April 2017

No April Fools jokes this year. LOL  Nice to get home and start fitting into the program here. Weather other than the weekend coming up looks pretty decent. I have a lot on my plate to get organized in the next few weeks which I will be working on one at a time. The odd bad weather day is good as I can get caught up without looking at doing other stuff.


April 2-4th

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa  24 degrees  Calgary 10 degrees

Last forecast until back in Mesa. We know that Mesa will be between 20 degrees and 40 degrees from now on until the fall. Calgary who knows.

This was the first time we had a long wait at the border. Huge volumes and lucky we got into the correct line which split into two. Still took us at least 30 to 45 minutes to get through. Question time is two minutes.

Stopped off in Lethbridge with the first stop being Tim Hortons. Out of stock of chili. I knew there was another one closer to Jessica & Penny’s so headed there and ended up getting everything we wanted.  I Love Tim’s.

Unloaded a whack of stuff. It was so cold out my one finger actually turned white half way down. I had to run it under warm water to get it back working.

Made it home, stopped at the grocery store and jumped into our wonderful comfortable bed. Nice to be home for the bed not for the freezing weather.

Noticed the sink had backed up while we were gone. I phoned the Condo group and they sent out a plumber later in the afternoon.  The block was over 50 feet out from drain. Condo expense not mine.

I took the Enclave in for a deep cleaning inside and out. Took about 2 hours but looks great. While there the young guys accidentally locked a truck up. Luckily he had OnStar which he phoned and unlocked the truck after the guys pushing it towards the door to get the signal. Everyone was happy after that.

Jackie worked at getting most of the clothes put away while I went and bought the larger groceries for a while. Nice that is was a 15% off deal today.  Amounts to a big savings.

I started but did not finish my budget today. Our savings numbers are good as the market continues to climb. I will see what our expenses were for the month in the next while.

Bad day in the world with the Russian bombing and the chemical warfare in Syria. We need to take strong measures and hopefully the world is all on one page.

Thought of the Day

Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions.

April 5th

A marathon plumbing episode last night. When we arrived home we noticed our kitchen sink had backed up. One of the issues of having waste disposal units in condo buildings with people not understanding the do’s and don’t of them.I called the management company and they arranged a plumber to visit our place. I am thinking with a snake about 1/2 hour worth of work. It turned out to be a major issue with the plumber not being able to unplug the drain. They snaked down from the unit above and the underground parking lot. No luck. So he called in reinforcements. The first plumber arrived at 3:30pm in the afternoon. With another plumbers help they worked on it for hours. Finally they call in the “big plumber”. They cut in a hole in the wall in the closet to find the stack, they re-plumbed under the sink, and they installed a clean out in the closet. They lost their snake down the drain as it broke off and I am not sure if they ever did retrieve it.Three plumbers in a small kitchen make quite a mess. Finally the three of them had it completed at 12:30am.  That’s 9 hours with up to three plumbers working on it. I wouldn’t  want to pay that bill. Jackie and I are seriously reconsidering our condo ( which we love) and even though the market isn’t the greatest for condo’s right now may look at a RV Cottage home near Calgary. If I can get what I would like I can put about 150K in the bank and still have a nice place to live.  I am hoping I can find a place where a garage or at least a carport is available plus RV parking to leave the motorhome in. I figure I can reduce my HOA by $350 a month, reduce my storage by $100 a month, put the 150K in the bank and have a quiet , less headache lifestyle due to noisy neighbors and roads. I have a few places in mind if I can convince Jackie this is the way to go. I like Country Lane but it is only a 200 day a year resort. Another good option is Mcgregor Lake, Pine Lake, Sundre or Dickson Dam. We will see.

I finally found my one fancy fish hook I bought at Bass Pro in Mesa. This hook is going to catch the Walleye. It is a silver #8 Rattlin’ Rapala. Time will tell but in hindsight I should have bought a couple more. It was Fred’s secret weapon last year at Calling. He had a #7 but I want bigger Walleye so went with # 8. lol

I got to watch my news in bed this morning which was enjoyable. I do feel a little tired after last night though.

Drove Audrey to the airport as she is leaving for Wales today. Great timing as the red eye overseas is perfect to sleep on the plane to make the ride quicker. Jackie helped maneuver her thru security which seemed to go well.

Washed and vacuumed out the Jeep today. It was hot out and I actually broke a sweat. The Jeep was so dusty inside from the desert it was amazing. Put all of the luggage away in storage and straightened out the bins.

They finally make it.

Flames on track to win cup

Both teams in the playoffs. The possibility of a match between these two exists if Edmonton wins their next couple of games. I would love that being able to knock out the Oilers first round. They are easy picking as in the playoffs when teams step it up a one man scoring team CAN NOT win. Double man Mc Happy Meal or take him out with physical play and the Oilers are gone.

There is a lot of hate towards the Oilers and for good reason. It is not because they are good mind you.

  1. They win Connor McDavid in the lottery is the only reason they made the playoffs after missing it for 11 years
  2. Luckiest team EVER with the quantity of first round draft lotteries. They needed help as they for a 10 year period lost more games than anyone including Toronto.
  3. They are a one man tent. Pull this one peg and they will collapse.
  4. Peter Chiarelli is the dumbest GM in history trading away Tyler Sequin and Taylor Hall.
  5. Connor didn’t want to come to Edmonton he wanted Toronto with Matthews and he wont be there for long.
  6. They spend a way to much time on living in the past glory days.
  7. Huge past mistakes.  Trading Chris Pronger, Ryan Smith, Jarrett Stoll
  8. I could go on and on but this it is what it is.

They lived on Mc Happy Meal year and made the playoffs so good for them to play another 4 games is reward enough.

Huge amount of Hockey flags in at windows. Red Mile is ready and pumped. Come home Stanley !

Thought of the Day

Look out TV here comes the NHL playoffs. Play on !

April 6th

Wonderful Golf Course

Had a 2 for 1 deal out at the Bridges of Claresholm golf course today.  I was playing with three Turner Valley players. All great guys. Freddie, Eddie, Larry & Larry .A wonderful day hitting 18 degrees today. I even wore shorts it was so warm. But the wind was quite strong making it a little cooler than I thought. Still nice to golf in Alberta in shorts during the first week of April.  The wind caused me a few issues coming up short or overshooting when it was behind me. Overall I was relatively happy considering a new course and the wind. There were a few holes that I will score better on now knowing where to land the ball. On the 18th hole I hit a prefect drive right where my buddies told me to hit it and I end up in the water. They didn’t think I would hit it so long. LOL  I think I got had. But I won $4.00 bucks which was great. Everyone scored within a few points of each.

A fun day !

Trump at least made a decision and did the right thing in Syria. Russia is the scary one though with their thought pattern. It is amazing to me with all of the good people in the world the world leaders are all no minds. Trump I don’t think anybody can say they are proud of, Justin is a weasel, drug smoking, yuppie ( with good hair) , Putin is a manic, Kim is nuts, Rodrigo is crazy, and the list goes on and on. We have a very unstable political environment in the entire world. Scary for our kids.

NDP continues to be the worst party in history. Take the energy program being the joke it is now when we have no economy we are paying for $25 daycare. You know every daycare will be full of recent immigrant children and every one else will be left out of the program. I paid $1000 a month for 2 kids in daycare 30 years ago. If you can’t afford to pay for your own child’s care, DONT HAVE A KID or stay at home with them and care for them yourself. Millions on the energy program, millions on the daycare program, millions on the solar panel program, more and more debt and no jobs. Lucky us ! I predict the NDP will lose every seat in Alberta except for about 5 or 6 in Edmonton when they call a snap election this spring trying to win when the other parties are still disorganized. The people of Alberta will have their say this time and mean it.

Go Flames Go

Thanks wind you totally raped my hair !

April 7th

My Hole In One Course

Muscles were sore this morning which was odd after playing yesterday. But I was hitting them long and that puts a lot of stress on the back and it does need a bit of adjustment from Sebastian my therapist.  Fixed everything up this morning, watched the news, took a back pill and headed to Speargrass with 3 other guys from Turner Valley Golf including the starter.  It turned out to be a wonderful day to golf as the week coming up doesn’t look great and I wanted to get my fix in. I love Speargrass. I had my hole in one there and used to play in their men’s league for years with Jeff. The course was amazing so early . The fairways were great and the greens quite spectacular. The golfing today wasn’t. An off day. I had some great holes and accomplished a par score on a lot of holes but three holes killed me taking a 7 on them. I ended up with a 90 which I consider high for this course but still happy to be golfing on a warm sunny spring day. My whole group struggled a bit today with all of us ending up close in the scoring. Issue today on the three holes was the drive. I tried to hit it too hard which is my nemesis that causes me issues. No regrets on the score as it was a fun time !!

Go ahead Celebrate

Hope you all did your part to celebrate National Beer Day. It doesn’t get enough recognition. The easiest holiday to celebrate.  Mark it in your calendar as every April 17th it happens.


First Rock Concert

I loved rock music and made sure to have one of the best sounding car stereo systems I could get but I wasn’t fanatical about music. I was convinced to go my first rock concert which was Heart and headlined by April Wine.  I can say I drank a way to much that night. Southern Comfort was never on my like list after that night. Huge crowds pushing one another to get thru the doors which was dangerous. In the middle of the floor of the large arena they had established a “Puke” centre for anyone getting sick. Smelled horrible. I accidently kicked some guys girl friend and when he pulled me around he had grabbed my arm so tight the next day it was entirely bruised. Luckily for me my face remained intact. It was a very good concert and I  enjoyed it but I only attended a few concerts after that in my life. In my mind they are a way to expensive, usually the music never sounds as good as the CD or album and over crowded. Our last concert was Shania Twain which ended up being a disappointment. Her voice was poor the concert not exciting and again crowded . Beer is a way too expensive. I have no real desire to see anyone in concert. Concerts live on the fact young teenagers thrive to have a good time with loud music and drugs and alcohol. Older generation attendees are trying to relive their lost youth. I did see April Wine again at a Casino concert which is a small venue and it was quite interesting.

I was cleaning up and organizing some pictures when I ran across this one that I didn’t use. It is from Bob & Pat’s back yard on the girls birthday but it is just a nice picture I wanted to post it. If we could only stay this good looking for the next 15 years it would be awesome. LOL

I just liked this picture. It has everything. Shorts, tanned bodies, cold beer, affection, happiness.  Hurray up spring I miss the warmth already. Don’t hate me because I am beautiful. LOL

Thought of the Day

Happy- what does it mean to you ? Most would say :

  • If we were only thinner
  • If we only had more money
  • If we only had a big beautiful home
  • If we only had more friends
  • If we only had a committed romantic relationship
  • If we only could see the world
  • If we only could retire early.

But think about what really makes you happy. I bet it is the small things. Like an ice cream cone in the sun with a grandkid, a walk around the lake during sunset, sitting in the still water fishing, etc. I think we all put to much emphasis on  material things and forget what really makes us happy. For me , 25 degree weather, golf 18 holes before noon, game of cards in the heat of the day, perhaps a nap,out on the water fishing by 7pm, after a BBQ hamburger supper in our motorhome and then sitting around the campfire with our kids,grandkids or friends. Repeat

April 8th

Slept in with Jackie this morning. Got up and did a few things around the house. Watched a bit of the Masters and readied to go to Costco.  Love going to Okotoks Costco as it is a little less busy. Picked up our buns and ham for Mom’s birthday. Gorgeous snow capped mountains in the background. Makes me happy.

At Costco we saw an aluminum Gazebo that we thought the girls might like. Same price as a Cedar Pergola but with a few advantages. Fully covered for rain and sunshine heat. Curtains for mosquitos and sun and maintenance  free.

Jackie headed to visit with her Dad and I put a few things away and then watched a bit of the Masters again.


For those that know me they know my feelings on unions. Years ago a much needed organization to protect worker rights. Today a useless organization only in existence to employee a few people and collect millions from workers without a choice if their career is unionized. They create a lazy work atmosphere in manufacturing in particular as it is very difficult to dismiss an employee. They have caused a lot of companies to close down or shutter or to move to get out of a bad contract. Car manufactures realized years ago they needed to get rid of these anti business organizations and started to robotize their lines. Most corporations try to find ways around the bureaucracy. Here is the kicker. In the Calgary Sun is a story that should make EVERYONE in Canada extremely angry. A nurse on her private Facebook page dissed the care of her father as subpar and when the caretaking facility sued her the union refused to back her and did the following.

The SRNA is charging Strom with violation of confidentiality, failure to follow proper channels, impact on reputation of facility and staff, failure to first obtain all the facts, and using status of registered nurse of personal purposes under the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses.

The fine is $25,000. There is a GO FUND ME set up that requires everyone to help out this lady. First what right does the union have to “punish” this nurse for just voicing her opinion. What ever happened to free speech. In my mind she did absolutely NOTHING wrong. I can’t believe with the money in the bank of  a big union they would stoop to this level and how could they feel this right. All she was advocating for was better care for the elderly and people in long-term care. The outcome of this case is very precedent setting. IT IS JUST WRONG.  



Speedway Race Track

In Edmonton every Friday night was Ladies Night at the race track. What it meant was a lot of young ladies getting to attend free and a lot of guys going for the cars and the ladies. Around this time ” streaking” was the fad. Sitting in the stands watching the race when all of a sudden a young lady would pull off her shirt and bra if she was wearing one and run down the side lines. The crowd would cheer and encourage any participate that dared. On any given night we would see at least 2 or 3 ladies streak and at least 10 guys. The guys would go buck naked. Made for an interesting race night. The cops would try to catch anyone but I never saw them get anyone. This same thing would happen at the Continental Inn on the west end. At our table a buck naked guy or girl would run thru the bar in one door and out the other into a waiting car. Everyone must remember ” Look out Ethel “

Remember the song lookout Ethel

My Turner Valley Golf Membership is now 7 years old. I have been a member here for 7 years and have loved golfing this course. It is nicer than most Calgary courses but goes unnoticed by the public as it is 35 minutes away. Besides the layout, the gorgeous mountain views the club has some wonderful people as members and it just is a peaceful beautiful enjoyable experience every time. Rarely do I hear negative comments which for older people is rare. With the past few changes they made and the new ones on the agenda the course just keeps getting better. One of my better decisions.

Thought of the Day

Beware of the naked streaker offering you a shirt !

April 9th -10th

Jackie & I went over to Victoria’s and Corey place to babysit Jackson & August as they had a birthday party to go to. August is the cutest guy and really easy to take of. Jackson as always is full of energy and fun and tires me out but is a blast to play with. We played numerous games. Raced cars, dumped the toy box etc. Then the game of hockey started. Two nets, two perfect short hockey sticks and a rubber puck. First let me say Jackson is awesome at this game. He slaps the puck hard and he can raise the puck of the ground so you know he has practised. Second let me say. As with my kids you NEVER let them win. If they EVER win it has to be on their own merits and skill not because of someone letting them. My girls were never allowed to win. If they won and later in life they did a lot,they earned it. Jackson and I started playing. As I said he was good. I used my skill and “smarts” to win . He didn’t like this much as it appears he may have been allowed to win in the past at this game. He called it “cheating” when I bent his rules to win. LOL  I was a blast and it was a fun game. I keep my “Super Papa” status alive for another time.  This is the main reason I hate participation medals. You did NOTHING to earn a medal but show up. I like one winner, winner take all. Second place is the best of the losers why have a trophy or recognition for that ?

Jessica, Corey, & Corey didn’t get home until near 1am. So going to bed at 1am and getting up at 7am with only 6 hours of sleep can make one tired. We picked everyone up at 8am and after a Tim’s stop hit the road for Mom’s birthday.

Road trip

Nice thing about the Enclave being able to fit in 7 people. Would like to fit 8 but we have the captain chairs in the second row instead of a bench. Fun road trip with everything in the car.

We had my Mom’s birthday party at Darlene’s house with a lot of people. I am going to try to name everyone in attendance. Larry, Jackie, Victoria, Jessica, Corey, August, Jackson, Alfred, Mary, Graham, Jaelynn, Jessie, Gauge, Raeleen, Dorothy, Jean, Lil, Ethel, Doreen, Wendy, Ashley,Delores, Joanne, Burt,  Glenora, Fred, Doris, Jim, Kari, Darlene , Garret, Marisz and the birthday girl.  Just one quick thought. Why do parents give their kid a name NO ONE can spell ?  It was a very nice turnout and nice to see some of my relatives I haven’t seen for years. One quick observation is it is amazing how people shrink as they get older. I am going to say some people have shrank 4 inches of not more but after researching this I discover the normal amount is 2 to 3 inches. Compound this with the tendency to stoop it appears more. Amazing to see though. It was a fun gathering, loads of wonderful food some items my favorite and two huge birthday cakes. I am sure Mom had a fun time with everyone there. Her family longevity is amazing with all 5 sisters there ranging in age from 90 to 78 years old. And in overall good shape.


Osborne Acre neighbors  Delores, Joanne and Aunt Ethel

Shot of a few people hanging out

Two cakes ? 85 candles must have taken a lot of room.

A fun day.

Had our uneventful drive back and said our goodbyes to Jessica and August as they still had a two hours drive to get back to Lethbridge.

Watched the last part of the Masters and nice to see Sergio finally pull one off. We also watched the last part of the Oiler game. Nice to see Mc David get his 100 points. It is amazing to see how excited these fans get over this. Just think Total points only 8 more than Wayne got with goals alone. Getting that excited when he didn’t even accomplish 50% of a record seems a little overkill to me but one has to understand they ( oiler fans) need any kind of happiness they can conjure up.  To bad we don’t meet them first round.

Ordered the doors for Audrey’s place today. A little surprized in the time frame to get them machined but Regal must have a big order on file or something. I would have liked them by this weekend but will need to wait for next week.

Ordered my $3000.00 worth of motorhome tires today for install on Wednesday. I bought two last year after I discovered a side wall defect otherwise the bill would have been over $4K.  I will reinstall the battery and take it over there and look at getting it ready for summer later when it warms up. When it comes to car repairs it is always better to be safe than sorry. I have no miles on these but the lifespan is compromised due to sitting every winter and I don’t care to have a 24,0000 pound machine blow a tire at 100km

ph. Bite the bullet.  I had 4 quotes and went with the pricing and service I felt comfortable with and trusted. This time it is with KAL Tire commercial division.  Amazing that for the exact same tire and service there is a $400.00 price difference. Always check around for pricing. I asked for my senior discount, my AMA discount, my GoodSam discount, etc to finalize the pricing.





Thought of the Day

Be careful who you trust. The Devil was once an angel.

April 11th

Horrible week of weather coming up. Jackie has been working and working in the house like a possessed women.

I contacted a guy to repair the ceiling crack we have but haven’t heard back as of yet. Today I will install the battery and ready the motorhome for it’s new rubber on Wednesday.

I drove over to the motorhome for the first time to get it ready for it’s 7am appointment. My next door lot has a mess. He has the two lots beside me and is a unique collector. He buys salvage bikes and cars. In his lots he has at least 20 motorbikes, mostly accident and fire Harley’s along with a few larger BMW bikes. One Victory bike. I cant figure out if he parts them out or tries making two or three into one good one. They all have the salvage yard barcode on them. He also has three mini coopers and one nice Vette. He also has two engines sitting on pallets. A little messy. I don’t care for all of the action close to me though. I re-installed  the battery, put away all of my stuff I brought back from the States and did a general cleanup and look about. Re-installed the Demco tow bar.  It was relatively nice out so I thought I may as well take it to Kal and they will have it first thing in the morning rather than me rush ( besides I am retired, I don’t get up for 7am calls) Turned out to be a good thing as the guy I was talking to had forgot to order my tires in. Got it all fixed up.

I love my motorhome . It drives wonderfully, looks great, is easy to drive being a good length and I love the features. I still had room for my new mat and sunscreen.

I need to figure out a way to get Larry his new mat.

Came home and started to clean out my closet a bit. I have another 12 shirts or more to get rid off. Still some JW shirts I had saved the first clean out. Made a little more room. I did save one piece of clothing that Jackie was given me a hard time on. First if you know me you know I hate vests. They are worn by OLD people and make most people look dumb besides going against all logic of getting someone warm as your extremities fall off. Again, I received a “nice” vest for my 60th birthday that I will wear the odd time just to bend people. I have had a vest ( that I never tell anyone about as it is in my golf bag pocket. It is a warm Totem Building Invitation 1997 vest that I have snuck on the odd time when it cold out and I am not prepared). BUT what I hate more are sweaters. They are ugly, uncomfortable, itchy, and look horrible on anyone. Sooo what I saved in my closet is the ultimate against all normal thinking. It is a sweater vest. Yes a SWEATER VEST. lol

Thought of the Day

Sweaters and vests will never be cool. Sweater vests are the best way to look like Urkel. Trust me DON’T DO IT !

April 12th

Talking to Jackson yesterday he has a couple of fun days coming up. First a tour of Safeway to see all of the different types of vegetables.  Hopefully in the meat cutting room also. Victoria is a parent supervisor so she will have a great time also.  Doing this does require a lot of talking so the kids really understand where the vegetables come from and where we get our meat from. ( could be a touchy subject in todays world as I can see some parent stating his kid was traumatized knowing we kill cows) Fun day.

Better yet they get to have a PJ day at school. I can see spider man PJ’s , Bat man, etc. This is a fun great idea that every kid will have like. Good on the teacher to think of it.

What a great idea to roll out of bed and head right to work. I should have tried this at our work for our staff.


Typical PJ at office party


I think this may have caught on.

My Spider-Man outfit









Perhaps not. LOL

Off to Shoppers, Sobeys and Registry this morning. I either had a brain fart or lost it but I cant find the registration on the motorhome. I have the old one which states August expiry which is just weird as with the last name starting with W we are supposed to be December. I will need to check with them and rebuy or buy as I drove yesterday without anything. Bad on me.

I don’t like the weather this week. !!

Picked up some groceries at Safeway and received a 7 cent off coupon. Went to Nevada Bobs as I found an old gift certificate and thought I may as well use it up. Turned out to be for $25 so I thought I would get some Callaway Chrome balls. Let me say Nevada Bob’s is brutal. It should not call itself a golf shop. The golf area and selection of product is BAD. They are a sport clothing store and should stick to that.  Surprised really with GolfTown going into receivership and this being the only stand alone competitor you would have thought they would have been strong in golf. At least I know now to never go there for golf. I ended up getting a golf and a bag of tee’s to use up my card.

As I entered the store a full rack of Flames clothing.  $139 for a Flames sweater. I have resisted in getting one as I don’t like to fall into the marketing schemes and the need to feel art of the group. I can cheer, rant, watch and enjoy exactly the same and still have my $139 bucks in the bank.

Big brain fart. I never registered the motorhome last year. We drove a lot of miles and many trips with no registration. I will not complain as the reduction of not sending out notices on renewals is the ONLY cutback the NDP govt did so no complaints.  Funny though I got caught on this. My bf system failed me. All fixed up now.

Picked up my prescription from Shoppers and I am set for 3 more months. I ran out this morning so couldn’t have timed it better. The clerk at Shoppers was one of the friendliest people I have seen. She woke up on the right side this morning for sure.

2 pm and no phone call from Kal which I don’t like. 8 am to 2pm to change tires out is a little on the long side. I will phone them at 2:30 as I want to get pull the jeep and motorhome back into storage before rush hour if possible.

2:20 I received a text stating my vehicle in ready. Neat way to do it. All done picked it up and everything is perfect. Thanks Kal Tire and thanks for the savings.

DUCK hunting season starts tomorrow in Calgary. GO Flames GO

Go Flames Go

Here a few Oiler jokes!

  • What do college students and the Oilers have in common?
    They’ve both finished their year by April.
  • Why do people like driving a car with a Oilers fan?
    Because you can park in the handicap zone!
  • What’s the difference between the Edmonton Oilers and a mosquito?
    A mosquito stops sucking.
  • What is the difference between a Oilers fan and a baby?
    The baby will stop whining after awhile.
  • What do you call 23 millionaires around a TV watching the Stanley Cup Finals?
    The Edmonton Oilers.
  • What does an Edmonton Oilers fan do when his team has won the Stanley Cup?
    He turns off the PlayStation 3.
  • What is a Edmonton Oilers fan’s favorite whine?
    “We never get a draft pick.”

On track to be beat 4-0 first round.

It will be a fun playoff season !!

Thought of the Day

The real power of a man is the size of the smile on the woman sitting beside him.

April 13th

The BITE is on the Oilers. Enough said !

Picked up my Alcoa rubber grommet for my wheels from Kal Tire as they didn’t have the correct braided extension I wanted. I will need to find where to get these from as I need one only. The existing one had a small leak in it.

My ceiling texturing guy came by. Funny how bills seems to happen all at once.  3K tires, 4K HOA Mesa, and now a $700 bill to repair our ceiling. We had a crack and it was driving us nuts so I received a quote to get it repaired. I am hoping the condo board will step up to help. We will see.

Attention ALL Calgarians- Wear your camouflage tonight as we are going DUCK HUNTING.

Trump is getting it done. First the Tomahawk Missiles and today the Mother of all Bombs. The ISIS guys have been hiding in caves for years. You want to get them out. Level the caves. It has to put a little fear in them they can’t hide. Now if only N Korea and Russia would smarten up. Listening to Assad today it was incredible. Fake news, did not happen etc. He is stating the whole gas thing including pictures of kids being gassed was all faked. Do you think he is copying anybody?

April 14th

Fun night last night at Dixon’s pub. Great food , lots of TV’s and fun company watching the Flames with Jeff & Wendy. The crowd was loud in the pub. I didn’t want to say to them but I don’t think the team could hear them but they were having fun.

The outcome due to a conspiracy turned out against us. It appears Bettman due to TV rights and size of market has instructed the refs not to allow any Canadian team to win. All 5 teams lost their first game. Odd. The Flames played very well now it is just a matter of making sure they win the next one.

Great today. First we met Victoria and Jackson for brunch at Ricky’s . Always a great place for breakfast food. The place as it was Good Friday was busy. We got very lucky with our seating but we waited at least an hour for our food. I have no problem with this as it makes the outing more relaxed with the timing. Nice to sit and talk and have fun before the food comes. The food as I said was wonderful. I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day. Jackson was very hungry and enjoyed his pancakes with loads of syrup.

After finishing our meal we thought why not go to a movie. So we went to Chinook and decided on the Smurf movie. Another fun movie for kids and adults. I enjoyed it with a good story line and very well done. I told Jackson my favorite Smurf by far is Papa Smurf. He liked Hefty Smurf the best. Fun time.

Hefty Smurf

Montreal wins !!  Did everyone else notice the Oiler fans know the complete Canadian anthem. They don’t even need to hire the singer in the stands. Save a few bucks. Tonight Oilers can win.

April 15 -16th

What middle of April and snow. ! North of Red Deer and west are expecting large quantities of snow. Here in Calgary not so much but cold and drizzle with a bit of snow staying on the grass.

Came home too early this year !!

Lot’s of hockey and golf to watch this Easter weekend. I like to watch both the Oilers and the Flames games so busy just about every night. We did a bit of shopping and relaxing this last couple of days.  Yes the Oilers won and the Flames lost but for the Oilers  it does take 2 wins to lose in 6 like I predicted.  On Sunday we went with Peter for a nice drive to the mountains. These mountain views are amazing. We are so lucky to be so close to them. The drive was nice, sunny and enjoyable.

Elbow Falls is a wonderful place for a drive.

After our visit we drove back into Calgary and picked up Victoria and had a very nice visit and meal with Victoria and Peter at our house. Turned out as a very quiet and enjoyable weekend. It was nice not having to rush anywhere and back although I always love the big turkey dinners. Hopefully the weather will get better as golfing, and getting ready for spring needs to happen soon.

In golf too bad Graham screwed up again but he still finished in the top ten. Nice that Ames won on the Senior’s tour as Canadian Golfers are starting to win in all leagues.

Thought of the Day

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal and new life.

April 17th

Still a couple of lousy days ahead of us and then hopefully spring ! I have a few things on my plate for today. I made an appointment this morning , awaiting the ceiling guy call, have an arrangement for Wednesday to start ceiling from my own guy and will finalize my budget today.

We had an email from our Viewpoint neighbors that one of the longer term neighbors on our block has had a heart issue and is being medic vac’d back to BC. Sounds like he will be ok which is awesome. This gentleman spends hours making wood puzzles in his shop in Arizona and sells them at the Thursday markets. Very handy guy with woodwork.

Finished my March budget numbers. I knew going into the month it would be a little higher than we liked. I wouldn’t change a thing though as we had a blast with visits from Keith & Jenny, Alan & MaryAnn and Victoria, Corey, Jackson, Penny, Jessica with August. I knew golfing would be high, and one time activities high ( tickets to Aquarium etc) but the number being over a $1000 in a month for groceries surprised me as food is a lot cheaper in Mesa.  I remember years ago when the kids lived at home along with Corey we used to spend $400 a week on groceries so I guess ok just not used to it. Removing these two items everything else was decent. If only the interest rate would go up none of this would matter. Give me a net 7 % and I would love it. But we all have to live with a the net 3-4% perhaps a touch better depending on your management fees.  Now after three years I remember to forget bad budget months fast. Give me some warmth and we can spend very little enjoying ourselves at a lake camping and have great month not spending a whole lot.

Have I said how much I enjoy retirement.

I dropped off my paper work at Heatherglen for my Marshalling job again this year which hopefully they call me in the odd time so I don’t feel guilty with the golfing deal they give me.

Jeep top and roof rack I will install as soon as it warms up and I find help with a strong back and arms. MY tough girl Jackie is getting a little weaker in her old age and I don’t want another scratch on my Jeep. Over the years she has been amazing but it is a little too much for her now.

I will briefly mention the loss that the Flames had but there is a lot of hockey left yet. Do not give up hope.

Looking forward to our Europe trip coming up in June. As I said this is the FIRST time ever I have taken a trip and not planned and pre-booked everything. I am sort of liking this even though it does give me a funny feeling without it being planned. I will get a short haircut and buy reversible under wear and I am good for a week in the same clothes as I don’t sweat. I don’t have to shave and with short hair no showers needed for a long time. A glass of water with my toothbrush and I am set.

The planning sentence made me remember an acronym I was taught in 1977 at  Sterling Dist that has stuck with me forever that was my mantra through out my life. See some sales course material does stick.!

ECHO   Every Call Has Objective

I have seen numerous reps over the years do ok at their job but if they would just think about this they could be so much more successful. Instead of calling on an account because it is Thursday and I have to see him , find a goal for each visit. Your objective maybe to sell something to him you never have before or a new item but PLAN your call with an OBJECTIVE to accomplish something.

Back to our trip, LOL, I am looking forward to Switzerland the most,and then wine and cheese on the streets of Paris. Castles and churches do not interest me after seeing them already. Green pasture we can see anywhere. The pubs, train rides, interesting places like the Shambles and York are fun. Brecon is supposed to have a fabulous walking trail with 4 waterfalls near to one another and a path behind one of them which will be awesome. We should be able to rent bikes to see the Brecon Beacons which will be fun. I would rather do a thrill event like a zip line in Brecon than have a history lesson.The EYE will great and to golf in Wales and England once will memorable. I love Fish & Chips and that will be great. I am open to anything to see  as while you are at someplace you should see their main attractions. I can people watch while others look at stained glass windows and ornate church pews.

Looking at the average temperatures for that time of year it looks like pants and light jackets will be used a fair amount. My zipped off short/pants should work perfect. I may have to go get a pair of Sketchers though as my sandals maybe too cool. I will for sure make room for them though.

Thought of the Day

If you think 7 years of bad luck is too much for breaking a mirror trying breaking a condom

April 18th

I hate to say this. Jackie you were right. I had a date set in my calendar and she said a different date for a ceiling inspection in our condo. I couldn’t believe I was _ _ _ _ _ and she was right.

I got up and due to a water usage ban to fix some issue with the condo I couldn’t take a shower this morning. So I went to the motorhome and did a few things. Installed the sticker on the plate, put away a few things I had left in the Jeep for it and adjusted the entrance door.

I then washed the Jeep. I usually dry the Jeep with my lambskin chamois but today I didn’t as it is supposed to rain in the next couple of days anyways. First time I have done that but saved a bit of work and time and it will get dirty within a couple of days again. I stopped at Tim’s and  got us a Ice Cap and Tea plus a couple of doughnuts to go with lunch. I always have trouble deciding what Jackie wants. Married for 37 years and she has changed her mind on things so often I don’t know what to get. I am the opposite way as I still order the same thing I did 30 years ago. When I got home I asked her and NOW I have to remember as I will get this doughnut EVERY time we go for her. Strawberry Vanilla doughnut ! Go figure. She had her Boston Crème and I think she loved it but wouldn’t say. LOL

I got home and right after our ceiling guy showed up. It appears they will cover it under the condo fund but I have to wait for two weeks to make sure. They plan to remove the entire ceiling and re-tape with fibreglass tape and re splatter the entire ceiling. It is doing it the Mike Holmes way but I am more than ok with that.

Funny thing happened when I was talking to the guys. The one gentleman  thought for sure I was a professional golfer he recognized from the Bearspaw Club. We had a good laugh about it. Another Larry in the world would be a good thing.  And to recognize me as a pro golfer is very rewarding. LOL



Years ago one of my reps and his wife went on a vacation to Hawaii. Tom took this picture of a guy at the pool that he emailed me that he thought looked just like me. I saw the picture and if I hadn’t known better would think I was there also. Amazing.

Again today being recognized as a pro golfer is wonderful.  It is a small world after all. Now I have seen better looking people in the world but to have two or three looking the same and not knowing each other is incredible. All I can say is lucky world. LOL

Think about it. 7 Billion people in the world and to think you are the only one to look like you do isn’t reality. We all have bone structure covered with skin so the likelihood that numerous people have look a likes in the world exist. It is odd though as a Caucasian when we see the Asian or Black population we think “they” all look alike. They may do the same about us.

Shower and shave at 2pm. Better late then never.

I had an email from an old customer that wanted to hire right after I retired. Nice to have him still think of me after three years. It is a nice feeling to have these types of contacts as it makes you think you did have a small impact with some customers.

Thought of the Day

Odd, when women go wrong, men go right after them.

If you are wrong and you shut up you are wise. But if you are right and you shut up you are married.

April 19th

Well first thing is I have to mention the football game I watched night last. Sorry meant hockey. How ironic is it that Jerry Rice ( NFL great ) greeted and wished the Sharks a good game on the same night they make the score seem like a football score. Good thing they didn’t use the Shaq. Having said that the Oilers are still in a best of three series. My Flames not so much having to win four straight which has only been done a handful of times. I am still amazed in our series and even in the game last night these young guys don’t seem to give it all. The hits are missing, the intensity is missing and it appears they are going through the motions. I think the pay structure has to change in order for the good old hockey to reappear. One other thing that has come to bite the Oilers as I have previously said is the selection of Mc Happy Meal as a captain. It was a little embarrassing watching him “pretend” to be tough and throw elbows and cross check with no affect other than a penalty. He is the highest scoring player they have and we have all heard about leading by example but a captain has to be somebody with maturity , leadership skills, communication skills and a personality that builds the team moral, builds the team confidence and has the respect of the other players. Conner just off the pacifier has none of these qualities. For the bars sake, for a respectable showing the Flames need to win one game and then hope for a little good luck coming their way.

Not a lot on todays agenda. I will get a quote on the cedar for the pergola, may go to the driving range to practice a few things and I have the one appointment I need to take care of.

I got a few quotes on the Cedar Pergola for Jessica in Lethbridge. Cedar is expensive and this is rough cedar not planed. It will look awesome. The brackets alone were $500. oo but add substantially to the over all look. After going back and forth I think I am going to bury the cedar posts in cement in the ground. I was looking at Pressure Treated and cladding them and looking at above ground brackets on cement tubes but after talking to the “experts” I am going to put the posts three feet in with cement around them. They believe the posts should last twenty years this way. Plus the fact the wind load in Lethbridge by burying them I think it will be more sturdy.

This is the look I am going for but with 4 posts not 8 and buried posts.

I have a great idea for the bottom of the post and an outside kitchen by using metal clad roofing around the bottom and using it for side walls of the kitchen.  This along with some barn wood and the cedar will look awesome.

I spent a while on the range today working at be able to move the ball. I can draw when needed and can fade especially with the 7 iron. Some of the lower irons need work. I am striking the ball quite well and aim and distance overall I am pleased with. The driver is what it is. Long and no miss shot that is consistent unfortunately.

Dropped by JW to see Ed and drop off Larry G’s RV Mat I picked up for him in the States  It is just odd to see the branch I built up to be the highest volume millwork branch in Canada to be so small now. Some fault of the economy but more related to internal procedures, policies, and programs. With the current structure they have no hope in building it back up. Sure glad I left when I did. Although in hindsight I could have been packaged off which would have been nice as I wouldn’t have accepted their current business plan.  C’est la vie.

One of my former sales reps that I used to enjoy golfing with is coming to town on business so I will get a chance to revisit with him and get a round of golf in that evening. Jeff, Paul and I used to play every Wednesday evening after work.  Paul during my tenure was one of those life savers when he took over the Mattamy Homes account and performed miracles in getting it our company and theirs on the same page. Looking forward to the game and seeing Paul.


Work Stress

We all have had those incidences that  happen at work that caused stress.  At JELD-WEN we were fortunate enough to win the bid to supply Mattamy Homes in Calgary. This is one of the largest builders in town and JW had relationships with them in other parts such as Florida, Toronto, Ottawa and Phoenix.  They were huge and new to Calgary and required a little bit of extra care.This type of account has a lot of Vice President pressure watching and gauging our performance on it. We just couldn’t do anything right. In sales, in production and in service we were failing and it become a nightmare for me to handle and appease. I had a sales manager and salesrep assigned to this account but it just wasn’t happening right. One day after another stern discussion and questioning from a VP I had an epiphany. I had seen and worked with Paul in our sale centre but he was in our National Accounts division. I talked to the Director and said I have to fix this account up or we are going to lose it and I don’t want that to happen. He asked what I needed and I said I need Paul to manage, organize ,control, and take the lead in all things concerning Mattamy. Paul being an experienced rep with a service background under his belt also, I felt would be our life saver. I made the decision to do or die right there and contacted Paul to see if he would be interested coming over to my division. It was a Godsend. It saved me a lot of sleepless nights and our corporate office was ecstatic with the difference along with Mattamy. Funny how things work out.  Unfortunately for JW they lost Paul soon after I retired.  

 Going back to the project in Lethbridge I have a couple of ideas that hopefully the Jessica & Penny will like. I think this is in their wheel house. Use livestock troughs for planters which are rustic, easy to use, and maintain and have a great look and will reduce the cost of landscaping. Also incorporate galvanized roofing into a outdoor kitchen area for them on the side walls and roof part using it and barn wood or cedar.

Troughs from Peavy Mart or UFA

Roofing used on a outdoor ktichen

We will wait to see if they like and have the funds.

Thought of the Day

Here is a joke for all you mind readers out there. __________


April 20th

Who wood half thunk !

Enough said about the Flames. My allegiance now moves over to the Oilers. After the whopping they need to recover and win this series. Looking at them and the Ducks I am sure they will get to the conference final if they bloody the Sharks.

Go Oilers Go

Just so you know I am always above being the fan of the Flames and not getting on board to cheer on the Oilers. I have heard in the past from Oiler fans they would NEVER cheer on the Flames. I think that is small thinking. We are from the same province, country and should be each others best cheer squad. We can hate each other if we are playing against one another but when one team is out the Province of Alberta should be all together. Having said that Edmonton is the reason our province is a disaster by voting in the NDP. They sure weren’t all aboard on that one. Oh well everyone makes mistakes so I will cheer loud and proud and embrace the Oilers as Alberta’s team.

Had my doctor’s ultrasound appointment today. I won’t go into details but I am one unique individual that continues to baffle, confuse and make a doctors job interesting always being the one of guy that they have never seen the likes of before. LOL  I know if I go back into my ancestry my gene pool got messed up by two Scottish guys in the hills possible lambs involved causing genes forever in the family to be screwed up. We need to be able to correct anyone with mixed up genes by doing  a blood transfusion with regular blood and fixing up any discrepancies.  We could eliminate a lot of issues for people. Factor 5, MS, CF, hemochromatosis, sickel cell  to name a couple.You just watch I may become a super hero with powers that no one could fathom. Certain criteria was met for Flash, Spider-Man, Superman etc to become one and I think I am next.,

First thing this morning another discovery about myself. I thought I was in decent shape for a 60 yr old. I picked up Audrey’s doors and casings from Regal Building Materials.That was the easy part. I had to carry 9 doors, 18 sets of casing, 15 headers all 1 x stock up three flights of stairs. Now a hollow core door is light enough but the MDF as we all know is fairly heavy but I was huffing and puffing making so many trips up and down those stairs. As they were flights it meant a landing and a corner with 7 ft material going up until another landing and corner.In all about 15 trips up and 15 trips down three flights. I was shocked in the shortness of breath I experienced. Have I said I hate getting a little older. Having said that endurance is easily built up but I never had to worry about being exhausted even if I had to exert energy in bursts only every once in a while only a few years ago. I am going to need to make sure to condition myself better or wait until I can fly.

Ps Thanks guys for the Flames golfing jokes, and broom pictures. !!

Booked my first tee time at Turner Valley in a shotgun start at noon for tomorrow. It will be interesting to see the turn out and condition of the course. I am starting on our signature hole #10. It is a very elevated Par 3 about 157 yards. My normal PW works just right but as the ball is coming in high to get a hole in one would be hard as I get no roll. It is a hole that a good swing is needed so a warm up for sure is needed.

Hole #10 a beautiful hole elevated tee Par 3

Here is some food for thought. As with anything needs to have a lot more information to considered accurate and factual. But if the issue is raised . Just saying.


Thought of the Day

Have you ever had someone ask you “What do you do for fun?” Then you realize how boring your life is. Change that.  Join me in retirement and have fun everyday !!

April 21st

Got up this morning and readied myself for my first golf game of 2017 on my home course. It was a little misty and a lot cold. I checked at 10:30 am and it was 5 degrees. I don’t like to golf in this cool of weather as it is hard on the muscles. I put on my Under Armour and a golf over coat that I got when in Florida when we went to the TPC Sawgrass. I was invited to join a threesome group that I knew and have golfed with a lot before. Ok, I will admit it was cold for 7 holes or more. My hands if I hadn’t  brought my pocket warmers would have froze. It was also misty so I had to change gloves often as they were getting wet. Extra clothes , cold, ball distance, everything changes when it is cold. How did we do ?  The score didn’t go low. I was semi happy with my score if I removed two holes. Par those two holes and I would be very happy. Complete round without a lost ball at TV is rare. I do need to say. This course is exceptional. It is wonderful seeing the snow capped mountains . It is so quiet and peaceful being out in the country. The course design continues to change every year . They have removed a lot of willow bushes and trees that will help speed up the game. Fun enjoyable day!


Man’s Best Friend

Children under the age of 4 have no recall mechanisms. The human brain first of all doesn’t really have any vocabulary until around 3 years old or so. Any action, experience etc cant be remembered as it is impossible to recall something that we cant relate to. Having said that this memory is a memory of being told a story numerous times so it becomes a memory in yourself. We lived in Niton Junction a small community of no more than a couple hundred people near Edson. Dad owned a service station right on the highway. The highway was raised with fairly deep ditches. The ditches would hold water and ice over in the winter and as kids we played on it or practised skating on it. This time I was out on the ice supposedly laying on the ice as I hurt myself  when our family pet started to drag me off the ice towards our house. Minutes later a vehicle slid off the road into the ditch right were we were playing. My parents always implied it was like Cindy ( our dog) knew something was off and saved my life Animals do have a sixth sense that is well documented.

Thought of the Day

A dog is the only thing on this world that loves you more than himself.

April 22nd

Jackie this morning, as we weren’t golfing with friends and Sunday looked cold outside decided to head to Lethbridge for the day to see Jess, Pen and August. Tor and Jackson went along for a nice fun gathering.  Jackson and August always get along so well. I am sure they had another great day. Here is one fun picture of them playing today.

I will find out the story of the painted faced when they get home. August is so intent on what Jackson is doing.


I had a late invite from Corey with a couple of friends as they had a cancelation. The weather turned out to be wonderful hitting 13 degrees. I picked up Corey and we headed to Heatherglen to meet Chad and Shawn for a fun game. The three guys were playing their first game of the year. They all played fairly well considering, with each of them around or just over the 100 mark. The score didn’t indicate the level of play. It was just a few lost balls, bad luck and a few missed shots. I played quite well and didn’t have any blow up holes, with two birdies on the last two holes ending up with a 77. I love a day of golfing when things go well and none of those stupid shots wreck the score. We had a lot of fun and they were a nice group to play with. They play together at the Blue Devil men’s league and you can tell as they count every stroke and putt all putts as there is money and prizes on the line. The Heatherglen golf course  was in amazing shape. I have golfed a few courses here in Calgary this year including my home course and these  greens by far are the best. No other word than exceptional. Another great day in paradise.

Now that is a good-looking bunch of golfers. If we cant score well we sure can look good doing it.
Larry, Shawn, Chad, Corey .

I received a picture of Winnipeg from one of our Arizona neighbors with the snow they received today. You got to love Canada. I understand Edmonton looks the same way.

Winterpeg MB.

Big game on tonight for the Oilers !!! GO OILERS GO

Thought of the Day

I liked playing golf with the young guys. It is much better than some of my old guys as when I ask them did you see where my ball went the response I get is ” Yes but my eyes aren’t that good and I can’t remember which direction it took”

April 23rd

Well the Oilers played a fantastic game. The whole team showed up and it was a fun game and impressive to watch. Nice to our Alberta team go to the next round. Having watched the Ducks I think Edmonton can beat them easier than the Sharks. The style of playing I believe will suit Edmonton.

Too bad the environmentalist’s got on their high horse and stopped mahogany being used anymore. Beautiful furniture and doors were from this. Acacia wood is just starting to make an impact now as a alternate but mahogany has disappeared.


Ripping out all of the old doors and trim at Audrey’s place today. A few hours of work today and more stair work. Climbing and descending those stairs is a workout when you are carrying product and making multiple trips.Corey and I brought everything down and cut it into manageable pieces to throw it in the dump bin.  A fair amount of work. It is amazing how just doing this the rooms already look better than the dark stained wood dated doors. When we are done the condo should look a lot more modernized. Surprized to see newer baseboards glued on with construction adhesive and no nails. Makes our job a little more difficult as you can’t remove the glue from the baseboard to get the base to sit plumb to the wall. We will need a few new pieces of trim to fix this up. I am going to repair or replace and fix the end cut outside corners. All outside corners have to be mitred to look correct. Inside square is ok but never outside. Everything came out pretty good. It is amazing how construction methods have changed. This jambs were installed with coated box 2 1/2  nails. A way way slower process to install but they never moved after being put in place.

Construction under way.

Next step is install which will take a while. 9 doors to hang, trim work casing and headers plus baseboard replaced as we need to adjust due to  casing. Couple of other things do to in the place.



Over the years it is amazing how many thing we have  been stolen. The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that people work and earn a living and buy things then someone thinks they have they have the right to take it. They never think about the person who is losing the possession. Here in no particular order are the thefts we have experienced.

  1. In Mayfield on a tight budget we bought a whack of bedding plants. Geraniums, Dracaena, Alyssum and Marigolds. At the time we couldn’t really afford a lot so it was a splurge . Spent all day Saturday planting them in the front yard. Woke up and they were all ripped out of the ground and GONE.
  2. In Mayfield we put our all of Christmas lights including 100 watt flood lights.  Woke up and they were all ripped out of the ground and the trees. Flood lights are expensive.
  3. In Mayfield coming home on night in the dark and I see two young kids sneaking around our backyard. I see one of the kids run and hide under Alan’s car that was parked in our backyard. I grab his feet and rip him out. The other kid which was a little younger I grabbed by the neck and haul both of them into our house. In todays world I could have been stabbed. They were about 14 years old. I interrogated them and thought I scared them enough to let them go after getting ID. Next day the cops knock on my door asking questions about numerous thefts on our block. I decided to give them the info.
  4. Mayfield house we lost extension cords numerous times from our back yard.
  5. In Edmonton my favorite leather coat was stolen out of my car at a shopping mall.
  6. In Penticton our wine and apples were stolen out of our cooler in our campsite.
  7. In St Albert my photo radar was stolen out my car in the driveway.
  8. In Calgary my Blue Dodge Ram was stolen from my front yard. The day before the insurance payout they find it stuck in an open field.
  9. Our Jeep Cherokee license plate was stolen from the Anderson LRT station. They took it to put it on another Jeep to use in illegal theft actions.
  10. In Calgary my wallet and radar detector were stolen out of my car that was parked in the garage.
  11. In our new condo my pressure washer was stolen out of our storage locker.
  12. In our new condo my brand new ( 1 day) phone and Makita drill kit were  stolen out of the underground parking.

I am sure there are more but that is about all I can remember. It is very annoying and frustrating. Come on people get  a life and respect others property.

Made Chicken Cordon Bleu, Au Gratin Scalloped potatoes and sweetlet peas for supper tonight . Peter came over for a visit and enjoyed his meal and company. He was doing ok tonight. It is a shame how Alzheimer’s takes one’s life away. I need to do a little more research here on this as there are as many conflicting stories on the causes as there is about Lipitor. I am convinced Lipitor is the biggest gimmick played on the population in the last 25 years. I need to find out more on the causes of dementia as the prevalence is becoming alarming. Aluminum , aspartame, BPA, Teflon coatings, sugar laden drinks, alcohol, High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, and sleep apnea are a few but I need to look at each one to see the real science behind them.

Thought of the Day

A thief is a thief whether they steal a diamond or a penny. How many people have taken a pen from work and thought nothing about it ?

April 24

Cold outside. High today around 4 degrees and all week similar temperatures. This is supposed to be spring.

Watched my news and had my smoothie in bed this morning. Got up and went out for groceries. First time shopping in the morning where there was a line up at the checkout. I should rephrase that. First time one lady held me up twice. At the deli counter there is this lady in front of me. The poor clerk has to find a “special” kind of meat for her and open it. Takes 10 min. He then starts to slice it and she wants it thicker after he is half done.. Smart guy cuts a slice and gives it to her to eat and decide if the slice is thick enough. Ok thought that was done. Nope next she takes another 10 minutes trying to decide what else she needs and asks questions about at least 5 different types of meat. I am not in a hurry but please. I waited close to 20 min for the ordeal to be done. Then after shopping around in the store I go to the checkout and the same lady is in front of me. You know the question that you hope no one answers. ” Did you find everything? ” She DIDN’T. I laughed to myself as the poor bag guy had to go running to find some product she wanted. In the meantime her groceries were all checked in and our line up had to wait.  At least it made an interesting shopping experience. LOL

Phoned and paid my water, trash and HOA in Mesa today using my US FUND visa.  I prepay my utilities as I don’t care to have a monthly charge each month come and pay it since it is in US funds. My visa works good for this. I actually get another month of not paying as the interest isn’t charged until the following month on the card.

Phoned and left a message at the campsite I found for a Willard campout. I just need her to phone me back to get that all booked.

In the process of charging all of the my batteries for my drills and golf cart. This is hard work waiting for that green light.

I was going to work on my boat seats to cut them down and install bolts so I can use my drill to speed up the install and removal of them on each trip but it is too cold to work outside. I want to slip them over and get the exact measurement to cut them correct.

Printed off my 2016 budget numbers for our financial planner meeting tomorrow. We have a few questions and ideas to save taxes on the RRSP withdrawals. I have said before in my “PENNYWISE TIPS” putting all of your money into a RRSP is not to your benefit. The banks love it but it will come back to bite you when you are older. Max out your TFSA and put a smaller amount into RRSP’s.  I think our plan will help for  2017 though.

I have two potential golf games that are in limbo right now until the weather smartens up. This is supposed to be spring.

Thought of the Day

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in our pocket.

April 25th

April showers bring May flowers.  A short poem from years ago to encourage people that even with the most unpleasant of things like the heavy rains in April there are great enjoyable things ahead like May flowers. I could find nowhere a poem about April snow what it is supposed to bring. I did find that April snow brings accidents,  anger, tears, it should bring JUNE flowers, misery, slow crops, no golfing and possibly more pneumonia.  You all do remember the first day of spring is more than a month past ?

Cancelled one tee time so far

I do have to say that this April has been cold. Let’s hope it is getting all of this ugly weather out of the way so we can have a wonderful May and summer. Isn’t global warming supposed to raise the average temperature. Can you imagine if the scientists back when the ice age was ending could have kept track of the weather.

Met with our financial planner today. An exit strategy of funds of how much and from where was our focus. The only complaint I have from the industry on the whole is the documentation and charts given are skewed to showing the “rosiest ” picture always. The percentage of return when they show it to you states for example 6%. What is left out is the management fee ( usually round 1 -3%) inflation (2%) and taxes withheld (10%). One may not be as rich as they think when you factor these in.  Having said that Jackie and I have a handle on it and we should be fine unless a huge market correction or excessive spending happens. The second part won’t happen. Our plan is still intact and I believe as time goes on it will be more obvious to us when the spending is reduced as we age. We are extremely fortunate to have our place in Arizona, our nice place in Calgary and our motorhome to use in Canada. Very fortunate. I love the market where it is at but would love overall interest rates to go up. I did smile to myself when our planner did mention the 4 % rule .

Big fight that Trudeau may start crying over is the softwood and dairy trade deals. We as Canada need to start forgetting about trading with the US and make deals with China, and Europe on these products. To have your eggs in one basket is the worst business situation to be in. We are dealing with a huge elephant and we are the mouse. Next on the list will be automobiles.  I would stop exporting all of Canada Dry to them. Stop all Maple syrup and bacon for sale to the USA and not allow any Canadians to play for USA NHL teams. Better yet. No pipeline and we will sell it to China shipped via train to port. If the softwood industry in BC collapses that nasty premier will be begging for a oil pipeline . That will show them !!


As I said most of the time you can figure out what is best for you given a few tools and common sense. Here is one of my most used tools. Use it.

  1. It can give your “breakeven point” for you to decide on your CPP. This is on the top of the list on the bottom left side of the home page
  2. It can give you the amortization schedule based on your needed income of your retirement funds. ( Tip enter current salary what your budget salary is and your percentage of income at 100%)  This is under Tools and is the second item on the list called Standard Retirement Calculator
  3. Lots of other calculations. Most of them you tweak to fit your needs. Only thing I cant tweak is to take CPP at 60 instead of 65 and see if your money runs out. You can do the manual calculation or tweak the income number to make this work. Family budget sheets. Figure out your mortgage payments calculator

All of these TOOLS are extremely useful if you are retired, near retirement or saving for retirement. Remember it is in the banks best interest to scare you into keeping your money in the bank and saving more than you need.  LIFE FOR TODAY

Here it is.


Thought of the Day

If people concentrated on the real important things in life instead of worrying about money there would be a shortage of fishing poles and golf balls.

April 26th

Cold another day of sic weather. Golf course is closed. High today of 4 degrees.

We were invited to meet Jackson and Tor for breakfast at Mcdonalds this morning. He not only gets to enjoy breakfast but playing on the slides etc is a blast. It was a great morning. Tor and Jack then came back to our house for a while to play.

Fun morning at Papa and Grammy’s house jumping

He is the guy most likely to want to be shot out of a cannon. He loves the jumping head first into the pillows.

Checked out video’s of the most dangerous animals in the world and I was taken by surprise as I hope most of you would. The Number 1 most dangerous is the Mosquito. They kill over ONE MILLION people each year. ONE MILLION ! I was surprised. Jackson loves looking at animals.

Funny thing happened when I gave him one of my prized possessions that I thought he would love. A mango/cream popsicle.  He bit into it and states. “I hate these things they are made for old people.”  Now that is funny. I thought as they were healthier for you he would love them. Old people.! Kids nowadays !

Paid some bills. Our power bill in Arizona for March was double of last year. But when you consider the amount of women in our house using 1500 watt hair dryers you can understand why. We also added a lot of outdoor lighting and sat outside a lot in the evenings.

Gov’t payday today !!! Yahoo.

Reserved our Willard campout in July at Open Creek Dam which looks like a great place. I have a lake side group site that will work out excellent for us.  No power or water but nice and quiet and a beautiful looking campground in the pictures. No motor boats either which makes it a lot quieter. All we need is respectful campers with their generator usage. The noise from these are not meant to run all day. Fire them up when you need to micro wave or your battery needs charged and then shut them off. Don’t keep them running hours on end. The lake is stocked with Trout every year and you are allowed to keep 5. These should be fun to catch.

Sent out more info on our Annual Golf May Long weekend trip. I am trying for a LOVE ITALY THEMED Pot luck which so far has been great with the selections people have emailed back. Just waiting for a few more responses. This reminds me a bit about working. The waiting for a response sometimes from certain people when you had to get back to corporate with an answer raises your blood pressure. They didn’t know you had a time line to meet and didn’t put the emphasis or urgency on it like yourself. Self induced stress at the time. I have always made it a personal point to respond to voicemail, texts or emails as soon as possible. I used to say to my inside sales staff if they let the phone ring when they were with a customer. “The person on the phone can’t see your are busy” ” Pick up the phone, tell them you are with a customer and can they wait or would they like a call back? ” Makes for lot happier customer both the face to face and phone client.

Working downstairs today in the storage locker organizing. Thought I may as well finish prepping the boat motor. I left it last year as it is stored in a heated storage area and I didn’t have that many hours on it. I changed the leg oil. Every year it gets a little easier as you learn new tricks. It went very well this year sitting on my engine stand. I didn’t replace the washers this year as I didn’t have nay extras and they looked perfect. Changed the engine oil also. A little more tricky with the location of the drain but using a locking plastic baggy it worked great. This engine only uses a 1/2 litre of engine oil. Got that all done with minimal mess. Started to grease the nipples and ran out of grease. I had a spare mini tube. I have greased 100’s of nipples in my life and this is the first time I struggled with the grease gun. First tube to replace as it came with one from factory. Typically you pull back the lever and twist to lock to hold it back. I wasted a complete tube trying to get this thing to work. I greased the nipples but could have used more so I will buy another tube after testing and dicking with this gun to get it to work. Simple things eh! Made me laugh with marine grease squeezing out of everywhere and it not working. I will make it work or get a new gun. Checked the sparkplug and it is burning wonderful. I didn’t have a gap gauge at the condo or I would have reset it but the spacing is looking pretty good. Have that good old grease/oil smell on the hands.


Greasy and Oily

Over the years working on cars my hands and arms have smelt like grease and oil more times than I care to remember. On the acreage our hand cleaner most of the time was Varsol. This stuff was good. Smelt horrible but it worked. Dad from his garage days had a white grease hand cleaner also that worked quite well. My fingers nails forever have grown fast. From the time I was 14 to 21 I had black grease under my nails. I had oil stains on my hands I couldn’t get out. I was working on my car just about every week. If it wasn’t a repair it was a increase the speed add-on.

Jackie helped me a lot. Funny thing when she went home every time she had dirty  handprints on her shirt breast area where I copped a feel . She had to throw a few shirts away no doubt.

I am sure a wrecked few shirts due to this. lol

The grease/oil worked as a disinfectant as when you cut yourself ( and every time you worked on a car you did) it would not get infected. I pulled an engine in -30 degree weather outside with a tarp and a blast heater and froze my fingers  off. I have worked under a car pulling a tranny in -30 degree weather with only a wood heater and all of the heat going to the roof and nothing under the car where you were working. But it had to be done. I was very very fortunate that every time I had my Dad helping. I had to do most of the grunt work while he directed and did the technical stuff. Awesome Dad !

Deciding to cut my hair now or wait just before going to Europe.  Cant have it long as I need or at least like to wash it everyday and you all know the English and there water issues. First time in 30 years I bought a whole pack of combs to make sure I have one with me at all times. Nothing would be worse than the comb over look in the wind. A little spit and a comb and I am set to go.

Thought of the Day

I was too sexy for my hair is why it isn’t there.

April 27th

I decided at 7 degrees to cancel both my men’s league golf and golfing with Jeff tonight. Having said that I just came in from outside and it is not bad. I did receive an email stating 14 guys started but only 8 finished so you know it had to cold. Next week is hitting 20 degrees the fist time in 2017 in Calgary.

I went over to Regal Building Materials to pick up some door stop. John on their desk and I with combined 75 years of selling doors forgot to order the door stop. Go Figure.

It was good timing there as I ran into Matt and Barry who I haven’t seen for a long time and Mr Gary White. I had stopped sending my jokes to Gary as his email kept kicking back. I thought he must have changed his address and didn’t tell me or he was tired of my jokes. Great that I had a chance to see him, hopefully fixed the issue and hopefully have a chance to get together this year as a foursome to golf. I will make a point to “bug” him to see that it happens.  Gary  and his wife Letty-Lynn are members out at Cottonwood which is out of our financial realm but they have a great guest deal or golfing  at Turner Valley or other. I will make this happen.

Checked to see out best way to pay for things while in England. Last time we were working so we didn’t really care as much This time the 2.5 % foreign currency rate hurts. Only about two cards in Canada that don’t charge this so that is out as I don’t want to apply for another one. I am thinking to use my 3% cash back MasterCard and should end up ahead. That’s the plan for now. I need to get one of those money sacks that you put down the front of your pants to give you that manly look and provide secure cash close at hand. Someone may not want the bill if they see me pull out of my pants though.

I have only had one attempt at being pick pocketed but Jackie thwarted that off. That was Monte Carlo near the beach. At the Vatican we were warned about the abnormal amount of pickers but the only odd thing we saw there was Gyspy’s dressed up as nuns begging on the street.


April 28th- 30th

Funny when you say time flies it really really does. We have been and not busy. The being busy though hasn’t been exciting stuff yet as the weather just has been too cold.

We watched the Oiler game which turned out great but they were EXTREMELY lucky. McDavid is a no show and is lucky to touch the puck but the other guys have really stepped it up. Impressive to up 2-0. Ottawa also is doing fantastic. I would like Washington to get thru this round but they are in a battle.

I bought a Rubbermaid container that holds my boat seats in it perfectly and weighs 50 pounds or less than my crate. I got a locking hitch pin for my cargo carrier and Demco tow bar. I also got new bolts and nuts for my boat rack so everything is set for spring.

Jackie helped me load my Jeep top and I installed it. I have one stripped nut I need to replace so on Monday I plan to do that. She wasn’t quite strong enough for her and I to install my roof rack so I will wait until Corey and Victoria help us.

Washed it using a drive thru which is fast and easy.

The new bin meant reorganizing the storage rooms again but I got it all done and am happy with it.

Booked our rental car from Heathrow Airport. Found a great deal about 350 pounds less than the other 4 rental places from Budget. Just got lucky on the timing and availability. I was able to get a 7 passenger mini van with an automatic. Most rental in are with manual tranny’s which is no issue but driving on the WRONG side of the road and having to shift with the opposite hand is just one more issue that is gone by getting an automatic.

Drove out to McGregor Lake to see about the distance. We are still looking at alternate living arrangements and haven’t decided on anything as of yet. The biggest reason is a noisy neighbor. We had a new one move in two years ago and we had the bass boom we keep hearing. The previous owner for 8 years we never heard anything from. There are NO 4 season resort living spots close to Calgary. We have thought a lot of the three season one we like but give it ten years and we cant go to Mesa where do we live. We could RV it by driving to BC for the warmer climate. So we are in a conundrum right now. I have spent hours researching with the weather being what it is and have found nothing. McGregor is perfect except it is 90 minutes away. That’s  too far. If we want to see a baseball or hockey game it becomes too difficult.  So long story short we continue our search and hopefully something good comes along.

We had a wonderful lunch in Vulcan and enjoyed the white capped mountains immensely on our whole trip.

Thought of the Day

You should never regret anything in life. If it is good it is wonderful. If it is bad it is an experience.













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