November 2017 Atticus born

Nov 1st

“Mercury Forecast ”  Calgary  -2 degrees   Mesa 28 degrees 

I had Corey and Jackie help unload my roof rack from the Jeep yesterday. Taking it off adds about 5 mpg with the wind resistance and weight plus quiets the cab substantially.  I left it at our RV lot for the winter and will re-install it in the spring as I need it for fishing.


Years ago when I was dating Jackie I decided on Halloween night to help Jackie out at her house handing out candies. No one else was home at her place.  Something good had to be on TV as I went downstairs to watch as she was filling kids pillow cases. I was there to protect her. 

Later in the evening Jackie comes down to tell me her event. She says two drunks came to the door for candy acting drunk and they wouldn’t go away. She described them as adult sized and they worried her a bit. She gave them candy and told them to go away with them acting silly. A few moments later the same two came back to the door. She is thinking someone is trying to play a joke on her and she grabs the bag off the one persons head. She doesn’t recognize her and says she is an older lady. Jackie tells them to go away or she will call the police. All this time she doesn’t yell at me to come up to help her. Luckily they went away being drunk !!

Years and years later ( 5 years or more) sitting around the table at my Mom’s house my Mom comes out with a full face mask on. It was the mask of one of the drunks !! Mom is killing herself laughing as she confesses to being one of the “drunks” that were fooling with Jackie. The unmasked lady was our neighbor lady.  5 years Mom kept that a secret from us. I can say we laughed and we laughed. Funny story every time I think of it. Mom thinking this up and getting a partner and driving 6 miles into town to find Jackie’s house and to “get” her like that .

Paid my HOA  in Mesa today. That one always hurts as 10k a year is a lot of money but as I have said numerous times before I cant go on a three week holiday for that and we have the opportunity to use it 6 months a year for that price. The amenities alone are amazing.  Paid a few other bills and watching the snow flakes drop at -3 degrees. I hate winter.

When I was going thru some old pictures for my Halloween pictures I found this one and love it. Now Jessica is a way before her time here. She luckily loves the Flames and I am going to guess Jagr is her favorite player.

Number  1 Jagr fan !!


Go Flames Go

Helped Corey building a dining table today. It is cold outside and no heat in the garage doesn’t make it nice. Fingers actually ( well one finger) turned white. Odd one white finger and numb. We got most of the frame done as it requires a fair amount of dadoes. It’s really too bad you cant get great quality of wood nowadays. We worked around and with what is available and Corey hand picked each piece.   Cold , have I said I hate that. LOL

Thought of Day 

Dear Winter. I am breaking up with you. I think it is time we split our ways and I start seeing other seasons. Summer is much hotter than you. 15 days notice !

November 2nd

Cold and snowy outside. The north winds brought us snow and high wind chills. I love it I don’t have to be on the roads with the crazy’s.

30th place out of 31 teams . You know who I am talking about. Enough said. I rather enjoy this.

On the agenda today is opening up the lockers to get out the suitcases, cargo carrier, move the bikes over to the space with the holders off the ground, get a few things organized for Phoenix, find my USA Garmin and clean out the Jeep and wallet of non essential items.

Booked the Jeep in for a oil change and service before heading out.

Loved seeing the Flames win another one and  Johnny Hockey getting another point.

Have I said I hate the winter.

Dishwasher stopped working so spent some time researching this. Google is a wonderful thing. They say the lifespan on a washer is 7 to 12 years and ours being 10 years now we may have to get a new one rather than spend a few hundred to fix the old one.

Thought of the Day 

Hey Google,  Why don’t you let me me finish typing before guessing after the first letter. Pretty cocky don’t you think ? 

First day I slept in. Jackie didn’t get up to go to the gym so we snored. Love retirement. Got up at 9:30 am. Yes !

After all of my research on dishwashers I decided to get an estimate on the repair so I knew exactly what was wrong as it could be the latch switch, thermo-couple or mother board.  I tried most of the fixes suggested and no luck. On another site I found one last trick to use. I knew I had power but the washer won’t kick in. I discovered a way to reset the computer of the mother board. Turned off the power and reset and holy man it worked !!!!!!   Saved a few bucks and hopefully it lasts for another few years. With two of us it only runs about once a week. Google the money saver again.

60 years old and I am finally losing my last baby tooth. It is getting a little loose and I cant chew on that side so when I get back from Mesa in December I will get it pulled out. I choose not to spend 4k on a implant and 3k on a bridge so I will leave it missing. The cost of teeth is ridiculous especially as our dental insurance coverage is a joke.  They pay for the extraction but don’t pay for any fix. Not right.

Jackie was cleaning up a few drawers and found a gold coin she bought years ago from the bank. I checked on line and my 1/10oz Maple Leaf coin is now worth $184.00. See you are richer than you think. Question is who would pay me for it. LOL

Discovered my drivers license is expiring in Feb so I will need to get this fixed before going to Arizona.

FYI  Thanks to the Fathers of Confederation, who created the Canadian economic union , the federal government has the tools to combat interprovincial barriers to trade. These include the federal power to “regulate trade and commerce” – “regulate” including the power to remove trade barriers, and to declare particular “works and undertakings” to be “for the general advantage of Canada,” and thus under federal jurisdiction. Why hasn’t Trudeau used this power. Why isn’t Notley pushing him to help Alberta.

It is amazing how much Alberta is hurting and getting no support from any level of government. The market is changing dramatically and people are losing their jobs. Just this week we have one of Alberta largest home builders in bankruptcy. Reid Built homes has been around since 1982 and was a home building company held in high regard. Now gone. Hundreds of lost jobs, suppliers will get hurt, on going business gone and another company lost due to government stupidity. Add this ” One of Alberta’s largest builders” gone we also have a huge real estate investment corporation Walton Developments in receivership. Walton alone goes from 400 employees to 70 employees. Look at Sears , gone. Wholesale Sports ( 12 stores) , gone. Keystone Excavating closes 150 employees lost jobs, Hundreds of restaurants closing, gone. Chili’s closing all stores except the airports and Banff ( 9 stores)Thousands of oil patch jobs, gone.  Calgary unemployment rate still over 10%. 1.1 miilion sq miters of office vacancy in Calgary alone. Buildforce expects 11,000 job losses in the building industry for 2017, If anyone thinks they made a good choice voting the NDP I question that thinking. I have seen a few recessions and the bubble and burst cycles but this one is the worst but only due to government policy.

This got me thinking of some of the changes over the years we have seen. All of these stores, companies gone. Beaver Lumber, Revelstoke Lumber, Totem Building, Turner Lumber, Stanley Home Improvement, WW Arcade, Northern Eau Claire Supplies, Sterling Dist, Marshall Wells, Cochrane Dunlop, Henderson’s, Crown Lumber,Canfor Dist, Weldwood Dist, Crownpac, Big Tee Lumber, Makin Door. Continental Door,MacMillan Bloedel, Western Canada Dist, Western Canada Importers,Mitchell Johnson Dist, Woolco, Woodwards, Target, Eatons,Radio Shack, B/A,Gulf gas, just to name a few. Some of these a result of other recessions, bad business decisions, buy outs and bad market changes. Having said that I can’t remember any recession as bad as this one.

It’s Friday. Just sitting talking to Jackie and realized it. Years ago Friday’s were a big thing. A restful or a work for self time coming up and we, for at least 10 years  went out to Boston Pizza with girls. It was always an enjoyable time. Maybe next Friday I will revisit that. Nowadays Friday has no special meaning other than most of my working friends are free for a couple of days.

Thought of the Day 

Someone is sitting in the shade because someone planted a tree.  The NDP has just cut down our shade tree and we are being burned by the heat.

November 5th -6th

Calgary -12  Mesa 28 degrees

Just a relaxing day ahead. After all it is Sunday , it is cold outside, and we are retired. Reading books, watching the PGA, watching a couple of hockey games with great results. Edmonton losing and Calgary winning and attempting to find a inexpensive way to print cards for my Viewpoint directory.

Card stock will not work in the roller of my printer as it is too thick. So I bought glossy heavy weight paper and will try to use my inkjet to produce the cards. I have to cut each one and hole punch so will be time consuming as I have close to 300 new pages to print. Staples to the rescue. This will my last run and after this if people want an update it will be a sticker or a fee as it is expensive.

Took my Jeep in for a service and tire rotation. I had to drive in rush hour traffic this morning. I am glad that doesn’t happen anymore. But the Jeep won’t be ready until 4 pm so rush hour again coming home.

Yes rush hour traffic can be a pain !!

Spent at least 4 hours working on my TV/DVD/ Surround Sound. I had Telus come in when we switched to hook up their box. What a mess. The guy hooked up his equipment but unplugged everything else and all of the wires were mixed up and not marked. So I had to start over from scratch.I had lots of spare, HDMI, coaxial and monster gold tipped wiring. I lot of guessing. I used the HDMI to connect the TV to the cable box. Monster cables TV to surround sound, separate speaker wires to the speakers, found a power bar for the power cords and started trying to get everything work. Input on the controller for each device and i have everything working. My plan is now if the neighbor starts watching a movie I will blast him with my woofer right tight to the wall. Passive aggressive has it’s place. LOL

I think I will need to stop taking my vehicles in for service.


This is a repeat of before. I won’t say the name of the dealership as most of  them are similar but again today I hate the fact of being solicited for unneeded repairs. While I understand up selling like ” would you like fries with that ? ” when it comes to a car, people with lack of knowledge can be TAKEN.  As I have said before this is bordering on being RIPPED OFF and my personal belief is these car dealerships need to be investigated. Today after refusing numerous RIP OFF up-selling a couple funny things happened. Talking to the advisor when he wanted all of these flushes and fluid changes I asked him why he isn’t following the manufacture’s suggested schedule. Most of the items on the list today were 50,000 kms to 100,000 kms early and some items not even listed. He came up with a lame excuse about wanting to make sure my vehicle was safe and last a long time. Then when I showed him that today my tires were 7/32 and one year ago they were 5/32 when they suggested new tires he stumbled again. Two stupidly priced items they wanted were a radiator flush for $332 when Mr Lube is $99. Windshield at $325 when just last year I paid $154 at my glass shop. I found a small independent shop where I liked the owner and thought I found THE place last time for the Buick. But it ended when paying the bill the same crab upselling. Need a place that is honest and builds their business on trust and service not money grabbing.

Thought of the Day 

Being fooled doesn’t make you a fool. You only become a fool of you fall for the same shit over and over again.

November 7th

“Mercury Forecast”  Calgary -6  degrees Mesa 28 degrees

Up and out of the house. Headed to the Registry Office to renew my plates. I didn’t have all of the documentation but had a great young lady to work with that was able to work around everything. Everything except the 3% charge to use Visa. So to save $18 I used my debit card. I registered a few vehicles for two years and the total bill of all 4 vehicles was $525.00. That is getting expensive !

Headed over to Staples where a wonderful young clerk cut all of my photo papers for me FREE that I am using for our Viewpoint Directory. They are a little thinner as card stock won’t roll around in my printer but other than that they are just fine using the inkjet on gloss.  1/10th of the cost of getting them printed as Victoria’s company has closed.

It is so nice to see people trying to help customers and doing a good job of it. It is the way it is supposed to be but doesn’t happen often enough.

Home to start printing as I have about 300 sheets to print. We will see how long a ink cartridge lasts. LOL

I had to replace a cartridge and  when I hit up Staples I find our excellent printer now has discontinued ink cartridges. Yes it is 10 years old but is a perfect printer/scanner. The store said I should be able to still order them online. Luckily the store had just what I needed in the clearance bin.

I finished the printing with only two cards left that are missing a few items still. If the units don’t email me back I will print as is.

I like this book a lot but it is a little costly.

Jackie went out with her Mom yesterday and found some very nice Christmas presents for the some family members.  This year for Christmas I don’t want anything except gift cards to Lowe’s or Depot or a garden centre as I have a large bill coming up in the spring with the decks and bunk house etc. $5 or more works perfect for me.

Thought of the Day 

I remember these from an old sales course ” Go the extra mile , it’s never crowded” ” It’s not the company that is paying the wages. They are only handling the money. It is the customer that is paying the wages ” 

November 8th

“Mercury Forecast”  Calgary -7 degrees  Mesa 24 degrees”

I am getting anxious to leave this cold. LOL   Oilers win, Flames lose so the stars didn’t align last night.

Installed my new 2019 registration stickers today. There gets to be a pile of stickers on those plates over the years but sure makes a lot more sense than a new plate every year. Other than income I really don’t see the need for the stickers though. The cops can check out any plate where they have a concern. I guess some would say they notice if you are not stickered correctly which would happen but not too often.

Funny how a teaching and parent issue becomes a politically issue. The NDP are quite sneaky in their approach to sensitive subjects and trying to place blame on other views.  I believe the NDP have alienated the teacher vote and the school boards vote. Especially the Catholic system. To suggest a teacher ( who has a 4 years of training and experience based on the length of the job) can not decide if they need to tell parents of a students activities is asinine. They know their students and are our trusted educators. To suggest we need legislation forcing teachers to be silent and not reveal club attendance is asking the teachers to basically lie to the parents. Untold truths are lies. To attempt to label Kenny as homophobic is wrong. He is all for GSA clubs but with the caveat the teachers can discuss this with parents if deemed necessary. I believe most people would want their children to have a place to go to feel safe,no matter what the issue is. Information, groups. clubs , support is needed but it doesn’t have to be a “secret” . There will be cases where the child doesn’t want their parents to know and that can be worked thru with the teacher and student. Not forced by law to do something. For the NDP to try to control the Catholics on sex education is very wrong. Their mandate is to teach students religion and math. Most religions have strict conditions put on sex. Again if parents don’t want their kids to be taught under these conditions they have the option of the public system.  We need to get rid of the Notley Destoys Province so that every social issue needn’t become a political football.

Beautiful but still cool out today. I washed the Jeep yesterday so I only have the vacuum and wash of the interior to do before leaving to Mesa. I need to remove our Christmas stuff out of the lockers as I have rented the parking space and don’t want to bother the person to move to get my stuff out.

Jackie went to the gym and came right back as it was busy with other people today and waited for an hour to head down. She is very dedicated and is looking great !! She did 94,000 steps last week.

Thought of the Day

Jackie has it right getting up at 7 am to go to the gym. Exercise early in the morning before your brain figures out what you are doing.

November 9th

Anyone that doesn’t live in Calgary won’t know what I am talking about but isn’t this view of the mountains gorgeous. Driving to work everyday it is a nice way to start or just driving around town it is a nice view we take for granted. View cities have a million plus people, excellent roads to drive on, clean air and these views. Lucky we are in Cowtown !

A wonderful sight to see everyday.

Having said that at this time of year I  prefer a palm tree.LOL

Last night I went and watched Jackson practicing hockey. It is amazing how fast kids learn to do things. He is an amazing skater now being able to stop, cross over around circles and skates fast. He is doing extremely well and loves it which is nice. He is a little sick right and on antibiotics but performed incredible last night. Fun to watch.

Lots of different drills to practice.

The other team on the ice was coached by our local weatherman. Jordon Witzel. He is a funny guy on air and makes the news fun. He also by the looks of it is a card on the ice with kids also. He is one tall guy on skates.

Speaking of tall. When I was in school I was one of the taller guys at 6’3″. I have shrank a bit with age and especially with a bad back a little rounded but today’s kids are huge.  I maybe wrong on the exact heights but here are just a few I know.  Alfreds two boys Graham 6’4 Garrettt 6’4 ,Kristen’s boyfriend 6’5″, Kennedy’s boyfriend 6’5″  Tomaz 6’7″ which are just a few i know. I guess the growth hormone in cows is working. Soon we will dominate the world !!!

Watched the CMA’s last night and it was wonderful. Some great performances, and tributes. Interesting to know how nervous everyone was there at this large gathering of something happening. Good music and good looking people. Did anyone else notice Carrie had to change at least 10 times. Reba at 62 looked amazing. Miranda smug in her win without Blake. Blake nowhere to be seen. Nice that Nicole couldn’t be there as she rubs me the wrong way. Great entertaining event. Nice not to have to get up early to go to work as it ended at midnight. LOL

Thought of the Day 

The real reason we cannot post the 10 Commandments in the legislative buildings in Alberta is the NDP:  We can’t post “Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not lie “Thou shall not take the Lords name in vain,Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” because it is full of politicians and that kind of signage would create a hostile work environment for them.

November 10th 

Man am I relaxed. I measured my blood pressure yesterday at Sobey’s and it was 98/66. I had to rush home to double check and then eat some potatoe chips to even it out. LOL

Opened the lockers and got out all of the Christmas stuff. Nice to have a locker that is dust free. I had to beat Jessica and Victoria getting up the Christmas stuff. So tomorrow or Sunday it will be all up and shining. I want to wait until after Remembrance Day out of respect.

Jackie is heading to Peter’s place as he has been having a few issues lately and she is meeting with his doctor. His dementia is a little worse lately and it is possible he has an infection that is compounding the problem. He has been getting out of bed lately in the night and falling which is dangerous. I DO NOT WANT TO GET OLD.  I am pretty lucky that my Dad at 89 was as sharp as a tack and my Mom at 85 is still on the ball so I have good brain health on my side. Now I do drink too much aspartame but  I am hoping if my brain goes I have enough wits about me to find a easy out some way. It is a shame this disease how it robs people of everything.

I have always said everyone has the right to an opinion even if they are wrong. I enjoy conversations with people that have a strong wrong opinion and the “argument” that comes with it. I have seen people revert to foil language, get angry and stomp out in arguments instead of voicing their opinion and making points. I do believe in everyday life or in conflict people that swear do lack a certain level of intelligence. There are enough words in the English language we dont need swear words.Like the parenting skill to a child ” Use your words” these individuals require the same coaching to express themselves without  vulgar language. ( i do have to admit that as I pass a photo radar or see a cop coming when I am speeding there is the odd swear word repeated in my mind, LOL)

The Jagr bomb gets 2 points. That’s the way to represent the old guys .

I hate to always be on the anti band wagon against the NDP but they are the worst EVER. Today the adult only apartments are GONE. Effective Jan 1st there can be no adult only rental condo / apartments. The over 55 units got a reprieve which is wrong but they were organized and the govt didn’t want all of the bad press. Current adult only get grandfathered for 15 years but all new buildings and all rentals have the new law effective Jan 1st.We bought into a adult only condo just for that reason. Kids are noisy. Kids are messy. Kids wreck things.  There will be a lot of condos on the market coming up as people find other alternates. Us included.  Just another few thousands  lost votes over a stupid law. They say it was unfair to discriminate based on age. Give me a break. I find it sort of funny they can cause so much controversy with stupid ideas.   LOL

Minimum age for alcohol and tobacco consumption? Discrimination. Age based ratings for movies? Discrimination. Minimum age to vote? Discrimination. Minimum age to join the Army? Discrimination. Seniors discounts and parking spots? Discrimination. Minimum age to enter a strip club? Discrimination. 25 years old to rent a Vehicle? Discrimination. Higher insurance rates for younger drivers? Discrimination

Booked my blood donation for Monday.

Finished cleaning the Jeep again.

Thought of the Day 

The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.

November 11th  REMEMBRANCE DAY

The Unknown Soldiers grave in Ottawa

I watched the Ottawa event this morning and thought they did a wonderful job. I loved the fact we had the bulk of the ceremony in English ( our first national language) and we embedded into the ceremony the French and Indigenous languages. I loved the wreath laying from each nationality that fought in the war as Canadian. The Chinese, Korean, Italian, Indigenous etc. The fly by is always cool but we could use more planes. Oh I forgot that is our entire force. When you hear the number of soldiers killed and wounded it is astounding. Heart breaking really that as humans we can’t get along without war. I tend to forget we have current and just past war veterans coming back or getting killed in places all over the world. Most people’s thinking is WW1, WW2, Korean, and Vietnam and forget places like Afghanistan or Syria.  It does make you think when you consider what they sacrificed.

In our family as far as close relatives my Dad, my Uncle Roy ( purple heart) and my Uncle Bruce ( killed overseas ) all were in the Army. Jackie’s Dad was in the British Army but joined the reserves much later after the war ended. My Dad turned 18 when the war started but didn’t get sent overseas. Penny’s Granddad is still alive at 98 years old is a former fighter pilot that is in amazing shape being able to walk by himself and is of sound mind. A war hero that everyone should be proud of. Someone like this should have a free trip to Ottawa each year to participate on our main event. Amazing man.

I can honestly say I don’t believe I would have the courage to go overseas and fight in a war knowing that there is good chance I could be killed. I understand draft dodgers. LOL  I guess the invincibility felt but youth is a good thing as we may have all been speaking German today.

Thought of the Day 

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.

November 12th

A very nice day with the sun and warmth. First thing was taking Victoria, Corey and Jackson to our country estate to see the grounds, pool, lake and golf course. They loved it and I am sure Jackson will have an excellent time out there this summer with us. With the snow it looks good and come summer with the leaves it is amazing. They actually are releasing more lots next week that are golf view and field view. Larger lots, 50 amp and landscaped. We are happy with our lot in the “Grove” as trees make it more country like.It was a nice drive.

Stopped for a short visit and played a few games with Jackson , Cor and Tor.

Great sports weekend.  A couple of Oiler losses, Flames win, Eskimo win and Roughrider win. Isn’t it amazing the pressure on Edmonton to change their name. Why don’t the people that object think of it as an honour instead of  slight ? We are getting AWAY to sensitive about everything.

Set up the Christmas tree today which is always fun and it looks great. I place an ornament and Jackie moves it. LOL  But the tree looks awesome again.

Tree 2017 DONE

We are very lucky in that over the last few years MaryAnn has gifted us some incredible tree ornaments. The birds, butterflies, icicles and Eiffel Tower look fantastic !

Drinking lots of water as I am donating blood tomorrow morning. The water helps the veins when trying to find them. Hopefully everything goes well as I have had some brutal cases coming home with both arms punched and no blood taken. And huge bruising left. Some of these inexperienced pokers have the vein turn or push the needle right thru the vein. I love it when I get lucky to get a older lady or guy.

Thought of the Day 

It’s all fun and games until Santa checks the naughty list isn’t it ?

November 13th 

Off to give Blood this morning. Had my smoothie and cleaned up and headed out. A wonderful day out hitting 8 degrees and sunny which is nice. But sloppy ! I parked in the underground today as it is free parking for the blood clinic. Here is where I made a mistake. I didn’t think about today being a day off for a lot of companies so the clinic was very busy. I have no time frame but waiting isn’t always that much fun. All though being busy does make it interesting to see the type of client the clinic has. We all know Walmart attracts a certain type of person. Well the clinic attracts every kind in the world. We need blood so we can’t be choosy but there are some rough looking people in this world and I guess with good hearts to be at the clinic. I sure hope they answered the questionnaire honestly  . LOL  Again, today we had a fainter. Talk about getting attention. Cloth’s, questions every 5 secs, hand holding,temperature taking etc. If you  are prone to fainting DON’T give blood. It seems pretty easy to figure that out.  If before you came, drank a lot of water. I don’t know why you would faint. It is fun to watch though. I set a speed record in blood giving today . Yahoo !

Headed out to the motorhome to get the air mattress for Christmas time. I originally said we shouldn’t use it but I caved in. It is not a typical ” air mattress” as it is more like a real mattress  but has air in. I managed to get this huge thing in the Jeep by myself which wasn’t easy. I unhooked the chassis battery and locked up everything again. I get 90% of the way home and remember I forgot the pump. Dumb ! On well another trip out there.

Two times now out there I have smelled cow shit. There must be a farmer spreading, a feed lot or a barn cleaning happening as it is quite strong. Makes it sure like country.

I sent an email to my Edmonton friends bugging them about the potential name change of the Edmonton Eskimos and wouldn’t you know it. Karma. The tribes around Calgary have petitioned the NDP for our city name to be changed to Wichispa Oyade. That should be good for all businesses with no one in the world recognizing it. LOL  Hopefully all of this stops soon as we are becoming so restricted, so politically correct in everything that it isn’t good for anyone.

Did you know in the year 1957 Larry was the 22nd most popular name. It hit top ten in 1946.Today it is the 1259th most popular. Come on guys !!

I do feel a little weaker after giving but numerous past times i have golfed that evening. Tonight i will just rest and drink fluids.

Thought of The Day 

What ever you are doing it is always best to give 100%.  Unless you are donating blood.

Oct 14/15th 

Packed up the Jeep. Loaded my suitcase with clothes. Fitted in the golf clubs and other packages I am bringing. Loaded the cargo carrier for a couple of suitcases.Tried to do the updates on my Garmin free but they now want $69 for one or $129 for life time. My Garmin ( I have three of them ) are all 10 years old. All work perfect and a new Garmin already with life time maps is only $169 it doesn’t make sense to update these. The only thing missing will be the new 303 highway in Phoenix that matters. I have one loaded with the USA, one for Canada and one half and half and a SD card for Europe.

Finally some one showed up to look at our ceiling and luckily they agreed to repair it again. Again a mess but at least we are getting somewhere. Randy came and scraped and re putty a 12 foot long section. Hopefully this time with a little more attention it will work out to be alright. We know close to perfect isn’t going to happen but close to not being noticeable is acceptable.

We sure hope it is done before Christmas.!!

My Achilles tendentious has flared up a bit so I am limping around. This usually takes about a week to go away completely.

Moved the vehicles around and made a contract for the rental of parking space I turn over this evening to a lady in our building.

We had a wonderful gathering at the Olive Garden last night to celebrate Kennedy’s 22nd birthday. Corey, Victoria, Jackson, Carter, Danielle, MaryAnn, Alan, Jackie and I helped Kennedy celebrate. Love the Olive !! Who doesn’t like the bread sticks and salad ? Amazing. Jackson had 4 bread sticks himself. Great meal and fun gathering.

Kennedy’s 22nd birthday gathering

As we entered the restaurant here were two ladies from our condo out for supper. They say a small world. But to be at the same time, same place in a huge city it is amazing. Tony one of the ladies takes care of our place when we are gone.

Talking to Jackie we laughed at the difference in the generations. At 22 years old Jackie had owned with myself a house for three years that required a 10% down, we had two children, had just committed to buying another house at the high end of what we could afford, and both of us working at careers with advancement.

Having said that we were the first of our friends to get married, have kids and buy a house.

Jackie was working away packing her suitcase struggling with what to bring. LOL

Thought of the Day 

I rather good thing to remember. You are always better going to bed hungry than rising to debt !

October 16th

Need to pick up some US dollars from the bank and then ready to go in the morning down south where it is warm and get away from this cold dreary place. A smaller amount of snow today which is supposed to be limited to 5 cm. It seems to have come from the north so hopefully headed south east. I checked the future weather casts on the route and everything looks good.

I have had a nasty time with my Achilles tendinitis which had been very painful. We went for a walk the other day and I wore my duck boats instead of runners and  now I pay for it. Limping for a few days. Today ICE, Volteran and hopefully gets better quickly. I have had this numerous times before but normally only a couple of days. This time 4 days and counting and a lot more painful.

Met the renter of our parking spot and got everything fixed up for her. My contribution to the family income. LOL  Seriously yes. Having a steady income is a wonderful thing that I do miss. I could buy most things without a lot of planning, pick up a large tab, buy bigger presents and not worry as I knew a paycheck was coming in two weeks. Not anymore. I guess that is the only thing i really miss from working. But I wouldn’t go back for anything. Wants and needs is all you need to consider.

Received confirmation of the showing of the CFL Division finals at RT Sullivans Bar in Mesa so we are happy people. It isn’t easy finding Canadian Football in the States. I remember years ago on a cruise ship full of Canadians we couldn’t even watch the Grey Cup game.

Thought of the Day

With great power, comes great electricity bill.

November 17-19th 

Special picture today of Jackson. So I entered it here and under his header. Grade One is a big deal you know.

Jackson first real school picture !!

I see the Oiler’s really increased their team size. Cammalleri is a huge 5′ 9″ 35 yr old. 10 goals in a season isnt going to help a lot. Oh well I like it. lol

On the road with Fred for three days

Only important time frame we have is getting into Mesa around noon so we can watch the Edmonton Green & Gold versus Wichispa Oyade Stampeders Western CFL Final.

November 20th

We made it and it is nice. Second sweet home.

Wouldn’t you know it. I picked up Fred at the Red Arrow bus depot and it was cold and snowing.  Fred traveled very light so it was pretty easy to fit everything in. A quick stop at Tim’s and on on our way. It was perfect driving conditions after leaving the city. I like the Jeep for driving but it is a little like a tugboat in the ocean the way it bob’s around on the highway with it’s short wheel base. We made good time on the highway and arrived at the border with only about a 1/2 hour wait. A good security check and we were on our way. We left Calgary around 10 am and landed in Idaho Falls about 9 pm. The nice thing with the Jeep with it’s small gas tank is you only get about 4 hours of driving in before you need gas. So we changed up the driver every 4 hours or so so it made for easy driving. Remember this is late November and we have to go thru some pretty high mountain passes. Fred had just experienced a major highway collision only a couple weeks prior to coming here and as things go every time it was his turn we hit snow and ice. He was understandably a little tentative but did wonderful. Our meal at the Outback was delicious but late. Up at 6 am for our quick free breakfast at the Best Western and then on the road. This is my first time we made it to Mesa in two days. We had a 11 hour day and a 12 hour day and we were in Mesa. Idaho Falls to Mesa didn’t seem too bad at all with two drivers. Again Fred hit snow where I had a pleasant highway drive in the sun.

Stopped at Safeway to pick up a few needed items for the morning and then stopped at our places. Nice to be home !!

Arriving at home Bob & Pat had visitors so I got to enjoy a quick drink and a little conversation. Makes you feel right at home.

Did a bit of organizing of stuff and getting out a few things. We headed to RT Sullivan’s to watch the CFL football games. Due to the Viking game on and the bar packed we had to stream the game and only saw the last few minutes of the Saskatchewan game.   Too bad they didn’t make it as it would have been an excellent Grey Cup game to have two western teams. The Calgary game versus the Eskimos turned out to be excellent. A fun game to watch. The coach of Edmonton should be fired making the call he did at the end of the game. He could have won  if he didn’t screw up. Nice for Calgary though.  With this perfect win I needed to bug my old Edmonton friends and I sent them a condolence email out of concern for them.

Please accept this letter as confirmation of my concern for my fellow half brothers from Edmonton. It is always important that during times of distress, anguish and grief that you feel someone is with you.I know the distress lines, the AA meetings and mental health practitioners are swamped but there is a simple cure for the disease known as Edmontonism. The emotional impact of what is happening currently in Edmonton has long lasting implications. The cure, is moving to Calgary, as so many before you. Except, when you leave you have to leave the baggage behind you. Some would say Edmonton is getting what they deserve. To wear a uniform on the field that is so hurtful to our Indigenous peoples, it is shocking ! Like a dog knowing when it has a bad haircut this was a factor in the player’s minds.To struggle with a losing CFL team and having the second worst hockey team in North America is only compounded with the stress of living in a city that has a lot of political and ideology issues.. Edmonton voted in a health minister that is a heart attack waiting to happen. Edmonton voted in a transportation minister that was awarded the job as he used to be a bus driver so he must be a transportation expert. Edmonton’s mayor believes the use of bike paths for 4 months a year is a much more productive way to spend money than on roads. He also wants to line the pockets of the Katz family by blowing up the Coliseum and pushing all of the business downtown. ( pay back most likely) He  believes by being deceptive and hiding photo radar in road side boxes for revenue instead of really trying to lower the speed, is a wonderful way to treat people. 

You put all of these things onto the population of the city and you are going to lose people into an
abyss that is difficult for them to handle. So having said all this another simple trick to feel good
about yourselves is to start cheering for the Stamps and Flames as soon as possible even if you don’t
take the full cure by leaving that city. You will instantly feel up lifted,freedom from the turmoil and
slavery of dealing with mounting losses from every which way and enlightened about the entire
I am here for you. Come to the “good side” Bask in the joy. 
Ps Burn those insulting uniforms as soon as possible please. So hurtful !!  Step one of recovery.

Now the Stamps just need to finish it this time.

We had a few beer and some great food at the bar and watched a wonderful conclusion to the game.

Up in the morning and started to work on the yard. Man it is amazing a tree can grow 10 ft in 7 months. My lemon tree went wild as did everything else.

Unbelievable how a tree can grow 10 ft in 7 months. Give it water and heat and pow !

6 I spent from 8 am to 4 pm cutting and trimming and am only half done. Very enjoyable to be working in 80 degrees temperatures doing landscaping.  We headed back to Safeway to get our real groceries and then to the farmers market for the vegetables. Unbelievable pricing at .25 per head of lettuce as an example.Then back to work. Fixed up my outdoor kitchen, fridge and decorations.
Fred stopped by around 5 pm to pick me up to go Fat Willy’s for burger night. Still not packed as a lot of people aren’t here yet that will be coming. Golf course is lush green. Fat’s had another great burger night. Life is good.

Green course, warm air and great food. Life is good

Talked to Jackie tonight. It is too bad she isn’t here as I miss her help with things. But we will be back in January. Love this place. My work was interrupted all day by visitors which is why I love this place. We have wonderful neighbors !!

Bug spray in the am and then continued on with trimming of the trees.

Funny story. I got a little tired and went to sit down on our plastic Adirondack chairs and it broke, Scared me ! The sun got to it I guess.

Thought of the Day 

Work is for people that don’t know how to garden, fish or RV  or just relax and enjoy life.

November 21st

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 26 degrees  Calgary – 9 degrees

Critter Getter arrived right at 8:30 am  and sprayed the inside of the house and around the perimeter.  As we haven’t been here for 7 months I also had the basement “bombed” to kill anything. Talking to some of the neighbors they have heard of two cases of Scorpions and two cases of termites. So I figure better safe than sorry.

Then to more trees. With Fred’s and Bob’s help we finished all of the trees at Bob’s, my place, Fred’s place and Mel’s. Big chore.  My arms are again bruised and scratched all up but the place looks good and the trees wonderful. Cleaned up the bulk of the leaves but will finish after the trees are taken to the dump. Zip tied our rear couch sectional together, washed the deck, swept and used the blower to move most of the debris, and washed the outdoor kitchen with Muriatic acid.  Back is a little sore from the work I am not used to but I enjoy the outdoor work and like the results.

The place is starting to be ready for habitation. Having said that I cant find the salt and pepper shakers. LOL

Rested and had supper. Then watched a perfect  Edmonton Oiler game on television. I am starting to feel real bad with my comments about how lousy they are and they sure showed it. Kidding,NOT, I love it !!

Thought of the Day 

I don’t want to brag or make anyone jealous but I can still fit in my baseball cap I wore in high school!

November 22nd

“Mercury Forecast Mesa 31 degrees  Calgary 12 degrees “

Up at 5:45 to get ready for our pickup to go golfing in the men’s league at Whirlwind. We had time to catch a quick bite before hitting the course. I went to the driving range and hit a few balls and was semi pleased. I didn’t have huge expectations for today as it has been close to 4 weeks without golfing, and my back from trimming trees was hurting. I started off strong and scored a 43 on the front nine with a triple. But between pain and lack of talent I screwed up the back nine. I had some nice gross and net birdies which I thought would pay off on the skin games but came up blank. But I did win $5 as we had a three split on one end with a net -4.

Whirlwind Devils Claw

Hitting 31 degrees today was beautiful. Have I said I love Arizona. It was nice to see the bulk of the guys I play with each week. A great group of guys all between 55 and 75 and some great golfers among the group. I look forward to this every Wednesday but will miss it until we get in January with the timing.

Fred worked hard today taking all of the tree trimming to the dump.

Trees all trimmed up and hauled away for another year.

I booked an appointment with my dentist when I get back as my tooth and gum is sore and I need it extracted. I don’t like pain but it is needed ! I can’t chew very well and it hurts.

Got back and put away a few things and caught a quick nap which doesn’t happen often with me. But getting up two morning’s early , once for the bug spray and this am at 5 :45 for golf I needed the nap. Felt good.

Jackie’s Dad Peter had to go the hospital again as he is dehydrated. He isn’t eating much and doesn’t drink enough fluids. Hopefully a drip line and time fixes him quickly as the hospital is one place you don’t want to be at.

Thought of the Day

I am so mad when my body gets sick.  Like I gave you a vegetable last week. How dare you !.

November 23rd 

On the news last night they showed the back ups at the airports across the USA. Amazing. Biggest travel day of the year !! Biggest shopping week end of the year.

As NOTHING is open on Thanksgiving Day we have few plans for today. Fred is cooking us a Thanksgiving dinner and Bob & Pat have invited us for drinks and dessert after.

First thing this morning I fixed the garburator as it seized over the summer. I had to remove it and take it apart as my WD40 trick down the drain didn’t work. Next year I will have the care taker turn it on every inspection and I will fill it with a cup of vegetable oil. Had to get Fred to hold the one end as it was seized solid. Just like brand new again !


Years ago when we were in St Albert Audrey had trouble with her garburator and had a service guy come to look at it. It ended up she had to purchase a new one. I asked if possible if I could get her old one from her. At first I look at it and not knowing anything about them decided to take it apart to see what was wrong with it. First it was jam packed with grease. NOTE to people DO NOT PUT grease in your garburator as it will plug. The blades were stuck solid. So I cleaned and removed the junk in the machine until the blades could spin freely.

TIP:  no grease and to clean garburators use ice and coarse salt.

I reassembled it all and went to give it a test on the bench. Didn’t work. I noticed a red reset button on the bottom. Gave it a push and I had a beautiful 3/4 horsepower unit which was a large top of the line unit. We used this for years without an issue.

Filled my outdoor kitchen with beer. Cleaned up a bit. Charging some of my batteries for drills and cart which will take a while and then going to head to Fred’s for crib and beer.

A great day.  My middle name can continue to be “Crib” as I had some great games. Two of them ending with a 26 point hand for the win and another with 20 point hand for the win. The cards went a little dry for me near the end but it ended for the day being one game ahead of Fred. Fun game.

Crib Winner and Gin &Tonic drinker. Check out the white peg showing numbers of wins. Fred had a bit of good luck and we are only game apart BUT one win more is a WINNER.

You add Gin & Tonic a real refreshing drink sitting in 100 degree weather it is wonderful. I like the coolness of gin & tonic but still struggle emotionally to drink it. We always referred to it as a women’s drink and to it as ” Panty Remover” as when the teen-aged girls drank it as it was cool, and smooth they inevitably would end up drinking too much and chances were good a completion of the bases could happen.

Gauge hit 100 degrees again today

Our dinner was wonderful. Sirloin steak, baked potato, asparagus, salad all were wonderful. Fred did a great job with everything tasting wonderful. After supper and clean up we headed back to Bob & Pats place for a nice visit with Pat’s brother and wife. Great fun conversation and a few more drinks. Add pumpkin dessert we were set. Funny though as the discussion of middle names came up with me having to tell my story. One more time. LOL Let’s see. My older brother has my Dads’ name as his middle name and Granddad’s first name. My younger sister has my Mom’s name as her middle name. So what is my middle name. ?  KIM. Yes KIM just like the Rocket Man. I am thinking my Mom must have had a crush on the neighborhood Chinese convenience store owner and I got named after him. Go figure !

Fun day and night.

Thought of the Day 

The sole purpose of a middle name is so a kid knows when he is in trouble.

November 24th

“Mercury Forecast” Mesa 31 degrees Calgary 7 degrees

Another early morning. Set the alarm for 7 am and didn’t hear it. I looked at my watch and had to jump out of bed to make it to Fred’s place at our set meeting time. Today is Black Friday and we had a few thing we wanted and wanted to beat the rush. In front of one electronics store on the way the line up outside was 2 blocks long. First stop was Home Depot. They had an air framing nailer on for $88. These usually run around the $300 price point.  We couldn’t find them and finally got a hold of a clerk. Remember the clerks in the USA are double as good as any in Canada as they try hard to help you. Checked stock with 2 showing. Couldn’t find them. Another store 10 blocks away had 13 of them so we headed there. Couldn’t find them again. Three clerks later we found them. Quite a deal !  Picked it up and headed to Harbour Freight. A little shocked as it wasn’t over busy. Beat the rush. Incredible deals. I picked up $400 worth of tools for $70. I needed a angle cutter for our RV lot and a jigsaw for the bunkie and decks. I paid $9 for the grinder and $29 for the saw. I am all set to go now when I get back.

Home and started to re-upholster Fred’s golf cart seats. It took us a few hours but the cart looks wonderful. A little tricky getting the corners tight. Fred was sweating up a storm literally as the temperature hit 100 degrees again.

All done and it looks like brand new. Great fit. Excellent job for our first upholstery job.         Next was the Christmas lights. We figured a perfect plan for the cords and hanging system.  The lights turned out looking fantastic. Took us a few hours, had a few cactus hits and Fred sweated a lot more but all done. I thought it started raining for a minute until I looked up and saw the drops coming down from Fred’s forehead while on the ladder.

In between this we fixed the neighbors drip lines.

Just relaxing tonight and watching TV and most likely falling asleep early. My tooth is really annoying and painful. I am having trouble eating as it hurts and bends over so sometimes I can’t chew. I have been trying to pull it out myself but I am wimping out.

Thought of the Day 

A loose tooth won’t rest until it is pulled out.

November 25th 

“Mercury Forecast”  Mesa 30 degrees Calgary  7 degrees

That is pretty nice weather for Calgary especially having winter hit hard, so early. Makes living there a little easier but not to welcoming. The forecasters are predicting a colder and more snow than normal winter this year for the prairies. Time will tell.

Phoned a few dentists as I was going to get my tooth pulled but 90 percent of them are closed on weekends and especially this one as it is  long weekend. I thought our dentists were crooks. To pull one loose tooth I was quoted $365. This is for a 5 minute job. If I had some numbing agent I would pull it myself but as I said before I am chicken.  $365 wow !

Today i put up my Christmas lights. I didn’t feel in the Christmas mood with it being in the high 20’s by 9 am and the fact we weren’t going to be here. So I headed to the Depot as the sun had washed out my other lights too much. I was going to “spruce” everything up but if you are not here what is the point so left well enough alone. Funny today I found the 2 nailers we spent so much time looking for while at the Depot.

I sweated big time vacuuming my Jeep. My favorite car wash and one of a few that had the full meal deal has permanently closed. So manual vacuum. Washed and cleaned then black foamed the tires and plastic bumpers and fender wheels. Looks great but man was it hot. I don’t like to sweat.

My GPS after loading Europe in it isn’t working proper. It doesn’t find anything and is missing the POI icons. I grabbed what I thought was every cable you could think of before leaving Calgary but am missing the GPS to computer cable so I cant try to reload the system. I will bring down the cable in January to see if I can make it work. As I said before we have three GPS all of them being between 7 and 10 years old and work fine normally. I used up my Free updates but another site other than Garmin has them for free. I will give it a try.

Received my 72 hour notice from Westjet. I finished charging my batteries except the expensive golf cart one which is still red.  Watched the birds throw seeds everywhere on Pat’s deck. It is amazing how much of a mess they can make so fast. Printed off a paper to make sure my printer is fine.

Checked hockey scores ans standings and everything is how it is meant to be.

My tooth kept getting worse and worse that it made picking a food to eat difficult. Si I made up my mind after googling different ways I was going to pull this tooth out myself. I worked on it for hours, with tears in my eyes and finally just gave it a big wedge and pull and it popped out into my hand. Blood in the mouth doesn’t taste the best and as I take a daily aspirin I didn’t know how much it would bleed.

Picture may not be exact. Simulation of coagulated blood.

The only tooth in my mouth with a silver filling . GONE   A 58 year old tooth that is in perfect shape !

Crying to myself it was DONE. While the moment of pain was killer I liked the relief after which was amazing. My mouth instantly felt better and I was glad I did it.

I told Jackie I was putting this under my pillow when I get home and hoped the tooth fairy would be kind to me. I am looking forward to the visit from this adult tooth fairy. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Off to Mel’s to wash my mouth out with alcohol to ensure no infection. Worked perfect.

I am proud of the Keys family. This is a Irish Protestant family that didn’t believe in birth control. It is like they are trying to take over the world. Listening to Fred’s sister along with Mel and Fred they breed like bunnies. I am sure every second Saskatchewan resident is related to the Keys family somehow. We had a great fun visit with them.

Thought of the Day 

The education system in Saskatchewan is good. In Grade One when the teacher said ‘ OK, kids you all have to learn to multiply”  They took it literally a few years later.

November 26th 

I added another person to my booking for Monday as Mel is coming golfing with me. This scratches a bucket list item off as this is the first year were I will have golfed 100 times. 100 times was my goal and I reach it tomorrow.My average score and handicap came down but not near enough that I am happy. IF I COULD REMOVE SLICE FROM MY VOCABULARY I COULD BE A SINGLE HANDICAPPER. Fun be able  to get this done though.

Tried hooking up Mel’s internet but discovered his lines are dead so we will need to wait until Monday morning to get them fixed. I need to register on Monday also and we have plans to meet at Fat Willy’s for supper on Monday also after golf.

Fred cooked all of us a wonderful full breakfast this morning. He is a good cook ! He even asked how everyone wanted their eggs done. Got me to thinking. People are too fussy. Why should the pink of the steak or yolk of your egg etc matter when someone is cooking for you. Great meal.

We are all going over to Mel’s to watch the game on his 50″ TV which will be fun. GO STAMPS GO !

Hot one today reaching 32 degrees. We had an excellent gathering for the Grey Cup at Mel’s house. A way too much food and drinks but a fun group to watch the game with. Unbelievable !


Most would agree the CFL is not the same caliber as the NFL. The pay scale alone makes it too different worlds plus the overall size and skill level. But the Western Final and the Grey Cup showed some amazingly stupid calls by the coaches that cost a win. FIRST huge mistake we witnessed was from Jason Maas where he called for a field goal instead of going for the touch down.  Cost the Eskimo’s the game and he took a lot of heat for it. SECOND Toronto’s short kick which no one could figure out the why gave the Stamps the chance to win the game. THIRD instead of the Stamps running on the ground ensuring a field goal they go in the air for a fumble and run back and lose the game. ALL THREE really showed a different level I think would surprise any newcomer to the CFL and make anyone shake their head at the stupidity. The Stamps record of 71 wins 17 losses in the last four years and only one cup !!!!

I hate feeling like an Edmontonian with another loss. LOL   Next year we will get them. I so much wanted to say ” That is how it is done.”

Christmas lights look good.

Christmas 2017

Odd setting up lights in 32 degree. Neat at night time with all of the lights on all of the blocks.

Thought of the Day 

There are more important things than winning or losing a game but it sure feels a lot better to be on the winning side. LOL

November 27th

Another wonderful day in paradise. Last day golfing for 2017 and hit the even number of 100 golf games.  Too bad it didn’t end on a high note. I ended up low 80’s but struggled  all day with the slice again. Mel golfed amazing having been out only once. We had fun with our partner. A retired farmer leasing out his land. Between rich farmers and high pensioned educators they make up 75% of our park. This gentleman was a corn and soybean farmer who’s kids didn’t want the farm. Great golfer !!

We had our Burger Night on the deck at Fat’s in the warmth with Fred, Evelyn ( Fred’s sister) and Jean her husband. Beer,burgers and friends is awesome.

I love Fred’s sister. They are the first real environmentalists I have met. They  even have a wind turbine for electricity. I bet they were hippy’s in their younger years.But the most amazing thing is the detail she remembers from their family history even though it is one sided ( mothers side only) Their family even has a “family bible” with recorded births marriages etc in it in their possession. They are not a real religious family but I am sure if they checked they would find out they are Mormon or Catholic from a way back as they have more children , grandkids etc than anyone i know and perhaps not to forget a kids name they used this a reminder. I checked on these Family Bibles and dates of registration dates etc and it is interesting. They were used before mandatory registration came about, which in Canada was 1920.  Most were left in Europe as no one had room to carry one overseas when they were migrating. They are worth a few bucks and you can sell them , have them preserved and digitized for web use. Even though the accuracy can be questioned it can provide a easier trail to your history.

For what ever reason history, historical buildings, museums, family history really isn’t something that interests me tooo much. I find it intriguing but wouldn’t spend a lot of time on it. I am confident in my heart that I am from Royal Descent and i don’t want to put a claim against any assets that could be mine.

All ready to head home today. I hate the cold weather coming up but it will only be for a month. Got my TSA approval so all is good.

Thought of the Day 

Don’t work 8 hours a day for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You aren’t tired you are just uninspired.

November 28th

The thought of the day comes from just thinking what is happening to people I know. They work so hard all their lives for retirement and then don’t get enough years of enjoyment. ONE MORE TIME DON”T WASTE YOUR LIFE WORKING FOR THAT EXTRA BUCK OR YOU THINK YOU WILL BE BORED. Just in the last year on our block we have our next door neighbors too ill to travel anymore to the States, neighbor right across from us lost her husband, neighbor 4 houses down is fighting cancer and can’t come down, another couple where dementia has crept in and they didn’t come down this year, another one lost his wife, another couple with illness making them sell their unit plus others we know facing the same thing. DON’T WAIT.

Fred drove me to the airport and it was easy with the TSA approval. Love this. The Phoenix airport in Gate B struggles with eateries though. I ended up going to the Cowboy (something) and the menu is very limited. Had to have wrap. Ok but expensive. I had the last seat on the plane. Good seat for the washroom but it took FOREVER to get off the plane waiting and waiting for the old guys to get out. Actually made up time coming home but the disembarking took away any made up time.

Jackie had an issue starting the Buick which is the first time ever so I will need to check the battery. Funny though as I was boosting it I thought what a strange shaped battery. Turns out it is huge module box with a positive and ground posts and the battery is actually below and behind the passenger seat. We stopped at the hospital as Peter isn’t doing well at all for a quick check in , a bite from Tim’s and we were on our way. Arrived in Lethbridge around 10 o’clock pm and went straight to bed.

Jessica & Penny have to head to the hospital at 6 am in the morning.

Thought of the Day 

Having kids makes you realize that true joy doesn’t come from wealth.

November 29th     Atticus Born !

Babysitting Olive and August while the new grandkid is being brought into this world. August is  a very well behaved kid but doesn’t like being teased. A little stubborn LOL but a mind of his own. I love teasing him but doesn’t respond to well as of yet. I will break him in.

August & Olive not a clue how their life is about to change

Breakfast of Champions for August before the big day.

AT 10:44 today we received a call our new grandson was born. Mom and baby are both doing well. The new guy is 48 cms long and weighs 6 pounds 12 ounces.  Now they haven’t named it as of yet so rather than say IT or John Doe I will refer to him as Larry Jr for now. He may as well have a great name even if it is for short time. Larry Jr looks a lot like his brother. Loads of curly hair. Darker skin. Larger lips. Good looking kid naturally.


Jackie ( Grammy ) & Atticus

Larry JR

We loaded up August and headed to the hospital. He isn’t allowed in so I looked after him as Penny’s Mom and Jackie went for a visit. August was very good for me.

I put Atticus’s hair as second best unique hairdo for a new born. My niece Danielle had dark roots with light tips with long hair that was spiked which was very very unique. Atticus has amazing hair for a newborn.

Good thing his Mom is in the hair industry.

We now have three boy Grand Kids that will be fun for years to come.

Thought of the Day 

“If you think I am being mean it means I am doing my job as a parent. If I was nice you would call me Grammy “

November 30th

Last day of the month.

Random Thoughts :

  • Olive is an attention seeker. She may have been taken from her Mom too early as she is in constant need of attention. Wonderful, cute dog but overly aggressive in wanting to be cuddled and petted. Fun though. Got up at 6 am to let her out and never got a moment to go to back to sleep with her jumping on my head, licking my face and laying on my neck.

    All she wants is love. Constant love

  •  August. Cutest kid. Hasn’t warmed up to my teasing as of yet. He gravitates to his Grammy for everything. My job is the male role model and I haven’t had a chance yet to toughen him up. He gets his way in most things but does listen extremely well. We get him camping with us a bit he will get tougher and not get his way all the time. Having said that I know we will be spoiling him every chance we get. Doesn’t eat well but we got lucky with my ham cheese mayo and mustard sandwich. He needs mashed potato’s gravy and peas.

August & Olive not clue how their life is about to change

  • Lethbridge- talk about a windy city. It has been so windy here it is unbelievable. The wind noise at night is incredible. Messes up my hair !!
  • Life cycle- Jackie is a mess with emotions. New grandkid arrives and the hospital phones the same day to advise her that Peter should be moved to Palliative Care.  Later in the day the hospital phones again and says they may wait another couple of days to decide as he had a little improvement.

I sent out an email to see how many families actually had records from a Family Bible. They are rare. Of the 20 or so I asked I had 1 come back with a yes. To have one is amazing and lucky and makes any research so much more easy. As i stated most of these were long before registries existed and immigrants coming to Canada didnt have the room for them in their baggage and in most cases as there would need to be a record keeper that kept passing the book on and on and this didn’t happen. I would be very  cautious of the entries but what an excellent idea and clue for someone to start their research.

Thought of the Day 

Circle of life. Nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth. It symbolizes the universe being sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy, meaning if something dies it gives new life to another.





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