October 2022

October 1st-3rd

Mercury Forecast Edmonton 22 degrees, Calgary 23 degrees ”

First it is amazing to me how fast this summer went. I struggled to get things done for a variety of reasons. I AM GOING TO FIX THIS NEXT YEAR. So fall is here. It is beautiful and today was awesome.

Jackie & I headed out to the lot and we started reading it for the winter. I will leave the motorhome for a bit yet. We worked the full day and enjoyed it it was so nice out. We even came up with a better plan for winter storage of the patio furniture. Best idea yet that works and is easier. We got a lot accomplished but still have a lot to do.

Done :

  • Removed all of the cushion covers to bring home to wash and stored the cushions in the shed.
  • Moved all of the furniture into its storage spot and covered it securely.
  • Removed all of the solar lights, turned off and stored them in the shed
  • Removed and dried my water timer and put away the feed hose.
  • Removed and cleaned the screens and curtains of the gazebo. Will need to use pressure washer in spring.
  • Watered in plants and trimmed grass.
  • Cleaned out the outdoor kitchen cupboards and fridge
  • Emptied out the cupboards and fridge inside the motorhome.
  • Removed my cowboy/ cow woman cutouts and put them in storage.

Still to do:

  • Blow out irrigation lines
  • Pull in slides
  • Install solar battery charger
  • Lift up jacks and move motorhome a few inches
  • Winterize and add Stabil to engine and generator gas.
  • Pick up leaves and bag up flowers.
  • Install gazebo center pole
  • Put out mouse poison and Bounce sheets

Probably a lot I missed but we worked all day and I figure another day which will be on Wednesday.

On our way home what do I see.


It is beyond me the ignorance, arrogance, and willingness to entrap poeple that is exhibited by our police forces. The City cops once again out massaging their ego’s. Highway 22x has construction on it and a reduced limited going from 100 to 80 to 50kms per hour. They are again out with radar KNOWING that it is a trap zone pulling over vehicles hand over fist. NOT ONE construction worker in sight but double the fines in the zone and they are making a hayday and will be so proud when they go the station tomorrow bragging, they saved the world and wrote up thousands of dollars’ worth of fines. We can say, yes they were speeding which is correct. but common sense has to prevail. No workers, major highway, limited amount of traffic, two speed drops in 200 yards it is set up for a failure on the average driver. How as a society we allow this happen. It is pure entrapment, unfair ticketing and does NOTHING for safety on the road. Photo radar, hiding behind trees or in ditches is a dangerous precedent to set that allows cops to control us without having any recourse. We ensure a search warrant for them to come into our home but as a traffic cop he can hide behind a sign or on a 12-degree downhill ( or changing speed zone) and hand out tickets. It is just not right. After passing the trap it kept me busy flashing my headlights at everyone for miles.


Things that make you smile. The Edmonton Elk set an ALL-TIME record of 15 straight home losses. Here is a team that was so dominate in the league for years winning multiple years in a row and with a forced name change have lost their identity. It is sad to see. NOT I need them to set the al time record of losses in more categories. The Edmonton fan becomes so quiet when losses add up. Between the Oilers setting loss records and now the Elk it is hard on the Edmonton fan. But they have resilience and resolve plus delusional grandiose ideas of winning something it keeps them going. The Battle of Alberta in football is a mere shuffle but at least now we have a hocket battle again. I can’t wait for the Grey Cup and the NHL season to get under way. I need to supplement my income again.

Watching the PGA is like watching the Korn Ferry Tour as you don’t recognize very many names. I am sure the viewership will slowly leave as they don’t see star players. Myself I am looking forward to Fox Sports showing LIV golf. I am hoping for Mckenzie Hughes today though and lo and behold a playoff he wins. Great for our Canadian golfer !! I did notice other than the RBC logo pretty hard to tell he is from Canada. Red should be his color.

Daisy and I went shopping today to Lowes and Canadian Tire. I had to pick up some specialty bolts for our patio set, bounce sheets, Stabil for our motorhome, and shims for my centre pole in the gazebo. I will finish off everything at the lot on Wednesday.

Jackie one upped me today in Wordle with her getting it in 4 , myself in 5. Darn !

A nice evening fall walk which is great as the nights are staying relatively warm. And no bugs which is even better. We had very limited bugs all year.

Russia annexing and then losing ground just doesn’t make sense. I wish I could say I can trust the news but I can’t.

UCP leadership race coming to a close and I sure hope Danelle Smith wins. She comes with baggage, but I like her. I am sure her and Pierre if he wins next election will help Albertan tremendously.

I would like a complete budget and policy overhaul. The unions here in Alberta control us too much. We need an independent audit and adjust our pay to our union workers, teachers, nurses, doctors etc no more than any other province but adjusted to local cost of living conditions only. Give incentives to get kids into the medical field and teaching programs if we are in fact short of people. AHS and the school boards need to be ripped apart and rebuild and paid according to normal private business levels. Red tape to accomplish anything needs to be reduced. Government interference to get things done is a way overboard. I would love to see a large tax increase to high income earners, a reduction in low wage earners, removal of the school tax to seniors, sport and exercise cost reduction or subsidies for families, increase large profit companies tax rates, increase in capital gains tax, oil refinery development, and stronger ties with Sask and the USA. Forget BC and the balance of Canada. Just make us better ! We have SO MUCH potential.

October 4th-5th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 10 degrees, Calgary 18 degrees”

Our Indigenous Summer is awesome. Fall is the nicest part of the year when you have warm days and still nice evenings. I am thoroughly enjoying it. A little catch up here as I have been fairly busy.

It was a good day golfing for everyone. I thought Jeff drove the ball one of his best games, Wendy had a good game overall and Jackie only had one lousy drive. I am positive everyone would say they played pretty well. It was a two-hole screw up again not to break 80. I drove fantastic and everything else was pretty good. I will take an 82 but I lost a ball on dumb hole and screwed up a couple of shots on another.

Fall golf with the colors but no leaves is awesome.

It was so nice out that we sat outside on the patio for supper. You could feel the temp drop around 7 pm but it was great food, great company and a fun day/night. I had a wonderful Steak Sandwich which was fantastic.

Jeff, Wendy Jackie and I had a great time golfing at McKenzie. This is one of the best VIP deals there is. Besides a beautiful course it is priced exceptionally well. This was a super sunny warm day with no wind. My golfing partners even were brave enough to wear shorts today.

Why would anyone be fishing when they are supposed to be golfing.

Today I was golfing with three different guys from Turner Valley. I have golfed with them once before. I was relatively happy with my golf. I had 9 pars and 2 birdies but again hit with two holes taking an 8 on them. I pumped up the swing speed as it was my last game at TV for the year and it worked. I did not lose one ball off the tee and had one drive over 300 yards and many very long. I played very well again except screwing up. If I can improve my short game (30 yards and in) I will bring my score a way down. I hate the shot from the fringe grass around the green or even 10 yards off. I need to stop the ball closer to the hole. I will practice this. Right now, I use multiple clubs 7 iron, 8 iron, SW and AW but I think I will revert to using one only and practice, practice, practice. Trying to find a comparable green to practice on is hard.

One incident that I did not care for. One of my playing partners snapped at the lady in front of us and in the exchange the expression F U came up. There is no reason for this whatsoever. You know my opinion on people’s intelligence level that they have to revert to using swear words when we have 171,476 words in dictionary to use. Not only is it disrespectful it is mean, nasty and rude for no reason. I have seen over the years many times when one of a group acts this way and the group dynamic changes and everyone feels a little awkward. No reason for this at all.

Jackie returned, just as I did with our Thanksgiving meal groceries. She did awesome getting two large 15-pound turkeys. $2.49 per pound on sale (that is $75 for turkey) which is ridiculous but that is today’s world. A small ham, 10 pounds of potatoes, corn, peas, breadcrumbs for dressing, seasoning, gravy add on, onions, lemon, butter, so we should be set as we already have pickles, carrots pickled and Cranberry.

It is a battle each night in Wordle with Jackie getting it in 3 or the next night myself in 3. I look forward to the fun and challenge each night.

This morning I headed out the lot and spent from 10:30 to 5pm out there working. I worked all day and forgot to take a break as the temperature was so perfect to work. A full day. I blew out the irrigation lines with the air compressor. I pulled out all of the flowers and bagged the dirt and stems. I cleaned out the shed of all the liquids and paint plus all of the liquids left in the motorhome. I pulled in the slides and retracted the jacks. I picked out any clothes that I thought Jackie, or I may want. I pin nailed a tarp to the outdoor kitchen which a new way of covering for the winter. I like this as it is easier, faster and I think will work perfectly. I wrapped the balance of the furniture and put my new cover over the bar. I installed the center support pole in case we get lots of snow load this winter. I then winterized the motorhome. Again, I will say this unit drives me nuts with so many valves and the sequence. Two jugs later I was done. I removed the filter and drained the hot water tank. Lot of up and down and run to check taps etc but done for another year. I drained and flushed the sewer and put away the water hose, black water hose, electrical line and internet line.

It was a full days’ worth of work without a break. ALL CLOSED UP FOR ANOTHER YEAR.

Wordle was my victory tonight 3 to 4 for me.

Ironic is a strange thing. I paid $1000 for tree trimming this year at Oasis and $175 for tree trimming in Mesa this year. My caretaker just sent me notice that out neighbors’ tree in Mesa was blown over and hit our house. Supposedly no damage but we will see when we get there. The pics show none but I am sure my sunshade covers couldn’t have fared well.

Thought of the Day

The tans will fade from a wonderful summer, but the memories will last forever

October 7th/8th

“Mercury Forecast Alberta GREAT FALL 20 degrees and sunny”

First thing Daisy and I head out to the lot. I needed to pick up my fishing gear for Arizona and I wanted to check the progress on my neighbor’s deck. I see very good things and some issues with the build. For those that know me, and I know myself I have a tendency to slightly over built. I hate weak points, risk of bounce, deflection etc so I make sure it is secure, When using T1 siding or 5/4 stock deck boards I always go to 12 inch on center. The manufactures “cheapened” up their product by thinning it out and this kills and concern of that. For a few extra bucks. As Corey quoted on the job and he quoted accurately and with a design of secure overhead gazebo and with what I consider the correct materials I can’t say anything to him what I saw. Just one example is Spruce versus Pressure Treated which is half the price, works fine and will last above ground a long time but it would never be me choice especially even the looks. But that is my opinion.

This brings up a memory of some people that have yet to apply hurricane hangers that they promised to do, to keep their roof from flying off.

Daisy and I walked all around the park it is pretty much closed down for the year. I ran into two older couples working away with stakes and line. They were marking out a driveway. I watched for a bit then had to intervene. They were trying to make a square corner with a 2 ft square, this on a 20 ft run. They were getting frustrated at their success and were very happy when I asked if they need help. Two guys not knowing simple math was a little surprising, but I explained the 6ft, 8 ft, 10 ft across measurement method or rule to know if your corner is square and the diagonal measurement equal to verify. It is funny how certain Math from high school sticks in your head. All is good and they are set

Headed home and had a light supper as Jackie was at a Bank Pensioners get together.

Wordle tonight in TWO. Awesome Jackie took 4.

Today was prep day for our Thanksgiving meal. Jackie and I have this down to a science albeit it is full day of work as we do not have two ovens. I can provide just as good of meal precooking it as the panic meal just before.

So today at 10 am I put the first turkey in the oven. Seasoned, buttered, stuffed and expect it to be ready by 3pm as I was using 350 degrees. Then on to the potatoes. We have one large pot that can hold 10 pounds of potatoes (we do have to be careful as they stick to the bottom if you don’t turn often.) Peeled and boiled. As I hate lumps in mashed potatoes this time, I used our ricer which we have had forever as it was a wedding gift. I have used it often. It makes nice and fluffy potatoes with no lumps. Tomorrow I just have to add butter and half/half milk and stir in, and we will have, hot lump free wonderful, mashed potatoes. I have stuffing in the turkey and dressing I make outside. I made this all up with my secret spices and ingredients and just need to reheat. Jackie carved up the birds. I add turkey broth in a tin foil cover and heat the turkey up and I guarantee it is a juicy as when first cut. We make the gravy (had to make a quick trip as we ran out of flour) and save it to reheat before our meal. Trick with any turkey meal is really hot gravy (microwave if needed) as it makes everything taste warmer. Tomorrow, we do not have to panic as we only have the vegetables to heat up and side dished like pickles, cranberries, pickled carrots and buns and salad to set out. The pricing this year is ridiculous on everything. I would expect a family of four would spend at least $100 on a meal. We have 18 people coming. I enjoy the cooking part without the rush time frames as I want to serve hot food. Desserts and salad are by others, and anything is fine EXCEPT we have to have pumpkin pie with whip cream to make it a proper Thanksgiving meal.

Starting at 10 am and worked until 6 pm to finish everything but a lot of rest time in between waiting for a turkey to be ready.

If I ever built a new home, I would have two ovens and a warming oven plus a minimum of a 6-burner stove. This would make cooking so much easier.

Here is where I have to get a jab at my English wife. Her family from Briton was led to believe that corn was animal feed. Everywhere else in the world corn is considered a staple and delicacy especially for celebratory suppers. Every year we have to compromise, and she gets her sweet peas and I get my kernel corn and every year more corn is consumed but she has this brainwashed into her head. Has anyone ever seen a Thanksgiving meal picture, without corn? This same mindset contributes to a discussion on gravy each year. Here they diss corn as animal feed yet want cornstarch made gravy. I will try to clear this up. Cornstarch is exactly what its name states as it simply starch made from corn. Flour is made from ground grains. There are a couple of main differences that are huge. Cornstarch is gluten free. Being gluten free Cornstarch actually thickens gravy or sauces with less qty and faster. Cornstarch doesn’t lump like flour which is the main reason some people use it. Cornstarch has to be added with cold water or it will lump and flour has to be added with hot water and any lumps worked out. With flour gravy you are creating a roux where the fat and flour are combined then thinned, then thickened and with cornstarch it is a slurry. BUT the biggest difference is taste. When made as roux combining the turkey fat drippings and flour you have a wonderful tasting gravy from the fat, meat and spices. Not so much with cornstarch gravy. Just be careful you use enough hot water or in my case I use turkey or chicken broth to eliminate the flour taste which is a lot of people’s error. So, there you have it. I am sure everyone will love the gravy as I go one step further and strain ours.

It was a good day and wow does the house smell nice.

This is the first one done. Both, where close in size at 15 pounds each. The second one even though close in weight was a Double D so we got a lot more white meat.

The second one all done and while it is resting the FLOUR gravy is started and stirred.

Another day in the books and even though a bit of work was enjoyable.

Thought of the Day

The funny thing about Thanksgiving, or any big meal, is that you spend 12 hours shopping cooking, chopping etc Then it’s gone in 20 minutes and everybody lies around sort of in a sugar coma and then it takes 4 hours to clean it up.

October 9/10th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 19 degrees, Calgary 20 degrees”

Beautiful fall weather. Having said that a wind warning came thru the phone on our way home tonight from Oasis as a storm is approaching with 100kms per hr winds.

Thanksgiving Day – Doing all of our prep work the day prior just makes it so much easier. We can actually visit with poeple instead of the hectic pace of cooking. This turned out extra special this year as Sheldon & Kristen had their new baby along. We were all trying to figure out the proper name for this relative. Second cousin, second cousin removed, etc etc . Very complicated and convoluted. So, I will just say my niece’s child. A different but nice name of Silas was choice as the given name for this baby boy. He was born big at over 9 pounds and is a very good-looking boy. The nice part of a C section baby is the head is nice and round and no bruising. These babies are much ” prettier” looking than a natural born child. Plus, he is a great looking kid feature wise. So we had a nice visit before the gang showed up. We had a couple of cancellations for various reasons but still had Jackie & I plus Alan & MaryAnn, Corey & Victoria, Jessica & Penny, Dave & Erin, Audrey, August, Atticus and Jackson. I could have gotten away with one turkey for 11 adults and 3 kids but if everyone had showed up we would have needed both. Great for food bags to give out to everyone for let overs this way. As I have previously said cooking for 10 people is easy, cooking for 18 people begins to get more difficult.

I try not to be late for anything. In fact, I have waited sometimes in a parking lot for an hour as I arrived too early. Some people take the suggested start time literally and some people are habitually late people. Our thought process was to wait until everyone to arrive before starting to think about a time to eat so we ate later than expected. The larger amounts of potatoes, turkey and dressing took a little longer than expected due to shear size. We had all four burners, the oven and the BBQ full of food heating it up. Lesson learned. I hate appetizers out as people nibble and don’t eat the meal that took a long time to prepare.

Jackson at 11 years old is getting tough to beat at pool. You have to be very careful as you could lose to him very easily. Corey and I were lucky but extremely close each time.

If I say myself, everything turned out great. Creamy mashed potatoes, juicy turkey, great tasting flour made hot gravy, great stuffing plus the extra’s. We had pickled carrots and pickles from Fred that are amazing, we had Audrey’s Spinach Salad which everyone loves, and we had pies, cookies and my favorite extra homemade Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake on a Graham Wafer crust that Penny made. This was amazing.

A very large qty of food was consumed and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Like I said 12 hours of prep, 2 hours of consumption and 4 hours of cleanup is typical large meal.

The boys all were exceptional including Silas which received a lot of attention.

I few people took the kids to the park for a breath of fresh air and unfortunately August puked up. He wasn’t feeling well so Jess & Pen had to leave. Poor guy was so strong but as anyone knows an upset tummy isn’t a fun thing. Hopefully just bug got to him. Cute kid.

You can tell Silas was the center of attention.

The timing was such that it was also David’s 65th birthday.

It was a great meal, nice gathering, and awesome to meet Silas for the first time. Another Thanksgiving done !

It is my friend Jeff Grace’s birthday today. Not just any birthday but a special one. 60 YEARS OLD. Wow. Another one joins the ranks of a Junior Senior. It is a funny year. At 60 years old a lot more discounts happen than at 55 which is the start of special events, pricing, special days and you can also take your early CPP payments. But yet many many places don’t consider you senior until 65 like the Fed govt with OAS, all senior discounts, free fishing licenses etc. It is like the TWEEN years really stuck in the middle. Too old for a lot of stuff but too young for just as much. A TWENIOR. I think Wendy will love this day as much as Jeff. LOL

Jeff has weathered the first 60 years relatively unscathed except for the odd circumstance that I am aware of.

He once hurt his back and his family left laying on the living room floor while they went to bed with him being unable to move. I believed Jackie rescued him at that time.

Once golfing he started to jog back to the cart and fell down in pain. He hurt his achilles tendon or groin but was in a lot of pain and we had to leave the course and visit the hospital. An unusual golf injury.

Being a good Granddad and skating with his grandkid he fell and stretched or pulled his groin very badly. We picked him up at the hospital and had to basically carry him into his house in extreme pain. Jeff does have great vocal cords.

He was nervous about his pending wedding and twisted his ankle in an open field and he had to use crutches and a golf cart to get to his ceremony.

He hurt his back just before a dinner show in AZ and I had to whip him to an emergency chiropractor so he could attend the event.

He did have an event in a restaurant that was very serious but manages that today just fine.

Maybe unscathed was a poor choice of words. LOL

Jeff was a schoolteacher, and I am positive every student would put him as one of their favorite teachers. Great with kids just don’t play ball with him in a soccer field. He later became the welding teacher. As his hands are a little shaky teaching students to hold steady for a weld run had to be challenge.

A full head of hair as Wendy has taken all of the stress out of his life. A little greyer than before and a little shorter. The luckiest guy I know at the game called DICE as I am sure he has 6 of a kind at least 6 times. He has mellowed with age and every golfer now can feel safe out on the course if they accidently hit up on him. I love the long routes Jeff has taken driving back from any golf course we have been to. If I was a drinker, I could have a cold one done, before he got home. LOL

A fun guy, lot of laughs, a good wine drinker, poor rye drinker, an author of a book, and now just about getting to be a senior.

Here are a few pics of some of the years and experiences we have had together. There are so many pics of good times. So here is to your 60th. It is just a number. LOL

Lots of fun times. He loves IPA beer. He has amazing luck at DICE. Wins the odd crib game. Plays some kind of made-up card game called QUEEN from Saskatchewan, excellent on the BBQ, and loves to laugh.

We went out the lot to get some tools as I have to replace our kitchen faucet. I hate this kind of work laying on your back, bent over the cupboard bottom, hands up, big fingers, too dark and not being able to see properly. Worst part the cheap idiots never installed shutoff valves on the taps so a pex crimper rental from the Depot coming up. It should be code but if you figure 200 units at $10 per unit savings it is no wonder a plumbing contractor doesn’t install them. We picked up the faucet at Hoem Depot. Rather than matchy match we went with black finish even though we have stainless sink with bronzed cupboard handles. I think it will contrast and look good. I am not changing it after installing it.

I worked blowing out the lines of the neighbor’s motorhome for a few hours. 5 gallons of air isn’t quite enough. LOL But we got it done and made the unit work. His unit requires antifreeze to be installed in the tank and then pumped but with no way to do that. I am happy with our results and there should be no issue except for the pump itself.

You know when you made a mistake, a dumb mistake and have to tell someone. Leaving the lot we see a lady with 4 young teenager girls stopped on the side of the road. At closer inspection her right side had literally dropped off the road and both left tires were lifted in the air. She could not go anywhere. She had stopped as someone needed to pee on the side of the road. If it had been a “Normal” car I would have just pulled her out but todays car are all plastic and nowhere to hook to. I should have asked for all of the passengers to sit on the left side to see if we could have got some traction. Oh well she will be sitting there for an hour or so waiting for AMA and then having to explain to her husband how in the middle of the day during summer you get high centered and possible damage the under carriage of your car. The things that make you go ummm.

I do remember one time a friend was supposed to meet me in Trochu. It was winter but he drove a 4 x 4 truck. He phoned and said he was stuck in the ditch. Remember I said 4 x 4. Turns out the ditch had so much snow it literally jammed under the hood and took days to melt out. It gave me something to tease him about forever. A 4 x 4 stuck in snow. LOL

A fun weekend, and my warmed-up turkey supper tonight was just as great tasting as the first.

Thought of the Day

I come from a family where gravy made with flour is considered a beverage. Never enough of it.

October 11/12th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 14 degrees, Calgary 15 degrees”

Up early today and out the door. We dropped off Daisy at Audrey’s first thing and headed to Edmonton. The traffic was abnormally light which was nice. Having said remember my RCMP fiasco with a drunk driver will today with Tim’s Ice Cap machine broken down at the Carstairs 7/11 on the highway they were out in full force. Three stopped cars in a short distance. That means 119 kmph set on cruise and relax and drive. I mentioned the broken ice cap machine. That is just bad. Should not happen.

We arrived in Edmonton and stopped in to see Mom. She has had a couple more TIA strokes in the last while and each time they really set her back. It is a shame old age has to be so difficult. Mom is 90 yrs old but was a tough lady her whole life and still is fighting had to get ack each time. But time is against her, and she is finding herself in a weakened state. We had a nice visit with her.

We then headed to Spruce Grove for Shawn’s Celebration of Life. Shawn is Alfred’s girlfriend’s son. I was impressed with the ceremony. I loved the songs choices and the special eulogy for Shawn. I liked the memories of guests at the mic.

The poor young kid is another victim of our war on opioids. These young men’s deaths are hitting close to home as Shawn, David’s wife’s brother, two high school friends, one losing their son and the other a brother, and our babysitters, for Jesssica & Victoria, son all succumbed a way too early in life. Some of the issue is, as I said before these young men are not allowed to show emotion, as they will get laughed at, ridiculed and end up falling victim to addiction and experiences mental health issues to avoid their internal demons. Male addiction is substantially higher than female.

I had heard before about the dash in one’s life, but I still thought today’s ceremony was awesome with teh explanation. Some of the formality gone and more of a celebration of his life rather than a mourning of someone passed. It was nice and I am sure Mary appreciated it and it would help her with her grief.

We made a quick stop at Fred’s place as i had borrowed some fishing tackle from him to take up north with me. Terry & Fred were busy packing up as they were leaving in week to head south. It is a lot of work to get everything ready.

A nice drive home with no issues and Daisy was very excited to see us. A longer day with my eyes being a little tired. Up at 7am and to bed at 11pm with about 9 hours of driving in there.

Jackie had an appointment to take her Mom to, so today was the perfect day to install our new kitchen faucet.

Let me start by saying I hate installing faucets. Laying on your back, half in the cupboard and half out, dark and working above your head and a very difficult area to get at especially with a garburator. Numerous times killing the back and arm. Today no different. It was a pian getting the old faucet out. I would say from start to end about a 4-hour job including a trip to Home Depot. I thought I would see if they made an adaptor from my old PEX ends to my supply lines, but I couldn’t find one and you know getting good help isn’t easy at a big box store. I miss Totem Building with qualified staff. So, I decided to MAKE IT RIGHT and cut the lines, install proper shut off valves and have everything like it should have been originally. I really should buy a PEX crimper as a $15 rental I most likely have paid for one double.

I put it all together and the new one was so much easier to install. I crimped on quality ball shutoffs. I hate the “normal” plastic handled cheap shut offs. A few bucks more and a much better product but NOT to have shutoffs should never be allowed yet this place did this.

My install of quality shutoffs and made the install easier, and faster overall and proper with a method if the faucet ever sprung a leak to cut the water to it.

This is the “normal” shutoff valve that they used for the dishwasher which is the common kind but not of the best qualify. I do have an issue installing the valve so close to an electrical box. If the piping is going to leak it will be at a joint and water and electricity don’t go well together. It must have passed inspection but i would not have done that.

I love the new faucet, the color and how it works. Hopefully the last one I have to change. LOL

I dealt with my insurance company to move my motorhome over to storage. I have been with this company for 30 years and after doing this for years now they state it is no longer an option. What! I ended up talking to the supervisor and she came up with a alternate plan will save me about $600 bucks, but it cost me $100 bucks for coverage to keep my car in the US for over 60 days. They always find a way to take your money. The call was at least 2 hours trying to fix their new dumb policy.

Put my internet into vacation mode out at the lot and another day done with some good things accomplished but not without a bit of hassle. LOL

Thought of the Day

What characteristics do insurance and parachute share? If it cannot be used the first time you need it, it is useless

October 13th /14th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 21 degrees, Calgary 23 degrees”

Pretty nice weather for this time of year that we will take.

Random things:

Jackie booked our hotels for the trip down south. Our first night will be in Idaho Falls and the second night in Washington Utah then to our second home. Great deals on the hotels which is super. Free breakfasts and dog friendly. All is good

Danielle Smith will be good for Alberta but it is going to be a rocky road. Taking out of context and perhaps not stated well by her she is under fire by many groups. These people are just so sensitive it is amazing. She did not mean to imply no others are discriminated against and didn’t matter, just that the group of unvax was the group she witnessed was the hardest hit. It will blow over but as usual the insane NDP and supporters jumped all over her.

Russia continues to break every war rule and we sit back and do nothing but condemn. NO ONE wants a war, but we have to stop the madness.

The City of Edmonton is ecstatic being in first place in the NHL.Short lived . LOL

Covid is taking hold again which is not good on a couple of fronts. Not good for a political party as there is no right, horrible for the hospital staff again as we pass the 1000 mark again in for covid beds and not good for the general population as there is Covid fatigue out there. People are not lining up for the boosters. People are not taking care anymore and gov’t’s have backed away from restrictions and it will be difficult again to implement. We do not want another huge incident. Why poeple thinking a mask is so difficult.

To me I am neutral on vaccinations. I respect the option of refusing and I respect the option of someone trying to take care of themselves and others. It should be our right.

This has been going on for 2 years plus and more poeple are getting infected. I knew very few people with it for the longest time but now that list has grown exponentially. Within the last month we had my Mom catch it, Alan & MaryAnn, Jeff & Wendy and my cousin’s family in Edmonton for the second time. Knock on wood we have been lucky. My fourth booster is before we leave so hopefully all is good.

Golfing today at Speargrass with Jackie only as our playing partners are sick.

It was a nice day but after working under the counter and twisting I was not as loose as I would like. I finished with an 85 but tooo many dumb errors. I would go par, par, bogie, par than an 8. Still fun and what a nice course. They came into some money selling a bit of land and have spent a lot on the course. They have new GPS on every cart, they have all paved cart paths, signage and a new events structure. Plus the course was in immaculate shape with lush fairways and super super-fast greens. The 18th hole is getting a little scary as it continues to fall towards the river. Fun day and Daisy was extra good. We golfed with two guys that I played with before during men’s night when we used to go every Wednesday. We knew faces but that was about it. Nice guys and good golfers. I have NEVER seen so many beers and cigarettes consumed on 18 holes.

Jackie will have a large bump on her head tomorrow as she whacked her noggin hard on the roof of the cart getting in right before leaving. Hence, we came home rather than stay to eat. Stars I am sure were in her sights and it was not dark out.

Wordle in 3 tonight which is awesome. Jackie in four.

I also forgot to mention I had to replace the float valve in our master suite bathroom toilet. (Master suite not main or primary as the new HGTV shows like to call them now to appease the nowadays masses) .I wanted a good one, so I went with a higher end Kohler model. Double the price of a cheap one but the reviews liked it, and it looked good and functions well. As with most things the “GREEN” poeple had their hands in the making of its water usage. One year and the float valve isn’t working. Between our numerous water shutoffs, small particles in the water and it being energy efficient it FAILED. So, I replaced it with the Fluidmaster Pro one which is a better replacement, and it is working great again. One has to remember though as it was only the valve and not the body you need to hold the handle a bit to complete a good quantity of water to make a good flush and bypass the dumb restrictive flapper set up. All done and it works like a charm again. ONE YEAR !

This morning was fix it time. Costco Mastercard switched from Capital One to CIBC. They issued a new card with the exact number, and it was an easy switch. But I was not aware of an expiry date change. So today I am fixing up a few merchants that have my card on file for monthly billing where the card was declined. I understand expiry dates, but you would think the bank would approve and then notify me rather than decline and make the merchant have to re submit. I got that all done. Then off to a 2-hour phone call circus with Manulife as I wanted to extend my out of province coverage. The poorest service ever. I was redirected four times and the last call I just had to hang up. A third party looks after this and numerous run arounds again. I was in disbelief when an agent from customer service says to me ” We are inundated with calls and I can’t help you, you have to go the webpage to get this information” Wonderful service. So long story short I did a bit of checking from other companies and now with Flair running to Mesa it is cheaper for me to fly back to Canada . So before the end of January, I will fly home to reset my insurance. How efficient and consumer friendly is that. We need smarter leaders of companies to make sure this type of “rule” make sense. I need to only land or drive back and it will reset for another 90 days. Dumb but needed. I will waste potentially 7 hours to save $600 but be covered fully again. Normally we fly back for Christmas, and it works out, but this year as I said the kids are coming down.

I went to Shoppers to check on the Bivalent Pfizer shots, but they are not in yet and are expected maybe the 24th. So, we have a decision. 4th booster regular Pfizer, 4th booster Bivalent Moderna or wait for the Pfizer Bivalent booster. I do not want to mix so am leaning to waiting and hoping.

Lots of wind today so the leaves will out be falling like made at the lot. I need to take back my plumbing tools anyways so some clean up perhaps tomorrow.

It was interesting watching the news today with the discussion on interest rates. They are still going to go away up so people better get used to yet. They are not even close to the 1980’s. Today’s mortgages are under 6% . Our first mortgage was at 18% in 1980.

Thought of the Day

Pin cushion or human with booster shots every year. The same !

October 15th-16th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 11 degrees, Calgary 16 degrees”

Jackie was busy all day today, so I headed to Lethbridge to blow out the irrigation lines at the girl’s place. I headed out to the lot to pick up my cargo rack to carry the HEAVY compressor and some tools including my home-made adaptor for this.

I use Ward rentals in Lethbridge which are awesome to deal with. This is the first time though I had to leave a deposit and it had to be cash. $300 so I had to find a ATM. They only require this if you are not a local but as my license is Calgary I needed it. The bank was close luckily. It fits into my carrier perfect. Much easier than trying to lift it up to the bed of a truck weighing enough it takes two guys to do it.

The street is finally done beside Jess’s place which is awesome now as the dust and noise will be gone. I had a brilliant idea and drove backwards up the sidewalk and parked and my hose could reach my manifold for the irrigation. It doesn’t take long but I always double check every line over and over to ensure. I set the pressure on max and slowly opened the valve which worked perfect. I would say maybe an hour later all done.

As Jess and the boys are still not feeling well, I didn’t stay. Wards is great to deal with, but they only have a day rate, so it was $44 which I guess considering if the pipes froze it is pretty cheap. Should be good for another winter. I am going to add another head next year. I little digging and planning.

I have some touch up work and decor work next year on the shed to do.

An easy drive home with very light traffic. And wouldn’t you know it, another very bad head on collision on Hwy 22x. A semi burning to the ground, hit head on with a car that was trying to pass. Two things need to happen on this highway. The truck traffic needs to stay on the TransCanada instead of taking a short cut and TICKETS given out for not maintaining the speed or slightly above. That is the biggest reason people get impatient and try to pass and do it without caution. I am not sure if this was another fatality or not, but a truck burnt to the ground and a car totaled chances are not good.

I put my tools and rack away at the lot

While there I did a quick inspection of my neighbor’s new deck cover. I like the looks of it. A great overall job. My only complaint and concern is the fact of having surface mounted support beams it is shaky on the tall wall. Corey & I struggled with a solution as you aren’t allowed to dig in the ground. If it was attached to the deck and supported, it would be like a rock. It looks great and will work out perfect though unless a strong wing gets it.

The Flames and Oilers tonight which is always fun. My family is split with half on each side and my grandkids are hilarious with their loyalty. They all know I am Flames all the way and think the Oilers are stupid!

Just like the Hatfield & McCoys.

Love these grandkids and how they enjoy the conflict. Being a recovered Oiler addict I have empathy for everyone still fighting this demon. They need to come over to the HOT side.

We planned to watch Jackson at his hockey game this morning. These are always fun. Tor was talking to a lady in the stands whose kid plays with us and I noticed her ring. It was the biggest single diamond I I have ever seen. Looks awesome but I bet a lot of clothes get snacked on this.

During the game the coach made a horrible mistake allowing the opposing team to score. The other team had a 3 on 0 going in for the goal due to a horrible line change. Our team also was working on 2- or 3-minute line changes while the opposing team was on 1 min line changes. Who do you think had more energy. Jacksons team lost 3-1 but it was a very close game. No team was better just a 3 on 0 play and a powerplay which we received two penalties and they received none. Jackson played very well with about three chances on goals, but it wasn’t meant to happen.

Jack attack on the prowl
This rink even has heaters
All dressed up to intimidate the competition

This kid is eleven but looks and acts like a young man. The coach wants the players to dress up to “scare” the competition a bit. Besides looking great Jackson likes the feel of dressing older. Plus what great looking kid.

After the game we all went to Boston Pizza. Wings and beer on Sunday not a bad way to spend the lunch hour.

We took Daisy for a long walk along the ridge at 21 degrees and sunny with a beautiful view. Very nice. Great day.

Wordle in TWO. Yes, you heard right in TWO. Jackie in 5.

Thought of the Day

A man with a broken condom is often called Daddy

October 17-19th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 24 degrees, Calgary 25 degrees”

Busy and not busy but not enough time. How’s that. I will compress the three days I missed with too much verbiage.

I had a doctor’s appointment. Like I have previously said we have one of the good ones. She is still in full covid protocol with masks, boots and one person at time in her office. You have to wait for the phone call in your car to enter. We all know the AHS system is broke but between them, doctor rules and insurance they make it difficult. All i want is a prescription for my pressure pills without seeing a doctor all of the time. It is a conspiracy of sorts as the doctor get paid per visit and the insurance company will only allow so many months. As I previously said I contacted my insurance company to get an exception, I haven’t heard yet and my doctor gave me a refill, so I am good for 6 months. I would pay for more pills without a prescription or insurance, but they don’t allow that. So hopefully all is good. I will drop off at Shoppers and check on the Bivalent shot if it has arrived yet.

We had a haircut appointment for Daisy. Jackie gave me a HUGE list of dos and don’ts for the cutter. She looks beautiful. It is funny as at the dog park she is always the center of attention for people and dogs. Some of the other dogs can do special tricks which she can’t. If you are beautiful, you really don’t need to be smart. LOL

Wordle in three and Jackie in four !

We booked the amenity room at Mom’s residence for a get together this weekend as we won’t be around at Christmas so hopefully that turns out good.

I raked up 10 Home Depot leaf bags of leaves. I had to make 2 trips as the Jeep space is limited and the bags open on top. The landfill is only about 7 minutes away except the interchange is under major construction and they have flag girls which sometimes can take a long time to get thru. When I got home and told Jackie she asked if I had saved the bags. DUH ! I did not think about it. I could have easily dumped the bags and reused them. Next time. LOL

The last two bags to be filled.

I entered a Hockey Pool and Keith along with Jackson are in it. Mary, Alfreds girlfriend had sent it to me. I will be able to see how my team stacks up against Keith, Jackson and Mary. Lot so fun and for a worthy cause.

During the process I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with Keith. From no phone to a smart phone and not having to deal with computers he sent his pool sheet in very quick with having to add digital names to a PDF file. Awesome! I predict he picked all Oiler players and will be out of the running fast. LOL

You know it is basically the last golf day of the year as the temperatures are plummeting to 5 and 6’s all next week as the parking lot had zero parking spaces in it. It hit 26 degrees so you can understand why. And McKenzie Meadows is such a nice course and have already announced closure this Friday. Busy place. I guess now I look forward to my first winter golf game at Viewpoint first week of November.

Jammed parking lot at McKenzie and I had a hard time finding a spot . The course this time of year looks fantastic.

I tried to golf Oasis today but as the weather is turning bad and a volunteer base is needed, they sanded and sprayed the greens today. They were going to stay open but made a quick decision and I don’t blame them.

Some huge bills this month and October with Viewpoint rent, Disneyland tickets and airplane tickets and cruise deposit. I have to streeeeetch the dollars to make it work.

I washed, waxed, polished and Armorall’d the Jeep. Funny how one trip over gravel and all that work is gone. But it looked good for a day or two. Today it got dirty with the gravel to the lot and the construction I had to go thru for the landfill.

Multiple walks with Daisy as the temperature has been awesome for the last few days. Exceptional really.

Fred & Terry will be on their way tomorrow to Mesa. Perfect timing on their part to miss the cold.

Thought of the Day

Viagra is just like Disneyland …… One hour wait for a 2-minute ride.

October 20th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 14 degrees, Calgary 12 degrees”

A dull dreary day. First in a long time. Our fabulous summer/fall after a poor spring is coming to an end. Today is the last day for a week or more being a double-digit day. Most of the courses are closing this weekend as they see what is ahead. But only 11 days before we leave which I can handle. Not well but I can handle.

Manulife gave me permission to have extra pills on their plan to make it easier and not have to get someone or come back for them. Having said that which worked out great and was easy to deal with the other section of Manulife not so easy and expensive so I will be flying back for one hour most likely Edmonton to reset my travel insurance and with the Covid still around and perhaps another wave coming is needed.

Things getting checked off our to do list is good. We have arranged with a young girl in our condo to do our inspection and water our plants which is awesome to save having to ask anyone else.

Speaking of the condo, if anyone knows Jackie, they know she will help anyone and everyone if she can. In our condo from day 1 which is 15 years ago now she befriended a lady in the condo. Years later she is now suffering with Alzheimer’s and as we see her daily, we see the slow progression. She is such a nice lady. I have fixed up her TV remote for her, and Jackie has helped her in the past and today she received another phone call for help. Jackie helped her as she had a mess to fix up caused by her ill dog. Getting old isn’t a kind thing for most people. It is funny as Jackie is her go to person.

I cannot think of anything else we need to get done.

  • I have put Xplornet on vacation
  • Lot is completely closed and ready for winter
  • Insurance is moved on motorhome and extra coverage for the US on our car is on.
  • Prescription from doctor and extension coverage for pill access is done
  • Unable to get extended travel coverage and will need a quick flight back to Canada
  • Hotels on trip down are booked
  • Disneyland trip hotels, airfare and entry fee all booked and paid
  • HOA for Viewpoint done but not paid yet
  • Trip to Edmonton to see Mom as we will not be home for Christmas booked.
  • Flex booked in for service next week. Jeep in for service next week.
  • Caretaker for condo done. I will shut off the water so no issues.
  • Golf is done for the year I expect.

I have entered into a hockey pool with Keith, Jackson/Corey and Mary so I will check on that to see how each one of us are doing. I would like to lead the pack. Always fun each week of even daily to see how you are doing against the others.

Politics today is horrible. Liz Truss the PM of the UK having to resign after one month is just stupid. It is like the parties’ own members just turn and like piranha’s want to take down the leader. If not the insiders, the media just wants blood. It happened to Kenny and the left leaning media in Alberta is trying to best to “hurt” Danelle Smith. These are competent leaders and just because people may have an opposite opinion, they do everything possible to make them fail. Nasty business

Wordle in 3 by Jackie and I. That is good !

Thought of the Day

A foolish man gives his wife a grand piano, a wise man gives his wife an upright organ.

October 21st -22nd

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 9 degrees, Calgary 5 degrees, rain, snow “

Jackie had warm and wet wear on this morning for her walk. Daisy even had her booties on. Needless to say, the walk was not as long as normal. It is COLD outside.

The picture below is of my home course Turner Valley this morning at 9am.

Some areas south of here including thru Montana are getting 6 inches of snow today. Fred & Terry made it through with perfect timing. I have a few golfing friends that are already in Mesa and Fred should be there today. I have 10 days left before we leave. Hurry up !

I have a lot of friends that don’t like for their carry distance off the tee box. I found this interesting stat online. First let me say no friend that I know is a scratch player and this is info based on that.

As you can see even at 25 years old a scratch golfer only drives it 271 yards on average. We all have been brainwashed by watching PGA players but again it is perception as for the few that can drive 300 yards plus the majority don’t. On the Champions tour ONLY ONE player is averaging over 300 yards. Distance helps as a wedge shot is much easier than a 6 iron to the green, but I have seen on most cases the shorter hitter score better.


  • I hate summer coming to a close but look forward to Mesa AZ.
  • My highest average score for a year for the last 5 years so I need about 10 games in the 70’s to lower it before Jan 1st. I did get a HOLE in ONE though.
  • The NDP in Canada and Alberta are, for no other word SAD. They prop up a sleazy incompetent government in Trudeau and backstab every chance they can to try to get in Alberta. The wicked witch of the North just annoys me to listen to her. Her socialism policies created disaster that we have forever policy now in Alberta, and we sure don’t want to go further down that rabbit hole. Smith makes any small error the knifes are out which she had to know.
  • English politics is as bad as the USA. What they did to Boris and Liz is unbelievable and should never have happened. We have a maniac in Russia, Iran, N Korea, China. Belarus to name a few making the world an unsafe place. Add in the incompetence of USA, Canada, and France the world stage is a mess.
  • Inflation, weak dollar, interest rates all make today’s world difficult. Funny thing in a lot of cases it is self-inflicted by Biden and Trudeau. Why we don’t push to be oil independent and supply our own needs and sell the balance at world rates but subsidize our own is beyond me. We could be paying less than a $1.00 a liter if we refined and supplied ourselves.
  • Love watching the Flames and Stamps doing well. Love that the ELK are out due to CWD and the Oiler’s struggling trying to win games with two players and a sort of goalie.
  • CPP had a 10% increase for over 75 yrs old which I think should be lowered to 65. In fact I think we need to increase the amount across the board.
  • Huge bills in the last while with my Viewpoint HOA, Mesa property tax, Mesa property insurance, hotels, airplane tickets, entertainment tickets,
  • Have my auto renew for my VIP golf and I sent in my form for next year’s Turner Valley membership. I will buy a pass for Viewpoint when we arrive for 2022 to finish up.
  • I had a ZOOM meeting with our Oasis board. My thoughts on boards haven’t changed. A necessary evil that in most cases causes more issues than good. People get on these things and immediately start power tripping. They have to find “things” to fix to feel like they have accomplished something when in reality all it does create another “rule” that is overboard on something. While there are some very good board members on a lot of boards the typical member is a short chubby man that never had any authority in the real world and older women where their estrogen levels have falling so far, they only have testosterone and are consistently aggressive and angry. There should always be an equal amount of female versus male on every board and members vetted to the real reason they want on. Large corporations have wonderful board members, but they also get paid big bucks to be there. Again, while needed they do cause havoc for individuals.
  • I think Lotto 649 and Lotto Max lotteries are fighting for the largest prize money lately. Hopefully just a small amount dripples this way.
  • We have numerous variants of Covid never mind the standard H1N1 and variants now hospitals are filling up with RSV patients all over the States and Canada. School closures in Edmonton due to it. Edmonton has 22 schools with an outbreak status while Calgary has 3 only. RSV so far is mostly attacking children. Now a new one called Shigella which is similar to C-diff is hitting Edmonton with 87 patients just recently hospitalized. My take on why Edmonton is getting hit so much harder is the population make up which is much more diverse than Calgary’s. Nasty little bugs.
  • I love being retired close to 9 years now. Best thing ever. I wish we would have saved more money but no regrets.

Here is our Daisy resting. I am positive she is saying “when are we leaving this cold ugly place”

We woke up this morning to this. Have I said I hate winter. We are travelling to Edmonton tomorrow so hopefully the plows are out fast. I know Jackie and Daisy’s walk this morning was short. LOL

Not only snow but cold with it feeling like -5 degrees. Lucky no big wind.

Say Happy Birthday to Jenny today !!

Jenny is so close to being a senior but not yet there. So close

Let me tell a thing or two about Jenny.

First I am very proud of her. She is fully accepting of her Grandson being who he is. Parker is my favorite member of the Harry Clan and is a FLAMES Fan. He supports them by wearing and cheering for them even with the distraction of his parents and Grandparent being lost souls and cheering for the Oilers. Jenny actually helped Parker in his quest for finding himself by buying a Flames Jersey for him to proudly wear. He is one of the smartest kids I know ! 

A few other worthy mentions. She almost took my life in a boating accident, she is a game nut and unfortunately is good at most of them, gardener, good cook,has never owned a bra ,could have been much taller except for her smoking habit since she was 15 yrs old, loves camping, a very patient Grandmother, high tolerance levels and great at keeping Keith in line, not very good at U Turns, is getting better and better at golf, and has a few fear phobias, 

We have known Jenny since she was 15 or 16 years old. That makes it 47 years now. We have had a lot of fun and are looking forward to many more fun times ahead.

Happy Birthday 

The first picture is of Jenny and her sister with wine in her glass. Not an unusual site but the paralyzers maybe more common.

The second picture is of the Harry family with thier grandkids

Jenny and her two daughters Carmen and Amanda

Jenny in 1980 at a Halloween party with Jackie

Jenny again when she was very young with Hans. Interesting story about Hans. He was a friend from high school of Keiths. He was 6’8″ tall. He had a dual citizenship and went back to Holland and had to serve out his conscription. He was released very quickly as they no equipment of clothes that would fit him. He worked for an electrical company and Hans had contracts to change out fluorescent bulbs. He did not require a ladder for any ceiling under 10 ft. I worked for Marshall Wells and sold Hans cases and cases of light bulbs. Unfortunately, Hans has passed.

I am watching a warmup game with the Oilers on TV and waiting for a real NHL game at 7pm tonight with the Flames.

Here is a funny story and email I sent to a couple of friends.

Remember I have always said the issue with the Oilers is they cannot let go of the past.

. I don’t know the timing as I guess I missed it but when did McTavish become an assistant coach. 

Craig McTavish really. ?  He had one good season with the OIlers as a coach. As a personal guy I like him but he is OLD news and will not help the Oilers

Between washed up old figure skaters trying to teach pirouettes and now old coaches what will the Oiler’s try next. LOL

Only one comment back at me and rightly so. LOL

Thought of the Day

This for all Edmontonians : A man who scratches his ass should not bite his fingernails.

October 23/24th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 7 degrees, Calgary 5 degrees “

It is not often that we leave Calgary which snow laden to warmer and drier conditions by heading north. Today after a Tim’s stop and to drop off Daisy at Audrey’s we headed north to Edmonton and after Red Deer dry bare ground. Calgary 5 inches of snow, Edmonton wonderful.

We were driving up to Edmonton for a family get together and a pre-Christmas gathering as we will be away for it this year. We typically only get the family together at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and one camping weekend in the summer.

I booked the small family dining room in Mom’s place which was awesome. It holds about 15 poeple and they will supply their meal, or you can bring in your own. Based on timing and food choices we decided to go with bringing in our own.

Jackie and I stopped at FRESHCO which turned out to be a horrible store. I know to not go back to any of these. Then I went to Save ON and loved this smaller sized store with a lot to offer. We picked up mashed potatoes, dinner buns, angel food cake with whip cream, and berries. We decided to go with Mary Brown’s chicken feast meal. Everyone liked it. It is less greasy than KFC but I do give the taste win to KFC. It was very good with their side dishes so a nice easy meal.

We had Mom, Alfred & Mary, Jim & Darlene and Jackie & I which was a nice size. We all had a lot of fun gathering and it was very enjoyable being void of excessive noise from kids noise and multiple conversations going on at the same time. I had a new drink that I thought was fabulous. Sparkling Apple Juice which was amazing. Much better than juice. The champagnes of juice.

On arrival at Mom’s Jackie & I cleaned out the a/c- heater filter. It was quite dirty and should have been taken care of by the building maintenance. A quick wash in shower with it and it should be good for winter.

A nice drive home with very little traffic which is very unusual. Have I said I love lights. They are blinding a little for oncoming traffic and cause a bit of purple for people ahead of me if flashed into their rear-view mirror but SUPER for me. Love them !

Daisy was happy to see us, and I love the interaction when she sees us. It is nice to be loved.

I was up and out of the house and at Tower Dodge by 10am for my free oil change. As one would know it is always an experience. They are trying to get out of the deal, and I refuse to be pushed out. A 2-hour oil change is ridiculous for a EXPRESS OIL change sign flying over the door. But as it is free and it is ugly outside, I will just watch their TV and wait. LOL

As usual they gave a list of repairs that totaled over $2k. If people fall for this, they are just stupid. I follow the manufactures and NEVER pay heed to the dealers upselling. If I added up all of the charges, they wanted me to buy I would have doubled the price I paid for the Jeep. One word fits these dealerships. CROOKS!

I will break this down a bit. Brake systems are a closed system. Unless it is contaminated with water or overheated it will last a life time. I changed mine at 75,000 kms as the oil was not perfect. They never even checked the oil. Wheel alignment was done just a few months ago when I put the new tires on. They never even checked. Front and rear diff’s again were changed at 100,000kms . They never even checked the oil. It is sad as I am sure many people fall into this TRAP.

If people fall for service departments “selling” they are paying for a lot of maintenance, they DO NOT NEED. Follow your manufactures request in your book and you will be fine.

Two hours later right on the nose I was done. LOL

I dropped off my prescription at Shoppers and headed to Golf town for new grips and shoes. I did not want the “new” fad of getting shoes without spikes. I am positive they do not hold as well. It ended up with a “good salesman” convincing me different. Spikeless are a lot less money so if he was on commission he didn’t do well. His convinced me rather than the nib type to try the hard resin spiked one. No replacements but his logic of stay on the grass and these will last you years made sense and saved myself over $100 bucks as they were on sale and being spikeless. Great deal and hopefully comfortable but I am pretty easy on shoes. I received two pair of high end Addidas golf shoes and finally they have both worn out from 2007 (15 years ago) I am hoping for 5 years out of these new ones hopefully.

I went thru Jackies and I ‘s golf clubs and am getting new Golf Pride grips on them. It just feels better with new grips and much easier if they do not slide in your hands. New shoes and new grips to pick up on Friday before we leave.

It is a great thing Daneille wants to blow up the AHS. I had to deal with the insurance company and the doctor to get enough pills to last me for Arizona. I got that all done and then when I went to pay Blue Cross wouldn’t cover it as they said I exceeded my limit. I will need to submit it later. Blow up the system !

Another oddity as I booked us in for our Bivalent Pfizer booster and the Sobey’s store is getting it before my Shoppers Drug store. Odd but all booked.

The Flex is in for its service before we leave first thing in the am.

Tonight, for supper I cooked a beef roast, along with roast potatoes and a salad. Awesome and a long time since we have had a roast. Audrey came over for a visit and supper. Daisy was happy !

Thought of the Day

A man who buys and eats many prunes may get a good run for the money

October 25th 28th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 7 degrees, Calgary 7 degrees”


Iam lumping these days together as there is not a lot going on.

We were up early this morning and I drove the Flex over to Woodridge Ford for its oil change, lube and 50K service. I was impressed that the service guy suggested he would check the cabin filter and only change if needed as I had indicated to go ahead as it was on the manufactures list to do at 50K. That is proper service. I have a slow leak on my back tire I need repaired, and I need to know the tread depth as I may need a new set of tires.

Jackie came and picked me up.

We then headed to Sobey’s as I had booked the Bivalent Pfizer Omicron shots for us before we leave. I was worried that they wouldn’t have them buy they did, and it was an easy process. It still amazes me that a grocery store pharmacy gets the shots before a drug store which make me think it may be a better place for everything. I will check this out when I am back.

My list is getting shorter to get done. I will get the suitcases out of the storage lockers tomorrow and start packing.

I had Jackie drive me over to Woodridge Ford to pick up the Flex. I think most of you know I believe service departments at dealerships are crooks. Today was the first time since buying a new Jeep in 1990 I left a dealership feeling great. I had a service advisor that was logical, reasonable and “normal” and I had my car fully serviced properly without them trying to impose unneeded repairs or maintenance. i was shocked. Perhaps it is only Dodge/Jeep dealerships that are trained to be crooked. It was a wonderful experience and much appreciated. I did notice on the report that all tires were 4/32 which is I know is wrong as the two front I could believe at 4 but the back then would have been 6/32 but I am not going to complain on that. A trainee most likely did the measure and hasn’t been taught that a lot of tires have “wear bars” which is the correct location to measure tread depth. All said extremely happy. I may have to trade my Jeep in for a Bronco.

Wordle, Jackie in 3 and myself taking 4 tonight. I little more difficult word. I love this game but wish it was more than one puzzle a day. LOL

The Flames are playing awesome. Kadri is wonderful and we just need Huberdeau to get a few more points but everyone else has stepped up. In FIRST place so no complaints.

It is funny I woke up this morning and my arm where I got the shot doesn’t hurt but I accidently bumped it and it hurts! I am fortunate theses shots don’t bother me as when I was a youngster, I couldn’t even take a full shot of penicillin. I would get half doses. It is odd as when I was young, I had horrible allergies. I couldn’t breathe, my nose was literally a river, I would have Vic’s Vapor rub by the barrel, I spent a lot of time under a blanket with Vics in hot water, I was in the hospital with croup. I was in the hospital with pneumonia, I was in the hospital with convulsions due to fevers and was sick a lot of the time.

Then I got a little older and started eating better. Less fussy. These poeple that believe they are doing themselves a favor by being on a diet are fooling themselves. Lettuce or tofu DOES NOT have proper nutrition. A balance of FATS, red meat, starches, veggies and greens helps us tremendously. But I still believe one’s mind set is the reset that a lot of people need.


I was surprised when I hit my arm though. They say that this is prove your system is working. I think the guy jabbed too deep and hit a muscle as I do not have much fat left. LOL Not much muscle either but it sounds good.

Pretty cool that Smith is making headlines across the world in a good way. I hope some of her ideas turn out well and fast. I love she is asking management to work the front lines in AHS as they have about 3 managers to every two workers. Time will tell.

I watched the Oilers last night and even though they won I see a lot of weakness with this team. I think as the year goes along it will get worse. Poor coaching and by that, I mean having Leon out for a 4.5 min shift is just dumb. As the year goes on, he will become less of a factor due to wear and tear. Connor was a no show again.

First thing this morning under the sink in the bathroom. The drain wasn’t doing well, and it is used for washing Daisy, catching hair from haircuts for myself and everyday night use. I took apart the P trap and it was filled with horsehair. I got that all cleaned out and it is draining like perfect again.

I started to pack my suitcase, washed some clothes and put together stuff I need. Jackie was teasing me about not cleaning out the closet. I bring a fair number of shirts. Here is why. Take a 2-week period at 14 days. It is hot there and after golfing the chances are you can’t wear that shirt again. So that is 14 shirts for that then you add in if we are going for a visit or out another shirt the same day. So in a 14-day period I could use up to 21 shirts. Washing is a pain so having enough clothes is essential. Add work clothes and fancy clothes for going out it adds up fast !

My suitcase is all packed, my night case for the hotels is set, meds are packed, shoes are bagged so now it is only the wait and load the car. I have decided on winter wear yet to travel through the mountains. I may risk it and if needed layer up with my golf clothing.

Jackie & I met Jeff & Wendy at the Toscana Restaurant to celebrate Jeff’s 60th birthday albeit a lot late as they were in quarantine since coming back from Van BC.

We all enjoyed our meals. They were in my mind wonderful. Our server was exceptional and took great care of us. We even had the staff sing happy birthday to Jeff. It was a very nice enjoyable evening out. It just seems odd that my friends are getting so old. Very few under 60 and a lot approaching 70. Wendy is the youngest of them all.

Thought of the Day

War does not determine who is right, war only determines who is left.

October 28th 29th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 10 degrees, Calgary 11 degrees”

Teachers/parent meeting day so Jackson had the day off school. Jackie whipped over to pick him up and whipped to Golf Town to pick up my clubs. They have done a good job and finished it off right, but we had a few issues. First, I dropped off 11 clubs and paid for the grips and to have look at the ferrules and heads on them. When I went to pick them up, they only charged me for 10 clubs, so I paid for the extra club no issue no problem other than silly error on their part. When I went to put them away, I noticed the ferrules were still loose. I brought 5 clubs back into the store and showed them to repair desk. They were surprised and asked who I dealt with. I didn’t remember his name other than his badge said Department Head. My new guy had the same badge .lol

They took them but I never received a completed call, so I went for another visit. They were ready and done right. They did a great job and I expected to pay for it. The gentleman said no charge. I appreciated this. I have forever said businesses really don’t understand the impact of one action in creating loyalty and repeat business. A lot of companies first thought is loss of revenue.

” Memories”

Creating loyalty and suppling great customer service.

  • On a window package in Calgary worth 40K I ate (the company ate) the entire order) and provided a replacement as the company blamed my rep rather than accept any ownership of them signing off on the order. It was the right thing to do.
  • A bought on my personal credit card (expensed it later) a complete siding order for a out of town lumber yard from Home Depot as I had promised delivery to him on it and our inventory system was out. It was the right thing to do
  • On a IWP door order worth 50K we ate the order as the doors were not working for the customer but really were not defective. It was the right thing to do.
  • I always tried to install into the Blimpie staff one free foot long if an error was made is more than worth the cost. One night Jackie & I were working, and it was an extremely busy night as the protection police from the G7 meeting all came to our restaurant and we ran out of bread about 1/2 hr before close. I gave the cops free wraps which they really appreciated. It was the right thing to do.

Golftown did it right and it will be remembered.

Watching kids’ hockey practice is fun. I will say the kid’s effort today wasn’t the best. I do believe that is the difference between Div 1 and other levels. There were a lot of kids messing about rather than working at getting better. It was enjoyable to watch. A little cool in the arena today.

We stopped and picked up Audrey and Little Caeser’s hot to go pizza and headed to Cor and Tor’s place for pumpkin carving.

This is funny. Like mother like son. The feel of squishing pumpkin guts thru yoru fingers is wonderful. Jackson and Tor wore “made up” gloves. LOL

Yep, that is my family! LOL

Jackson worked away on his pumpkin to get to his perfect creation, but a few things went wrong. Corey says to him reminding him he wanted teeth etc and Jackson says” Dad I have it under control, you don’t see my vision” Turns out one wrong cut and a new vision is needed. The final result is WONDERFUL. A perfect Happy Face creation. Not quite the classic look and not quite scary but a nice message for the kids that Halloween can be fun and a happy time not only a scary time.

Boo. LOL I love it !

Thought of the Day

It is always important to remember that a man with one chopstick will go hungry

October 30th -31st

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 16 degrees, Calgary 15 degrees MESA 27degrees”

Up this morning an headed the hockey rink to see a hockey featuring the star JACKSON WALDIE number 16 on the ice. Jackson played exceptionally well today. An almost goal on a part break away and great effort overall. Our team dominated the with the play in the opponents end the bulk of the time, but it was just too crowded to get goals plus a great goal tender. It ended in a tie which is too bad as they played so well. A lucky goal but that is the way hockey goes. Great game to watch with the action so It was a lot of fun.

For lunch Audrey invited us to visit with her and Alan & MaryAnn before we leave. While there Alan and I reprogrammed her garage door opener and gave an easy to remember pin code, new battery in the button operator and installed a window screen. We also installed the insulation in the attic access of the garage.

Audrey made us a wonderful Chicken Pot Pie. It was very good. Along with a spinach salad you can’t wrong. I smiled as we started to eat our salad before the meal but after 42 years of being married Jackie helped out suggesting I could have my salad with me meal. Yahoo. Who has been to a place where they drink after the meal. Not only dangerous but unhealthy but people do it. So, my pot pie with salad was awesome. Very filling with the portioning, I received.

Nice visit.

On our way tomorrow !

We are on our way to Mesa. A little unlucky with the weather forecast as snow is forecast up to 6 inches all the way to Salt Lake by Tuesday/Wed so hopefully we just beat it. If so a little slower but I enjoy the trip.

Warmth, friends, golf, games, get togethers just makes it a fun place for us. As I have said before you cannot go on a 3-week trip for less than 10K and we get 5 to 6 months if we choose. Love it. Take an age of 65 a person really only has 10 to 15 years of easy travelling and enjoying life so for us to have the opportunity to stay in a warm place and enjoy ourselves is wonderful.

Raymond has Halloween done right. Tailgate party where everyone backs in at the church parking lot and kids get treats from 50 plus trucks. Busy place and awesome idea.