and the weather was predicted as unstable with showers and sun but getting to 20 degrees.

We arrived at our course which is 45 min away. and checked in. I had about an hour before tee off but Sandy was right away. It started to rain after Sandy had left the first tee. We are a group of 40 and people kept coming and then decisions to NOT golf happened. We had people on teh driving range and putting green but only two groups tee’d off. My three playing partners decided they didn’t want to go. It wasn’t that bad and I was set but had to cancel. As we had driving range and putting green and had not gone to teh first tee they credited my card no problems at all.

Sandy was our driver, so George and I had to wait it out in the clubhouse for four hours. George is a great guy and has golfed with us for years. He is specialty doctor out of Thunder Bay. We had a great talk and looking at pictures. His backyard is unbelievable. Now Thunder Bay has a lot warmer climate than Calgary but his yard looks like a English Garden. Tons of Peonies, and Lilies. It was a nice visit and the last opportunity with this group for this spring.

Another great evening of billiards and gathering. Russ & I were partners today against the ladies. We had a lot of close games but were lucky enough to win consistently until the last game. Darn! It is always a fun time. I really enjoy billiards and I notice both Jackies and I’s skill level getting better.

Back to our house after a quick stop to say Happy 94th Birthday to our neighbor. Another warm night sitting outside on the patio..

A rainy night last night. Heavy rain and even lightning and thunder which is very odd.

A 75-degree day the news said. We hit about 72 later on but it did spit down a little rain while Jackie was golfing today

Jackie prepped everything for her ladies after golf gathering and I readied what I needed to do before they came. I turned on the patio heater just to take the edge off for them. Didn’t really need to as the sun came out full force.

I picked up Daisy from her hairdresser with her looking great and smelling great.

I took Daisy for a ride around the park. We checked every home, golf cart etc to waste a bit of time while the ladies drank wine. We stopped and watched pickleball and tennis. I do have to say. Pickleball is a pretty low energy easy game. The ball moves so slow, small courts and you can spin it. It is like a big game of ping pong. Pretty cool game though as everyone should be able to play it.

A smaller supper, Wordle in 4 for each of us and some TV watching to close off another nice day.

Thought of the Day
There should be sympathy cards for having to leave Arizona and head home. !

March 17th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 4 degrees, Calgary 6 degrees, Mesa 21 degrees”


Fred & I have an annual tradition of sitting on the patio at Fat Willy’s for green beer. Ever year since 2014 we have done it and the plan is again today right after my golf game. Jackie, Fred and Terry are meeting me on the deck.

Here are some pictures from years past :

This was another successful St Patty’s Day. Golf cart parade, car show, food trucks along with a lot of drunk people walking around talking with a funny accent. Top of da morning to you all.

2023 St Patty’s Day

I met the girls and Fred right after my golf game on the deck as I had a 8 am start time.

I am 92 % English so really am not afforded the luck of the Irish but today along with my leprechaun partners St Patty was smiling upon me. My back has been killing me with some muscle deep tissue being extremely painful so last night the heat bag and Volteran was my hope. It only goes so far and knowing the green beer etc was coming up after golf I didn’t want to take any pills. I had to use my mental cure which only works on this muscle so so.

This was my last game of Arizona winter golf and this was my BEST SCORE for 2023 so far. It could have been a lot lower as I had two three-foot putts for more birdies that I missed due to Viewpoints very sloped greens. A SCORE OF 75 is my lowest so far in 2023. My partners and I had 4 birdies amongst us. Great tasting cold birdie shots even before we got to the beer. Low gross and low net among the group for the last game is always nice.

Another wonderful successful fun winter golfing season with great guys.

There are some naive, some inexperienced and some dumb people out there. I had to stop and take a picture of this motorhome. I did it as I was in disbelief in his faux pax. NO ONE should EVER lift the rear tires off the ground with the levelers. ALWAYS only lift the front. The rear wheels are the “holding/locking” wheels with the emergency brakes. If you have to drive into the spot to lift the front that is what you do. NEVER lift the rears of the ground. This guy had both sides lifted at least 6 inches as he even had his sewer drain under them. I was a little surprised that anyone would do this.

It has to move a bit when walking in it. Hopefully no rocking motion. He could have his E- Brake on and when it falls it wouldn’t go anywhere but it is just wrong. Even the front tires lifted should have supports under them due to stress and slight movement. Large windshields can even stress crack with the twisting.

We went over to Fred & Terry’s after the deck to play cards. It ended up after many games in a tie which will be settled on Sunday. Those girls are getting so lucky !!

A great surprise today. First one of our groups golfers knock on the door and says he is here to pay his bet. He drops off his money I won from our golf game. Gary is a great guy and how awesome is that that he felt he needed to pay his debt. That is awesome.

Then another knock on the door and one of our golf group guys with his wife show up. Mike & Barb stop by for a visit and hand me a carton of expensive golf balls. Talking to them was pretty cool with us having a lot in common. Mike is the member of group that joined us this year and he is a big man. At least 6’5″ and Barb is a tall lady at least 5’10”. Very nice couple that just happens to be married the same year as us, 43 yrs ago so I am going to assume similar aged to us. Fun discussing our weddings, kids, retirement, golf etc. The guys all got together and chipped in for the expensive balls. Very grateful but unnecessary.

Barb, Mike’s wife handmade a card for me. Water painted a golf scene. How nice is that !

I few minutes later I see Kirk and Ron driving by looking at garage sale items, so I thank them and made plans to see them after golf on Monday. Love Kirk. He asks what kind of balls the group bought for me. I received Srixon Z Star which is a super good ball and expensive. Then Kirk says.” Oh, I thought they were going to get you Topflight.” You see why I like these guys. LOL

I start to pack up and then have to stop as it is too early. Jackie packs some stuff in prep and we stop. It takes a bit to pack up and I hate waiting for the last minute as you will always forget something. Last year my fishing rod and favorites hooks were forgotten.

Thought of the Day

Have you ever wondered when on a trip and that first piece of luggage on the carousel never seems to belong to someone and the last piece is always yours.

March 18-20th

Starting to get organized and packing up. Jackie and I fiddle farted around all day going thru food expiry dates, packing up things etc.

My shed has come in very handy as a lot of stuff I used to put in the Arizona room I can store in it. My long horn cow head, all of my decorations etc work out perfect in there.

I put away most of the small stuff. I am taking it easy on my back for all of this.

We had a wonderful get together with Russ & Carol at their place. They are great fun poeple. Good food, conversations and fun gathering.

We both put together most of our clothes in the suitcases.

Daisy knows something is up. She is keeping very close to us.

This afternoon we are going to Fred’s place so that the guys can have the win over the girls in crib and any other game we decide on.

Fred & Larry won the rubber match but talk about luck the girl’s came back and won the next game with us stuck in the stink hole one shot of winning.

We played a new game called 5 Crowns. An ok game maybe, but I lost. Terry won easily. It is actually a good game, but the outcome wasn’t great.

Terry made us wonderful pizza. It is as good if not better than any store-bought pizza. A great supper along with the many drink Freds made us. lol Our last supper as we leave Tuesday am early. Fred is coming over in the morning to help me lift some of the heavy furniture and I will pack the car and tarp everything and then all done.

Daisy knows something is up as she is curled right up tight against me.

Fred came over and helped move the heavy furniture and block up the golf cart. Jackie and I finished off most everything with just the last few things to do.

I stopped by and visited the guys at their golf gathering and said my goodbyes. Hopefully this year Jim Wyatt and I will get together for some golf.

Thought of the Day

When you really want to slap someone. Do it, and yell mosquito.

March 21st March 24th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 3 degrees, Calgary 6 degrees, Mesa 22 degrees”

Back on the road to our COLD place we call home. Not really looking forward to it but ever year we must. I checked the weather and the day we return is awesome but then cold hits again for a week. We know it is going to happen. Having said that I looked back in my records, and Jeff & I golfed April 2nd one year.

I may not be able post until we get home unless I keep it short and use my phone. It is not easy to work with. I will see.

Ok all days wrapped up in one.

We left Mesa in the rain and it did not stop even at our days end in Cedar City. The traffic was light and quick as Phoenix is with the freeways. Not one crazy driver. The stupid slow driver. The odd very fast driver but over all a very nice easy drive the first day.

It is just over 7 hours to Cedar City which works out perfect as we left the park about 10 am and arrived around 6pm. Gas stops, Daisy stops, add to the time.

Driving thru thru the desert this year it was spectacular with the amount of rain we had. I love the looks of the mountains, flowers, cactus and rocks in the desert.

Very windy and raining in Cedar City as we checked in to a very nice Holiday Inn Express. Jackie and Daisy went for short walk, and I whipped to the large shopping center to order supper. I had baby back ribs with garlic mashed potatoes and Jackie really went out there ordering a Chicken Caeser Salad. Both were fantastic.

We heard the wind all night howling. Daisy is such a good dog and makes herself comfortable and at home easily. Waking up and getting ready I looked out the window and it was a blizzard last night. I had our free breakfast. I started our car from inside the hotel to let it warm up and melt the snow of it. More like waiting for the ice to melt off from the rain frozen under the snow.

I think we got on the road about 8 am as we knew we had a 10-hour drive minimum. With stops, most likely 11 hours and knowing the storm hit maybe 14 hours.

Leaving Cedar City the highway was a mess with trucks and cars in the ditch and ice/snow covered lanes. The speed limit is 80 miles per hour and we were never able to drive faster than 40 miles per hour for 2 hours. Very slippery due to the rain and cold. I was impressed with the semi’s as they normally fly on icy roads, but everyone drove very slow. I had one 4 x 4 follow me for the full 2 hours. A little hard on the eyes with the concentration needed plus the fact you wanted to stay on the road. Two hours and then only wet roads for a few hours then dry roads for a couple then more wet roads. But after the two hours of 40 mph I pumped it up to 90 mph to make up some time.

Here are my travelling partners enjoying the ride. You can see the car packed to the ceiling. I would guess at least 500 pounds of stuff. Jackie with one eye on the road.

We made up great time with minimal stops and arrived in Helena around 7pm. Jackie walked the dog and I went for a fast-food supper for us. Burger King was our option. Here is a city of 32K and they have a reverse diamond interchange. I bet you we hired that engineer to do ours in Calgary. Dumb things !

Here is Daisy watching a pup have a ball thrown and it is running back and forth. She was jealous but did not make a sound.

Home to Suite is a new version of Hilton and they are wonderful hotels. This room was so quiet, dark and comfortable we both had wonderful sleeps. It also has a free breakfast. We did not rush this morning as it is only a 6-hour drive to Calgary.

I have to say ” I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SNOW PILED SO HIGH ON THE ROAD” We had 4ft plus side banks.

Another nice sunny enjoyable drive. Jackie did say slow down on one corner. Some corners at over 90 mph are a little sharp but not too sharp. LOL

A huge rainbow. We actually saw it where it touched the ground. No time to stop. Darn!

At the border there was only two cars in front of us. Our border guard was awesome. I actually felt welcomed to Canada which is the way it should be. We had all of our receipts together with passports and Daisy documents and with a guard with professionalism but friendly, it was a great experience.

Wow again it shocked me going from 135 to 140 kph to 110 kph how SLOW to feels. Very little snow in southern Alberta though.

Naturally our first stop in Canada has to be Tim Hortons. I love Ice Caps. Tim’s does NOT have great tasting food items, but my Buffalo Chicken Wrap was pretty good.

We arrived at home and started unpacking which is nobody’s favorite thing to do. Jackie got everything put away as fast as I could bring it up from downstairs in the garage. Daisy seemed happy to be home.

I had preset our Telus for April 1st to come off of vacation mode so I had to contact them. FIRST TIME EVER I received fantastic service from Telus. No wait time and I spoke to two young English-speaking ladies and was promised the vacation mode would be off tomorrow. It was too easy. 4 hours later the internet and TV were up and running. Way to go Telus !

The Flames sucked again. We just need 4 points to make the wildcard and we just can’t seem to get it done. A goal called back doesn’t help.

I have to replace a toilet valve in the couple of days as the front bath toilet is not working good. I am getting a little tired of repairs. Oh well a few hours project as I have to replace the shutoff and rent a pex crimper plus change out the flapper and valve.

Home, not happy with weather but comfortable with the surroundings. Busy weekend with our girl’s birthday.

March 25th to March 27th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton HELL FROZEN OVER -5 degrees, Calgary HELL FROZEN OVER -4 degrees, Mesa 22 degrees.”

If not for rules and commitments I would not be here. It is just wrong to spend winter in the cold when you have so many other options. This week it is hitting 30 degrees in Mesa. Oh well. Only a couple of weeks of misery before green is showing. Having said that it SNOWED again last night.

A busy weekend.

Poor Daisy is in shock and rightly so.

Friday night we had the Jess, Pen, August, Atticus, Victoria, Corey, Jackson, Audrey, Alan, MaryAnn and us for supper and birthday greeting for the girls. Since just arriving we took the easy out and we had a KFC supper. Once or twice a year KFC is awesome and they have something for everyone. It is expensive as is all fast food today.

It was nice seeing everyone again, but it only seems like yesterday since last time albeit it was 5 months ago.

We decorated up the room and had a big birthday and had a nice get together. The boys had a blast playing pool, games and running around.

Knowing Jess & Tor it will be a week-long celebration but as they are now 40 years old perhaps only a few days. LOL

Saturday morning Jackie & I headed to Tor’s place to babysit the kids and dogs. Three boys and 4 dogs. The dogs require more care than the boys. The three wild things played video games, play fought, ran and shot each other with knerf guns.

To fill in some time we took them outside to a playground for lunch and energy release. The boys played on the equipment for a long time.

Home for a short bit than off the movies. Mummy’s was the choice. Man, are movies expensive and I can see the seats being empty as who can afford it. We used scene points, but I would say for the 5 of us and popcorn it would have been close to $200 bucks. It turned out to be a great movie and very well done.

Only one small issue was a girls birthday party of about 10 young girls that were noisy and dancing in the aisle ways. No parents instructing them at all. Our boys all sat and enjoyed the movie as it should be.

Tim’s for supper which was small after all of the popcorn, skittles and pop consumed.

The boys had a lot of fun playing every game you could think of. Little Atti is playing Jenga with me and states, ” I am the Jenga master” He is good !

TV, video games, Jenga, chess, checkers, and air hockey filled our day and evening. The boys hit the bed about midnight. The sleeping arrangements were Jackson in his room, me in the master suite, and Jackie squished between August and Atti surrounded by dogs in the livingroom.

I was surprised to see the girls back so soon, but they had to exit their Airbnb by 11 am. I expected them to be worse for wear, but they put on a good facade. I am sure after we left and or when they arrived home in Raymond they passed out. LOL

Looking at the pics and listening to them they had a great 40th birthday celebration in Canmore with friends. Amanda & Justin even came down from Edmonton to help them celebrate which was nice.

Here is my Facebook and email message I sent out:

Wow 40 years

It sounds unreal to me to wish our beautiful daughters Happy 40th birthday. I always have used 40 as the real getting old measurement. The girls did have a great concept that as they were from a split egg they should only be 20 years old each. I like positive thinking. 

Here is a little background and memories we made together.

Our doctor DID NOT have a clue Jackie was pregnant with twins. Technology has come a long way in 40 years but the reason unbenounced to us was as a JW he didn’t practise certain medicine.So 5 weeks early Jackie’s water broke. It was a Friday night, very cold and Jackie travelled the city bus system from downtown and walked to our house a few blocks. We just bought the new Movie system called SuperChannel and we watched movies that night. Jackie went to bed and around 2 am she yelled at me her water broke. I was still watching TV in the living room. I think my first reaction was ” really can’t it wait until morning ?”  Off to the hospital. Funny memories with  Jackie in pain singing very loudly Yankee Doodle Dandy and pounding the bed. I guess we failed our maternity classes as we had not finished them. The nurse says to Jackie ” Now now Mrs Willard ” Jackie response was some #%%$$. The heart monitor registered only one heartbeat. Then a hand popped out. Blue and cold. I was all dressed up but they had to take Jackie for an emergency C section. During surgery they discover two babies weighing 4lbs 1 oz and 4 lbs 3 oz. Both babies had to be bagged. Audrey and I had to come up with another name which we did while Jackie was resting. In recovery when she woke I told her we had two babies and she hit me and wouldn’t believe me until the nurses confirmed. The girls had to stay in the hospital for at least three weeks with us going up everyday to feed them. I had to sell my beloved 1967 Camaro  to buy a house in 1980 and now I had to sell my beautiful black Corvette to get the kids home. I may be biased but our girls were the most beautiful babies in that hospital.Confirmed by many nurses. One of the nurses was the wife of one of my customers. Needless to say our lives changed. We had not planned for two so a lot of extra work now. We were very lucky the twin and triplet club helped us, Audrey bought two side beds for us, we were given a double stroller by a family friend and we signed up for a stork diaper service.  190 diapers a week for the two kids. We had to paint finger nails and kept arm bracelets on them as we could not tell them apart. Jackie came up with a system so we could make sure each kid was fed the right amount. The amount of bottles in the fridge was amazing. We bought Enflac by the case. The attention we used to get when out shopping was crazy. Jackie had to go back to work after 17 weeks at that time so I had to leave early enough to drop them off at Osbourne Acres ( 6 miles out of Edmonton) and get back to work for 8am. 

Over the years we had some pretty fun times

  • One grocery trip Victoria jumped on the wrong grocery cart and went for a ride before discovering she wasn’t with us.
  • They fell down the stairs and we had to take them to be checked out ( felt like we were being checked out also) 
  • Jessica fell in the campfire and badly burned her arm. Jackie’s quick thinking to run into the cold lake saved the scaring the doctor said.Still turns white today.
  • They started walking at 9 months but a few months later Jessica hurt her ankle and Tor had to bring everything to her as she refused to walk.
  • Jessica was running and tripped and smacked into the cornerbead. She damaged a muscle in her cheek and has a dimple even today due to it.
  • Victoria on a bike ride smacked into and scratched this guys car. We had to hurry away as we had no money to pay.
  • Victoria had her fingers caught in the car door on the driveway. Jessica ran into the house to tell us.
  • One of the girls also had their fingers caught in a door at school
  • Victoria broke off her front tooth and never had a tooth for years. It was replaced and she broke it off again.
  • I used to tie two ropes to my mountain bike and pull the girls around the neighborhood at 20 mph on their plastic trikes behind me. No helmets then
  • In an after school daycare they scrolled their name into the window sill and never thought they would get caught. 
  • Years later they used mud and put handprints all over the school wall and didn’t think they would get caught.
  • On an adventure with the neighbor girl the girls swear they saw a skeleton in a car with a gun. 
  • We had spell SLURPEE for the longest time so they wouldn’t know where I was going.
  • One of them ( I won’t say who) pooped in the backyard. ( she believes the door was locked) 
  • Huge birthday parties with many girls and later with some boys thrown in.
  • Petrified of wasps and bees still today. In Golden BC Jess left the car when we were attacked and poor Tor was frozen in the back seat being buzzed. 
  • Jessica jumped out of a boat and hurt her back when she was young due to wasp. It still bothers her.
  • In Hawaii they both just about jumped into the ocean when we were buzzed. 
  • Amazingly good kids overall that would spend hours, coloring, drawing or reading. 
  • One case of black tongue 
  • One rear end collision
  • One rear window of the Jeep pushed out. 
  • Very close kids which is as strong today.
  • Great careers and excellent mothers.
  • Matching TWIN tattoos 

As parents we were very lucky to experience life with them and they made it just that much better.  

My description of them would be, very clever, awesome personalities, often try to be funny ( I am still teaching them). loyal, hard working, a great friend, helpful, beautiful, not very good at cooking lol, wonderful parents, and just a good person.  


It just seems odd for them to be 40 years old. Time has gone by so fast. I guess it could make one feel old being the parent of a 40-year-old, but it doesn’t. I do wish time would slow down a bit, but I would always take fast over being bored.

On today’s agenda, is bill paying, and replace the shut off valve, hose, and tank valve on the front toilet. My pipe cutter and pex fittings are all out at the RV lot so I will need to improvise a bit. A trip to Depot and get this done.

I just washed the salt of the Jeep and it will get dirty again. Have I said I hate winter.

I am thinking I may take Jackson to the driving range this week for me to remain loose and perhaps help him get a little at his driving and iron shots.

In relation to my thought of the day. I have always hated cold, my fingers go white, my toes hurt, I get a stiff neck and it is not fun. I plan to spend as many winters as possible in AZ for as long as possible. I am thinking I am good for 15 years at least if I get lucky.

A 1/2 hr. to 1 hour job turned into a 4-hour job. The main bath toilet wouldn’t fill correctly and no adjustment helped. So I whipped to the Depot for a new flush valve and while at it the shutoff looked like it had dirt in the line so I wanted to change that out also. I rented a pex crimper and got everything I needed.

It is a little scary we had so much contamination in the water with hard particles. I was in shock what came out of line and no wonder the flush valve didn’t work. The poor ice maker and dishwater never mind our stomachs. I guarantee they have never tested the water and it should be. For those that think different the toilet supply line is the same water that runs to your tap and you drink. It was ugly, ugly and just not right. I put the new valve in and made a few adjustments, but the tank sizing is odd due to the banjo return counter. It works perfect but does have less water for a flush than previously. I could take it apart and adjust more but then I am at risk of a leak and the water overflow tube being too short. One trip to get product, one trip to return the pex and then another trip to replace the flapper as it wouldn’t stop leaking. Three trips and time it took four hours. LOL

I am still shocked by the water and the grime in it. I understand water can’t run back but this should never happen. The shutoff was packed with particles. The pipe at the end was packed.

Thought of the Day

I wasn’t made for winter.

March 28th- 31st

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 2 degrees, Calgary 3 degrees Mesa 20 degrees”

I used the temperatures, but it is still HELL FROZEN OVER versus wonderful warmth. Every time I say I left Arizona too early, and I won’t do it again something comes up. I HOPE to not have this happen again. At the rate it looks like mid to late April before actually spring is here.

It has been fairly low key for the last couple of days. It confirms my conviction of not wanting to ever spend a winter in Alberta unless absolutely must. I am positive snowbirds live a lot longer due to the warmth, exercise, movement and socialization that happens.

In a short form of the last couple of days here is what went on. I made a visit to both GolfTown stores looking for a lady’s shaft for M1 driver. The south store didn’t have any and no idea of when they would arrive. The north store had one but at $190 bucks. I could buy a used driver for that so will carry on with my search.

Funny, at the north store the help I got was from the Assistant Manager which I know from the Heather-glen Golf Course. John was the Pro Assistant and my contact at the course and I worked with him for 4 years. Nice guy but with this new job only one job and a chance for advancement. Time goes on !

I will start for a EBAY search for the shaft.

Took a bull-eyes on the front window as the roads are covered with small rocks.

We had Jackson spend two nights with us. We played a lot of UNO and many games of billiards. This kid is good! It keeps you on your toes not to lose to him. And he does win the odd time. I enjoy the challenge. It was a lot of fun. Corey came over for supper and we had a billiard match. Jackson struck us both a couple of times.

We had a meatloaf supper one night which was excellent and the other night we did pick up from Coasters. Great food here with Jackson choosing butterfly Shrimp, Jackie her usual and I chose Beef Dip which was awesome.

Life is interesting. Today on Facebook one of my favorite co-workers announced his retirement. Darren Woods was one of those guys that is just a good guy. When I was transferred to Calgary in 1991 Darren was one of the few that survived the cuts as he had just started and made an impression with the owner. Darren was a warehouse employee and then promoted to assistant warehouse foreman. My minor contribution to Darren’s career success and the only input I had, was the fact I saw something in him that I knew he could excel in other areas. Warehouse, assistant warehouse foreman, truck driver, sales desk then my right-hand man doing the purchasing of materials for the warehouse, company vehicles, office supplies etc. He then accepted a lead sale desk position in Regina and then became a very successful sale rep for us. I had a lot of fun with Darren over the years. Every Friday night Darren and my asst manager Ed would stop for beer and wings at Bent Elbow ( Shamrock Bar). When I say wings and beer I mean LOTS. One hundred hot wings at a time.

He is retiring from JELD-WEN after 32 years. I believe there is only one old Henderson guy left at the company. Darren is retiring to become a full-time farmer which is lwhat he loves. I know he will do well at this.

The Flames are just hanging on by the fingertips. We can only hope as we are two points out with 7 games left. I just want to make the playoffs as after that anything can happen.

Jackie took Jackson to get his hair done yesterday. Not cheap to have someone put rollers in your hair. LOL I was teasing Jackson that is how I lost my hair.

It looks good and he loves it which is good as I remember years ago Jessica did the same thing and came out of the Salon crying.

It is good to have some that you look up to and who better than David Hasselhoff or Ron Duguay.

We will see how long it lasts. He was afraid to go to sleep last night in case he wrecked it. First day of school on Monday will be the tell tell if he really likes it. LOL

I see the judicial system is being tested again with the Trump indictment. Maybe riots who knows but I do have to say that man has been hunted from day one of the start of his run for President. We have literally the most corrupt and crooked Prime Minister where nothing happens, and the Dems just keep going after Trump. It is a funny world as we want a good leader but don’t want the warts that come with it. Stormy accepts the hush money now wants to be a millionaire selling merchandise all due to the trial. Trump may deserve to go to jail for pushing the envelope on taxes and fraud but perhaps we should look at the tax system and correct it so we don’t have these things happening.

Jackson and I had a UNO championship and a billiard competition today. He slept in so I made him a brunch of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon.

I have to keep my wits about with him as now in any game he can win. It was a fun day of competition. We even had time to whip to Circle K for a Slurpee and chips snack.

The last day of March and only about three 3 weeks before spring by the looks of it. That does not make happy. Time is short and to be imprisoned by weather when we have an option isn’t right and our own fault.

Thought of the Day

There is a saying ” better days are coming and they are called Saturday and Sunday” I think I will change this to ” Better days are coming and they are called warm spring days any day of the week please”


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