August 2018

August 1st -2nd

Another day and another full day on the Saloon. I first had to go to Home Depot to pick up some joist hangers and a couple of pieces of wood. Got that done. Maybe three or fours left of work to do.

I visited a place today that everyone should see. They have a store in Edmonton and Calgary. It is mash of Canadian Tire, Princess Auto, Liquidation World and Harbour Freight. Lawn decoration, LED lighting, tools, chests, welders, motorized scooters, steel siding, huge tents and many Skid Steer add-ons and accessories. They import a lot of stuff and buy overstocks and clear outs but have some unique and special items at very good pricing. It is more than worth a check out.

Check them out. I found them to be excellent.

I picked up my yard decorations and headed to work. Another full day. Finished off the Saloon deck. Finished off the cowboy “Y” pillars, finished off the unique deck railing system and finished off a new planter box. I can’t do the siding by myself so still need to wait.  The lot is looking awesome and the remarks, comments and thumb ups have amazed. Cleaned up for the party so it isn’t like a construction site. Full day and enjoyable working on these things.

Jackie came after work and helped stain the planter and planted the grasses. Right after supper a big storm hit. Loonie sized hail which I hate. No damage luckily but it is scary with both vehicles in the open and an aluminum roofed gazebo. All good though. Light winds and no hail would be on my wish list.

Looked at my budget numbers but too tired to use my mind for a few hours so I will enter into the excel sheet later.

Thought of the Day 

How to you know how long a project will take ? Simple when it is finished.

There was a tournament today at Turner so my men’s group didn’t have anything organized. When I golfed with Jackie a few days ago it only slightly bled so I thought I would try it out again. I golfed with a friend and member at Turner Valley along with one of guys from my league games. We had our normal full handicapped money game on. Points for winning, second and third and then added up. Larry played very well today even though his score was a little higher than he liked. Rick was very steady today and played well. Another lousy game. Two of the last three have been that way. I took a 9, I took a 8 and two 7 and played every hole quite well. Another mid nineties score sucks. I am going to start amping up my play time so hopefully will get it back together. Biggest weakness now is losing the ball off the tee. I am looking at buying a new driver as I am sure it is the equipment and not me. LOL  Equipment will help but the onus is on me to correct swing path and still keep distance. I am only swinging at 3/4 speed right now on the driver trying to control.

August 3rd 

There is a  birthday today happening. Jackie & I headed to Jackson’s place for his birthday breakfast that we picked up at Humpty’s. Great breakfast.

Jackson is 7 years old today.

3rd Birthday party. Man he looks like me when I was young.LOL

Happy Birthday 4th

Bow tie Jackson

Jackson Christmas 2014

Jackson the big 6 birthday

Fox Gear from Papa & Grammy. Not quite a puppy but he loved it.

Man does time fly. Arriving at their house we see Jackson’s best birthday present ever , best day ever, right in front of us. Tor & Cor surprised Jackson with a new puppy. Jackson is in heaven with his new puppy named Hazel Larry Waldie. Golden Retrievers are a great larger-sized family dog. I can’t wait to see her and Olive play wrestle . Two new puppy additions that will get to play together for the next 10 years anyways.

Best birthday ever !

Wonderful puppy sleeping away.Only three months old.

We got to give Jackson a pinch to grow an inch, a slap to grow fat and few , well 7 plus one bumps. He loved it.

Jackie and Tor where running around here and there getting stuff for his party both the kids and adults. I babysat Jackson and Hazel for them. Jackson and i came with a prank plan to get the girls. A paper towel over the from door to fall and scare them. A slime ball on the bathroom door to scare them and cling wrap on the toilet seat. First prank works perfect.

The next ones not so much as Jackson in his excitement basically told them what was going to happen. Darn I wanted to see the toilet trick work.

Before babysitting I whipped to Regal to get my door. Ok I said to myself I want to take the high road with my former company as they were a wonderful company to work for ( except lack of integrity in paying out my last bonus and the handling of Larry Geddes retirement) but today didn’t sit well for me.


My door arrived after waiting for two weeks ( for a single easy door ) and it is WRONG. Now I have to go through a HUGE hassle to correct it and involve a wonderful ex customer in the mess. I originally wanted to buy it direct as a 27 year employee. Nope, that can’t happen. You would think they would know about employee retention, employee perks, creating employee loyalty. They have gone from a leader in the millwork distribution arena to just about being extinct. Three  Vice Presidents since I left taking care of Canada and destroying the company. One distribution center for Western Canada now compared to 10 centers when they first bought Henderson’s. Their business philosophy, customer service levels, structure and products carried will only lead to a farther reduction in sales. Funny thing is the window side is awesome. Best product, great pricing and delivered customer service levels. For years we had a sheet made up for a customer to sign off on a outswing door as there are multiple terms used in the handing and some companies doing it different.  There is LH REVERSED, LH OUTSWING, LH HINGED, and LH. In my mind there is only one correct way.  

Exterior door handing chart

To be true to our carpentry ancestors , the term handing or hand of a door refers to the hand you use to pull open the door not which side has the hinging. We DON’T call it hinging.

I wanted a left hand outswing as above and received the opposite. I checked the work ticket and it is stated as such.

Thought I would check to see if perhaps I had forgotten my method.


Another correct version

So now I have to attempt to figure out what went wrong. They can’t be the only company using a different term. Or can they ? They may have built it wrong.

Either way I now have to load up a steel door on my roof rack, return it, wait weeks for a new one and inconvenience and bother a friend and customer over policy. Raised my blood pressure today.

A simple sign off for every out swing door is all that was needed to make sure there is no mistake.


August 4th and 5th 

Today was Jackson’s birthday parties. He had his friends party where an animal handler came with Tarantulas, spiders, poisonous frogs and a Boa Constrictor. You can imagine the fun with that. What a cool idea. Watching a video of them the fear factor sure was there yet they loved it. Fun time.

The adult part of the party was held out at our RV lot. I was skeptical of fitting 30 people at our lot and having enough room for everyone to sit and relax. We did it. We had 30 humans and 5 dogs at our place. Sitting in the gazebo, under the awning and around the firepit. Lots of room. The weather wasn’t the best as it drizzled and was a little too windy but still could have been a way worse. We were lucky enough it didn’t affect us to much.

Audrey trying to stay warm

Next day very little damage. A couple of plants stepped on, scratch on deck where someone just about fell off and the odd food stain that washes out of the cushions.  The whole set up worked out perfect. We now know we can handle a smaller sized gathering quite easily.

Everyone loves ice cream and cake

The boys must be up to something

Fridge and ice maker are excellent to have outside as everyone could get their own drinks.

August with his Chili face

Jackie with Atticus

Our idea of serving Chili, salad and buns also was a hit and made the supper time a lot less convoluted. Using my recipe and along with Cor’s help to monitor it all night long the pots turned out wonderful. One we added corn ( the traditional way) and the other not as Tor didn’t like corn. I jokingly said it is called Chili Corn Carne for a reason. 30 people just about finished off 7 pounds of meat along with all of the cans of beans and tomatoes etc. Corey added a little extra spice in the middle in the night and we could have even added more. I think next time I may add real chilis to see the bite.

Jessica and Atticus

We even had one young lady show up in 6 inch spiked high heels. I thought I would have a punched cedar deck but luckily she changed to a normal shoe. She is the second of Tor’s friends to wear high heels in strange places.

The five dogs all were very well behaved as were the guests.

Tor and Hazel

Beautiful Olive

Sheldon and Kristen loved Hazel

Kristen with Hazel

Jackson again received some wonderful presents. I would love to be a young kid today.

The kids had a playground break but thought it was too cool for a pool swim or beach party at the pond.

Jackie and I cleaned up after everyone left and headed to bed. I sleep extremely well out there.

Beautiful day today.. We had breakfast, went for a walk and relaxed. Hazel, Tor ,and Jackson came out mid afternoon for a visit. Jackson played at the playgrounds and went for a swim.

Busy day at the park. We had a wonderful parade with all of the kids decorating their bikes and having a parade all around the park. They had a blast as did we watching them fly by. Some great decorating ideas.

A huge amount of bikes and carts

Lots of kids having fun with Victoria having a front row seat

Then we had a golf cart parade. Two favorites of mine were the Ford Coupe and the Kenworth truck carts. Awesome looking.

Full replica of a Kenworth semi

Ford coup

Jackie and i had supper and enjoyed the outside playing crib with ME being the winner. LOL

Thought of the Day 

Fun gatherings , good food, the odd drink with family and friends is always fun. A few less makes it a little easier . People not drinks LOL 

August 6th

Up and out of the house earlier this morning. Jackie went for a ride in the Dakota for the first time. Like me she was impressed with the ride, the quietness, and comfort of the little truck.

Jackie and I started right away. First thing was to apply a drip cap over the ledger board. Cut back the Tyvek and install and re-tape. Then install a siding starter strip. The big high wall with the caps was out about a 1/4″ of being exact plumb and square. I had to manipulate the siding a bit to look great and still work. Happy with the turn out but knowing one side requires a little more caulk. I adjusted the trim also a bit to square it all up.  Working high on the ladders we completed the siding on the top part of the facade.

A little later Corey texted and said he was available for a few hours which would be great. He showed up and we cut the top board for the west wall. Then we worked on the east wall which was in the shade. Hitting 30 degrees again today it was very welcomed to be working there. Finished off that wall. I figure maybe three or four more days and i could be done. I have the porch, rafters to cut, porch roof, door install ( when I get it) , siding on south wall, trim boards on top facade, soffit and fascia.

Headed back to town to help Corey build a dog run.

Another adventure in the Dakota. Always an adventure. Driving to Corey’s place a few blocks away the steering goes hard. A bloom of smoke behind me. Hurry to his house and stop. It blew a steering pump hose.  I cut the hose end off and luckily we had a gear clamp in the garage to put on. Luckily it was the low pressure hose ( 200 to 400 psi) so the clamp will work perfect. Oil every where again. Burnt both arms getting on the clamp. Drove to the Coop and filled the reservoir and then off to Burnco. The Dakota is rated for 1275 pounds payload. This is amazing as a full Chevy 1/2 ton is only rated for 1000 pounds. Corey shoveled like mad and when we went  over the scale we were shocked. We loaded 1653 pounds which is 3/4 of a tonne and the Dakota didn’t even show like it was weighed down.

We used the wheel barrow to move the rock beside the deck for a dog run. 16 ft x 4 ft by 6 inch deep. It is a great dog run.

Phoned Jackie and 3 hours later she was still painting the trim on the shed. She did admit to an 1 hour break with the neighbor ladies.

Thought of the Day 

I was just thinking it was a good thing the Rock wasn’t in the movie Titanic. He would have saved everyone.

August 7th

Spent another whole day working on the shed. Today I was able to install the rafters for the porch. These rafters required a double birds mouth cut. A birds mouth to sit on the joist hanger correct and birdsmouth cut to sit plumb to the 4 x 4 cross beam. A bit of trial and error and they worked out perfect. It is only a 4ft projection porch so I decided to go with 2 x 4 rafters. Also helps to keep roofing below the drip cap on the ledger board. I choose to go with a more western authentic look for the roofing. I was going back and forth on what to use from shingles, rolled roofing, corrugated roofing or tin roofing. I chose to go with a board and batten look which was the way they used to do it in the old days. 1 x 6 rough cedar butted and a 2 3/4 batten of rough cedar to cover the seam. I also chose to go with a staggered board end to compliment the look which was another traditional method of roofing years ago. I worked until I ran out of boards and i love the the look. Jackie got all of the trim painted except for the peak which will be harder now with the porch on. Scheduling is important. LOL


Ok I said I planned to take the highroad with my former employer JELD-WEN. Can’t anymore. After today everything has changed. NO ONE would say I was ever a vindictive person but a few would say I am passive aggressive.  That I would agree with. I can forgive but I never forget. Someone “harms” me I make sure that I try hard to make their life a little less comfortable without them really knowing it. Karma has always presented itself which I have seen numerous times over the years. I was proud to wear JW hats and shirts and still wore them until today. Today I have a new section of shirts and hats that are work hats and shirts only. Some will become work rags.Let me be clear this is directed solely at JW Millwork division. The window division has a quality product and is well managed. Neither are true for millwork. For close to 5 years of being retired I have bragged, being proud of, recommended and pushed sales to  JW Millwork  and windows including buying a lot of stuff myself. I was a great ambassador. Never more !  This is all related to the fiasco of getting an exterior door from JW. I received my door including cheap sill,and the incredible mess of dirty hand prints all over the primed jamb after waiting for a door to be built in Winnipeg and shipped all the way to Calgary.  JW refused to sell to me as they stated they had no cash sale accounts. This is for a long term ex employee !! 

I decided to buy through one of my favorite ex customers. Mistake to involve a company this good and being so closely connected to. JW sent my door with the wrong swing. What I ordered and what my account ordered is NOT what I want or can use. I checked on the internet and Madero, Alliance, Masonite and even Home and Jeld-wen USA refer to the door that I need EXACTLY the way I did.

Even JW USA does it right but not JW MIllwork. Unbelievable !!

JW MILLWORK does it the opposite way which is irrational, incorrect and to a door guy makes no logical sense. No sign off sheet to verify a swing with a customer when they MUST know they are different. Now that I think about the mess they are in they most likely don’t possess the business acumen to know. They refused to remedy the situation. They refused to return the door. They refused to return the door even with a restocking charge. I AM NOT GOING TO INVOLVE my customer in this scenario as it is unbelievable, embarrassing,illogical , wrong and pathetic.

I will tear apart the door and re- hang it myself. A little putty  and a lot of labour.  A $300 piece of crap that requires me to work hours to make it right !

I will not recommend JW Millwork to anyone. I will not promote, suggest or hint at anything being good about JW Millwork.  As I previously stated they are just about extinct in the marketplace due to top management poor decision making  and a low morale apathetic staff.  The passive aggressive side of me only hopes for the best for them until they disappear. 

I have an order on the JW window side over 10K through a dealer/installer that will be happening in the next 3 weeks that I am confident will be done right but after this order I will no longer push JW products even though I love the JW vinyl product. My sister, my brother, 4 close friends, brother in law to name a few all have JW product in their homes as I  loved the product. 

You will never see the name JELDWEN mentioned ever again other than if referred to as place of employment. I feel for the remaining staff as some of them are excellent people working under difficult circumstances. Having said that though they still need to step out of the comfort zone and make sure a customer is looked after. 


Booked a service time for the motorhome for our upcoming BC trip. Oil change, lube and tranny oil change. Pulling over the Coquihalla the transmission temp light came on. These are miles long slow climbs down to 30 kms per hour. Maintenance is important.   I use Fountain Tire which has been fantastic. The Allison Transmission is a special hi tech piece of equipment that requires specialized personnel, unique oil and filter.

I am buying a new driver tomorrow to see if I can reduce my slicing. My 8.5 degree loft I believe doesn’t help my cause.  I still can drive 300 yards but not as often as I am tentative on the tee fearing the slice. Next game will be the test.

Need to stop at Woody’s RV for a few things.

Thought of the Day 

Funny thing- People will notice your change in attitude towards them but won’t notice their behavior that made you change. Companies are the same !

August 8th

Washed the motorhome this morning. Over $24 for the soap, brush and rinse. I will wax it when I take it back to the lot and when it is a little cooler. That may be a while. LOL

Funny as Calgary weather rarely makes 30 above or 30 below. This summer we have had numerous 30 plus days and the upcoming week has everyday over 30 degrees. I love the heat but I do have to admit that working outside in the heat kills me. Plus I think my blood pressure gets too low and makes me weak. Today it was 110/69 which isn’t good. Give me the 120/80 and i know I feel a lot better. The last couple of days I have ate more also as my weight dipped below the 40 pound loss number I like. Having lost the 40 pounds and maintained that now for close to 5 years I find if a lose a couple more than that number it also weakens me. Life is funny.

I hate the slightest odor of grey or black water in a motor home. My tanks were 3/4 full after the long weekend so I dumped. The bathroom from the air vent in the cabinet still had that faint order. So I am switching from pucks to liquid and bought a grey water deodorizer also.  It is basically like carrying a porta -potty around with you. And in this heat not a good thing for this. LOL

Bought my new driver today. An M1 Taylormade fully adjustable. I tried numerous drivers on the screen and choose this one. It is 10.5 loft verus my current 8.5 which reduces spin and slicing. I set it for full draw and about 11 degrees loft. I lose about 20 yards distance and was hitting the screen around 260 yards but straight and relatively straight. I can live with that and am very happy SO FAR with my choice. My fear is trying to hit it harder to make up the distance and getting out of rhythm. I may lower the loft to the 10.5 if needed. Got a great deal and now hoping it is money well spent.

My hobbies are expensive. I like fishing ( travel, camping, rods, reels, boat and motor) I like golfing ( average $ 60 a 4 hour round) Rving (lot, motorhome, gas, repairs, )  Snowbirding ( house, travel, repair & maintenance, taxes, entertainment) but I can say with all four of them I am enjoying life to the max as I enjoy nothing better.  Add a cold beer on a deck somewhere and I am set. LOL

Fountain Tire as usual was excellent with my motor home service. Oil, lube and Allison tranny filter and change plus they even fixed my missing clearance light I couldn’t find anywhere.Love this shop as they have being first class on every service occasion. Motor home should be all set for the Columbia Valley trip coming up on the 17th.

Jackie & I headed out to the lot to put away the motorhome. I was able to get it into our spot quite easily which is nice. Levelled and cleaned up. We sat on the deck and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves having a wonderful kabob and salad supper. I love the peace and quiet out there.

Golfing tomorrow so I can’t work on the shed. And I work Sat and Sunday so won’t get much done but after work I will try to get bit and pieces done. The door alone will take I am guessing 2 hours or more to tear apart and re machine with different handing. I will finish the patio roof first though.

Thought of the Day 

I will start worrying about how old I am when I stop looking so dam good.

August 9th

Headed out for my men’s league at Turner Valley all excited to try out my new driver. I was paired up with two great golfers and very nice guys. Phil our organizer today shot a 74. First let me say I like my new driver. I can control it more and only had one slice today that resulted in a lost ball. Overall a thumbs up and I think it is going to help me. I have only golfed once a week now for about 4 weeks with busyness and injury and I can tell. A few things let me down that resulted in another poor score, 3 out of my last 4 games have been in the 90’s. Hate it. I am going to golf lots next week for sure.  I have a game tomorrow at Heatherglen already set than plan on Mon, Tue, and Thursday which should help before setting out to Fairmount.

Temp gauge read 36 degrees which it felt like. I will never complain about it being too hot. Golfing today the shirt leaked but it wasn’t ridiculous and didn’t affect the scoring.

August 10th

WE DID IT !!!   Today was the hottest day EVER in history in Calgary.  My Jeep gauge kept going back and forth between 38 and 39. The official record temperature was taken at the airport of 36.4 degrees. It was much hotter than that.

Not only did we survive the HOTTEST DAY EVER IN HISTORY we golfed in it. Corey, Victoria, Jackson, Jackie and I had a fun time at Heatherglen. I do have to say it was tooooooo hot to be golfing but we had fun. Tor had some wonderful golf shots with everyone else sporadically showing up. The heat plays with your mind and you lose concentration. Having said that I hate how Turner chews up the balls and Heatherglen allows  play from under the trees. HG scores are always low and change the handicap. I think a stroke penalty without distance penalty for TV should be what we play. Resort rules it is called.  Every hole has the potential for a lost ball. At HG i can always punch out if not in the water. After golf we had supper in the lounge. They have very good food at Heatherglen.  The half order of nachos is big enough to feed 5 people. Their only not perfect food item are their hot wings. A different sauce and too much of it. Water for everyone LOL and a cold frosted beer for Corey and I.  It was a fun event.

Hot night on the course. We started at 5 pm and it was 38 degrees

Plus the heat the smoke is amazing. Burns the eyes and for anyone with breathing issues it sure can’t be fun. The sun turns bright orange.

Pic doesn’t show it too well but it is smoky !!

I worked on the porch roof today from 10 to 3 pm. It was HOT.  You become lethargic, are a little more lenient on tolerances and need to drink tons of water. It wasn’t the most enjoyable day to work. I would have finished the roof today except for three things. Short of 2 x 4’s , made a mistake that took over an hour to correct and it was too hot to get a lot done quickly. Measure, cut, climb up and down the ladder, re-cut, lol more climbing up and down and then nail. I am working Sat and Sunday so will only get limited time this weekend to get a few things done.  I will try to finish the roof and then work on FIXING my stupidity door.

Fire bans happening in a lot of counties including our lots. Best thing I ever bought was a propane fire pit. Works wonderful, large flame and we even have cooked hot dogs on it and legal during all fire bans.

Thought of the Day 

I looked at my bucket list and I have made a mistake. The first item should read. Fill my bucket with ice cold beer !! It is then full and I am done. LOL 

August 11th

What up early on a Saturday! That is the sacrifice you have to make for a job. Had a early start starting a 9 am . The course was quite busy with two tournaments on today. Overall everyone moved at a good pace. One group had a couple of discussions and they did awesome at catching up to the groups in front of them. Nice to experience such cooperative golfers knowing they are holding up the course. A great group of golfers that were fun to tease, laugh and I loved spreading the joy. A 5 hour shift today.

After work Jackie and I headed out to the lot. What a difference a helper makes. I completely finished the porch roof. The up and down the ladder cut by 75% speeds up things and sure helps me be less tired. It was a good day on the Saloon. The porch looks awesome and I like my wood batten style roof.

I then started on THE DOOR. Every tap of the chisel annoyed me. Rather than rip apart the jamb I marked and chiseled the butts in.  Corey has a hinge template for his work but JW uses 5/8 radius hinges which is very uncommon. I can’t check but I would say 95% use the 1/4 radius. This bugged  me even when I was the manager but the cost to change the Norfield’s, our door machines, and the on going cost of bit sharpening was a huge deterrent. 5/8  radius  bits last twice as long as 1/4 radius. But the 5/8 are much harder to chisel out. I got two hinges done and then it started to rain. Tomorrow I will finish it.

My new work shirts are great. Paint already on the first one. Stain tomorrow. Nice to have such a vast quantity of work clothes especially in the heat.

One of my many new work shirts
Paint on it darn !!

I have to order more nails for my air nailer as I don’t have enough to finish the siding. The screw cost and nail cost has been astronomical. Need a fast shipment.

Thought of the  Day

Build a Saloon and they will come !

August 12th

Another early rise day. I wore pants today as yesterday driving in the cart was cool with shorts. I was very glad as today was cool. Starting out it was 14 degrees and barely made it to 18 degrees. The wind coming out of the north was cutting cold. Very unusual as the tee sheet today wasn’t near capacity. Makes the monitoring a lot easier but I prefer it being full as I have that many more people to have fun with. My water cooler only had about 4 glasses used today.  The course is in fantastic shape and people are loving it. Management has spent more money on aesthetics than ever and you can tell. Landscaping is refreshed and trimmed, new signage and trees trimmed. The ponds are starting to get scummed over but any course that uses the rationale of a natural habitat has this happen. A very underrated facility. Another fun day spreading joy.

Came home and started watching the PGA. Tiger was awesome and it is too bad he didn’t win but Brooks played excellent and was well deserved. Nothing wrong with 2nd place on a come back. One hook shot Tiger made was unbelievable.

It got a little late and then started to rain so will work all day tomorrow on my door and trim. See what I can get done.

Thought of the Day 

Just thinking how some people when they argue raise their voice. You would think they should raise their argument instead.


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