August 2022

August 1st/ 2nd

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 22 degrees Calgary 24 degrees”

The perfect summer temperatures are continuing. Love the sun, the warmth and hope it carries on.

Having said that storms happen in this heat. The storm that hit Central Alberta was unbelievable. Baseball sized hail is something I would not want to see. I was in a storm and had 9K damage with golf ball hail in 2006. Large hail can kill animals and watching on the news the cars taking a beating it had to be a little scary for the poeple in them.

Over the years we have experienced a lot of hail damage and insurance claims.

  • St Albert- fence re-stained, house re-stained, shingles,
  • Calgary- new siding, new eavestrough, new roofing
  • Calgary- 9K damage to a 2006 Dodge Ram

Jackie headed back to town with Jackson and I stayed to finish off some work.

I painted and stained the bar. Unfortunately the stain splashed into my eyes and even today they hurt. After sanding it, I painted the black and then stained the cedar.

Love the looks and it will work perfectly

I cleaned up, tidied up things outside as Jackie went nuts inside the motorhome and it was like brand new, she cleaned it so good. Looks great.

I had a nice visit with the neighbors as they get ready for their maiden voyage in their new motorhome.

I made myself a wonderful supper, corn on the cob, bacon wrapped chicken and potatoes with carrots as I used leftovers and left over food.

Then the wind started up as the storm up north was to cause major winds in our area. I do not like wind with our big trees we have around us. I just received a quote of $945 to just trim them a bit. I think I am going with that as our deductible is $1000 on the motorhome and it may never be the same if hit.

The wind felt so nice after a warm day coming thru the windows even though a little scary. The warning said up to 80 kms wind. Nothing fell which is good. LOL

Victoria sent me a few pics of the kids on our beach that I will add a day late. LOL I liked them too much and I don’t want to back date the pics.

Thought of the Day

I couldn’t work today as I had a eye problem. I was ready in case someone asked me what kind of problem. ” I just simply couldn’t see myself working today “

August 3rd

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 20 degrees, Calgary 28 degrees”

A funny day as it was overcast for most of it then the sun burned off the clouds and wham the heat came up. I prefer full sun but it was still a nice day.

August 3rd is Mr. Jackson Waldie’s birthday. I think from past references you know how we feel about this kid. Super smart, kind, caring, keen sense of humor and a nice guy. We have a lot of fun with him being around.

As it was HIS DAY he had a great one but is still looking forward to his paint ball game on the weekend.

Corey & Tor worked very hard to get his special gift ready for him. They took their spare room and changed into a gaming room. They painted two walls black, added a cool trim design, a floating shelf cabinet, LED color changing lights, moved a leather couch and bean bag into it and have it set up with a TV for games, movies etc. Jackson loves his room and it looks really neat.

For brunch Jackson wanted us to meet with him at STACKED a new breakfast specialty place on 130th. YOU HAVE TO GO. Like Cora’s but a little more on the simple side and they also do lunch with burgers etc. I would call their portions gigantic. Huge ! And very very good. Everyone except for myself had take home cartons needed. The pricing is extremely good when you consider the quality and quantity Everyone had something different and each was wonderful. They even home made their jams for toast. Good coffee also.

Highly recommend it.

A wonderful new place to have breakfast

After getting stuffed with a delicious brunch we checked out Jackson’s room. He is very proud of his special spot now. It will be put to good use I am sure.

We left and picked up a pair of SAS shoes with Audrey as it is located in a busy part of town. They make great shoes and I do need a new pair but they are $200 a pair and I have a $1000 tree trimming and a $1700 tire replacement bill coming up so I will wait. I may also look at Berkshire as a alternate.

Fun place at a reasonable price.

On our way home Jackson wanted to see if we were interested in playing Laser Tag . Jackie wasn’t but I am all in. I remember when my middle name used to be Laser. We had about a 20 min wait and then our turn with 10 others. Two teams but individual scoring. It was a first class facility and turned out to be a blast. I did very well even though ripped off as they listed me as 2nd but I was tied for first place being player #12. It was such a large facility it took at least 10 minutes to run into someone and that long before I even saw Tor, Cor or Jack. It was less dusty than some I have been in which was nice. Larry Laser Willard is pretty good sounding.

I think Jackson was trying to “practice” his shooting skills before Paint Ball this weekend.

What a better way to the end the day then a Peter’s Drive In milkshake. Boy are these good ! I had a banana/strawberry which was awesome. Corey had their #1 seller Chocolate and Tor had a mint/ and caramel I believe mix. Jackson had the same as mine and we had the best !

A fun day for the kid and here is hoping he enjoyed his birthday.

For supper on his birthday he had a Weiner roast and birthday cake to end the day.

When I got home Jackie had spent close to 2 hours cleaning out the Flex with vacuuming and spraying. The car looks great.

Thought of the Day
Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is !

August 4th-5th

” Mercury Forecast Edmonton 19 degrees, Calgary 18 degrees”

I checked the weather NUMEROUS times as today we were committed to golfing at the Kananaskis’s Golf Course. Weather Network, Weather Channel, Accu-weather and local weather and NO ONE had the same forecast. What the perfect job to be wrong and everyone is ok with it. I checked the Doppler and came to the conclusion I would be just fine wearing shorts not only due to the weather but because it is August.

It was a weird day with the weather. We had sun, then cloudy, then sprinkle, then sun, then downpour, then cloudy and then wind. The temperature did not hit his high it was supposed to be. But, it was plenty warm with for shorts. I did need to put on my rain pants when we had the downpour.

Kananaskis is difficult to get tee times on as this one was booked when the site opened. April I believe. This is a real under rated course. It is rated the 9th best course in Alberta and the 69th best in all of Canada. The Wolf Creek Course near Ponoka is ranked higher which is just WRONG and has to be political as there is no way.

I love the course. I just didn’t play well today. I kept pulling my drives left but real long but it caused a couple of lost balls. Best shot of the day was a Par 4 around the river and I landed 4 feet off the green. It was a 277 yard Par 4 that is meant to be a lay up hole.

Some days things don’t go right with the pulls but it was very very fun. Jeff & Wendy played well as did Jackie and the weather added another element to the golf game.

After the game we stopped at the restaurant at the course and had a very enjoyable evening. We had a cousin of Wendy’s as our server ( she was from small town Sask) which was fun and we had fabulous meals. My steak with a peppercorn mushroom sauce was fantastic. We even shared a desert for $5 which is good thinking. Ours was a mousse and the Graces had a brulee. Just the right size and price.

Notice the blue skies
Why they are ducking I have no idea. Ps picture is from a Apple product which explains the size. LOL

This brings to mind how people like Apple product is beyond me. It is represents such a small portion of the marketplace, is a way more expensive and if poeple look at what you get versus cost Android is mile better, it is incestuous driving all products to Itunes, does not support Microsoft Office products properly ( the main reason NO business uses Apple). My daughters briefly went Apple but came back next phone purchase. This company is known for it’s unethical business practices such as anti-competitive behavior, trash ligation, tax tactics misleading warranties and i’s lack of creativity compared to the competitor. Even ease of use is no comparison. But the transfer of pictures always is difficult to work with. But that is just me. Ps when the company finally finds that missing part of apple I am sure it will catch it up to Android. lol

I do want to point out the blue sky in the pictures and the ONE only guy wearing shorts as it is AUGUST and summer out.

A very enjoyable day/evening with us not getting home until about 11:30pm.

Life is Good !

I worked on my July budget and only for the second time this year we were under budget. Mostly due to us being too busy with things to go much of anywhere. Groceries still over a $1000 for the month for two people just seems so odd and expensive to me.

Jackie was out so I took Daisy for a long walk down to the river. We met a lot of people and she even drank out of the river.

I finished off some computer stuff and the day was gone.

I talked to my Mom today a couple times as she was having another TIA episode. These things are scary and take a long recover period every time. For those that do not know what they are they are basically a small stroke that each time are dangerous and can result in less capacity both mentally and physically. I agree with Mom refusing to go to the hospital as the doctors can’t do anything for her. Tests, exams and always the same thing that they can do nothing to eliminate or help her with them. Blood thinners are supposed to help but they keep happening for Mom. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow after having a good night sleep.

Thought of the Day

Teach a child to always be polite and courteous, and when he grows up, he’ll never be able to merge his car onto the freeway. 

August 7th -8th

Mercury Forecast SUMMER AT LAST ”

We were invited to Alan & MaryAnn’s for supper and then for desert at Sheldon’s parents place. It would the last time Kristen & Sheldon were coming to Calgary before the baby was born so it was a nice impromptu get together.

Sometimes you meet poeple you just like. Sheldon’s parents are those kind of people. Easy to talk to. Fun people to talk to, which made for an enjoyable night. Daisy had a fun night also being chased by Shamba, Kristin’s dog. He is a male, fixed but still thinking he isn’t, so Daisy had her work cut out to stay out of his reach. Loads of running and hiding. She loved it.

We had an excellent Lasagna and Caesar Salad supper at MaryAnn’s and Alan’s .

These two have completely painted their house at least 4 or more times. It is funny though as they have come full circle from builder beige ( most common color all builders paint their interior) and then they add color to their surroundings and now back to builder white. Most builders use white or beige so that the new owners aren’t turned off by the colors and they can add their own character to the home later.

Those that know me, know, I do not consider white a color. It isn’t. I had one white vehicle that I had to add a huge amount of black to it to get it to look good. Fender flares, mud flaps, limo tint windows, black bumpers and kept the tires with Amorall black shine all of the time. Even though all white is fresh clean looking, some may say ” hospital like” ,it could be described as plain that requires a lot of accenting or color adding to make it pop. The all white did “modernize” and freshen up and has a nice clean look in their house accented by dark colored flooring and furniture. I do like it ! I particularly love the master bedroom look.

We decided to whip up to Edmonton today to see how Mom was making out after her recent episode.

She is farm tough for sure. Any time you have a mini stroke it is exhausting and sets you back. I was impressed she was doing as well as she is. At 90 and getting hit hard with these strokes isn’t fun, but she is determined to do as much as possible for herself.

I know a lot of old, older people and I will say getting old is not a good thing. Physical health, mental health, common sense, mood, socialization, too strong of opinions, critical of people, being cynical, paranoid and situations that happen just isn’t a good thing and no one is immune to it. I try to make sure every day to enjoy myself, whistle a song and just enjoy the sunshine to keep a positive attitude. I enjoy razing, teasing and poking fun at people, via email, in person or on Facebook or this blog. It is funny though as sometimes the message is confused or not understood. LOL But I have fun and am tempting fate as I will try everything in my power to avoid this.

We had a great visit and headed out at supper time. The road HWY 2 is a busy road. Packed. Nice though finding a “rabbit” and getting to travel 130 to 140 kmph most of the way home.

Today was a golf day with the Graces at Mc Kenzie. And it was a perfect temperature to golf. I had a good front nine scoring 39 but fell apart on the back. Focus, dumb mistakes, and no back pills today started to get me and I lost a couple of balls.

Jackie picked up Daisy from her haircut today so I hurried back to the clubhouse to pick her up. Daisy as usual was excellent even though a little uglier after her cut.

A couple of wonderful Caesars and a steak sandwich to finish up was great. Jackie even ordered something different. Yes different. Not her normal. Shocked me too. Jackie had a salad but with a bowl of Chili. Even Jeff was out of the box with Southern Fried Chicken . It must have been the heat or wind that got to them. Every meal was awesome. Nice to have place serve good food at a reasonable price and with good Caesars, but without a stick of celery. They go bean. My first choice traditional is celery, then asparagus, then bean. The saving grace was the correct rim trim instead of just Lowry’s.

Great weather, great golf course, great food and fun friends and one ugly dog for the ride so what more could you ask for.

Thought of the Day

Dogs know when they are ugly due to a bad haircut. Daisy won’t leave her bed.

August 8th/9th

Jackson came over tonight to stay and ended up staying two nights. He is getting to big for his bridges. He beat Jackie at billiards, he beat Jackie at darts and he neat Jackie & I at NYT Wordle. He got it in three and us in four. The brat !

I went out to the lot and did all of the catch up work. One planter was looking worse for wear as the water wasn’t enough for it so I reset the timer for an additional 15 minutes. Hopefully it come back strong and stays looking good. I watered the neighbors lot plus trimmed it when I did mine. Always lots to do around there which is nice.

I weeded our garden. I am semi pleased with it. The radishes are a no go and I will try again next year. They are about 2 ft high flowers though that the bees love. Carrots and beets I think will be fine, leeks are slow but the lettuce perfect.

On my way home I cut about 6 inches of the lettuce row off and brought it home. Mashed Potatoes, Cranston Fried Chicken, and a garden salad with fresh lettuce from our own garden was wonderful. Jackson loved it.

We had Slurpee’s, popcorn and a movie for entertainment tonight. Jackson also built a Lego airplane on the timer. Took him 23 min to complete a new Lego plane.

I forgot to mention this. Jackson sleeps in the spare room. Daisy jumped into bed with him and slept in his room the whole night not once worried about us. When Jackie got back in the early morning walk with Daisy she runs and looks at my bed then runs back into Jackson’s room and sleeps in bed with him until he got up. What a dog ! Chopped liver we must be !

Thought of the Day

With the war in Ukraine, conflict in Israel, and China making noise, some people think the world is coming to an end today. I don’t understand as it is already tomorrow in Australia so why worry ?

August 10th

“Mercury Forecast Edmonton 27 degrees, Calgary 28 degrees”

Love these summer temperatures. It was the perfect golfing weather.

Jackie had a work commitment and Wendy had a family issue so Jeff & I headed out. I booked Wintergreen. I will say this is one of the nicest golf courses near Calgary. It feels like you are in the mountains like a course in Radium. The best greens and perfect fairways. Bush lined but a lot more fairer than even Turner Valley. Both of us LOVED the course.

I started off real strong getting a birdie on the first hole and even the front nine with a 41 after taking a couple of three putts. It fell apart a lot in the back for no reason other than 3 putts and mistakes . I ended up with a 89 which I hate. I was fearful of a slice on a tight course and NOT ONE slice. I played quite well but the 7 each 3-putts killed the score. Very impressed with the course. Jeff had some great shots off the tee but struggled with his irons today. All said we had a very fun day ending with a IPA and Caesars on the deck. Another great day in paradise. Well Calgary anyways.

Just look how great this course is. The 18th hole fooled me not knowing the course and the water behind the green ate my ball. I couldn’t find a smile filter for the middle picture but trust me I was having a blast all day. I was concentrating on the screen as a video kept coming up and the glare didn’t help.

Wordle in 3, killing Jackie tonight !!

Thought of the Day

When I was a young I was a poor golfer. But after years of play and practice I am no longer young.

August 11/12th

” Mercury Forecast SUMMER plus 30 for another week. I love it ”

Today was my men’s league at Turner Valley. I enjoy this group, love the format and like the course even though it is one of the toughest around. Two weeks in a row I won money but it didn’t happen this time. Two holes, two blow up holes taking an 8 and a 9 killed the score. Having said that though I played pretty decent and if I removed the overage and brought them to a boogie I would have been in the money. So no luck there but it was a very fun day, pretty good golf except for two holes and a great day. I am on the verge of getting good if I can eliminate the blow up holes and the one or two dumb mistakes. Irons and driver over all are pretty decent. Chipping is getting better and putting ( minus the odd 3 and 4 putt I experienced lately)

Today is a do not much day. I caught up on emails, banking and sitting. It was hot out today.

I have confirmed power all of the way to the bulbs on mine PIAA system and can’t believe both bulbs would burn out at once. But I guess it can happen. I am still not convinced so I started right from the beginning with light test and circuit tester. The switch checked out, the relay/resistor was allowing power to pass, I find power at the bulb switch and the ground connection turned out. I removed the one stab connector on the bulb and and wired it direct and no light. Unbelievable that two bulbs burn out without killing the fuse at teh same time. Issue for me is these two small bulbs are $150 as they are 85 watt white extreme white. I replaced one a few years ago and the other has lasted10 years but they have limited use as technically not DOT approved.

A wonderful BBQ supper tonight with a baked potato which is one of my favorite ways of having a spud. Amazing vegetable. Think about it mashed, roasted, scalloped, baked, fried, French fried, with each kind tasting completely different. A must for every meal in most cases.



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