April 2018

April 1st -2nd

“Mercury Forecast”   Mesa 32 degrees   Calgary -10 degrees with snow

I traditionally put a April Fool’s joke in here but the only joke that kept coming to mind was the Edmonton Oiler’s. So I decided this year to take a different approach and be more respective of people’s intelligence and not tease them.


 I rarely get fooled by anyone and there are only two times I can remember.

First was by my secretary  Jennifer Sargent. Busy day at work and forgetting it was April 1st Jennifer walks into my office and hands me a call back note ” Call Mr Wolfe at ### ####” Busy day I pick up the note and dial. The phone rings and it is the Calgary Zoo. Immediately I knew and said so to the person on the other end. She says laughing were you calling for Mr Wolfe or Mr Lion ? I was caught !

Second was on my 50th birthday. I knew something was up by the phone calls coming to the house but i couldn’t figure out what. We went out for supper downtown with a few couples to dinner. I thought ok nothing to surprise me here. After supper someone suggests we go to the Bent Elbow pub near Ed Buhnai’s place where over the years I ate tons of wings so I thought this should be a fun time. Being me I had to be the first car in the parking lot so I was rushing and speeding to get into the lot. I didn’t notice any obvious cars which is rare for me and walking through the door of the pub I was greeted by a whack of people, friends, co-workers etc.  I was caught off guard again !! Fun time !

I am sure they may have been others but these two come to mind quickly.

I do remember a time when Mom changed out the sugar bowl with salt and Dad covering his cereal and the surprised look on his face when it was salty.

The temperature hit 35 degrees today on my Jeep. Wonderful.

Talked to Darlene & Mom today. Low key Easter with everyone busy so they went out Tony Roma’s which is a great place.

I trimmed all of our trees today. In the heat and 20 ft trees is a little difficult. I was very lucky to have Pat being our clean up person and Bob helping me dump the trimmings into the dumpster. I have everything done now to leave early Thursday morning. Check out at the office, pay my bill and cancel Jabba internet and off. Not looking forward to the cold but a unfortunate reality.

Had a bite by some kind of double pricked animal. Spider most likely but the tooth marks look identical to a vampire bite. I maybe becoming a werewolf with the rate of hair growth in my ears. LOL My leg has the bite and while not hurting it is constantly  itchy with red rash and swollen. No polysporin so hopefully just disappears.

Trees all trimmed up and hauled away for another year.

All trimmed for another year

The weather this time of year is amazing. Hitting 90 above and staying warm outside until late in the night.

Another wonderful golfing day. Starting to get pissed off with slicing. I had to hit back from other fairways  on a way too many holes.Funny thing is I made some wonderful second shots right onto the green. Ended up with a 84 due to three putts and a couple of lost balls. A lot of fun with the guys golfing in the heat. This year the course was clever in deciding not to lower their rates until April 9th knowing there are still a lot of people here and they can get full rate for another 9 days.

After golf we went for a few drinks to Ernie’s place. His neighbor stopped by and at 87 years old he golfs a few times a week and was sharp as a tack. Sounded like a Iowa cattle farmer. His family buys calves in March, feeds them and brings them to market each fall. Mostly Black Angus. I only hope and pray that I can be in the shape he is in at the same age. Remarkable.

Suitcases all packed. Jeep loaded except my clubs as my final game is on Wednesday then I leave for home. My tools and truck parts take up a lot of room. A lot. I will put in my clubs after golf on Wed and zip up the storage cargo bag with the suitcases in. I can’t load these as I can’t open the door for my clubs if I do this first.

Bob, Pat and I went out to Fat Willy’s Burger night on the patio. The last time for this season. The though of leaving this perfect temperature is hard. I checked the 14 day forecast in Calgary and finally by mid next week 10 degrees. I may hit some nasty weather in the mountains on my way though if the reports are correct. Most likely over blown though.

Thought of the Day 

You know the 6 month long vacation ( USA, Canada) twice a year in pretty nice.

April 3rd-4th

“Mercury Forecast”

  • Mesa 33 degrees or higher next 7 days
  • Calgary -3 to -7 degrees with 3 of the next 7 with snow
  • Lethbridge -1 to -7 degrees with 3 of the next 7 with snow
  • Edmonton – 3 to -8  with 2 of the next 7 with snow
  • Brecon – 10 to 13 degrees with 6 of the next 7 with rain

It is a shame to be heading north.

Finished packing, washed out the garbage can, washed the bed sheets,, swept the floors, cleaned the shower, did the dishes, got the money and paid our caretaker, checked out at the office, dropped off all of the extra food at the food bank, threw out the household garbage, said goodbyes to the neighbors, washed a few clothes, got travel bag ready, got a haircut, washed the bird poop off the back patio and front deck, so I am just about ready.

Interesting article below from the Globe that is funny and very real.


Last day for my men’s league at Whirlwind. I still struggled controlling the slice and had to take a a couple of penalty strokes but still ended up with a 84 which considering everything I can live with. Love this course and I can do better. I am hoping next year the slicing is gone and I know I get get below 80 with a little luck on this course. A wonderful foursome team and we won money so all is good. First time Hole #14 didn’t get me. I was trying some of the lessons I took out but I had to go back and live with what I was given to help my score.  Today I had a Ft Macleod guy, a Brandon guy and a Edmontonian.  A fun event. Today was hot hitting 93 degrees before we finished. Love it !

Came home and had a good bye drink with Pat & Bob along with Ron then starting loading the Jeep. It is FULL. Turn water heater and water off after morning shower and all set to hit the road. I am going to see if I can get to Idaho Falls or at least Pocatello for tomorrow night. Depends on traffic, snow, gas stops, and tiredness.

Thought of the Day 

One of the nice things about having a get away home is returning to your real home. ( except the snow)

April 5th – 8th 

Depends on internet and driving time how much I can enter.

On the road for two or three days depending. Canada I am coming home ! Winter please be gone before I arrive.

I say every year WHY did I come back. NEXT year for sure it will not be so early. This weather in Canada is ridiculous and I am not even there yet.

Got up early and started out. Left at 6:30 am but was still caught in the rush hour traffic as we have to go from the far east side of greater Phoenix to the very west to get on the highway. Even without traffic it is close to 1 hour. But with heavy stop and start traffic it takes a while.

The Jeep was LOADED. Stuffed to the roof and when I backed out of our drive pad the cargo carrier hit the ground. Truck parts and Harbour Freight Black Friday tools and additional deals. I am lucky Fred offered to bring my bumper back.  First stop was Wickenburg for gas and a breakfast bite to eat. I tried my neighbors idea on the postal numbers at the gas pump and lo and behold it worked. Bob is not just a pretty face you know. It threw me for a loop as about a mile away from the gas station I realize I left my visa card in the pump. I rush back and there it was still sitting in the holder. Good thing no one pulled up to that pump. On the road again with the temperature hitting 92 degrees and the a/c on full. Remember that temperature 92 degrees 

The traffic is fairly heavy all the way to Vegas and beyond. The I15 between Vegas and Salt Lake is similar to the volumes between Edmonton and Calgary.  Hard to set the cruise with the heavy volumes. The Jeep only has a 22 gallon tank so you need a few stops. Not knowing where the next stop is I always fill with about 50 to 75 miles left before empty. I was surprised though as with the heavy load and cruise set at 80 to 85 mph it averaged 17.9 miles per gallon. Got to love that.

The first day my end stop was Salt Lake City for a couple of reasons. It is half way between Mesa and Calgary. Going thru this town takes an hour and I hit it right at peak rush home time. So i decided to stay and fight the traffic in the morning.I filled up ready for the am and knew after my quick free breakfast I could hit the road. Nice room and priced right. Watched a bit of golf and then hit the hay. Sometimes after driving long distances it is hard to go to sleep right away. It happened again. LOL

Up and hit the road before rush hour. Fail. This town gets up early. HEAVY traffic with pouring rain on a 6 lane wide freeway isn’t to drive. Worst case scenario. A semi hits the guard rail and burst into flames in the pouring rain. Go figure. I sat on the freeway for at least 1/2 hr slowly moving past the truck as the cops figured it could blow. Rained heavy for a couple of hours of driving  but above freezing so no issues.

A couple of gas breaks, food breaks and then about a hour before Butte we are stopped on the Interstate. You don’t mind a small stop even up to a half hour for them to clear up things. We sat on the highway for 1 hour and 5 minutes. A typical bullied as a youngster traffic cop figures why should he be in a hurry. The traffic I am guessing stopped would have been 20 miles long considering the volume. Instead of detouring , allowing meridian or ditch passing he made us sit for a minor accident. Both lanes full stop.I would hate to be pulled over by this no mind, power tripping cop. We need to hire smarter cops. I think most African Americans would agree with me. When we finally moved and with the volume it was like the Indy 500 right after the accident on the highway. That was fun though !! I needed all 285 horses to keep up.

Then snow started covering the sides of the road. The surface was wet and icy through the mountains. Here is the kicker. The temperature was 22 degrees. Refer to above. THAT IS A 70 DEGREE TEMPERATURE CHANGE I experienced.  Due to it being so cold you couldn’t trust if the wet pavement was frozen or not especially the bridge decks.

Ugly but beautiful in some strange way

Jeep has brown icicles hanging from it everywhere from the splash back and sticking on. Good thing I am not in the Enclave. Montana seems to throw boulders down on the highway for traction. It was like being a target at a gun range with the stones being thrown. I would prefer pure sand/salt and let the drivers be normal. I took at least 4 big hits on the windshield. My side still chip, crack free, Jackie’s side not so much.

It was getting late with all of my delays so I decided to stop in Great Falls and spend the night as I wouldn’t have made it into Lethbridge until late that night.Worked out well as I got to see the end of the Masters round and I am able to visit with Jess and family tomorrow. Things always have a way of working out.

I stopped at the Holiday Inn Express in Great Falls to see about a room. They had lots left they said and it would be $125. I walked back to my car without them saying anything. Next block a new great looking Comfort Inn. Walked in and the young lady says yes we have room and they are $ 118 with discount. I said I am sorry but that breaks my $100 limit I set for a room and started walking out. She yells ” I can give to you for $102.” I stated it was still over my limit but since she was so polite and tried to help me I would book. She gave me a upgrade GREAT room.  You just have to ask. LOL

Masters. The players are getting killed on this course. Makes me feel good seeing  players like Sergio shooting a 81 and 78.  Did you guys see Tony Finau in the Par 3 “break” his ankle and reset it himself. That is one tough cookie. And to walk another 18 holes and be top 10 with that ankle. That is amazing.

I went over to the Golden Corral and had a wonderful supper. Their service and food are exceptional. I wish they had real plates, glasses and cutlery though. Great meal and a decent price. Full but I was cautious as that place can be dangerous. I watched as they cooked my steak to exactly my liking. You add the mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies and salad bar that is a good meal.

Eyes are a little tired with the rain,14 hours driving and looking out for slippery spots through the passes. The Jeep to me is a wonderful driving vehicle but at 130 kph it isn’t as relaxing as the Buick to drive. You have to pay just a little bit more attention.

Relaxed in my GREAT room , have my free breakfast and then head to Lethbridge in the am. Miss the 92 degrees already. Next year I will buy more insurance. I would have this year but I haven’t seen much of Jackie all winter so figure I better head home. Freezing rain for Great Falls and snow flurries for Lethbridge. Why ? LOL My truck was covered in ice and snow flurries. It took the heater a while to melt off the ice from the windshield. I had to break down and switch to runners instead of sandals as my feet were getting too cold.

I had to drive a little slower with the roads ice covered from the freezing rain and left over snow. I checked my weather app and saw a Winter Storm Warning for Calgary on Saturday night so I wanted to get home before the bulk of the snow hit again.The border crossing only had about 10 cars in my line which is good. I am impressed with the border guard. Overzealous and by the book to a tee makes the border crossings time consuming and cumbersome. The guard I had was very professional, knew the rules and used her discretionary powers wisely. I had every receipt in a zip lock package and a total sheet listing each purchase and the totals. The rules state $750 Canadian duty free per person not counting tobacco and liquor. I was considerably over that but when I explained I had thought my wife would be travelling with me ( we would have been under limit then) but had to leave early to take care of her Dad and my purchases were from November to April she politely waved me threw wishing me a nice day. Impressed and appreciated. The border crossing shouldn’t be a revenue generator for the government over a few $100 bucks over limit. I purposely didn’t buy any alcohol as the limit  is too small at  1.15 litres. They quite often make you pull over to pay duty on alcohol.

I took Jessica, August and Atticus out to Boston Pizza for lunch as Penny had just started working again. The kids were great. August did dump a half a shaker of salt on the table to play in and taste. Added a bit of pepper. Note to restaurants. “Don’t leave the shakers on the table if you don’t want kids to play with them”  I had my first taste of being Canadian again and enjoyed a Ceaser. Love them. Especially at Boston as they do them original with celery. ( the correct way)

Jessica let me drive their new 2017 Ford F150. This is a nice truck with the prefect options for them. The V6 eco-boast has lots of power and being a full 4 doors it has loads of backseat room that helps with boaster and or car seats. It has the trailer reversing system that I will be interesting in seeing how it works. They should get years of enjoyment out of this truck. It also is a lot safer pulling their trailer than their previous vehicle.

August was a little grumpy today but Atticus was smiling most of the time. He is a very very easy baby to take care of. Different personalities completely  between the two boys and that is what makes it so fun seeing each one grow up.

I was having fun. August doesn’t appear to be. LOL

I went downstairs into the Basement Salon to check it out after the girls had it modified to a smaller space and achieving a nice family room out of it also.

Penny’s Basement Salon look absolutely wonderful and a superb decorating theme.

Then on the road again as i was watching the Doppler radar and Calgary’s heavy snow fall warning was supposed to hit around supper time. Have a said I hate snow. First though I forgot to mention I HAD to stop at Tim’s for a Ice Cap and  a couple of Timbit’s.

The snow started coming down quite heavy at times.

April in Calgary . Great !!

I got home in decent time before the bulk of the snow fell. Unpacked everything and put it away. Jackie was out. My travel case which was supposed to be waterproof wasn’t. Everything was fine though.One could consider it pre-wash of the clothes really. That heavy rain in Salt Lake had to seep in most likely through the zippper.

Nice to be home , relax and sleep in my second home bed.

Watched the Humboldt tragedy vigil which was very well done. If you can have a favorite speaker at such a horrible time I would say the team chaplin was excellent. The WHY ? and the WHERE? speech was very real. It will be a long recovery for that town and especially the families with such young kids gone. Sad.

They haven’t said but I am guessing it will be discovered the semi went thru a stop sign. I can’t imagine what that driver is going through. From the skid marks, semi on the secondary highway and the fact it was a t bone it indicates driver stop sign error.

I had thought I may whip up to Edmonton for my Mom’s birthday on Sunday but being tired and the heavy snowfall coming down I decided to wait. I did get to relax and watch the Masters which was nice.

Wonderful sleeps. Missed the morning news as I slept in a bit. Odd. Had my smoothie in bed and watched the second parts of the news. The kitchen sink was leaking while I was gone and Jackie had it covered with a towel so no one could use it. Not easy not having a kitchen sink to use and for so long. First thing on the agenda was to fix this. I hate kitchen sink taps as with the plumbing and waste disposer they are difficult to get at. Pulled everything out. Started at 9:30 am and finished by 12:30pm so not bad. A little frustrating as expected but back to normal again. One chore done. Plenty more to come in the upcoming days.

Phoned Mom this afternoon as trying to sneak in between calls on a birthday night isn’t easy to do. It looked like Mary/Alfred put on a nice get together for Mom which is very nice.

Happy 86th Mom

Thought of the Day 

Funny how sometimes to fix one thing another thing breaks. LOL 

April 9th -10th

I won’t use my “Mercury Forecast” as being in Calgary the comparison doesn’t matter as I am here. Stuck here !  What I do know is I hate winter. 2 feet of snow on the lawns and only plus 7 degrees isn’t spring!

Went and got groceries as we needed some items I like that i classify as good food not all of this pretend to be healthy stuff like yogurt and flax. Nice as the grocery store was empty mid day so I got the groceries done relatively quick.

Talked to my brother Alfred and he said my truck was done. The only thing left I need to do is find new used tires for it and install my new bumper and armrest. Here is list of what Alfred replaced on it. New shocks, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, inner tie rod ends, outer tie rod ends, new CV shafts,CV boots, pitman arm, idler arm, serpentine belt, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, water pump, power steering pump, pressure hoses, plus heads were removed and drilled out for broken exhaust bolts so new gasket set for heads, intake, oil leaks fixed and exhaust. Plus the seat covers, new armrest, new windshield, new locks for canopy, bumper, fog lights, ashtray, oil change, new anti freeze, tranny flush and racing strip. Quite a huge undertaking when you consider the fact the top part of the engine was removed and having to put it back together. Hopefully it will run for a long time time without any issues. I still need to back flush the heater core which I will do when I can use a garden hose outside. Dodge again in their “cheapness” used a thin cheap heater core that plugs easily. It is a main issue with Dakota owners on their forum. I put $3000 worth of just parts alone into a truck worth $1500. LOL

My New Work Truck

I am thinking of it as an investment as getting wood, sand, gravel etc for our lot just got a lot easier. I have the parts needed to make a roll out tool rack for the truck bed I will do when I get it back to Calgary.We will most likely go up this weekend to Edmonton to visit Mom and drive back with the truck.

Worked on my old Ryobi table saw this morning. Replaced and rewired for the new power switch with a safety key. Short wires and difficult spot to get at but got everything wired up with new ends and wiring and works like brand new. I have a huge blood blister on my thumb from a pinch caused by slipped pliers. Ouch !

Bought a fast setting epoxy as there were two plastic spots in the casing of the tablesaw that had cracked. Used bungee cords to hold them in place and glued them together. I am hoping this special super strength epoxy will work or I will go to plan B which is to melt the plastic together. Time will tell here as of right now it is strong. I bought this inexpensive saw when I was doing Victoria’s basement and over the last 8 years it has done a lot of work for me and Corey. More than worth it the price i paid.

Next item was Corey’s air compressor. I took it apart again. Long story short . I GIVE UP. I put a new power switch in it, I put a new pressure switch in it and I still can’t get it to run. The wiring is so close together I cant get a good reading on which has power or not. The only thing I can think of now is I received one defective switch. These things are simple but things can go wrong. I can’t spend any more money on it as a new one is $129 and one hour shop labour is $80. I hate to fail. !!!! But I am at a loss.

So a couple of fun great days in the far north so far.

Thought of the Day

I did not fail. I just found out what didn’t work.

April  11th

Had a text from Fred today that the Critter Getter had sprayed our house in Mesa. He sent the text about noon hour and said the temperature already was over 100 degrees. I love that. Fred doesn’t really like it that hot but I am sure he enjoys the cold beer in shade a lot better than freezing your butt off. I prefer warmth and am very lucky I sweat very little. I might perspire a bit the odd time.

Today was Day 1 of building my Air Compressor cart. If you throw tools around or stack them etc they get broke. I like my tools too last. I am still today using a power mitre saw I bought from Trail Building in 1980 to do my mouldings in Mayfield.  My circular saw that Corey still uses everyday was bought in 1983 from Trail also.  An 8 1/4 Makita which is still perfect. Air compressors get thrown around too much. This cart will have castors to move the compressor around. It will have a auto rewind 3/8 air hose 25ft  reel. It will have a extension cord holder to wrap it around and a spots for my nailers, and nails. One trip instead of 3 or 4 trips. I will post a picture when I am done. Starting a 10 am and worked until 4 pm. Retired person hours. I got the bulk of it done today hopefully I will have it filled and painted by tomorrow afternoon.

Squatting and bending kills my back as it is a little sore which is the first time in months that I can remember.

I am not interested in the NHL playoffs with my two favorite teams not making the cut. I think I will cheer for Winnipeg but I am not familiar with players. Need some one to cheer on.

I rather had fun watching a young couple having a fight right outside my balcony. Crying, screaming, running off then back again. Head holding, wild arm movements. Shouting to get in the car as he was embarrassed as she was yelling and screaming. To add injury to insult when he went to start his car, it wouldn’t. Difficult to understand the words with the sobbing but a much better performance than a day time soap opera. Young love.

Decided to go with Jeff to the golf screens. Let me tell you if the screens were accurate and that is the way we golf we should give up. Took us 1 1/2hrs to do 9 nine holes. Our nine hole score was Jeff 89 and I 82. The screens ARE NOT ACCURATE at ALL!  Plus they cost the same as a full 4 hour  real golf game. Driving range only next week.

With the freezing rain and then snow the Deerfoot tonight was as slippery as I have ever seen it. People were down to 50kms per hour. It was extremely icy  and with the windshield and mirrors  freezing over so you couldn’t see very well at all.

No scrapper and mirrors and windows froze solid

On the way home I had an idiot pull out from the shoulder right in front of me. I was sliding right into his rear end with the horn blasting hoping he gets going quick enough. Got to love ABS as I pulled over onto the shoulder and missed him. These are the people that need their license taken away immediately and have to pass a test every year to maintain it. You can’t legislate stupidity but you sure can manage it with strict rules.

Another wonderful cold spring day. And parking outside as I rented my parking space until the 15th.

A couple of beer and pounds of wings at the Bull were awesome. Our waitress Micala was superb and actually won a point of discussion with me. Darn!  I still got to bug her calling her drink a pint when it is 14 ounces. I ordered a 3/4 of a pint please. !  While not mathematically correct I didn’t tell her.

A fun evening !

Up this morning and watched the news and nothing bog happening but a lot of chatter.

Over to Victoria’s place to finish my project. During my construction as always I modified my plans for extra strength and this put a few measurements out. When it was wet I tried to install my compressor and it appeared not to fit. That meant a rework this morning. But I guess  my design and measure was very precise. I wiggled it in with a sigh. I measured three times and cut once and achieved perfection. Impressed myself.

Cart holds, guns, nails, hoses, extension cord etc all in one easy movable cart

I went to Princess Auto and picked up my connectors, quick release couplings and short hose to finish it off. I think this will work just great. My only unknown is the height of the canopy on the truck so it can stand up. Time will tell.

Lots of quick couplings, small hose, blow gun, hose etc

I was planning to head to Edmonton to give Mom her card and gift but the weather forecast wasn’t the best. I want to drive the truck and Jackie the other vehicle in good and relatively warm weather.

I came back a full week to early. A late spring start. Having said that I love being home with Jackie even if it is just watching TV. I especially like the conversations.

Thought of Day

Have you ever noticed how anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster is a maniac.

April 14th

Jackie and I both slept in today as we decided after talking to Alfred and looking at the weather forecasts we would wait another week before heading up to Edmonton. Mom’s birthday card and present will just sit and wait. The forecast states rain today and snow/rain tomorrow in Edmonton. With our weather I am in no hurry for the truck anyways. The one thing not fixed is the lack of heat as the heater core needs back flushed and we can’t do that until we can use a garden hose and driving with out heat or defroster isn’t good.

I went with Jackie to visit Peter today. He is doing ok relatively speaking but has to be lifted out of bed into his wheelchair, fed, changed and is difficult to communicate with. Although after not seeing me for close to 4 months he has no problem recognizing and putting a name to a face. The mind is a wonderful thing when you have full function of it. Peter’s ward is made up entirely  of people that need extra attention. It is shame the smartest, richest, best looking etc all end up staring into space and drooling just like every one else. From being a child to being child like. Getting old , with the incapacity to be self sufficient is a shame. The older guy or lady that fell asleep and didn’t wake up has it so much easier on themselves and the families.  Jackie fed him as much as he would allow even though he is scary skinny now and should be eating a lot lot more. Nice visit.

After our visit we headed to Victoria’s place to pick them up to go bowling. It most likely has been 3 to 4 years since we last bowled. Our first alley was booked up with a company party so we headed to Chinook. Luckily it wasn’t jam packed and we got a lane right away.

6 year old beats 61 year old .

I will say this right away as I am sure a child of mine, a grandchild of mine and a son in-law will mention it.  I a 61 year old man lost to a 6 year old boy. Yes without bumpers Jackson BEAT me. Out of the 5 bowlers only one managed to break 100 barely. That is how bad we all are.One strike only and three spares total. Jackson was pretty happy he beat me. He did extremely well knocking pins down just about every end. One more time yes Jackson, Corey, Victoria and Jackie BEAT me. I NEVER like to make excuses like I have a sore toe, charlie horse or tired etc but on my bowling hand I was dealing with an extreme raised and painful blood blister just waiting to burst and spill blood all over the bowling alley. It would have been a blood bath with my thin blood. I dealt with the pain very man like but my performance succumbed to a dismal finish with the agonizing pain. Most likely the third worst pain a human can experience right behind  #1 gout,  # 2 child birth and then bulging blood blister #3 .

A blood path waiting to happen on my thumb I use to throw the the ball.

A few ends left . 4 out 5 did not make 100 points. We suck at bowling !!

Notice the sore toe. LOL

I won’t live this down. Yet in my heart of hearts I am sure if I wasn’t handicapped by excruciating pain I could have easily won.

After bowling Cor & Tor treated us to supper at Brewsters. Very appreciated. Great meal, steak and Caesars to drown the pain and the pain of losing.

A fun day !

Thought of the Day 

There is a difference between playing in pain and playing injured. I am convinced I play better with bigger balls. 

April 15th 

First thing. I am still hurting from my bowling loss. My thumb blood blister is throbbing. With each heart beat I see it raise and lower like an alien is going to explode out of it. LOL

I do think 10 pin is easier due to the number of pins and size of balls.

The mind is an amazing thing. Dreaming last night and most nights I don’t remember but I did last night as i was working and dealing with a customer. A Totem manager had phoned me and asked why we shipped 20 of each Easy-In when they had ordered 16 only of each. I had instructed the warehouse staff when quantities are close to full lifts and it is a larger store fill the order to the full lift quantities. As soon as the manager heard the reasoning he was fine with it. Why your mind goes back to a work thing 4 years after retiring and close to 10 years after being the  General Manager running the warehouses is amazing.


Speaking of Totem. I remember years ago with Ray Laberge the buyer at Totem making a request and with the combined door knowledge and creativity of Ray,ex-my shop foreman/lead sales desk, Terry Peppler and I, we created the first ever reversible hinged Easy-In French Door program.  Between the three of us, we created the door, the pricing that made sense and packaging required. It was simple as Ray agreeing to pay the extra dollar amount for it and us including an extra strike jamb in the package with instructions on how to hang it.  The customers had to choose a swing and then cut the header out of the jamb strike not being used. Hence instruction sheet. Then I had to work with our IT department Ken Wilkie to create a bill of materials that pulled the products correct for inventory and costing. The product worked great and we sold loads of them. Another Totem created product was a reversible exterior jamb pak. Sold an amazing amount of them. I wasn’t happy with our packaging on these but they still sold well.

I see more snow coming our way. Even the weather forecasters are tired of the word snow. I have a few appointments for next week I need to get done.

What !! 20 more centimeters hitting us today until tomorrow night.

The high is expected to be only 1 degree with snow all day tomorrow. Both daughters have tentative travel plans so they will need to take caution.

Here is a picture of Atticus with my Dad’s hat on. Jessica has a picture of August with it and I am sure Jessica wears it quite a bit also.

Atticus with his Great Granddad’s Jesse Willard’s hat on.

Finalized my budget numbers today from March. I was little slow this time with travel and being busy doing things. Our tax refund came this month so that was good. A few extra budget hits with the Dakota, golf, auto repairs and maintenance, speeding ticket, and flights, hurt were not quite covered by the refund. There were good things that showed up also so even after spending more than budgeted for the final number wasn’t unexpected.

I still haven’t accepted my bowling loss. !!

Thought of the Day

The poor squirrel was heard saying.” I hate winter. It is going to take until July to thaw out my nuts.”


April 16th

Ok it’s not funny anymore. No I am not talking about about my bowling loss. I am talking about the winter weather. Heavy snow fall again.

April showers ?

The saying April showers bring May flowers is a way off. The flowers are still froze deep in the ground. Snow is covering everything and it keeps falling. I am really disliking this weather this year. It better be a great summer as the winter in Calgary has been bad. I can’t start anything outside first due to the snow and second because it is cold outside.

A few things to get done this week. Rock chip repair, doctor call, and project pricing on the decks.

Snow keeps falling. Victoria is dealing with one lane traffic on a snow covered highway and Jessica is dealing with freezing rain and wet highways today. Me, I am dealing with looking outside and seeing the snow accumulate close to 5 inches already.

Jackson GOT me. Fingers behind the head trick. Kid catches on too quick.  But did he get me ?  Man coming out of his head.  I am just that good .LOL

Working on deck pricing today and shed pricing.  Hope to install my roof rack this week if the weather becomes normal.

Coming back from Tim’s I had a lot of fun.  I was doing the speed limit thru a school zone when this younger women in her fancy Q60 Lexus blew past me. Two tickets for her if caught. After the zone I caught up to her and saw for a second she wanted to come into my lane as her signal light came on for a second. I speed up to be beside her so she couldn’t switch. We both stopped at a stop sign a little further ahead. Knowing in my mind she wanted or needed to get over to my lane I was going to do the same speed as her. She boots it. Gets the jump on me as I figured she would try to pull in behind me. Aggressive move. Love it.Her Lexus has some power and with wet snow/slush everywhere she got into my lane in front of me to make her exit she wanted. My passive aggressive nature got the best of me but I did enjoy it. She most likely never clued in I was doing this due to her speeding though thru the school zone. LOL  Makes life enjoyable !


Most of you know my thoughts on traffic cops. I have the utmost respect for our police force in every job category other than the entry level, traffic cop. The investigative, criminal enforcement, special ops, tactical,under cover, security ,beat and internet cops etc all are amazing and I would have no problem with them receiving much higher pay as a lot of them put their lives on the line and do an incredible job. NOT so much with the traffic cops. This is the entry level position so all “beginner” cops start here and the authority goes to their head. At JELD-WEN I couldn’t hire a sales rep unless they had a university degree as a standard policy. You only need grade 12 and a drivers license to be an RCMP or city cop. It would be interesting to see the psychological analysis of these guys as I am sure a lot of them have been abused, bullied, with low self esteem and the idea they are given immense power over a average citizen is very becoming to them. And the force hires them. And it is going to get worse as the amount of applicants gets less and less .The “rant” is a result of watching the news tonight. CTV did a story on a guy getting a $150 ticket for having a bike rack on his car. The police force ” Policy ” was it obstructed the view of the plate. We all know it is related to photo radar and loss of revenue as police forces are subsidized by ticket revenue. The cop that gave this ticket out instead of being protected by ” policy” should have been reprimanded and given a lesson on common sense.  Can you imagine going home and feeling you did a good job by handing out this ticket.  Amazing !  And police forces wonder why the respect overall for them has declined.


April 17th 

Getting late in the month and still winter. I got excited today as I started to research out quantities, lengths, availability , quality and pricing on Fred’s and I’s decks and sheds.

We received fantastic pricing from a long time friend, and former boss Lorne Schreiner the current General Manager of Nelson Lumber in Edmonton.With his input and the professionalism and knowledge of one of his inside sales people Kelvin the experience was wonderful. Great service, pricing and product knowledge. Nice to deal with a company like that and it was fun talking to Lorne again. I will see him I am sure this summer as Fred and I will need additional product for Fred’s lot. Most impressed with the garden shed construction and quote. This is a garden shed not a throw together thing like the big box stores sell.  Just checking on the siding and I noticed we need to make our rafters which was surprising. Very happy overall though.

One of my first jobs and a great company  to deal with.


Nelson Lumber was one of my first jobs while in school. I built trusses on the night shift in Edmonton at their truss plant in Winterburn.  My boss there was Terry Carmony.( spelling may be wrong) and he was awesome. Made going to work fun. The day I left as I took a job as a apprentice electrician he wanted an arm wrestle. He wins I have to stay. I win I can leave. I ran out the door as he was a huge man. LOL  Fun job !  Depending on the truss sizing he would set a goal for us to build each night. My friends and I would work like dogs, meet our goal and then drive our car over to the Drive In movie right beside us and watch some of the  show. Get back to work and punch clock out when our shift ended.. We didn’t want him to know we could have built double his goal. We should have been paid per truss rather than by the hour. LOL 

Lorne Schreiner was the manager of Henderson’s Edmonton when Marshall Wells went broke. I was working at Marshall Wells at the time and they sold Weiser locks. Ken McGver the Weiser rep put in a good word for me with Lorne and after an interview Lorne hired me. This was one of the best groups of people I ever worked with. As a group and with Lorne’s leadership our sales went thru the roof. I was always a great salesman but I loved to watch Lorne work his magic on customers with his building relationship skills. Quite impressive. Fortunate for me 4 years later Lorne recommended myself as the Manager of the Calgary operation. Very grateful. My transfer to Calgary was even easier as I sold my house to Lorne in St Albert where Fred Keys was our neighbor.Led to some very good years in my career.

I drove out to my RV lot to double check some measurements. THREE FEET of snow still in the lot. I felt deflated. The streets in the resort sure need gravel as they are on the muddy side. This is on the management’s to do list so hopefully sooner than later as people pulling out or in are going to rut the roads. Especially with the larger motor homes and 5th wheels.   I won’t be able to order any product or start work for at least a week right now unless the weather warms dramatically. Tried to measure as a double check but the snow up to my knees and the tape having nothing to measure from didn’t allow it.

I stopped at Woody’s to pick up a bottom toilet gasket as I need to repair ours in the motor home.  Last trip of the year was fishing in BC and I noticed the water not staying in the bowl. RV toilets are a little different than home toilets. No pee traps to hold gasses from escaping. RV toilets rely on water staying in the bowl to eliminate any smells. So with ball gaskets and flange gaskets I started the SHITTY job of removing and cleaning the ball in the toilet. It’s not the smell so much as the being afraid of some disease with the germs everywhere. Toilets in an RV are tight. Trying to work in a small room with tight spacing isn’t easy. Being the first time isn’t easy. I have to say though the job went very well. New gaskets, cleaning and reinstalling took me about 3 hours but the toilet is like brand new now. I didn’t test it under pressure as the water isn’t hooked up yet but everything indicates all is good. Nice when you have no hiccups and things work perfect. Nice out at the lot though with no one around. I turned on the furnace and worked away. Brought every tool I needed and some and done !!!

I feel for the fans.

I wonder how the Oiler fans are feeling. I watched a few ex Oiler players traded away that are performing in the playoffs admirably. Flames fire a few coaches. Oilers keep adding old Oiler alumni.  Which team do you think will do better next year ? Not a fair question as there is only one right answer and it doesn’t start with an E or a O. LOL


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