April 2019

April 1st

“Mercury Forecast Mesa 28 degrees Calgary 7 degrees Edmonton 9 degrees”

I have some water front property here in Mesa for you guys to invest in. The water levels are low right now and you can see cactus and desert but as soon as the climate warming happens and the water table rises you will be sitting on beach front property and getting in to the investment in it’s infancy. Send me directly $100 as a deposit to get in to this investment at ground level. I will issue a share certificate to you right away. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime.



  1. I remember Mom changing out the sugar for salt to see Dad get a surprise for breakfast.
  2. My secretary Jennifer Sargeant fooled me, getting me to phone the zoo and ask for Mr Wolfe

No I am not returning to work, no I haven’t ran out of money yet, no I am not ill, and no I can still remember who you all are, so everything is fine.


Plans for today are a movie with Jackson and Fat Willy’s for supper.

Jackson and I spent the day at the theatre . 87 degrees when we got out so the cool spot was nice. Our first movie was Wonderland. This was a great movie with the story line being a mother having to leave due to illness and the daughter struggling with that and they create an imaginary playpark. Great movie. Turned out there was only 2 people in the theatre. Jackson and I. Our second movie was Train a Dragon which again was a great movie. Only 10 people in this theatre. Funny as with my senior discount and child pricing to enter the movie house it was only $15.00 but the popcorn and pop was $25.00. Something wrong with that.

Bob & Pat left this afternoon. It will definitely be different with them gone. We really enjoyed them and it made our 12 years here that much better. Change as they say is inevitable.

Bob & Pat Ferris’s house sold .

Bob & Pat leaving down the street for the last time as  800 block residents.

Interesting to see what they decide come fall as far as coming back to the warmth for the winter. Having experienced it for 12 years it won’t be easy to give up on. Pat has a brother in the area, Bob has loads of friends and they can always look at renting for a time. Life is an adventure.

Jackson drove us to Fat Willy’s without hitting, killing or damaging anything. And he is so much younger than his Mom who wrecked a golf cart on her first single driving experience. LOL

Last Monday burger night for the Keys and Jackson

Can’t beat the great burgers at Fat’s. Jackson had a P&J sandwich and the rest with burgers. Fun night with Jackson driving. Terry was an excellent driving instructor. A few drinks after at Fred’s finished off the night. Love life !!

Got home at 8 :30 and still over 70 degrees. Awesome.

Thought of the Day 

People say you can’t live without love. I think oxygen maybe more important. Just saying.

April 2nd 

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 31 degrees Calgary 8 degrees Edmonton 6 degrees ”


The Oiler’s are officially out of the playoffs AGAIN. A much approved team this year finishing third last in their division. OUT again, 12 seasons of the last 13 years. That is correct 13 years. I feel so bad for my Edmonton friends having to endure this. NOT,  I relish in it to rub it into them. To see their hopes squashed again is enjoyable. The problem with Oiler fans is they have this sense of entitlement. They squandered away the best players in hockey with poor management and the fans keep living in the past instead of facing reality. They have a lousy team and will have for another 5 years. Here is just a short list of BAD trades-  Ales Hemsky, Paul Coffey, Joffrey Lupul, Wayne Gretzsky, Mark Messier, Glen Anderson, Jari Kurri,Ryan Smyth, Chris Pronger,Taylor Hall, Vincent Damphouse. These players are all elite players traded in error or poorly. Now Connor is wanting out !


I do have to say after receiving emails back after rubbing it in  that many of the Edmonton Oiler fans are bypassing the Flames to cheer for the Jets. I like the JETS but Calgary is Alberta’s team and should be proudly backed by the entire province. Remember Edmonton and a few Oiler fans living elsewhere also voted in the NDP so the allegiance to anything is subject.



Starting to get a little hot next week hitting 35 degrees plus for days so will look at leaving Arizona a little earlier.

Today is Jackson’s last day so will hit the pool for a long time. New water in it though and it is still cool.

This is in hopes that people ACTUALLY investigate the platform differences between the UPC and the NDP. They are totally different and I wish even more different but voters always take issue with real facts and situations. People with jobs go along thinking everything is rosy. The chaos in Alberta is all thorns. There has been so many POOR bills passed that it will take years to correct.

NDP- forget debt just keep giving money away to education, childcare and healthcare. We cannot afford our system. The salaries, the managements compensation, the union demands can not be met. Increases while we are going broke makes no sense. Ralph is rolling over in his grave. What we need is deep cuts. DEEP CUTS

$1.5 billion over five years to expand $25-a-day child care to all spaces in the province. DONT HAVE KIDS IF YOU CANT AFFORD THEM. 

$1.35 billion over six years to expand the Alberta high-load corridor. THERE ARE NO TRUCKS ON THE ROAD HAULING AS THE OIL BUSINESS IS DECIMATED.

$1.3 billion over five years to upgrade and build 70 schools across the province. WE HAVE EMPTY SCHOOLS, WE CAN MAKE CLASSROOMS 30 KIDS EACH, WE CAN BUS KIDS, WE CAN HAVE REVOLVING 12 MONTH SCHOOLING,

$1 billion for flood mitigation in Calgary to build major infrastructure, such as a reservoir, on the Bow River. GOOD THING BUT 1 BILLION ?

$110 million per year to cover the prescription costs for the majority of Alberta seniors. LET THEM BUY INSURANCE.

$90 million per year to help reduce surgical wait times and to increase emergency care. CUT THE EXPENSES . LIMIT THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU CAN GO TO THE EMERGERNCY, NEED TWO TIER PRIVATE SYSTEM ALSO

$72 million per year to fully fund growing student enrolment. LET THE PARENTS PAY. GRANTS, TRUSTS, RESP, SCHOLARSHIPS 


You add the stupidity of the minimum wage, the farm act and no guts politicking on pipelines she needs to go away. There was a huge difference in voting between south and north Alberta. This should change as most of rural Alberta should hate Notley this time.  Calgary NDP seats will disappear as the empty offices will remind all voters what went wrong. Edmonton, a city I loved but a city without an identity still will cause issues. Government workers, health care , educators and bleeding hearts are strong in Edmonton as is ethic variations. I hope some of these people will see the light after enduring 4 years of hell. I am going out on the limb and predicting a win for Mandel ( can’t stand the man)  Notley ( if only she was with a different party and not so socialist) perhaps a win or two by the Alberta Party ,with the UCP winning 60 out of the 87 seats. I hope so, so the boat can be steered correct. The UCP by far is not perfect but it is our ONLY choice. The NDP is playing very negative politics this time out of fear. Kenny needs to demand all candidates choose their words very carefully as with social media and the world we now live in it gets blown a way out of proportion. That is what happened to Danielle’s Wild Rose party when they could have won.

Tonight’s loss of 6-2 for the Oilers is exactly what is wrong with this team. Mc Un Happy meal isn’t even trying. The rest of the team has no pride. No guts. No will.  Similar to the Coyote’s when they went from the Phoenix Coyote’s to the Arizona Coyote’s  the two Alberta teams should become the Alberta Oil Flames. Naturally they would play in Calgary as the Edmonton arenas opulence must go to a players head.  After rethinking that probably not as the Oilers only have three players that would make our line up. Sorry.

I think most would agree Edmonton has an inferiority complex. The used the name City of Champions for while to make themselves feel good but did you know in 1972/73 season in the WHL they had the audacity  to call themselves the ALBERTA OILERS. Unbelievable !

I love this !  Now we need to just make it past the first round. LOL

What happened to our feminist Trudeau?  He just fired, ousted , expelled ,removed two excellent women from his party because they stood up what is right and against him. I hope both Jody and Jane run for the Conservatives and kick butt.  He is running scared right now.

Thought of the Day 

The problem with political jokes is they get elected  

April 3rd 

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 28 degrees Calgary 14 degrees ( while very nice 50% of Mesa) Edmonton 3 degrees” 

Isn’t it funny how the temperatures between Calgary and Edmonton are just like the hockey scores when we win. Just saying.

Drove Jackie and Jackson to the airport this morning to return Jackson home for school.

Got the Buick washed. Even gave a nice tip but the guys still did their normal job. Nothing more. I guess they expect it.

Stopped at Safeway for a card and pop. Their blood pressure system has been removed so I guess I have to remove my shopping from there.

Picked up paint and a brush for the new smart trim we installed. Picked up the landscaping tools from Fred’s and started cutting. Fred whipped over to help me. I decided to change my orange tree from a shrub look to a tree look. I removed all of the inside branches in hopes that more light will enter the centre and possibly get more fruit. I also like the look of it. I white tree painted the entire base. I aggressively trimmed back all of the trees in hopes it wont be a jungle when we return in the fall. They can grow 8 ft in one season. I managed to get out of this without too many scratches. Just a sore back from laying on gravel. I have two large tarped bundles of branches to take to the dump on Friday. The trees look good.

Painted the trim and all is good there. Smashed a wicker table to allow it to be put into the dump. Transported two chairs to the fire pits that we didn’t need anymore.

I phoned my carrier for an extension on my travel insurance as we only get 90 days. An extension for 15 days was $55 so no big deal. Wow though do they ask a lot of medical questions.

A full day of work and the heat beat us up a bit today.

Jackson’s return home day. Jackie took Jackson into the Private Airport Travel Lounge. He loved it with free sandwiches, pop, TV wifi etc. Jackie arrived in Calgary in plenty of time and managed to get thru Canadian customs, exit and re-enter thru security and US customs in great time. Then a delay. Air Canada must have had a light load so merged two flights together. Her flight was delayed. I picked her up at the airport here in Phoenix at 11:00pm exactly 12 hours later than I dropped her and Jackson off at. So she had 6 hours of flying and 6 hours of waiting today. And she was in a good mood when I picked her up so all is good.

Thought of the Day 

It is funny. If your work demands travel the best vacation you can have then is to stay at home. I love Arizona as it is not like a vacation. We don’t sun worship. We just live and enjoy a different type of lifestyle. What I can say is it is the LIVING THE GOOD LIFE !

April 4th

“Mercury Forecast   Mesa 29 degrees ( last day in the 20’s with the next few days hitting 30 to 34 degrees)  Calgary 12 degrees and Edmonton 3 degrees 

Wonderful day. First thing in the morning I read the news, worked a bit on banking and researched a few things. After lunch I headed to the back patio for the shade in the heat and relaxed. Fred stopped by to bug me.

I headed over to Fred’s place around 2pm for drinks and crib games. Wonderful sitting outside in 90 degree weather having fun.

I said fun. Fred beat me 7 games in a row. How is that possible? I love crib and normally win with the odd day a little less lucky but 7 games in a row. The picture below may show me being happy but I am not ! LOL

I am not happy

Even though hit with many losses how can you not help but be happy. Sunny, hot, good friends and a few beer, then rye, everything is excellent.

I do have a picture that reminds me of Fred when he gets on his winning streaks. He wins more at crib than anyone I know.

The girls joined us later and Fred & I beat them a few games in a row. It is always more fun to win. LOL  We had a wonderful supper of potatoes, meatloaf made with deer and pork and a salad. Awesome ! Great meal and fun. Terry & Fred were trying to use up all of their food before leaving this Sunday.

Here is where I get to make fun of Terry. Fred burnt his wonderful thermometer, from BBQing hamburgers and had a flair up, that we have taken pictures of for the last 12 years so Terry had a buy a new one. Only problem is you now need a ladder and binoculars plus a stiff neck looking up to see it. Temperature reading requires magnifying glasses. I smile every time I see it. Fred bugs her every time he checks it.  Here is a picture of the old one versus the new one. Change isn’t always better.

Gauge hit 100 degrees again today. Loved this temperature gauge

Look a way up. What temperature is it ?

We then decided to play “Dice” . Fred the big “wiener” won again and then the next game with a win by me. Better luck next time girls !

Another day in paradise ended with a nice walk home in the warm air. Our walk is 1000 blocks away from Fred’s.We live on 800 and Fred & Terry on 1800. But it is down hill all the way to our place.

Thought of the Day 

First of all I would say that life is like a game. You have to accept anything the way it comes: to enjoy winning and to learn from your mistakes, that made you lose the game. Having an optimistic view of life will always help you enjoy your live.It is the same with playing games: if you enjoy playing games and if you play for fun then you will know how to react in both circumstances and you will always enjoy playing.

Second of all, people who play for fun they enjoy to be winners but they enjoy the playing itself. They don’t get disappointed if they lose. They look at the fun part, learn from mistakes and go on trying to do better next time. I love winning but I love playing more.  That is deep.LOL

March 5th

“Mercury Forecast –  Mesa 28 degrees Calgary 11 degrees Edmonton 9 degree”

Headed to the dump this morning with Fred to get rid of all my tree trimmings. Busiest place in the park as everyone gets ready for home.

Couple of random things :

  1. It amazes me how poeple can’t figure out the simplest of things. At the dump they have the different bins in a semi circle. LOGIC would be for all vehicles to enter and dump at their  needed station going around the circle. No, people have to come in from every angle and direction. Simple works but lets cause chaos due to stupidity. Old people.
  2. Dawned on me last night I have a disdain for sport bras. The park is filled with older ladies. Older ladies already are dealing with “lowering” of the boobs. Add an instrument designed to hold them close to the body and squish them so they don’t hurt during exercise and you do not have a good look at all as a normal wear item. Exercising yes, everyday no. I understand comfort but please.
  3.  It seems with all of the do-gooders parenting our world is changing for the worst. Teenagers are out control, drugs are out of control, violence levels are out of control, no regard for human life, personal integrity has gone out of the window, corruption has taken hold of every corporation. Perhaps the standing in the corner or time outs , or feeling concerns don’t work as good as giving a swat. Just saying !

At the dump there was this elderly lady with a large garbage can. Filled to the top with geraniums and dirt. It had to weigh 7o pounds and she was trying to lift it herself. I took the garbage can and dumped it for her and was shocked at the weight she was attempting. Good for her but she could have hurt herself. I know plenty of plenty of people with a hernia just from coughing or close to. lol

Fred helped me carry out the back patio furniture to the front to get ready for packing. Just leaving for the summer makes me sad, I can’t imagine when it is forever.

Caretaker is coming over for payment and to go over our “check” list this morning.

Last golf game in Arizona today unless Jackie will go with me on Sunday. Car in for oil change Tuesday am and then we are set to head home to the cold north.

No winner in the debate. It is too bad the NDP is stooping to levels we have never seen before in Alberta politics. Nasty girl. Jason has to rein in his guys not to say anything controversial. That is exactly what happened to Danielle Smith when she should have won. To bring stuff up from 2 to 20 years ago and think someone’s ideas or thoughts haven’t changed is stupid media and NDP politics.  Years ago most things accepted today were not then. We all have changed. Sad though looking at the polls how Edmonton still supports the NDP so strongly. It is actually hard to understand. Even using the logic of a government town and union town Notley has done nothing good for Alberta. Loved it when Brad Wall gave his recommendation for Kenny. Farmers, small business, large business, oil companies, related oil business, real estate etc all have a vested interest in getting rid of Notley. Her base is young , inexperienced, socialist, and environmentalists that show up to vote unfortunately.

Golfing today was wonderful. A lot fewer people on the course let us finish in just over 4 hours. Awesome. I had another great foursome. 3 guys from Saskatoon and myself. Jim Hauberg played wonderful today. Jim’s first nine he scored a 34. I was second with a 37. It was the first time Jim had done nine holes under par. Jim being my partner needless to say we were 9 points up ending the first nine. Ended up Mark and Bob tied the back nine and us winning the front and overall. The birdie shots and par shots didn’t come as easy. I know I could score a EVEN PAR or close to 18 hole game if I could figure out how to get rid of the slice that comes and bites me too many times.

A nice re-visitation of our shots in our after golf meeting at Bob Spencers and another Arizona day done.

I came home to Jackie and I having a nice long talk with our neighbors Dwight & Gini for quite a while. Very nice people from New York. Very interesting life story being in the army for 33 years. Nice warm evening out again. Jackie started packing up some of the cushions and throwing out any food that will expire before we get back in November.

Thought of the Day 

I would like to formally deny that I hit a birdie, an eagle, a snake and bunny on the golf course today !

April 6th 

“Mercury Forecast – Mesa 28 degrees  Calgary  14 degrees Edmonton  7 degrees”

Odd the temperatures in Mesa are double Calgary. Calgary is double Edmonton. It is like the stars are aligned. Started cleaning up to head home on Wednesday. I took down the patio lights, took down the cow skull, cut out corners for the cover of the outside kitchen, got out the power walking cart, washed out the Blue bin, unhooked the propane tanks, cleaned up, took down my Grill & Chill sign, and emptied out the plant pot we are taking home. Whipped to Harbor Freight for a new tarp as my Cadillac car cover finally gave up the ghost. Got a super deal on a reflective tarp and robe. I wish we had these guys in Canada. Jackie started getting the suitcases ready and moved out the fireplace, hood range, oscillating saw, and got everything else she could ready as far as food goes. We will be ready before needed but nice to work at a steady pace and not miss anything. We have a golf game set up for tomorrow which will be fun. Love the 34 degrees we are going to get. I have been trying to visualize the fullness of the Buick and I know it is going to be very, very full. Our beautiful 5ft tall metal cactus takes up a lot of space and is dangerous.

I helped Fred load up his shed with his tables, chairs bikes etc as they are leaving tomorrow bright and early. Terry has the back of their truck plum full. They transport back and forth more stuff than anyone I know. Pounds of butter, bottles of liquor, cases of beer, case and cases of Vitamin water, metal decorations for their lake lot and tons of other stuff. I do have to say the truck is full of Terry’s stuff this time rather Fred’s which has happened most every other year.  Ps they even are finding a home for their clock/thermometer that we had to look a way way up to. Fred has an ambitious plan of just about Salt Lake then Lethbridge. I will make it a lot easier on us with most likely two stops in the States. I enjoy the drive.

Fred & Terry stopped by for my last few cold beer to say goodbye. A nice visit. Tonight I am using up left over food and am cooking a pork tenderloin that we can have for supper and sandwiches in the upcoming days.

I wonder as a grandparent if I can sue the parents of my grandchild. LOL  To encourage a child  to cheer for the Oiler’s is only asking for a lifetime of disappointment and perhaps even future therapy sessions to get past all of the negative feelings.  It is not right !!. Trust me I have  a lot of friends in Edmonton where the negativity generated by following a habitual losing team has emotional scared them. In some cases so much so they voted for the NDP.  I say this as Jackson has to endure the final game of the Flames / Oilers. If Johnny gets his 100th point the Saddledome will be so loud it will hurt his ears and he will be left out of the celebration. If everything goes well the potential score could be 6-0 for Calgary. BUT, it is a NOTHING game for both teams so it may be a boring 1-0 game. As long as Johnny gets his points. We will know in a few hours. Also nice if Draisaistl gets his 50th goal. To have two of the top 5 point getters and NOT make the playoffs is just another mark on the wall for hopefully a whack of personal on the Oilers to be dismissed.. We need a competitive team to play against.

Always fun to bug Oiler fans even if they are relatives. As long as Jackson is having fun everything is perfect !


Thought of the Day

Friends are like therapists you can drink with.  If they don’t make fun of you and you of them they may not be real friends.

April 7th

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 32 degrees Calgary 12 degrees Edmonton 13 degrees”

Well the nothing game came to being played like a nothing game. Johnny ended up with 99 points which is drag for him as 100 points in todays league is exceptional.  Leon got his 50th which is great for him as he is a very very good player. To have two of the top 5 point getters on the same team and NOT make the playoffs shows how lousy of a team Edmonton has. Huge personnel change required. NOW to our McDavid. The guy hits the goal post and Charlie horses his leg and world is ending. Emergency MRI and Xray etc. Soon he will become a man and suck it up. Great hockey skills though.

Fun game for Jackson and Corey to see. They win a NOTHING game, Leon gets his goal and they see the play acting of Connor. As usual I am sure there were a fair amount of deranged Oiler fans to help cheer on the big win just needing and wanting a glimmer of hope.

A golf game with Jackie and more packing up on the agenda today. Fred & Terry knowing his wake up schedule should be in Kingman as I write this.

Looking forward to seeing Jessica’s new home in Raymond on our way home. It is a ISP home. Insulated Structural Panel homes are sure built different from anything I have seen and I have been in a lot of new homes over the years. It is unique, should be very warm, strong and like lego to put together. It is progressing very well.

Jessica’s new build.

I ended up golfing with two wonderful ladies from Alberta and Jackie. The other lady named Jackie also was an amazing driver. Super long drives and straight. She ended up with a 86 which in anybody’s book is wonderful. Jackie overall did great ending up with a 105 and myself with the bad luck of a 80. I hate that as 79 sounds so much better. I struggled again holding the drives straight. I have to figure something out or I will need to play McKenzie and Speargrass to keep the score down. You CAN NOT slice at Turner Valley.

After golf we sat on the patio with our golfing partners.  It ended up being 5 older ladies and me at the table. One cold beer and I had to leave. LOL  Impressed with these ladies though. The world sure is changing. They were sport fanatics talking about golf, courses , curling etc. And knowledgeable. They scared me a bit as they were TOUGH. I am sure the birth control  pill in the water system combined with growth hormone testosterone we are eating from cows are making the differences between the sexes very little other than visual anatomy. Scary !

The temperature hit 87 degrees today so lots of water to drink and parking the cart in the shade as much as possible. Came home and had to turn on the a/c as it was too warm in the house.

I forgot, yesterday the appliance repairman dropped by and paid me cash the charge for a service call. Remember he said $250 to repair and I fixed it for $18 bucks. Impressed he did this out of guilt I am thinking, but he still manned up. I will never use him again but at least he eliminated my negative reviews and the bad word of mouth as he does a lot of repairs in the park. Great !

April 8th

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa is hitting 93 degrees today, Calgary 13 degrees and Edmonton 13 degrees”

Got up a 7am to start calling Canyon Creek Campground for May 1st camping. I have tried over 100 times. I have tried to call 0, 411, 15551212 to get Telus’s help and that didn’t work. It rings busy three time and then disconnects. Then the next call ” out of service area” . Between the cell service, the distance required and the massive amount of calls they must be getting I haven’t got thru yet. Annoying and frustrating that a company can’t get into the modern age of technology and have online booking. But I guess from their perspective they can manage it easier with booking galore the first days of opening.

And there are another 40 calls at 7 am that the screen shot doesn’t show. I also notice the “no service on the shot”

I started to pack going back to my phone every 1/2 hours but the same issues. I got everything packed into the Enclave. I believe I can carry more than Fred’s F350 as he has a tonneau cover with only gives him 2ft of height. 2ft high x  6ft long by 6 ft wide. I get 4ft high x 5 feet wide x 8 ft long. Here is short list.:

  • 2 large travel suitcases, 2 complete golf bags and clubs, fireplace, overhead exhaust fan, 6ft long Cactus, oscillating saw, paint sprayer, golf equipment bag, shoe bag, 3 ft long power surge protector, travel bag, computer bag, motorized walking power golf cart, 32 inch TV, swivel stool, plus many misc smaller items and bags. Fuller but I still could fit more in.

Put away the table and chairs, tarped the outdoor kitchen, tarped the outside table and chairs, dumped the garbage, cleaned and stacked outside decorations and DONE!  First time I can remember it being TOO HOT to work outside. 94 degrees direct sun is a killer. I won’t complain as Calgary still isn’t nice out but the heat can get to you quick. I know yesterday at 93 degrees the one lady I was golfing with was struggling with the heat having to use her towel and my ice from our cooler to wrap her neck.

Had a text from Fred & Terry and they are in Canada. They started to travel at 4:30 am. That is just sick. There is nothing that would get me up that early just to drive. I would miss my free breakfast at the hotel as they don’t start until 6am. Even that is too early. Especially as you hit day time highs only of 11 degrees and rain. I can get just as much accomplished between 8 and 11pm as 6am to 9pm and not feel tired. LOL

That F350 that rides like a Cadillac and must have been calling.  I was just thinking that next year I may leave Arizona a bit earlier and visit the Grand Canyon railroad, and Zion Park on the way back. Make it a four day trip home.

I hope everyone is digesting all of the rhetoric in the Alberta Election and deciding what is RIGHT for the bulk of the people. Just a couple of points. Public workers, union workers are paid a way to high of salary especially combined with benefits. If someone says this it will be cut all hell  breaks loose. But it is a reality. Our province is in a mess. To lose 50,000 jobs due to difficult cuts ( nurses, teachers, public works, admin, govt workers ) is a hard reality if we want to grow and prosper. Losing 50K jobs is what we lost in one year with the oil downturn. With the cut in taxes, cut in expenses and a govt that understands business we should generate 150K jobs in a year. Free market has to determine wages and the $15 a hour kills small business. Farm safety act cost farmers millions and caused excessive paperwork, training and procedures that only encumber a family farm, giving money away to ever socialist agenda you can think of ( child care, health care, indigenous issues, school lunches,) isn’t real or affordable.  Be real , look at a country like Sweden with it’s socialist views:

Sweden Personal Income Tax Rate. The Personal Income Tax Rate in Sweden stands at 61.85 percent.

Canada’s Federal tax rates for 2019

  • 15% on the first $47,630 of taxable income, plus
  • 20.5% on the next $47,629 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over 47,630 up to $95,259), plus
  • 26% on the next $52,408 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $95,259 up to $147,667), plus
  • 29% on the next $62,704 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over 147,667 up to $210,371), plus
  • 33% of taxable income over $210,371

Are you willing to pay for the programs. Are you willing to give up more than 50% of your money for taxes ? We can give free day care. We can pay nurses and teachers 150K a year with 10 kids per class and only two patients to look after. We can have a min wage of $20 bucks.

NDP has a HISTORY of leading many province’s down the road to massive debt until the voters kick them out.  Think with your vote. No party is perfect but even with the pimples the UCP is our only choice for a recovery.

Larry’s Plan if elected as a dictator:

  1. Merge Catholic and Public school systems. Schools, teachers, administration etc. The savings would be HUGE.
  2.  Reduce immediately the salaries of all public workers by 10% until balanced budget then allow only cost of living. This includes all nurses, police, firemen, teachers, government administration workers, sanitary, janitorial, MLA’s ( need 8 years to qualify for pension), maintenance workers, all civic employees. Bring the CEO of both the educational and health system back to normal market salaries.
  3. Every category budget line item has to be reduced by 5% until a balanced budget.  I don’t care if that means a few potholes, garbage collection every 2 nd week, weeds on side of the road, snowy roads to drive on etc. When the budget and deficit is corrected items can be reintroduced. Do not allow infrastructure decline in process.
  4. Retract BILL 26, retract BILL 6 , retract Bill 2 , scrap Bill 8, retract minimum wage legislation( Alberta highest min wage and worst employment ratio. Can’t anyone see the correlation ?)  restart every coal generation plant in Alberta, scrap day care subsidies, fight in court if needed for pipelines.
  5. Stop paying into the antiquated equalization program until BC and Quebec allow pipelines and then and only then negotiate a fair and equitable deal.
  6. Cut corporate tax rates to encourage new business and business growth.
  7. Encourage Alberta First program to hire, reward and buy from local Alberta companies. Hiring and purchasing incentives.
  8. Instantly remove the carbon tax and join with other non conforming provinces to sue the Federal government.
  9. Healthcare- one free visit each year to the emergency. After that user pay set fee of $ 100 per visit unless diagnosed with a serious illness and care required. All AHS’s under one umbrella with a CEO making $180k not the $500K currently. Doctor salaries need to be increased to attract more doctors.
  10. Education-  ONE school board. Chief Superintendent makes $300K with $400k pension. This is just the public with similar expenses to the Catholics. And I mean expenses. $180k job max. First step is reduction of all salaries. Strategically reduce the amount of teachers required by adding to class size and 12 month schooling. Then raise the salaries of remaining teachers to encourage hard working motivated people to train our kids for our future. Teachers and healthcare workers are the backbone of our society and when we are balanced, debt free and have a healthy economy anything they require then is a needed budget item but not until then.
  11.  Sin tax- raise the sin taxes. Beer, wine, spirits, cigarettes, marijuana,

These are just a few ideas that come to mind. Done in jest but we really have to do something as I don’t think people understand the pain caused by the NDP.

Thought of the Day 

Thoughts, beliefs all change throughout our lives as we experience life and circumstance. To blanket someone as anything based on a word they spoke or belief from 5 yrs to 20 years ago is as wrong as judging that person based on that. 

April 9th

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa 94 degrees today, Calgary 12 degrees Edmonton 16 degrees”

Started phoning at 7am this morning ( 8 am in Alberta) for our May Long Weekend Camping trip. Finally after over 200 calls yesterday and getting busy and another 20 calls this morning I connected in error and got lucky. The front desk lady was calling out exactly as I was phoning and it connected us. It caught her and I off guard. Luckily as I said I was in Arizona she let me talk. I had to be smooth. LOL   I was successful in procuring 7 sites or us albeit they are 50 amp spots. Better too much power than none. LOL A little more expensive but a SPOT. YAHOO !  This year we are camping at http://www.canyoncreekgolf.ca/ which is a wonderful spot. We camped there at least 10 years ago now and it appears they have added additional new sites. Great golf course and wonderful surrounding area. We have a 28 people this year coming. I love the campfire nights and especially the POTLUCK supper we have on Saturday with a different theme each year. In celebration of being 82 % ENGLISH which is quite pure our theme is Great Britain which is including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I foresee Shepherd Pie, bangers, mash , Guinness, Irish whisky, fish & chips etc. It will be another fun time as we talk, play games, play golf and sit around the campfire. It is a long haul for Penny & Jessica though so hopefully they can arrange their schedules to be able to stay as long as possible. I will talk to them to see what kind of arrangements we can make. Looking forward to it.

I took the Buick in for a tire rotation and oil change before heading back. Discovered I have a leaking front strut. Safe to drive but it will need to be repaired. I am thinking around the $1000 mark. A new serpentine belt will be added as we noticed a couple of small cracks.  Other than our a/c issue this is the first major repair so I am very pleased with the Buick especially as it just hit 170 kms.  I found this ” most honest garage” guy here in Mesa and it does exceptional work and has saved me a lot of money over the years. I didn’t have enough time to get him to repair it this time.

Just waiting for Jackie to finish working today and then we will decide to leave now or in the morning.

Phoned Mom today on her 87th birthday and she is doing well. Edmonton supposedly is getting very nice weather for this time of year.

Mom as a young woman ! Red curly hair.

Happy Birthday !

Fred & Terry made me laugh today. A parcel from Amazon showed up on their doorstep today so Jackie picked it up on her walk. Talking to them they forgot they had anything on order. I opened it up and it was protective covers for outside cushions. Very nice with zippers. I will bring it home for them and when they see it the item may click. LOL  Done that myself. LOL

94 degrees today as I write this. Isn’t life grand ?

Need the Alberta Election to finish. I am tired off all of the rhetoric. It has become stupid. Accusations of things said years ago, misinformed people calling to judgment, racism, prejudices, euphemism’s taken as gospel,  religious beliefs questioned, policies questioned. NO PARTY can please everyone. There are great things about every party. There are bad things about every party. The problem with todays elections is social issues have become the center of attention. Minority interest groups are strong and vocal. A social issue doesn’t exist if we are bankrupt. The environment issue is of little concern if we have no money to fix it. There is no real black and white anymore and that is ok.  How can someone judge another that is judging them and think it is ok ? Let’s get it over with and carry on. Advanced polls open today.

On the road heading to Canada in the am. Looking at getting to Beaver UT.

All done out of here in the am. It hit 97 degrees today. The wind was so warm it felt like a hair dryer. The sky so blue it looked like the Caribbean Sea. The place so quiet it was eerie.  I am going to try Route 17 to Beaver for a scenic drive and trip rather than just Interstate.

Headed out first thing in the am. Well first thing for us was around 8:30 am.  The hot air was wonderful. The 101 was a little busy but heading on #17 it was a fantastic drive. First time going thru Flagstaff. I originally had planned to head north on to Beaver but decided time wise etc to head to Vegas and up. Scenic drive all of the way. Desert was looking wonderful. Takes a little longer this way but if timing is such can save you a lot of time not being on the 202/10/303 and it being very busy at rush hour etc. Left 97 degrees and hit 47 degrees in Flagstaff.

Our first stop was in Washington where we have stayed before.  Funny Jackie used her phone and visited the web page and dialed the number to book on the page. At check in we discover it was a third party booking ( get a room.com ) we booked through. Couldn’t use our loyalty card and paid $14 extra booking charge. Oh well got the room and everything was fine. A little tired not sleeping well the night before so after a great supper I hit the sack soon after. Right next door to the hotel was an American Italian restaurant and was it great or what. Warm bread with oil and vinegar is always awesome. My Pasta and salad exceptional. King size beds are HUGE. I don’t like when Jackie & I roll into the middle of our mattress but with a King I didn’t even knwo she was in the room she was so far away. Good for that but I still like the warm body a little closer.

Hit the road again by 9am .

I forgot to mention. 97 degrees in Mesa when we left, 47 degrees in Flagstaff and 34 degrees in Salt Lake City. I KNEW IT, WE STILL ARE COMING BACK TO EARLY !  Just two  weeks later than last years and still not spring on return. I checked the weather in Calgary and it is for one word the shits. We hit snow pellets in Flagstaff and it seemed like that cloud dumped snow pellets all the way to Butte. The sleet, snow pellets, flurries and rain carried on until just before Great Falls. One major most likely fatality accident in the mountains. People as drivers overall suck. I have to bug my Saskatchewan friends. THREE different farmers on the road not knowing the rules of slower vehicles move to the right. The will drive in the blind spot of a vehicle for hours, they will not speed up or slow down and will  NOT move over to the lane they are supposed to be in. You ride their ass for bit the you have no choice but pass them on the right side and then pull back in left lane again to give them an idea of what they are doing wrong. Worked one out of two three times. It was just ironic that two were from Saskatchewan. I think the one Albertan was just had Dementia and forgot. This is a question and basic knowledge that every driver should know.

Numerous numerous times this was the picture of our roads. All the way from Flagstaff to Great Falls. Every time we hit a higher elevation it started snowing. Flat grounds sleet or pellets.

Busy highway but you can still can make good time by setting the cruise at 90 mph and going. That Salt Lake City is amazing. A highway 14 lanes wide at 70 mph all lanes full. Love it. No stop and start like the Deerfoot as no one touches the brake. They are good.

A dark cloud kept hanging over us the whole way dropping snow, wind, sleet and pellets. Amazing.

This is an interesting picture. First look at the temperature. This is SICK and a way way too cold. Then I noticed the tach at 4K which means going uphill on steeper slope then I notice the speed dropped to 135 which again means a steep slope as I set it always right on 140 which is about 89 mph.

Next night we stayed in Butte. Our hotel we stayed in was the same one coming down. And we got to walk to a restaurant we discovered last time we loved. Family cooking. Hot turkey yummy ! We had to walk about a city block. It was COLD and so cold in fact on arrival at the restaurant my Raynaud’s showed up. My one finger was so white it looked dead. I used Jackie’s hot water for tea to try to get the circulation back. Odd weird disease with Jessica, myself and my Dad having it. Reason to stay longer in Arizona. I promised more next year.

As I indicated we had the snow pellets, rain sleet etc in periods all the way to Great Falls.

Our experience was exceptional at the border. The nicest funniest guard that still performed his duties as well as a grump and made the ordeal very easy on us. I liked him and we had some good joking going on.

On the road and WOW. The speed limit is 110 kms so I set the cruise at 120 and just about fell asleep. Going from 90 mph down to 75 mph is hard. I felt like I was sleep driving it was so boring. We need to raise our limits.

Stopped and visited Penny & Jessica with the boys which was an awesome visit. Checked out their new home and it is definitely different. I love it though. Modern and construction like no other. Those SIP panels are neat. The green people should jump on this. I am gong to say a house is built with 50% less lumber. I checked it all out and was impressed. Their design looks awesome and materials used are neat. It will be a unique interesting very cool home. My only comment would be the living room will be on the small side.  I tried talking them into a sliding glass wall system which would have allowed the room to appear larger and in the summer create a inside outside room. The could have enclosed the opening with a 4 season sun room also later. I am sure they will work around this and we all have to remember we buy/build things considering others when in reality others only use the space a very limited time. Can’t wait to see the end result.

Getting closer

Jessica, Atticus, August and us headed to Boston Pizza for supper. It was a fun time. Pasta sauce on my shirt, pasta sauce in my hair, snot rubbing, throwing pasta, meatball wrestling and more. Made for a very interesting dinner. Had my first CANADIAN Caeser made like they are supposed to be including with the celery. Fun meal and the headed home.

Our average gas fill in the States was around $35. In Claresholm it was $79. That sucks. Another reason to stay south longer. It was cold cold cold all day. I hate cold.

Got home, stopped at Sobeys and picked up a few things and dropped down on the couch. Nice to be home for everything but the weather. I looked at the long term weather and am not impressed. One great day and 13 semi days. It seems like a 12 degrees fall day is a lot warmer than a 12 degrees spring day. As long as it is decent so I can start doing a few things.

Home Sweet Home !

Thought of the Day 

Kids rule – A smart kid takes his appeal to Papa or Grammy as he knows he will win. 

April 13th-14th

“Mercury Forecast  Mesa  28 degrees  Calgary 11 degrees Edmonton 13 degrees”

Had to turn the a/c on in the condo as it was too warm to sleep good. I am going to assume it will be on now until November. A great sleep

Up this morning and started to unpack. Man we have a lot of stuff in the car. I picked out everything for the condo and left the RV lot stuff still in the car. Plan to go out and unload everything.  Lots of neat stuff.

The couple that had rented our parking spot over the winter dropped by to give back our FOB. Turns out she got pregnant and had to leave the building. That is a hardship.

Watched a fair amount of the Masters on TV. Wonderful to see Tiger doing so well. Tomorrow will hopefully be his day.

Talked to Darlene and it looks like Mom has had another episode which is not good. These “strokes, seizures” take their toll and zap energy. I will talk to her later tonight.

Funny thing. I wanted to keep everything safe in case my laptop calved again so I  loaded everything on a flash drive and hid it in our condo just in case. Well to be honest Jackie hid it. We can’t find it so I still have no excel sheets or word documents I saved. Hopefully we find it. LOL No, WE HAVE TO FIND IT.

The Flames lost but played very well. Luck sometimes goes against you. Colorado played very well and will be a tough opponent to beat but it is 7 games.  MacKinnon is an amazing player that the Flames have to shut down. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

Made me smile when the anti Flame viewers mostly from Edmonton decided to cheer for Winnipeg and Tampa. Both are down 2-0. Things that make you smile !!  Must be quite depressing to jump from one losing team to another. LOL

Tiger is the man. He played so well and to win again is awesome. His hugging the family and having his Mom and girlfriend along will help rebuild his image a bit. Great fun match to win. Tiger is amazing.

Our RV lot is looking great. We stacked everything in the shed from the Buick. There is a lot of stuff. LOL  We did an inspection and everything weathered perfectly over the winter. We planted our Cactus in the lot ( I am hoping no one steals this thing as it is  a $200 work of art)  It looks great. I forgot to take a picture so will in the next day or two as I ready everything.

I have a work place meeting on Tuesday to attend. I have a Jeep repair appointment and I need my computer Office installed including my files from my old hard drive. I will start prepping the motorhome and lot this week also.

Mom is still in the hospital with the possibility of having another stroke and not fully recovering yet. She has had some bad luck with strokes and they each sap your energy a little bit every time. Hopefully she can get released tomorrow.  I DO NOT WANT TO GET OLD.

It is funny as I feel I have too much to do in the next bit and not enough time to get everything done.

This is reminder to vote. If we don’t have strong majority it will be a tough 4 years. I foresee the left wing socialists with their gutter politics causing strive just like in the US with on going protests. We need to get the MLA’s that have strong followings out.  The left wing nuts that support NDP will immediately start bashing the new government, accusations of cheating, start protests etc. We need a strong, strong majority to correct things and calm the insurgence down. Kenny will make such a huge difference in Alberta that I believe even the die hard lefties will have to agree when they see the economy, the vacancies rates fall, the profits of corporation increase and a prosperity and attitude that has been missing for years. Stelmach, Redford and Prentice did us no favors.

Thought of the Day

There is never enough time to do all of the nothing we want to do.

April 16-18th

Computer in for it’s data retrieval hopefully.  Just waiting for shop to open.

Jeep in for repair. Booked appt in Dec before we left for them to correct thier error and this morning they said it will be in the shop all day. Really? Good service as it is a fix of theirs would have been to put it right away in the shop. I don’t think that is asking for to much.

Wasted day today with repairs. Lost 5 pounds since leaving Arizona. Beer is calorie laden.

Ps it is an election that is too critial to waste a vote on any party other the the UPC or the unthinkable NDP. To vote any other candidate is wasting the vote. Next election voting for candidate that is outside the mainstream parties could make sense.

I am shocked by the nasty tactics of Notley trying to find dirt instead if focusing on good policy. I hope even the NDP followers see the desperation sipping out of the party. This is for Edmonton . Vote for Alberta not the NDP. To have a urban vote opposite of the rest of the province only compounds division.

Got the truck back and fixed n/c and they had it ready relatively early. Their mistake and they fixed it so all is good. I walked over to McDonalds to have breakfast at 7:30 am from the shop and read the paper and a hearty meal. Time moves slow when you want it to pass quick. Looked up on my phone and the computer repair guy shows opening at 8am. A few blocks to walk so headed over there only to discover the door sign saying opens at 9am. So walked another block back to Tim’s and had a ice cap. Love those things. Sitting down on the table beside was a female police officer, the stripes had to be a corporal or sergeant, by herself . Her phone goes off and it is Caribbean music. A personal phone call from one of her kids. After the conversation I teased her about wanting a vacation with her phone ring. We had a nice conversation, nice lady. Can’t figure out why anyone would choose to be a police officer. Traffic cops where they put the newbies are not liked by anyone. They are armed security guards, traffic controllers and in most cases are not the brightest. Usually awkward kids that were picked on. Swat team, beat cops, investigators have a dangerous job, are well respected, and are the elite officers and have a dangerous job and are under paid. We need these guys. The traffic cop is just a money generator for the system.

Waited until after 9 and headed to the computer shop.

Jackie was working so I decided to start walking home. 5 miles to get home. I phoned and asked her if she could take a break to pick me up. I got about 1/2 way home on Sundance Drive just before the corner when she arrived. I was sweating like mad which I normally never do. I was grateful for the ride. Walking 5 miles isn’t huge but my back kills me when walking. I can bike a 100 miles and be fine but 1 mile walking on concrete kills my back.

Phone calls to pick up both items so I had Jackie drive me back. The hard drive is toast. They cannot recover any data. I lost a lot of excel worksheets I use for budgets and goals. I track expenses, monthly net worth, monthly liabilities, and monthly investment growth from 2014 that I have lost. I am trying to find old sheets and only lose a few months but am struggling to do that.  Still missing the hidden flash drive. Picked up the Jeep and all is good. Booked in the Buick for it’s $1100 repair next week.

Wonderful day out at the lot. I worked all day. I buried my metal cactus so the wind doesn’t play havoc with it and makes it difficult to steal.

New cactus in it’s spoy

I used the battery charger to charge up every battery. I moved the Dakota to the parking lot. Noticed it still has a oil leak from the back main seal. Impossible to fix without dropping the pan. I am not going to do that. LOL  I cleaned up leaves and more leaves. Swept the decks. I was going to re stain this year but I think I will wait. I hooked up my new power surge protector and secured it with a bicycle lock. I tightened and replaced the cotter key on my Demco hook up. I moved my cargo rack under the motorhome.

One of the neighbors dropped by to talk and was all excited to see if I found a hidden surprise. I hadn’t so she told me where it was but pretend that she didn’t tell me. LOL  Someone gave us a imitation revolver. Looks awesome. Nice gesture from someone.

Awesome gun that I will find a spot for on the Saloon. Thanks to someone unknown

Summerized the motor home. Filled and drained the tanks and disinfected the system with bleach. Then trouble. It took over three hours taking apart and reassembling the spray hose on the kitchen sink. There is no shut off valve on the sprayer and it is all one unit with the faucet. The line is plastic braided line which is very common. Plumbing under a sink in a house is tight, try a motorhome. Fix, try, leak, take apart fix try leak and repeat. Two times and I finally fixed it without having to buy a new sprayer which I couldn’t matched if I had needed. Hurt  my back lying on the floor working in a tight spot over the cupboard bottom. Had to use my phone for a flashlight as I had no batteries with me for no other light.

After hooking up power and water and dumping I continued to work on things. Started the hot water heater and generator to get them up to speed. Moved the slides out and put things in their spot inside.

Went to power wash my decks and gazebo and the washer handle broke. Something had to push up against it and broke the plastic wand. I tried Depot return but they have a 90 day warranty and then after that factory which is 2 years. Couldn’t get a receipt as only three days early I got a new Mastercard with a different number so they had no way to get a receipt for me. So I will return with the old number and see and if not deal with Karcher direct.  Always something.

Mom is still in the hospital due to her stroke and now broke her wrist with a fall going to the washroom in the hospital. Peter also fell in a bathroom in hospital. Odd as you are supposed to be good care when there.

Had a golf game arranged with Jeff at Boulder Creek. Nice night but only a limited few people on the course. We were dealing with 30 mph wind gusts but very warm as they were chinook winds. Jeff lessons paid off very well for him. Considering having to deal with the wind he shot a 88 but had some wonderful drives and excellent iron shots. Made a big difference as his confidence is higher using a wedge to chip instead of 50ft putts  and getting great distance and accuracy from his irons. Again with the wind conditions I was ok with a 81. The course was in great shape and the greens remarkable. A fun night.

Then off to the Firehouse bar to watch the game. Working night for Jeff and as we all know the game went long and we didn’t get home until midnight. Great food and nice atmosphere but the weirdest thing ever happened. During the intermission before overtime this lady gets up and does Karaoke. Trying to watch a game and listen to the commenters remarks etc and she is up their singing. Then another lady. Finally just before the game started they ended. Unbelievable that any bar and any person of sound mind would think this is ok. It is NOT. The bar manager must have paid a singer for after the game or something but didn’t handle this situation too well.

Election Alberta- First look back to April 2nd to see my prediction. I could tell with the sense of frustration of Albertans Notley was going to lose. A little scary how correct I was. Thank goodness as we will see a immediate change in Alberta. Positive thinking, rehiring in the future and a business growth like we have never seen for 4 years. Rachel Notley will go down in history as the WORST premier EVER.  The nasty personal attacks and negative campaigning only hurt her more than her policies. A big task with lots of hurdles but Jason is hard working and wants Alberta to be great again.


Edmonton- I had a feeling this was going to happen but still am in shock at this city. I understand 30% of the population is employed by the government, education, healthcare and unionized companies but to stay with the NDP is just wrong. If I were Jason the infrastructure money for Edmonton would be like pulling teeth. He can win the province without having to worry about the ” green, socialist, environmentalist, unionized” city of Edmonton.  The debt Notley kept adding close 100 billion is unbelievable. WE WERE DEBT FREE IN 2004 . So many bills passed that were a hinderance to business growth and a detriment to investing in Alberta that will take years to correct. Alberta will NEVER be the same due to the NDP in a bad way. 

The inner spirit of Edmontonian’s is broken though we shouldn’t judge them in their wrongdoing. I understand with them having to endure the Oilers, the Eskimo’s and the feeling of your city just being second best.  To have the entire province blue with a orange dot in the middle should be an embarrassment to it’s citizens. And they didn’t even vote Mandel back in. Ouch !

Came home from the lot early to help babysit the boys. They were great even though walking in the door I thought a bomb had gone off.

I think he is pretending to be asleep. he is a fun age now to tease and is starting to take it semi ok. LOL

The mischievous boys looking all innocent.

The family hanging out after the work day for Jess & Tor was done at Tor’s house.

Atticus not pretending. You would have thought Jackie would put him down . LOL

I had a workplace meeting on Tuesday to attend. For those that know me I believe work place meetings are the biggest waste of employee time ever. In most cases it is because the manager has an ego and wants to dictate power and show employees how good they are. I was a manager of staff for over 25 years and I hated them when I had to attend and tried to minimize the amount my employees had to attend. ONE, WELL WRITTEN EMAIL can accomplish the same thing as a 2 hour meeting. I did love taking the guys out for lunch when we were ” forced to have a meeting”  Two things drove me nuts with meetings. Role playing and Dale Carnegie concepts. First the role playing. These events are so far from reality it is unbelievable to me that corporations fell for it’s effectiveness. They spent millions on training that accomplished NOTHING except make a clever business idea company get rich.  Biggest reason for these is again employees wanting to feel the company is training them. No rep every was a better sales rep because of these. I can 100% guarantee that the individual doing the training NEVER was a sales rep or experienced the sales arena or was so lousy they had to look at a different career path. Dale was brilliant. Create an expensive course that corporations would buy and use as training. Two of the dumbest “Dale” things are the holding of the hands while speaking and having to present to strangers an emotional or dramatic time in your live. Please !! While some ideas are good that can be used the end result in effectiveness is minimal.  If I remember correct the Dale Carnegie course says the road to sales is a long and winding one. That is their out for ineffectiveness. Any sales rep just needs to remember one thing. ASK for the order. You did your homework, you know the product, your friendly and interacting, you nullify any objections, and ask for the order and you will be successful without spending a fortune on useless courses.

BUT IT IS A DIIFERENT WORLD TODAY. Employees today need to be cuddled, have meetings so they feel engaged, be part of a group, need meetings so they feel management is listening and caring. What is wrong with going to the managers office and telling him or her ( see how up with the times I am, LOL)when things go wrong. With all of the safety and health issues, the harassment issues, bullying issues and me too movements, entitlements, companies have to have these to make employees feel “special”

This meeting was unique.  Myself and three other 60 year old ( marshall’s) and 40 young adults. The CEO did a good presentation and I am sure by looking around the young kids were soaking it up. Well done on his part, great food and I was doing nothing that evening anyways. You got to love business today.

The Flames are NOT done yet so I will not comment until we win the 7th game.

A fun, interesting, eventful, hard work, great golf, cold beer with a friend, bad hockey playing , workplace meeting week.

Thought of the Day 

We will continue to hold these meetings until we find out the root cause of our loss of productivity. Same time tomorrow and bring some ideas !

If you don’t feel valued or just a little lonely hold a meeting on company time. You get to hold a pointer, have lunch or doughnuts, feel important, and visit with people and get paid for it.

April 19th to 22nd

I will stop the “Mercury Forecast” comparing Mesa to Calgary/Edmonton until we go back in the fall unless some dramatic temperature happens.


Easter- the hate, the wars, the terrorists, the world, lies, cheating, murders, racism, in the world is getting out of control. Why can’t people just be kind, honest and accepting. I am sure numerous times over the centuries people have asked, is this the end of times. WW1, WW2, Dirty 30’s, wars in numerous countries, droughts, famines, out of control diseases just to name a few. Today again it seems we have lost all sense of direction. 200 Christians killed in Sri Lanka. It is sad really. I do believe due to the internet and news we may feel it is worse as we see and hear things no one would have 50 years ago but I believe we are slowly worldwide getting worse and worse as the years go by. Why is a question that I don’t believe anyone has the answer to. This weekend should be a celebration of life. The Easter Bunny is even taking over Easter instead of people giving their children the real meaning of Easter. I do like chocolate.

We drove Jessica, Atticus, August and ourselves up to Edmonton for Easter. Mom was able to get a hospital pass for the day which was excellent and she got to see everyone and visit with us. Considering having another stroke she is doing well. Slight face droop and speech impairment but her legs and arms even though weak are good. I am hoping time again will help heal the other two issues again. This is about her 4th stroke now and each time it weakens her. She is becoming quite frail and slight. It didn’t help that she fell in the hospital and has a fractured wrist without a cast ( must be due to time off ) and they won’t put a splint on until Monday/Tuesday so even using her walker is out of the question. We all hate seeing our parents decline in health. It is not fun getting old so enjoy your life NOW as you never know.  I will say it one more time. Retire at 65 and have only 15 summers on average to enjoy. To work and pay bills or sit on a bank of lake with a tree pole for a fishing rod and fish I would think should be an easy choice. You do not need a lot of money to enjoy yourself.

I believe Mom needs homecare now on top of her regular care. She will need help dressing and care in getting to the washroom and back. Her timing to make the decision to go into a seniors home was impeccable. She recognized the need as she did when she quit driving. Quite impressive really.  The 3 1/2 hr drive and a place to stay makes it difficult to do a lot. Each trip including Easter has a $125 gas tab on it. Add work commitments and other committed days it makes it hard. I have two work days and taking in the Buick this week. Luckily my sister is very good with her and extremely helpful in getting things done. She does an amazing amount of work for her.

We had a different style of Easter dinner this year and I would have no objection of making this work each year. Paper plates, plastic cutlery and people bringing food items to help. The turkey, gravy, potatoes, veggies as usual were exceptional. When you have 20 people this makes sense. Darlene my sister has a gimp arm ( rotary cuff surgery) so she had the help of Kayla her daughter and her new beau. Kayla and Christian are getting married this summer. They have had a short romance here so it was fun to tease them bit. Seems odd meeting him once then having him being part of the family. I think a longer courtship is a good thing as people do act differently in different situations and when you don’t life together a longer time is needed to see the real person. The farts, the bathroom habits, the cleanliness, snoring, habits etc all need to be discovered.

Paying for a wedding for a daughter and taking a trip to Australia this summer for Jim & Darlene will add up big time. Weddings and 15 hour vacation trips get expensive.I would say a minimum of $25k. I am glad we paid for our girls a long time ago. Pays to marry young, have kids young and have all of this out of the way when one should be retired.

As usual  I ate a way too much food. Always nice to see the relatives and see the change in kids as they grow up and they grow up fast.

Busy highway coming home as we hit the bed around midnight.

Jackie is finishing taxes today.

Cleaned up and removed all of the furniture out if the shed and gazebo. Everything wintered well. It was so nice out and quiet out there. Cooked pork chops and relaxed after working for hours getting a lot done. Installed our new WELCOME sign. I may move my deer head.

Love the new WELCOME sign.

Thought of the Day

Sadness is seeing your parents getting old and fragile.

April 22nd

I hurt my back fixing the plumbing in the motorhome and it is hasn’t come back to normal as of yet. Been a long time since it was sore. Hopefully fixed soon.

Up early this morning and out. First stop was up north to a Karcher repair shop. Had to use my phone as my GPS was left at home. Couldn’t find it so I phoned the number. ” Out of service”

Looked up another dealer and headed further up north. I think I may be a little prejudiced. That Forest Lawn area is brutal. They have tried to fix up 17th ave and have done a pretty good job but the area is old, rundown and rough looking. Stores are brutal.

Found the next repair shop and took my parts needed, in. ” Sorry Karcher doesn’t sell that part” So I can’t buy a $5 part and have to buy a $35 gun and $30 hose. Amazing !! So I had them order the items in for me supposedly taking up to two weeks.

Next off to get registration for the Dakota.  There is an online system for simple renewals but it appears no one uses it. I use it, but this time I need a renewal with a shortened time frame so I went to the office. 10 people in line and a good 45 min wait.

Off to Lowes and picked up my electrical parts. I had a gift card. Home Depot has a much better selection but I found everything I needed that I could make work. I bought gang boxes as they were on sale but it turned out to be a mistake as I had to notch the holes in the wall for the removeable plates. Harder, longer but with the wall finish I am using still worked out good.

The mind is an amazing thing. I have wired a lot of projects, garages, numerous basement developments etc but it amazing what you forget. I had a switch with a light on different sides of the room and I was pulling power from a receptacle. After a lot of thinking I caved and just ran the wiring back to the switch which is why I chose to do it differently at first to save wire.I remember selling 75m of 14/2 at Marshall Wells for $25.00 a spool. Today 10m for $40 buck. Sick. I should have looked up the wiring saving way but wanted to get it done. Completed the wiring 75% today. My new oscillating tool worked wonderful for cutting the box holes into plywood.

Must be out of shape. But after hours of working I was dead tired.

Have to get up early tomorrow as I am Marshalling tomorrow for the men’s league.

Thought of the Day

I forgot what my thought was. LOL

April 23rd

It was a nice day but that wind was cutting. The men’s league ( senior men’s corporate) was out in full force today. Funny thing today as guy’s were leaving and losing their clubs a way too much. After finding the owners of three different wedges I had another lost one given to me by a couple of ladies. I drove to the groups in front of them. Four young guys and they were as confused as the old guys losing a club.One guy put his in the wrong bag so we had a lot of confusion for quite a while. Two guys Dan and Gary retired from the Bank of  Nova Scotia were golfing today. It was a fun day with very few oddities happening. Mostly people driving off the path. I was called in a couple hours earlier so finished at 3pm.

Jeff was golfing at McKenzie so I made it in time to join him. He brought along a fellow teacher Kelly who was a nice guy. Kelly’s girlfriend joined us for the back nine holes. Awesome golfer with long drives and great chips. In fact she out drove Kelly consistently which was fun to bug him. Jeff drove the ball incredible tonight with only one poor hit. All others straight and his is getting much longer off the tee. It was a night where one minute you were cold then the next warm. And windy which doesn’t help my ball flight.  I only did semi ok ending up with a 86

My back was still in rough shape which I had to play through but I did have a off night. I don’t want to blame the pain but it does affect you. Volteran tonight.

Missed the after golf get together Jeff and I usually have. I love this part of our nights out golfing and then a beer or two in the clubhouse. Jeff must have forgotten to let Wendy know he was golfing as she had made supper for him so he left right after golf. Odd as his supper would have cold at 8pm anyways. Thursday hopefully for the beer and wings. LOL

Thought of the Day 

If you rest you rust. So even with pain you have to play through.

April 24th-26th

 I received my May work schedule from Heatherglen. Working a lot more than in prior years. That only means I have to free golf more to balance it out. I typically have felt guilty using this privilege but I figure golfing twice a week free makes up for the twice to three times a week working.

Took in the Buick today for it’s work. I knew it needed new struts and serpentine belt but am also getting hit with a new water pump. I do not like to drive vehicles with anything wrong with them. A water pump with even a small leak will blow up tomorrow or a year from now and leave you stranded plus possible cause more damage. I knew the original cost was going to be around $1200 but am looking at $2100 now. Shop labor at $120 a hour adds up quickly. There goes our tax refund. This is only the second repair we have done in 10 years. $2k is only 4 months of a new car payment and as the mechanic stated ” wow this car looks like brand new” .

They had the car done very quickly which was great

I spent the afternoon in 50 kph wind continuing to wire my outdoor kitchen. Wind gives me a headache. I have just about finished the rough electrical. Next is the finishing.

Out at the lot working away. It is enjoyable but it always seems a hiccup comes up. I installed a range hood which when done will look good but getting the exhaust fan ducting to work is exhausting. See how I did that ?

I built a carriage for it that worked out great and screwed it up. Having the wiring done for it but the after spending time at Lowes and Depot and getting no mind advise from staff I still haven’t been able to hook up the exhaust fan.  I was ready to take my parts back when another idea came to my mind. I have to remove all of my work on the carriage and rebuild it to try to get it to work. Hopefully next time success. I need 4 inches more space to run the vent pipe

Weather forecast for no other word is DISMAL. I summerized the motorhome some time ago and today had to winterize it again. The weather forecasters are all over the map from lows of -7 degrees to lows of -11 degrees . That is just to cold to risk it. I was going to leave the furnace on low and put on the baggage lights but thought for $15 just do it right so you don’t have to worry. Well a 10 min job turned into another 2 hour job. I had to whip into Strathmore for another jug of juice. This motorhome EVERY year gets me with all of the bypass valves, pick up valve and diverter valve. Getting the sequence correct to not waste antifreeze isn’t easy. Running back and forth from the valves and jugs to inside to check is tiring. Finally got it done. I took pictures so hopefully this fall I will get it right the first time.

Completed the electrical except for the mainline coming to the box. I need to measure and pick up the pvc conduit.

I had a golf game at Heatherglen with Jeff tonight.  It was nice for 9 holes and freezing for nine holes.  My Raynauds starting acting up again. I won’t say having numb fingers wrecks the game of golf but it sure can’t help. No I will restate that it screws you up completely as you can’t feel your fingers. Jeff had a horrible game and I had a very poor game. I have come to the decision that I will NOT golf if below 10 degrees. There are too many good days to play to play under these poor conditions. Had fun discussing life over beer and chicken wings at the Bull & Finch after the game. Jeff is looking forward to be retired come July 1st.

Jeff & Wendy  got confirmation of a home they can rent next year in Mesa in our park. They will have a great time.

I have to get up to Edmonton to see Mom as she has had another TIA stroke and is supposed to be moved to the Glenrose Hospital for rehabilitation. Between work schedule, and now winter storm warnings I am struggling to get away. If they cancel my shift on Monday I may try to get up for the day then. Sat and Sunday have travel warnings out. I am supposed to work on Sunday also but I am sure it will be cancelled.

Thought of the Day 

I think everyone would agree that a happy person on Monday has to be retired. So that made me think that I should get up early on Monday and drive on the freeway very slowly just to annoy all of those in a rush to go to work.

April 27th-28th 

The weatherman was right. Edmonton and Red Deer with heavy snow. Snowfall warnings. South of Red Deer snow blizzard warning with winds up to 80 kph. Travel warnings , icy roads and snowing with up to 15 cms. No Edmonton today.

I am thinking of filling out my 8840 form and staying in Arizona until May 1st . I hate this weather. It is too cold to do anything.

Jackie has a meeting with an accountant today so I will drive her to the far north of Calgary. Funny how a city of 1 million to go from one end to the other takes an hour and a city like Phoenix of 6 million only takes one hour from one side to the other.

Hours of work to get back my budget sheets back to semi normal that I will do this afternoon as the snow falls. My golf score sheet is missing all of 2017/18 scores that I will restart now. It is amazing how we need computers for everything. Even my net worth sheets now are missing a couple of years.

Must be getting old. Can’t find our missing flash drive. Can’t find my budget work book which may be in Mesa. Had to reset EVERY password ( 39 of them in total) as I have  lost my secret worksheet on the computer. It is password protected and with the loss of Office and a reload of a free older version I can’t open it now. Typically one would save as a Excel 2007 or 93 and it would open but with all of the changes that isn’t working for me now.

I received a message that I am off work on Sunday due to the adverse weather conditions. If I receive a message I am off Monday I will head up to Edmonton for the day. All depends on temp and quantity of snow.

Not a pretty site outside. This is the beginning of the storm with it ending at least 5 inches.

The weather turned bad. Blowing snow with 80 km/h wind. Full white out blizzard conditions. So no trip to Edmonton until Wednesday as I have my Xplornet satellite set up coming on Tuesday at our lot and still the possibility of working on Monday.

Turns out the storm was Alberta wide including Edmonton area.

Seba Beach area snow just west of Edmonton.

We had to get some papers signed at the accountants so I drove Jackie up to North Calgary. As we were close to where Alan & MaryAnn were working on one of their rental houses we decided to meet them at Boston Pizza for lunch. Turned out to be a 3 hour lunch which was wonderful.  Driving home it was winter and as the day continued it got worse and worse.

A movie ” The Mule” and manually doing budget sheets was the evening.

Wow, a lot of snow. I would say 5 inches but with the wind it was quite wonderful looking. BUT I would take sun over this any day.

With the cold and snow we thought we may as well organize and clean up a bit. Fun looking at old saved documents and a couple caused quite a laugh.

Below is the actual copy of Bob Kindrachuk’s employee performance review from 1982.  Bob, as you most of you might know was the latest Weiser factory rep in Edmonton. Ron Wharton was looking for a new Weiser rep for the Edmonton area and with Gary Leedahl’s ( manager of Henderson’s Edm) and I’s ( manager Henderson’s Cal ) referral, Bob started with Weiser and was one of their best reps. Ron was ecstatic getting such a hard working guy. Gary, Bob and I all where Edmonton area reps working together at Sterling Distributors in 1982. What is funny about this review is again knowing Bob he was always dressed impeccable with suit and tie, ironed shirt, polished shoes etc. Only one rep in the industry was a better dresser, Len Pitchko with his Black Sheep fancy suits. Notice how our sales manager Chuck rated Bob as “untidy and careless about appearance” . This caused Bob so much stress. I laugh thinking about it. I knew he would grade me with this as we had a “TIE” dress code. Every day I would put on my tie, maybe not straight, and go into the office and as soon as I was leaving I would rip it off in the car and throw it in the backseat. I am sure Chuck saw me numerous times. Add the long hair with beard when everyone else was so “corporate” it didn’t help. Loved this though that I could bug Bob about it.  Only one rep Lloyd Meyers would get top marks in every category. Teachers Pet !!! And look close to 40 years ago and I can still bug him. LOL

Bob Kindrachuk’s employee review from 1982

Thought of the Day 

A lot of people like snow. I find it an unnecessary freezing of water.

April 29th

Funny as first thing this morning I started to phone Canyon Creek golf to book our tee times for the May long weekend and I end up getting busy and busy signals. Finally got through and booked our times. Unfortunately a lot of people attending didn’t respond to my email ( I must send to many jokes and they don’t look)( I bet if I won 10 million and was sharing they woukd answer lol ) so I had to guess and apologize when booking. The course has very full tee sheets but the lady was exceptional to deal with. She is even going to do a SUN dance for great weather on the long weekend for us. We can juggle around the times as needed. Working at a golf course and understanding profit cancellations of tee times or no shows is money right out of their pocket. Got that all done.

Paid some bills including my Mesa electrical bill which gives me the daily average temperature in Mesa and wouldn’t you know it. Considerably warmer than last year. A/C and fridge draw was $55.00.

I paid my Viewpoint pad fees today on my credit card. When I see the $4000usd for 6 months hit my card it hurts but then I remember ( I can’t go on a vacation for less than 10K for three weeks and here I get 6 months). I prepay my garbage and recycle charges for 6 months also which makes it a little more.

I have recovered or recreated 80% of my lost sheets. Some are gone forever unless we find a book and flash drive somewhere.

Funny thing. When I retired I bought my company laptop which is heavy duty DELL from Debbie Cantwell for $100. Great deal. Unfortunately on April 8th 2014 ONE MONTH after I retire Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP ( which I loved and hospitals still use today) . No support means no updates for security so if you use the internet you are prone to all kinds of viruses etc. Off line XP is still a great operating system. I prefer it over my new WIN 10 by far. So we were cleaning out the closet and I find my old laptop. Plugged it in and I REMEMBERED my password and login from 2014 and YES it is perfect. So I will load all of the sheets and pictures on it and use it as a backup for my new laptop. Everything has a way of working out. I uninstalled most apps and will not use it for internet use. Love it.  I was shocked I remembered my JW login user name and password from 5 years ago but quite happy about it.

Ordered my new lights for the outdoor kitchen which I love.

Wall sconce lights for the outdoor kitchen to add that ambiance

These will look great and fit right in. For ambiance mainly as I have lights in the range hood for cooking and a main gazebo over light also.

Good start to ANOTHER cold day. Amazing.  Too cold to work for me anyways.

Heatherglen announced they are closed until at least Thursday so I missed working two shifts due to snow snow snow and cold. Thursday itself isn’t much better and unless we get higher than the 4 degrees for the next couple of days the course still may not open.

Thought of the Day

It is so cold out being Canadian I thought I cut my breath into pieces and build an Igloo. Other Canadians may call these spring nights a 3 blanket night.

April 30th

Wow another month gone by. Time is flying. What makes April stick out for me is the horrible weather. HORRIBLE weather. We have been home 20 days now and I have only worked once and golfed 3 times plus have not been able to accomplish much out at our lot due to the cold.

Xplornet phoned this morning to confirm my internet hook up at Oasis. I hate paying for internet 4 different ways. Telus internet at home, Telus internet for cells, Jabba internet for Mesa and now Xplornet internet for Oasis. We pay a way way too much for communication in Canada. Between internet, TV and phones we pay more than $400 a month. I could cut the amount of channels, I  could get rid of our home phone, I could use a less data plan but then you are struggling to do anything. I have to add to that $400 another Shaw Direct bill of $50 for Oasis.

My hands froze today working with the Xplornet guy. Awesome guy and between his ideas and mine we came up with the perfect solution where to put the router and modem. Most people pull the cable through the slide. He was fooled as our motorhome being a top end brand doesn’t rely on just weather-stripping around the slide. A complete solid oak enclosure compresses against the exterior wall making a solid connection with no room for a cord. I decided to put the equipment in the electrical department baggage bin which already had a power source and entry hole from the bottom.  I was fearful the metal surround would not allow a good signal but after testing it is a win win win. When it warms up I will attach and hide all of the cabling from the antenna to the motorhome.  And wouldn’t you know right in the middle of our setup the wind gusts and snow started falling heavily.

On the way out and back today I saw 4 cop cars and 3 cars pulled over for speeding along 22X. It is amazing to me how the city allows these cops in that 80 kms zone just rack in the dollars with no regard to safety what so ever. This is the  last day of the month so you would have thought the speeders would know the cops need to fill their quota. It made me think of the amount of tickets I have had in my life. Here is just one abstract I pulled years ago when I had too many demerits.

After reaching 20 years old  NOT one dent in vehicle
Zero fender benders. 

One may look at this abstract and wonder about it. I have an explanation for most of them.

First stunting was caused by a friends mother being on the front lawn when I dropped him off and when I did a burnout in front of his house a stone hit the lady. She called the cops.

Second stunting was doing a burnout out of the drive way of the A & W in the west end which everyone did but I got caught.

One of the careless driving charges was a street race against two young girls in their boyfriends car and us both getting caught. Her supposed boyfriend lawyer didn’t help us in court.

Second careless driving was on Stony Plain Road when the Bingo got out at the Klondiker.  The typical bingo person was crossing the street with a group or about 20 with no walk lights and I dropped it a gear and pinned it to see them run. A cop happened to be on the side street. I was lucky here as I was able to convince the judge to drop the charge from dangerous driving to careless driving.  Dangerous driving at the time was a criminal offence versus careless as a Highway Traffic act offence. If no injury it can be a judges or cops discretionary call.

Failure to obey directions ticket was a joke. The cop was behind a barrier and waved me in then proceeded to give me the ticket. Entrapment to the extreme.

The reality of the circumstance is ONE cop gave me 80% of these tickets. With my parents help we tried to handicap or at least impair the cops ability to harass me by following me for hours. Did I speed in most cases yes but no other person had a ghost cop right behind him. I averaged one to two tickets each weekend from this guy.

I still love driving today. It is a sweet pleasure. I loved the BC trip in my Vette. I loved the Jeep on Beartooth Mountain. I love driving.

Heading to Edmonton tomorrow for the day to visit with Mom and see how she is doing.

Thought of the Day 

If everything seems to be under control you are not going fast enough.





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